Danny Queiroz – Freedom (Music Video)

I ain’t here to bother nobody
I’m just living Here to spread the peace and the love
that I be feelin’ Trying to find the perfect
melody That’s why im breathin’
Here to start that fire Love will take you higher It’s not about the money you keep
in your bank account It’s not about the price of the
car you drive around It’s not about your class
or how big is your ass Would you have anything left
if somebody cleaned you out? I’m talking about
how did we get so cold cause you know that
you ain’t taking anything from this world and all this money making
trust me, it won’t save your soul You need to let it go
Man, just let it go! (Chorus)
It’s all about Freedom, Courage
Living life your way If you believe it
then find a way to reach it Don’t let the time the that you have go to
waste It’s all about Freedom,
Courage With every step you take
Put your hands up to the sky and spread some love tonight
Don’t let no bad vibes pull you down today. (Verse 2)
Let this love in your heart Let it fill up your soul
Break away from everything that’s taking control
A Believer. Believe in yourself
‘Cause your biggest enemy is you and no one else And If they say you can’t achieve
that is a lie Your determination is the wings
that make you fly You’re the only one that can make your dreams
come to life So listen, buddy, try until you die… (Bridge)
I said it’s all about Freedom
Courage (4x) Now Put your hands up
and let your light glow! Let your Light glow! (2x)

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