DARINGBAAZ ACP KAALI (2019) New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Jaivanth, Iraa Agarwal

DARINGBAAZ ACP KAALI (2019) New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Jaivanth, Iraa Agarwal

Hey! I sent my men to your house
so many times. It’s been so long since
you took the money. Don’t you feel any shame? When you need money,
you fall on my feet. And now! Don’t mess with me! You will be ruined,
let me warn you. You don’t have any money
and you are asking for more time. The time is bad. I met with accidents twice. Give me some time. A bad workman blames his tools! You don’t have money
and you are making excuses! What is your name! Raja Rajan! You have a wife and son. Don’t you feel ashamed. If you don’t know driving,
do something else. And if you can’t do it,
send your wife to work. Give me a week’s time. I am not giving you any more time. Punit, bring the car home. You have the spare key, right?
– Yes, ma’am. I will be ruined
if you take the car. Come home and say
whatever you want to. Please… Please… Sir… Please, sir…
– Move aside. Move aside. Please… Sir, Auto Rani is the cause
of his suicide. That’s not right. He does not
blame anyone in the suicide note. Will you complain against
that woman? Get lost! Do you have enemies? No, sir. Where do you work? I am the assistant manager at
Mani Sharma Financing Company. Look at this, Sir.
Look what has been done. We bought it less than a year ago. Please do something quickly. He will be ruined. Don’t you worry.
You just sign this. I have informed the owner. We make the entire world dance. And he is making us dance. Sir, don’t talk too much.
I said we will manage. Take his signature. There is an environment of
dread amongst the public. Motorcycle and cars
are being burnt. We are seeing one such incident. You people reach everywhere. The investigation has just started. Have some patience. You
can tell the story later. Okay. Cut! Make-up! At what time did you park
the motorcycle here? At around midnight. I kept the collection bills
in the motorcycle. Which company do you work at? In the recovery department of… …of Mani Sharma Finance Company. A psychopath has spread terror
in the city since a few days. Vehicles parked outside houses
in different parts of the city… …are mysteriously catching fire. Such incidents have led to fear
in the minds of the public. And they believe… …only a psychopath can
do such a thing. The public has only one expectation
from the police. Whoever it is… …he should be arrested soon. And be exposed in
front of the public. The media doesn’t have
anything better to do. Before the department can
take any steps… …they start coking up
their own stories. Do you people have anything to say? Sir, years back a similar incident
had occurred. That incident had occurred
in Virukambakam. A psychopath was behind it, sir. I think it must be a psychopath
behind this as well. The chances for that are less, sir. Because all the vehicles burnt… …belong to Mani
Sharma Finance Company. A lot of complaints have been
filed against them, sir. We will have to enquire
with them as well. The owner of Mani Sharma
Finance has also filed a complaint. He has connections in
the central government. But it will be a torture. The media is already making noise. The law and order situation
in volatile in the state. And now this to top it all. Every division has unsolved cases. You people pay attention to them. All this is important. I will put together a
special team for this. For this case… …Inspector Kaali will be apt. Sir, he! What? You must think he
is a jungli, sadist. But that is required to get hold
of a psychopath. Sir, there are many
allegations on him. Name someone on whom
there is no allegation. There are allegations
on him as well. Should I list down the allegations
along with names. Forget all that. I have decided. Inspector Kaali will
be perfect for this. All of you will have to help him
with the investigation. Meeting over! Sir… It is 2 pm. I am very hungry
and there is a good meal at home. All of you go and eat lunch. Our lives are on fire
and he is thinking about food. Forget it, sir. He is sleeping with the door open. This a good punishment
during suspension. I have to work with crazy people. I am down-and-out! Sir. Sir. Sir! Sir. Sir. Sir. Sir… Sir, please stop! Sir, I am constable
Prabhu Ki Sthuthi. The commissioner has sent me
to get you. Here’s my ID Card, sir. oh my God! I am hurt! Sir, I rang the doorbell
but you didn’t answer the door. That is why I had to come in. Sorry. The commissioner has been trying to
reach since last night. But your phone was switched off. That is why he sent me here, sir. Oh God! Isn’t your name weird?
Prabhu Ki Sthuthi! What do I tell you? My parents didn’t have children
until 10 years after marriage. Oh my God! They kept praying to God
for all those years. After that I was born. That is why, I was named
Prabhu Ki Sthuthi. Okay. You wait here.
I will go and take a shower. Here. Have the egg.
It is good for the body. Sir… Sir, Mr. Kaali is here. Welcome, Kaali. Hey, keep stirring this. Don’t let it stick to the bottom. What’s the matter?
You switch your phone off at night! Sorry, sir. No problem. Do you know why I have
called you here today? There is finance company called
Mani Sharma Finance Company. It provides finance for
vehicles and houses. A crazy man is going around
the city at night… …burning the vehicles
financed by this company. It has created a lot of problem. To handle this case… …I am reappointing you by going
against the entire department. I have complete faith in you. But what can I do? I can neither keep you
nor let you go. This is a good opportunity for you
to rebuild your image. I have sent legal
copies to everyone. All the inspectors of the city
will co-operate with you. Listen, come here. Sir! This is Mr. Sthuthi. Greetings, Sir. He is from your village.
He will help you. He was suspended due to
drinking in duty hours. I have reappointed him to help you. I have sanctioned a weapon for you. But don’t use it to kill anyone. You are only allowed to shoot
below the knees. Sir, thank you for showing
faith in me. Don’t waste time in thanking me. ‘Biryani’ will be ready in an hour.
Don’t leave without having it. What are you looking at? All of them are like you. They are encounter boys. I like to treat them
once in a month. Okay, sir. I will get going. Oh! Okay. Go. Go to the office
and join work. Go now. Okay, sir.
– Sir. Listen, Kaali.
– Yes. Report to me once a week. Okay, sir. Go now. Sir, will he be able to do it? He is born to be successful. Some people in our department
only make noise. But he is not like that. He is like an eagle. When he sees a prey… …only then he comes down. You don’t have anything! No, Sir. No money at all! Ma’am, straighten your clothes. Sir, if you don’t mind… Then shall we call your wife
instead of her? Where is Dinkar after all? He has gone to pick his daughter
up from school. Sir, sir… Why have you
stopped my wife here? – Mom! He cannot see, sir. Calm down, Mr. Dinkar.
Have a seat. Sir. Sorry, sir. After the demonitisation… …business is very slow. Mr. Dinkar,… …you have a good name
in the industry. That is the reason I allowed
you a loan of Rs. 60 million… …without any paperwork. But you have neither
paid back interest… …nor the principal amount. You too are a businessman. You must be aware of the
principles of a business. You don’t answer my calls. I was forced to bring
your wife here. Mr. Dinkar, you have made me
the villain. You tell me what I should do. I didn’t have an answer. That
is why, I didn’t answer your call. Sir, just give me a month’s time. I will at least pay the interest. Late fees has already piled up. On top of that you are
asking for another month. Listen, Mr. Dinkar.
I am giving you a week’s time. You will have to pay interest
along with late fee in this time. Or else I will have to use
drastic measures. Mr. Bharat.
– Sir. Take his signature
and let him go. Okay, sir. Come, sir. Come on, let’s go. Just a minute. Sir. If you slack again… …then my brother will
deal with you. Understood? Lending money to such people is
equal to throwing it in the river. Stop right here. Okay, Sir. Swami. Hey, Swami. Tell me. I am Lord Shiva’s devotee. I am his beloved. Swami, we want to know something. Vehicles are being
burnt in this area. Do you know anything about that? I have the medicine.
You have fire. Sir, what are you doing? People think it is bad. Canopies Sustiva. That is its scientific name. It is a miracle cure. It is amazing. It is an international medicine. In one drag… …you will experience heaven. This is peanut chikki. Try it. If the runner becomes the chaser… …then one day the chaser
will become the runner. Understood? The one who is burning is the same. The one being burnt
is also the same. Keep looking. You will get everything.
Everything! Listen. I am feeling dizzy. Come on, lie down.
Everything will be fine. Nothing has changed in this country
even after so many years. Everything is the same. Don’t you know the state of
the farmers in the country? We are going towards a very
critical position in the future. If there are no farms,
everyone will starve to death. If you cut down forests,
there will be no villages. Everything is in the Lord’s hands. Who is bursting
crackers at this time? Oh God! Hey! Are you trying to scare us
with your gun? You want a cowboy fight? Fight like a man. Come on! Come on! Come on, fight me. Come on. Fight me, come on. Sir, there was a firing
in KK Nagar last night. The secretary complained about it. I just found a car there. A girl was admitted here in an
injured state at the same time. I thought the incidents
could be connected. That is why I called you. I used to only come
through my agent. I am from a very poor family, sir. My family members do
not know about it. I work in a company. I tell them that
I work night shifts. Sir, the agent had
said there was a man. But there were three people there. Someone forcefully drugged me. And all three of them… I couldn’t… I couldn’t bear, sir. I fell unconscious. Sir, please. Please don’t
tell anyone about this. Sir, I have a mother
and a younger sister. If they come to know, they will
commit suicide. Sir, please. Please, sir. Don’t you worry. Nobody
will come to know about this. Do you remember the person’s
face who got you here? No, sir. I didn’t see. Sir, the boys can be traced using
the car number. They will be caught soon. They had gun, sir. It was not ordinary, sir.
It was imported. It must definitely be illegal. I don’t think they are psychopaths. They seem to be criminals. We have told the girl’s mother
that she met with a minor accident. The girl was left at
the hospital gate. That is why none of their faces
are captured in the CCTV. We just have one witness and that is
the attendant of the emergency ward. Where is he? It was around 3 am. He was wearing black
shirt and pants. He also had a helmet on. He didn’t take off the helmet. By the time I went out with
the stretcher, he had left. Only the girl was there. There is one more witness.
The secretary. A person is roaming with a gun. And you people are sitting
here and talking. I am the secretary of this area. I have a lot of reach. If you don’t handle this case properly,
I can write to the president. Be careful. Will you shoot me? Come on, shoot. Come on, shoot. Shoot.
– What are you doing? Come on. Come here. Come on. Anna Nagar, AK Nagar. Aguapada, Santosh Nagar,
Adarsh Nagar. The most number of vehicles
have been burnt in these areas. I got to know that
from the department. All these vehicles were from
Mani Sharma Finance Company. That makes it clear that this is
being done by an enemy of theirs. He maybe be a commoner… …or an employee of the company. I want all details
about the company. Okay, sir. Hey! Come here. Police! Oh God! Stop! Why are you running? Hey, stop! Stop! Hey! What happened to him, sir? The person you are talking about… …I have seen him a few times. He was roaming around on a motorbike
in black clothes and helmet. But I don’t know if he burnt
the vehicles or not. I even clicked a picture of his. Oh! Let me see. Look at his phone
and look at my phone! Look, sir. Sir, the vehicle number is not
visible here. We could have caught him. The vehicle had no
number plate, sir. Forward this photo to me.
Take my number. Here, sir. 9840785173. Sir, are you on Whatsapp? Yes, I am. Whatsapp too? I have sent it, sir. What is your name? Murali, sir. Sir, I want to fall into this. Will you trap me in a
child labour case? No, nothing of that sort
will happen. If you see him again, do call me. Sure, sir. Who are you? Who is it? Come here… Come on.
– Leave me. Leave me! Leave me! Come on! Come here. Come here! Hey! Come on… Hey! Stop…
– Leave me! Leave me! No! Where will you go? No! Leave me! Don’t do that! Can you escape? Where will you go?
Come here! Hey! Help! Help me! My life is ruined. I am destroyed. I had given a week’s time. But I got no answer.
This is the punishment for that. No interest, no problem. But I can at least prey on you. Tell your husband to return
the money soon. Or else next time I will
get five more people. Then see what happens to you. You will be ruined. Hey! I will get going. Don’t worry.
We will meet again soon. There is a girl standing there.
Stop the vehicle. Who are you? And what are you
doing here so late at night? I see! Aren’t we allowed to stand
anywhere we want in this country? This country has been
free for 70 years. Forget that. Tell me where you
have come from. Madurai. Do you want to know
anything more? Okay. Get into the jeep. No, no! Will you arrest me? You will make me sit
in your vehicle! For what crime?
– Sir, what is this? Tell me which station you are from.
I will call my advocate right away. ‘You don’t have sufficient balance
to make the call.’ ‘Please recharge your account.’ I don’t have balance.
I will call later. We are not arresting you. This is a dangerous area. If you
stand here, you will get kidnapped. That is why we are taking you
to a safe place. I will get kidnapped! All this won’t work with me. Do you know who I am? I am no ordinary woman. But that’s fine. It’s too late. You are an inspector.
– Did you hear that? You are requesting me!
So, okay, I will come. Come on, get into the vehicle. Where do you have to go? Had I known that, why would I
have been standing there? Wow! I will tell you the truth, sir. I had come here to
become an actress. A scoundrel brought me here… …saying that he would help me
get a good role in a movie. I had saved Rs. 50,000. He took that money from me. And went to get a bottle of water. But never came back. Oh! So, you want to be an actress. What is your name? My name is Pyaari. But I have chosen Amrita Pal
for movies. I like Amala Paul a lot, sir. In a movie, there was a close-up
shot of her eyes. It was amazing. I wish I get a chance like her. Does your father know that you
are here to work in movies? How will he know? I don’t have parents. They died when I was little. Sir, I am taking in because
you are from the police. Or else we wouldn’t even have
opened the door at this time. Girls these days are too spoilt. They run according to their wish. And you are supporting her! Why are you staring at me? Write your name and address here. Sir, you also sign there
and leave. It is not good to be here for long. Stay alert.
I will get going. Go inside! Why are you staring?
Go! They will never mend their ways. Sir, it’s 2 am. What time do I have to come
in the morning? – I will call you. Okay, sir. Sir, Dinkar and his wife
have committed suicide. Dinkar, how is your business? I am managing somehow.
I have taken a loan. It is like a noose around my neck. But I believe I can
come out of all this. Your belief will get you through. Sir, this is Inspector Kadar. Two people have committed suicide. And the old woman is
lying dead downstairs. Now that he has
committed suicide… …what can we do, Inspector? Listen. I have all documents. So, once the investigation is done,
you inform me. We have to takeover that house. I will manage everything, sir. You will get your reward. Okay, sir. I will look
after everything. What’s the matter? Sir, Inspector Kaali is here. Okay, send him in.
– Okay, sir. Brother, you don’t say anything. This is nothing, brother. Welcome, Inspector. Have a seat. The commissioner had called. You took long to come here. Sorry, sir. I was investigation
your case only. I will need your
cooperation in this case. What can I do for you? After studying the case, it can
be concluded that only vehicles… …of your company employees
have been burnt. The culprit could be
an employee of this company. Or else someone you had tortured. I want the details of
all the employees… …who have worked for you
since this company started. I don’t care about the vehicles
that have been burnt. All the vehicles are insured. But the only who is roaming freely
after burning the vehicles… …that man in black clothes… …I want to know about him. Instead of catching the criminal… …you are questioning me
inside my office. And you are asking me for the list. Listen to me carefully, Inspector. The details of my company… …could be negative or positive. Instead of doing your
work properly… …you are bossing over us. What did you say?
Am I here to boss over you? Hey!
– Hey! Hey! Kaali! Hold your tongue. Don’t point your finger at me! How dare you say I
am bossing over you! Kaali, mind your words. Talk with respect. You don’t deserve any respect. If
I dig deeper, you will end in jail. You welcome anyone who comes here. But later on you
trouble those people. You know about the movement
we held on the Marina. I have seen many such movements. The wedding chains of your women… …are pawned at our shops. Free those first and
then come talk to me. Our jewelry may be pawned
but not our souls. People from other
states run hotels here. People from Andhra run mess. People from Kerala run tea stalls. Not just that, people from North India
come here to work as labourers. People from Manipur, Meghalaya and
Nagaland live here peacefully. But not us. Wherever we go… …we are beaten up and thrown out. Brother, he is talking to much!
Call the commissioner. Sir, Inspector Kaali has
forced his way into my office. Instead of investigating
the case… …he is getting too much
interested in politics, sir. Please give the phone to Kaali. Sir! Kaali, why are you troubling them?
Come back soon. Yes, sir. It’s my order. Okay, sir. Kaali has started his work. Sir, don’t mind me. There is one more way
to get hold of such people. We should leave all this
and do one more thing. We should enquire with places
where parts of vehicles are sold. If we enquire at such places… …I am sure we will find a clue. Do you know any such area? Sir, there are many areas
where such work is done. I know some of them. Okay, then let’s go. Your song was good.
You are going to sell your body. But tell your customers
to be careful. Tell them not to drink alcohol. Water is enough for drinking. We had boycotted foreign clothes. Refuse to accept anything
that is against our culture. Boycott foreign goods. Don’t you understand? Sir, look at the way he is burning. I think the case is solved. There is no doubt. The psychopath we are
looking for is him. Sir, let’s catch him. Sir, he is the one. Come on, my friends.
You guys are customers, right? We will have to burn clothes
we the English flag. I will not spare you.
Boycott foreign clothes. Leave me! I will burn everything!
– Hey! Move aside!
– Leave! Hey!
– What are you doing? Pull him aside. Hey! Leave him! Boycott foreign clothes. we used to have a very
nutritious breakfast. But what are people getting
for breakfast today? One cup of tea… …along with a biscuit
or a piece of bread. Can a diabetes patient
eat all this? Had any freedom
fighters been here… …they would have set
the world on fire… …seeing a person eating
such pathetic food. Grandpa, please be quiet. Had we been quiet,
could we get independence? You are very naive, dear. What is he saying? Who is he?
– We know him very well, sir. He is an old leader.
He was a freedom fighter. His mental state is not good. His granddaughter runs
a tailoring shop close by. They have got nothing to
do with this case, sir. Let’s leave them. Okay, let them go. Grandpa.
– Listen, dear. Come here, dear. Stop, dear. Come on. Listen, dear. Take care of him. Don’t let him step out. Get him admitted to a hospital.
I can give a recommendation letter. Thank you, sir. You may go now. Grandpa, let’s go. I can see fire in your eyes. You are born to burn. When there is injustice… …you will go there… …and punish the wrongdoers. That is the purpose of your birth. You will chase down… …all the sinners in this world. Grandpa, please be quiet. Okay, fine. Go now.
– Come on. Take him away. Remember that! Hello? Where? My child!
– My Child! My child!
– My son! Look your father is here, dear. Sir, I am the reason
for my son’s death. I couldn’t get him treated. What has happened?
– I couldn’t take care of him. He used to work to pay his fees. I never bought him anything. What sort of a father am I? Murali, open your eyes! This scoundrel killed him. You used to say that this inspector
is your friend. He has come to see you. Your friend is here, my son! Open your eyes! My son is no more! How will I live without you? Please open your eyes, son! Look your father is crying. Open your eyes, son. Open your eyes. Open your eyes, son. Please open your eyes. He was trying to call you last. Postmortem report says that he
died of an epilepsy attack. Severe brain stroke. Sir, I think he must seen the psychopath
and he must have got a shock. That is not possible. Hello? Hello, sir. I am calling from
the ladies hostel. You come here soon. This girl has wreaked havoc here. Come as soon as possible, sir. Okay, I will be there. Hey! I allowed you here because of
the inspector. And what are you doing? Rascal! I won’t spare you. What were you doing?
Were your eyes closed? You take salary from me
and work for them. Shut up! I don’t want
to hear anything. You keep on sleeping always.
You wastrel. Rascal! Come in, sir. Have a seat. Tell me, ma’am.
What’s the matter? Since this girl has come here,
she has been troubling me. She has made things
difficult for me. Do you know what she did? Thank you. How was my dance? Superb! Okay! Which was last film you girls saw? We don’t have a TV here. Only the warden has a TV and cable. I see. Not just cable connection. That warden has… …underworld
connection with Kamal. Down with the tyrant warden! Down! Down! So what that we don’t
have a cable connection. We will create a scene. This is the warden’s dead body. And I am her daughter-in-law. My dear mother-in-law. She had ‘pooris’… …burped and died. Why are all of you quiet? You also join me. This is so sad! She has left us! Oh God! She has gone away. Wash it later. You! My dear daughter-in-law. Sir, since she has come here,
it has been a nuisance. Hey! You shut up. Sir, she was mourning my death
while I am still alive. She has been telling everyone that
I am having an affair with Kamal. I may have an affair with anyone.
What does she care? I kept quiet because
you brought her here. Sign here, sir. And take her away from here. Why do you need to interfere
with others matters? You should have lived
there properly. Are you James Bond’s daughter? Sthuthi.
– Sir. Take the vehicle to the bus stand. Sir… Take this money and go home.
– Sir! Sir! Please, sir.
Don’t send me away, sir. I am innocent, sir. I will be ruined. If I return without
achieving my goal… …what will happen of my dreams? My image will be ruined, sir. Nothing is more important to me. Don’t do this, sir. Or else tomorrow you
will get the news… …that a young girl committed
suicide because of you. You will be ruined. Do you want me to come with
you holding your portfolio? Why are you blowing it
out of proportion, sir? Just give me a place where
I can stay for a week. Please, sir. I will make some
arrangement in one week. Sir, please help her.
– Please, sir. Once she becomes an actress… …she will talk about us
in interviews. Yes, sir. Are you recommending her? That’s not the case. She is an orphan and young. The times are really bad.
You know that, sir. Okay, let’s go towards my house. Thank you, sir. Thank you so much. This seems like a haunted house. What sort of a house is this? There are bottles all around. Why are you making faces? This is a bachelor’s house.
You can’t expect anything. You will have to adjust. You have stuck to him like gum. You have a week’s time. Make some arrangement quickly. Hey! Sthuthi, start the jeep. Where is that Andrews? His number is not reachable. Pick up the phone. It’s urgent. Who are you? Are you trying to cheat the police? Hey! You know US?
I am a member of US. Sir, I think he is an
international terrorist. Hey! Listen. It means… It means… …unsatisfied aunties. It’s a membership. A sort of high class fellowship. That’s a boom, baby. Someone is calling. Hello! Hello. Where are you? I can’t find the address. Room No. 32, Third Lane. Sir, it’s in the Third Lane. You look like a homely woman. Then why do you do this? Sorry, sir. Where is your husband? He is an engineer in Dubai, sir. Please, sir. Don’t
create a problem for me. Your husband is working hard
to earn money for you. And you are enjoying here. I am sparing you because you have a
family or else I would have arrested you. Aunt, what is this? Where is my fees, woman? You know my charge, right? You come with me.
I will pay you. She cheated me. In my political
career of 25 years… …I have been a minister
three times. My image is clean. No finger was pointed at me. I had heard… …that it’s always our own
people that trouble us. That is the reason this boy
took birth in my family. Oh! It’s very hot.
There is no AC here. AC!
– Yes. It will be installed
if I make a call. Shall I call? Forgive him this time, sir. If the media finds out,
my image will be tarnished. Sir, I have heard a lot about you. But control your son. Get him married quickly. Or else send him to USA. He has ruined my image
enough already. I will take your leave, sir. I curse the time you were born. Ramesh, get him along.
– Yes, sir. I will get going, sir. Come on. Bye. The times have become so bad. Not just time, sir. Even our culture. The food is really tasty. Enough. Sir, Sir.
– Yes. Do you want chutney, sir?
– No. Ask him. Sir. Shall I ask you something
if you don’t mind? Tell me. If I stay elsewhere… …I will have to pay rent. It will be a lot of expense, sir. And I don’t have money. It is also a matter of safety. So, if you say… Until I get a good opportunity… …I will cook for you. And I will live in a corner, sir. Give me ‘sambar’. If I stay here… …I will make hot ‘idli’
for you every morning, sir. You are trying to trap me
with ‘idlis’. That’s not right, sir.
Please, sir. Okay, fine. You may live here
until you get a chance. But make no noise. Thank you, sir. Yes! Tell me something. Both of you keep roaming
outside every night. Don’t you have work
during the day? Did you say roam? We have night duty. Nowadays, every night… …a psychopath is setting
vehicles on fire. Sir has been appointed
to catch him. Oh! And I have been posted to help him. We will working nights
until he is caught. Okay. Do you know Mishkin sir? Who is that? He is a famous director. Oh! He wears sunglasses
even at night. I see. Yes. Can you get me
his number somehow? Please. Okay. I will try. Farmer suicides are on the rise. What could be the reason for that? The reason is very small. The debts on farmers… …is the biggest reason. They take loans for farming… …and other field equipments. The way loans are required
to expand business. The same way farming also
requires loans. But when the crops get destroyed
due to some reason… …they are unable to
repay the loan. And they also have to look after
their children’s education. That way their debts keep mounting. And they are unable to repay it. And since villages don’t have proper
education they have to go to cities. The overall conclusion is that
farmers have more expenses… …and very less means of income. In such a situation,
if their crops get destroyed… You just got a new vehicle from your company
Why are you parking it outside? Park it inside.
A crazy man is burning vehicles. Let me see who burns my vehicle. The whole city is scared of
Mani Sharma Finance. You know that, right? Even
the house owner is scared of me. That psychopath will
burn all vehicles. But he will not come
near my vehicle. I will come…
– Hey! Who are you talking to? I am talking to my professor. Is this the time to talk
to your professor? Go inside and talk. Okay, dad. Everybody knows about you. If you park outside, you will
have to check from time to time. You will fall ill. Please listen to me.
Please do as I say. What did you say?
I should listen to you. I will of course. Why not? I love you so much. Chutki is inside. She wants a younger brother,
doesn’t she? I will push the vehicle inside
and then I will join you. Okay.
– Help me push it. Come on, come on. Yes. Come on, push. Very good. A little harder. Come on, push.
Very good. Your lungi fell off. Then help me tie it.
Why are you staring at me? Do it yourself. – How can I do it?
I am holding the motorbike. Come on, push.
– Careful. I have faxed you the list of names. Send your people in civil dress. I will come there and see. Hey! What are you doing there?
Stop that vehicle. Hey! Stop! Step outside. What is it, sir? Come on. What? Sir is calling you. What is it, sir? Hey! What is in your vehicle? They are boxes of apple, sir.
I have to go far. Sthuthi, check the vehicle properly.
– Sir. Look, he is running.
Sthuthi, catch him. Open the shutter. Sir, I told you they
are boxes of apple. Sir, let’s settle this.
– I said open it. Do you want more? Sir, why are you hitting me?
Please settle this. Sit down. You too. Sir, I can give you Rs, 5000.
– Sthuthi, go and check. Sir…
– Be seated there. You want to bribe me! It is Indian, sir. It is not Indian. Jet Bullet! What sort
of a name is that? Drink it.
– Sir… Hey… I said drink.
– Sir! Sir, if I drink this my intestine
will burn. – Drink it. If you don’t drink it,
I will gouge your eyes out. When the government is selling
good stuff, why do you sell duplicate stuff? Sthuthi, this area comes under Kodambakam
police station, right? – Yes, sir. Hand them over to the police
station and inform me. – Okay, sir. I am going for a round. Hey, get up. Sir… Sir…
– Get up. What is this, sir?
– Come on. Sir… Sir! Oh God! We are trapped. Come on. Listen. Listen. Someone is at the door. What is it? Someone is at the door.
Go and see. The doorbell is ringing!
Who must be it? Go and see. I won’t go. What if it’s a thief? Stupid! You heard the bell, right? I will give you a slap. Go and see. Sir! What is all this, sir? What is it? Sir, you work at Mani
Sharma Finance Company, right? That’s right. I am on night duty.
Where is your motorbike? It is inside. Listen to me. No psychopath
will dare enter my house. I am a different type of person. Everyone knows about me. Why are you getting upset?
I am just doing my job. You sleep peacefully, sir. I will sleep peacefully.
You do your duty nicely. If you come back here,
I will hit you. He seems to doing his
duty properly today. You are right. What’s the matter?
Your night gown looks tight. It has become tight. Okay. I will get you
a XXL one tomorrow. Okay, fine.
I will meet you tomorrow. Who is it now? I don’t know. What is it?
What are you looking for in it? It must be the police. They want money, right? Let’s go and check. If it’s the same police officer, I
will not spare him. I will hit him. The police is troubling
more than thieves. They don’t let us sleep peacefully. See how the police
officer runs now. It’s the same psychopath! I… I am very scared. The entire city is scared of Mani
Sharma Finance. You know, right? No psychopath will
dare enter my house. I am a different type of person. I am very scared.
– Hey! You finally came to my house. I won’t spare you today. Sir! Don’t do anything to him. Sir, forgive him. He doesn’t know anything.
Please, sir. My husband is a very good person. Sir, don’t harm him.
Please leave him. Quietly leave from here. Oh God!
– What did you do? Why are you doing this, sir? Don’t do anything to him. Spare him. Are you hurt?
– He broke my head. Am I bleeding? Is it hurting?
– He broke my head! And he is clicking a selfie!
Hey! Don’t click selfies. He will upload it on Facebok. Hey! Her life will be ruined. What is he doing?
– Stop! My head is spinning. I am feeling dizzy. Oh my God! You want me to bring
the motorbike out? I won’t. No, no! I will. Come on, take it outside.
– Yes. Don’t hit me.
I will take the motorbike outside. Open the door quickly. Dear Psycho, I am a sugar patient. I am feeling dizzy.
Shall I have some glucose. Dad… Dad… Listen. Burn it quickly. No, sir. We are burning it. Mom… No, please don’t. No. Oh God! Let it be. Burn it. I have never even lit a stove. And you are making me lit
my motorbike on fire. Give it to me. I will do it. It’s
not more precious than your life. I will light it. Let it go. We can’t do anything. Oh God! Let it go. My motorbike is burning. Oh God!
– Dad… Let it go, please.
– Dad! Open your mouth. Have some sugar. Your sugar level
will become normal. I called you as soon as I got the call.
This case is getting worse, sir. Sir, look at the
state of my motorbike. He entered my house
and hit me on my head, sir. He made my wife burn
my motorbike, sir. And not just that. He clicked
a selfie with my daughter. Dear, show him the photo. Give her my mobile number… …and tell her to forward
all the photos to me. Okay, sir. And also take a written complaint from them.
– Okay, sir. Sir, please catch him anyhow. Get going, all of you.
– Please sign this. Nothing to see here.
Go home everyone. Go home. Come on.
– Put your signature here. Go from here. These are games of Lord Shiva. That day you came looking for me. Today I have come looking for you. If you want to see things clearly,
take Lord Shiva’s blessings. Take medicine to beat the darkness
and meet daylight. Then your vision will become clear. Don’t worry. Never give up. Is everything clear? What have you put in my eyes? I can’t see anything. Hey! Do you know who I am? Pradeep Sharma. I have
my reach in the capital. You will regret this. Hey! Why are you troubling me? Hey! What do you want? Who are you? Who are you? What do you want? Who are you? Who are you? Hey! Hey, listen. My brother will not spare you. I… I can’t see anything. Hey! My brother will not spare you.
Let me warn you. Hey! Listen… Why aren’t you
answering my question? I will give you 100 million rupees.
100 million rupees! Hey! 100 million rupees is… …is only the interest of
those poor people. You charge them
interest on interest… …to lead a comfortable
life yourself. That is why I have made you blind. Your life will become hell now. You have made other
people’s lives hell. Please save me. Please save me.
Where are you? What have you done? Listen. Hey! Please listen to me. Leave me. Where are you? Who are you? Where are you? Answer me. Hey! Listen to me. I have… I have a Benz.
An Audi too. And also the latest model of BMW. You can take everything. You take everything I have. But please… Please spare me. Because of financiers like you… …people do not trust
good finance companies. Your death would be a lesson
to others like you. You will have to die. I… I… I will not give loan
on interest hereafter. I will leave this city. Hey! Please… Please leave me. Please leave me. I will never loan money. What is this? What could this be? Popular financier Pradeep Sharma
has been murdered. He was murdered cruelly and his head
was left outside his office in a box. Anna Nagar police station has
filed the case in this matter. And investigation is going on. Let’s wait and see
what the police does. Along with cameraman Keshkar,
me, Meghna. Oh God!
– Sir! Move aside. Move aside. What has happened? How will I live? What sort of police are you?
You couldn’t catch the biker. You couldn’t catch
my brother’s killer. I will not spare anyone. I will burn down everyone. Hey! Leave me. Only the head is here, sir.
The body is yet to be found. Hey! You people are
good for nothing. Sir, the security
guard saw it first at 6 am. My brother got killed! Who did this? Leave me! Did you find any evidence? Nothing, sir. He had so many enemies. God knows who must have killed him. I will be dead before
this case is solved. Did you question anyone? No, sir. He is a junglee, sir. Nobody goes near him. He may have killed his brother
for the property. Stop! Hey! You are US guy, right? How dare you come looking for
aunties again in this area? Hey! Why are you ruining
your father’s image? Go from here. Take off your helmet. Sir… Sir! It’s the
psychopath, sir. Sir, catch him. Sir! Hey! Hey! Sir! Sir! Sir, he hit me hard. I felt dizzy. It’s not a he. It’s a she. What? What do you mean? The psychopath is a girl. A girl! What’s the matter? Tell me. Sir, he cannot do anything.
– Hey! Dare you talk like that! What will you do? What will you do? Kaali, cool down.
Let me talk to him. You be seated. Please sit. Sir, the biker hasn’t
been caught yet. Seizer Dharmraj was beaten
inside his house. My brother… My brother’s killer
is still out there. What is all this, sir? Listen, Mr Sandeep Sharma. The investigation is going on
from all angles. Under Inspector Arun,
one squad is working… …on your brother’s murder case. He is only dealing with
the case of the psychopath. That’s it. That is what is bothering me. Why don’t you handover the
case to someone else? If you give the permission,
I can tell my men. Mr. Sandeep Sharma,… …I know whom to
give this case to. You remain calm. How far has the
investigation reached? So far we have found out… …that the psychopath
is a girl, sir. Very good! Very good story, sir. This case will be solved soon, sir. You may go now. Okay. It’s a big problem. Close this case soon. Okay, sir. Here you are, sir. This is why you
should be with me. Bananas are good for stress. No, sir. Let the
mental stress remain. Okay. We just have a week’s time.
Inform all stations to be on alert. Okay, sir. The motorbike doesn’t
have a number plate. I want all details of any motorbike
with no number plate. Okay, sir. How many more seizers are there? Sir, 32. Call all of them and alert them. Okay, sir. Sir! Sir… Yes. – I have got the chance
to work in a movie. Congratulations! Thanks, sir. Sir… His name is Kallu Khan. He is an artists coordinator, sir. I have got work through him. I see. Sir, I want a small help from you. His commission is Rs. 10,000. Actually, the thing is that… …he wants the money is advance. If you give it now, I will
return you as I get my payment. Please, sir. Will he cheat? Sir, I am not that
type of a person. Everybody knows… …artist coordinator Ajit sir.
You also must have heard. Sthuthi, give him Rs. 10,000. And take down his details.
– Okay, sir. Sir, I have brought my laptop.
Do you want to see the photo? – Thank you, sir. Hey! Good. You will go ahead in life. Thank you so much, sir. Sir, our men are
guarding the houses… …of our seizers. The police is also patrolling.
The psychopath will be caught, sir. The police shouldn’t catch him.
Especially Kaali. Before that… …we have to catch him. Okay, sir. Get to work. Start the car. Psychopath, I am
coming to meet you. Sir, what should we do? Hey! Call our men. Call everyone here. Sir, I am standing opposite
the traffic signal. Keep an eye. Hello, where are you? What? Okay, keep an eye. Okay, sir. I am at my spot, sir. He is found there maximum.
Keep an eye. That man has gone towards
Udayam Theatre. Hey! Is the information wrong? It is absolutely correct, sir. Okay. You wait there. I will come there with sir. Did you come to know anything? The psychopath has gone
towards Udayam Theatre. Hello? Tell me. The psychopath is passing by.
Shall I finish him? I am right here! I am standing by the signal.
– You do your job. I will come there. Get into the car. The car is here. Come on. Our men are ready with weapons. As he comes near KK
Nagar lorry shed… …we will finish him off. Come on.
– Okay. Start the car. Look! Hey, catch him! I want to see his face. Hey! Get the weapons. Okay, sir. Hit him! Come on. We are in bad shape, sir. Did you see his face? No, sir. He beat us up and left, sir. He is not a normal human being. I think he must be a fight master. What rubbish! When we are doing our job,
why did you need to do this? Where is Sandeep? I don’t know, sir. His phone is switched off. He must either have run away… …or he must have been kidnapped
by the psychopath. Find him, sir. Listen. Take a written
complaint from them. Okay, sir. Sthuthi, take separate complaints
from the ones hurt. – Okay, sir. I will go to the spot and check. Sir, jeep? I will take an auto rickshaw.
– Okay, sir. Come here. Sir, write. Welcome! Welcome to the psychopath’s house. Why have you kept
your face covered? You think you are a superstar! Take off that mask. Do you think I believe you
are an aspiring star? Your secret is out. Enough is enough. Why have you used this cover? Special Crime Branch
Inspector Pyaari. I want to know. Your acting was very good. I have called you… …because this is very confidential
work on that psychopath case. I know, sir. Inspector Kaali is dealing with it. He will kill the accused
before arresting him. I have heard things about him, sir. That is why you will have
to secretly follow him… …and keep updating me. The commissioner is very smart. He has sent a mongoose
to catch a snake. You are so smart… …but couldn’t keep
your ID card safe. In one case,… …you are the police as
well as the accused. Superb! You are a wolf in sheep’s skin. Yes, I am! I am a wolf hiding
in a sheep’s skin. But… …people like Pradeep Sharma
and Sandeep Sharma… …destroy people’s lives. I am the wolf who attacks
such people. What do you want?
Tell me what you know. There is a pack of
wolves roaming around… …to take advantage of people… …who are trying to
fulfill their needs. People sitting quietly
are instigated. They have been forced. They get calls from banks… …asking if they want a loan. So these poor people place
their trust in them. And once they take loans,
they are mounted with interests… …they are put in stress
by the goons of the bank. First it will be a girl
in a very sweet voice… …convincing them to take a loan. And once the loan is disbursed
goons come to follow up. Middle class people take loans to buy motorbike, car or house. They want to buy TV, fridge,
washing machine, mixer grinder. These goons take
advantage of this… …and they are made slaves. They are the business class people. Out of EMIs… …they must have paid 7. If one cheque bounces… …cheque bouncing fees,
late fees… …and so many other charges.
They put people in stress. Our country is getting
ruined like this. I see. You are siding with people
who can’t repay their loans. I am not siding with them. I am telling you to think
about their situation. Until there are fools in this world,
there will be people to take advantage. Kill the people who take advantage. Then less people will be fooled. These are not the ethics
of Inspector Kaali. These are the ethics of the common
man inside Inspector Kaali. The total population of India is
1.2 billion. Out of those people who get
three meals a day, are 800 million. People who eat two meals
a day are 200 million. People who eat only one time
are 100 million. And the remaining 100 million
struggle for food everyday. Taking advantage of the desires of such
people and by giving them loans… …and by charging them
interest after interest… …they are forced
to commit suicide. People who take loans in billions
are leading their lives peacefully. But those who take a loan of Rs.
50,000… …are committing suicide. Go through the newspaper. A big corporate company,
ruined a bright student’s life… …by giving him an education loan. And that kid committed suicide. Our farmers are in worse state. They commit suicide because… of loans taken from government
and cooperative banks. My parents committed suicide because of
one such woman who used to give loans. My family was destroyed. I started riding her
auto rickshaw that day. After paying so many taxes,
what is left? Nothing. Have you read the Qur’an! Al Bakhra, chapter 2. Line 280. Do you know what that means? If you are unable
to pay interest… …then consider it as donation. Means… …if the other person is unable to pay
interest, think of it as donation. Tell me how many people do that. At that time it was individuals. Nowadays it’s corporate companies. What is happening in our country? So? Will burning cars and
motorbikes solve everything? There are many finance companies
in this country… …that understand people’s
problems and help them. It is our duty to respect them
for their work. But Pradeep and Sandeep
are wild animals. They are vampires who suck
the blood of the poor. They shake up the conscience
of people like us. And they try to put us down
in our own state. They don’t be included
in any category. Under the pretext of giving loans
for motorbikes and cars… …they work to make people… …mental patients. These
Sandeep and Pradeep. They sent their seizers
to trouble customers. Then I burnt cars and motorbikes… …to trouble them. I beheaded Pradeep Sharma. Things didn’t improve. I kidnapped his brother. I passed a judgement in my court. If people call me a psychopath as a
reward to my service, then okay. I am a psychopath! I am the only psychopath today! But tomorrow there will
be many more like me. And they will behead such people… …who make others mental patients. Whatever you said is fine. But if… …the guardians of law… …will not follow the law… Law! The law puts handcuffs and
keeps the key in its pocket. The law is a dark room.
My brother used to say that. And to bring light
into that dark room… …I have come out on the streets. If you want to know
anything more… …then come with me. Look. Look at this animal. Hey! Wake up! Open your eyes! Ma’am, save me from
this psychopath. Please! Hey! If you open your mouth,
I will kill you. Do you know what he does to people
who are unable to repay loans? He raped a blind woman
named Parvathy. This devil! My poor friend Dinkar… …committed suicide
along with his wife… …because of the embarrassment. His daughter Meena
is an orphan today. There must be so
many more like her… …in our country who
have been orphaned. Tell me! What punishment
does he deserve? Not as a female officer. But as a common man… …what is your conscience saying?
Tell me that. May righteousness
take a backseat… …and humanity rise within you. This court is not for the rich. The judgments are passed
basis the tears of the poor. We are the judges here. And our guns take the decision. Tell me what is your decision
for this animal. No! Not with your service revolver. This revolver is used to
kill sinners like him. No! Kaali, you are very intelligent. You recognised her. Don’t take me wrong. You are very emotional. That is why I sent Pyaari
to follow you. No problem, sir. She helped me solve this case. That means… …the one who was burning the
vehicles for so many days… …and the killer of Pradeep Sharma
was his brother Sandeep Sharma. Yes, sir. Where is Sandeep Sharma? We are unable to trace him, sir.
So, we don’t know. That’s a good story. I believe you. Close the case… …and handover at the office. I will tell you which
station to join next week. Thank you, sir. Sthuthi, you too.
– Sir. Okay, sir. Pyaari.
– Sir. I am recommending a
promotion for you. Thank you, sir. You people may go. Yes, sir. Thief! Thief! Catch him! Thief! Catch him! Thief! Catch him! Catch him! Thief! Thief! Come on! Run! Hey, stop! Come on, run! Hey! He can do anything. What are you doing?
– Run! Hey! Quick!
– He is hitting us. Come on, quick! Quick!
– Run! If I run, you follow me. And
when I run after you, you run too. What do you think of me?

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