Das Leuchten / Reverence (Short Film Trailer, 2007)

Das Leuchten / Reverence (Short Film Trailer, 2007)

I have here the records of Philip, your ex-husband. …together with your son in Sector 9. He doesn’t comply with any of the safety
regulations, doesn’t pay any membership fees. You know that a connection to an “Infidel”
will have negative effects on your promotion. This is the personal entrance
card to your new bunker. You and your corporation are
making money off our fear! Who’s attacking us? With which weapons? How does your so called defense work? It’s not a game anymore. Why did you do that? Why did you do that? Prepare for attack in Sector 9. ANGELS into position. This stuff is not dangerous. Civilians in the danger zone. Ground troops have been released. What? This simulation was only meant to remind
people of how important their safety is. Fear alone is not enough, so… Do what you have to do! Protect your family now! REVERENCE

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  1. Hallo, habe gerade das making of gesehen. Wo bekomme ich den diesen Kurzfilm, ist der im Handel erhältlich? Kann man ihn auf ner Website anschauen, oder gab's den nur mal kurz im Kino? Stehe voll auf so pre/post apocalypse polit Zeug, besonders auf Deutsche Produktionen. Chapeau!

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