Das Monster – German Short Film (ENG & SPA subtitles)

Das Monster – German Short Film (ENG & SPA subtitles)

And now we follow with an urgent notification police officers have found another body the first evicences point to the serial killer already know as “The Monster” to this moment, all victims have been young woman and all of them died srangled In the mean time, the security forces are
still looking for Amanda Grabel missed since 3 weeks and possibly the vicitm nr. 8
of “The Monster” The police department asks the citizens
to report everything that … – Good morning my dear
– Good morning… – Did you sleep well?
– … No – Did you dream again?
– Yes – the same dream again… same man, same woman…
strangled! – Oh dear, I’m so sorry… was it this time so real as usually? – Much worst! it is so real… like I’m there! – that woman is being murdered and I think she asks me for help!
and I believe everything is related to that “Monster” – Oh, come on baby! you are stressed and they speak
non stop about that on TV… – It is only a stupid dream… – Emergency call
– Hello! I’m in a small factory somewhere north, near Markt street – What for an incident are you reporting?
– There is a tied woman here and a man who wants to kill her! – You have to send somebody here immediately
– What is the exact address? – Shit, I don’t know! I just followed that guy…
but I didn’t pay attention to the streets – Sorry but I need an address if I have to send somebody there
What is your name? – It doesn’t matter! You gotta send somebody soon! Our lives are
at stake! I think that guy is “The Monster” you talk about, ok? – Don’t be afraid… everything is over…
…You will be free soon – Don’t be afraid… it’s over… are you all right? – Oh my god! (MISSED)
(AMANDA GRABEL, THE NEXT VICTIM OF THE MONSTER?) – Those are all murders of “The Monster” – News about all cases! – He is The Monster indeed!
And you were going to be his next victim! – Nooo! What are you going to do!? – Why the hell did you do that!? I called the police before!
They are probably about to find this place! – I can imagine what you had to go through in the hands
of that monster but… – Monster… monster… – Yes… they call me so… monster… – But unfortunaltely I have to disappoint you – because this!… this all is my master work! – He… just hung up those clippings here
– But… who is this man? – Let me introduce you Amanda Grabel’s father – You know?… I made a very very small mistake with Amanda
that’s why he was able to find me – And he though it was a better idea to torture me here
instead to go to the police – He wanted to punish me personally… – Or save me maybe… like I saved those little angels… – It could be maybe funny if you think about…
monster punish monster – At the end… you never know what for a face the monster has…
Don’t you? – I’m sorry (police sirens approaching)

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  1. Por cierto Miyi! Te gusta sacar a gente comiendo en tus cortos, jejeje! "La noche de los melones vivientes", "UUUps", "El sandwich que sabía demasiado"… 🙂

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