Dasavathaaram [2008] | Tamil Full Movie | Kamal Hassan | Asin | Mallika Sherawat | K.S.Ravi Kumar

Dasavathaaram [2008] | Tamil Full Movie | Kamal Hassan | Asin | Mallika Sherawat | K.S.Ravi Kumar

The screenplay of this movie
is an imagination created with.. Screenplay of this movie
is an imagination created with.. ..some historical facts that
occured during 12th century. TEN DlFFERENT ROLES FOR THE
RAMESH KHANNA My dear Tamils who
deserve to be greeted! lndians! lt’s a big story that l got
the opportunity.. ..to speak in this historical
function seated by.. ..Hon’ble American President, lndian
Prime Minister, Tamilnadu Chief Minister. lt’s a story that involves this world,
in fact it’s Godly story as well! Question may arise of me a scientist
of sagacity telling a Godly story! The dolly of Govindarajaswamy here is
too an important character in this story! Hence l have to tell
the story of this Swamy(God)! There’re many stories about Govindarajar! We’ve to at least go back to 12th century
so that his story is said in brief! TWELFTH CENTURY! The century when lndia and it’s politics
didn’t have the entry of Jesus and Allah! The period when Lords Siva and Vishnu
had no other gods to wrestle them! The century when these 2 gods wrestled
among themselves through their devotees! Trouble is the result, if elephants get
sexually rut or men get religiously rut! King Kulothunga Chola ll liked
the Saiva religion very much! His religious rules became
a religious rut! Lord Govindarajar who was till then
coexisting with Lord Natarajar was made to.. ..deport by the King of kings Kulothunga!
But it’s a fact that he dug him out!Hail the name of Lord Narayana..Hail the name of Lord Narayana.Tell the grandson of the Chola who
avoided custom duty, to avoid arrogance! Tell him that this
Rangarajan Nambi said this so! And along with other miseries
he may have to face my curse also. Groom! Look here Nambi! Don’t hurt my husband, l..! This stone is going to sink in the sea! You’re a family man, so go to your home!
Don’t make her a widow! The story how Koorathalvan became
blind since he didn’t reveal the.. ..whereabouts of Ramanujar.. So you know it! l don’t know the
whereabouts of Ramanujar! l won’t reveal even if l know it! Even at the cost of my life! Had l thought to kill you,
l’d have done it inside itself! l know the place where Ramanujar is! l too know the trick to
bring Ramanujar here! l too know the trick to make the southern
region to hear only the name of Lord Shiva! Did you see how my god made you
to utter his name many time? He’s my husband.
– Leave him. He’s my childhood friend. He is a brave person
who juggles well in oration! My god is not needed to make you
chant hymn his hymns. l’m enough for it! Move aside to move your stone God into the
sea! Chant to hail the name of Lord Shiva.. ..and accept that he’s the big God
and there’s no other god than him! You wife will not become a widow! Chant it out, be it a 5 letter word
or a 8 letter word! Don’t change my fate! My family lord, listen to this
King Chola! – Just by reducing 3 letters..! Groom, please tell it out! lf l don’t say? – You’ll sink down along
with this stone and go to heaven! There’s no place for criminals in abode
of Shiva! – Heaven welcomes even elders! Come and see! – lf not for my sake,
tell it out for the sake of our son! Tell it out for me dad!AYNGARAN DVDHail Lord Narayana!AYNGARAN DVDCan’t see God if
seen as a stone.Won’t feel the stone hits
if you feel God’s presence.Can’t see God if
seen as a stone.Won’t feel the stone hits
if you feel God’s presence.Eight is greater than five
and not vice versa.Heart that chants eight letters
won’t accept five letters.Everything is wrong if seen
from defective eyes.Enlightened mind sees
all human beings as equal.Group of followers won’t diminish.Evil men have entered
the golden sanctum..May you live long for many
a million years.Oh protector!
We prostrate before you!AYNGARAN DVDEven after refusing..The recurring tortures won’t
make us renounce our reverence.Even after refusing..The recurring tortures won’t
make us renounce our reverence.Our Vaishnava community won’t lose
to Saiva community.Sun would never rise from west
for King’s orders.Lord Srinivasan is the
consort of Rajalakshmi.l am the devotee in
Lord Vishnu’s (Lord Srinivasan) lineage.Many a Raja Rajans are there in town.But this Rangarajan is
superior to Raja Rajan.AYNGARAN DVDJustice won’t die even
if drowned in water.The light inside our hearts won’t go off.Justice won’t die even
if drowned in water.The light inside our hearts won’t go off.Wind can turn off a burning lamp.Can it darken the moon?Shower can drench the land.Can it drench the sky?lf seen as Saivam
then God can’t be seen.lf seen as God then
no room for communal clashes.Can’t see God if
seen as a stone.Won’t feel the hits
if you feel God’s presence.AYNGARAN DVDRangarajanambi’s death was neither the act
of Lord Shiva nor the plot of Lord Vishnu! Believers have been forsaken
not only by religion but also by science! Today’s science can be brought to court! But religion is flawless is what the
foremost argument of religious culprits is! They’re the people who compel us to accept
that there’s a supreme power over all! lf we analyze and list the powers
by arranging one over the other.. ..there’s a power for sure
on top of all! Take satellite for an example. lt’s one of the great powers that is
in the heights where we say god dwells! Be it this power that
monitors the earth or.. ..be it the power that’s said
to have created the earth, both failed to save the earth
particularly my Tamil Nadu! An example is the event of
Tsunami on December 26, 2004. But what’s the link between
this event and the story l tell? World’s history is the
interlink of parallel events! There is a thought in western world
called as chaos theory. According to this scientific philosophy
all events of this world are interlinked! Parallel events! lt says, there’s a link even to the
butterfly’s flutter and a tremor! My story began with a tremor
and ended in a butterfly’s flutter! You’re the god who saved my child! Touch his feet and pray,
if you truly are a man! Allah only has saved us all. You’ve escaped! You’re alright! Look there, your family members have come!
Don’t be afraid, turn and see! You can turn, so turn! Second part of the story
began at Washington DC l became the hero of the story l say! l’m too in a sense,
a Chola who found a germ! Born to Ramasamy Naicker of Tanjore,
studied Ph.D. in bio technology, ..l’m a Chola who daily finds
germs through microscope! lt’s a game of synthetic bio weapon that
were played by many scientists like me. lt was December 20, 2004,
the day that began to turn dangerous! After September 11, America
was eagerly preparing itself.. ..to defend using bio weapon! l was in the edge of their eagerness!
My name is Govindarajan! l’ll say it in Tamil! President of this country
is announcing.. ..1.3 billion dollars for
producing bio weapon! Don’t give chocolates to Hanu.
Don’t give anything except apple! lt’ll produce worms! ls it for your baby and not for you? No such stories! Come! There’re equipments inside
worth many million dollars! Are million dollars
important or our lives? Today a monkey, tomorrow it might be
a destruction of a whole nation! Whichever may be the nation! Don’t you know.. this earlier?
is what you ask? A foolish scientist like me and a
monkey like Hanu that escaped smartly.. ..are the reason for the dreaded
disease AlDS, is my view! The germ we found is
more dangerous than AlDS! What is this like an union strike?
Think a while! Won’t the venture capitalist who invested
heavily in this programme question us? How will l answer them? You answer them
since that’s your job and not mine! Leave the salary what you get!
How much do you want in its place? l’ll arrange for it! How much crores do you want? Even 100 crores..!
– Ok! l say, l’ll not come to this business
even if 100 crores is offered! This can be used for a good cause
if you’re with me till the end! Else they may do anything
since they are businessmen! Anything? lf they give to any
terrorist country just like that? Will l allow? l just said! Where are you? l’m scared by looking
the way Dr.Sethu does things! Seems he’ll sell us all. He’ll not do such things!
– lsn’t your wife in your car? l don’t think so.
What can we do even if he does that? l’ll say it at your house.
– Ok, l will ask her to prepare the food! Come home for dinner! Why shouldn’t it happen?
Didn’t it happen at the lab? Good that it was a glazed room,
so we put it off. lf it spreads through air? lt’ll spread
in the air and billions of people will die. Whole country would get destroyed!
Sethu sold this dangerous thing! Don’t blabber, Sethu won’t do such things!
He’s a good man. Let him prove that to FBl. This shouldn’t get hot.
Where could it be kept? Keep it in the fridge? Why, is it because it’s a germ? There will not be moisture! Food is getting ready! No, l lost my hunger in this tension! Whatever happens, life must go on!
l who was born in Hiroshima is telling! Listen, brother!
– Ok sister! Call FBl. – That’s what
l’m trying man, don’t press me. Do it soon! He’s insisting me to call FBl! No, l haven’t called them yet. No. He’s inside with my wife! ls it for money? How much did he give? Are you human?
– l’m not a fool like you if not a human! l’m Sairam, not shit ram!
Have you forgotten? You’re sweating in this winter?
Are you jogging or are you drunk? Why are you putting the reverse gear? Why are they chasing you? How are they tracing me anywhere l go?
– l’m asking why buy you’re saying how? They’re tracing me
through this cell phone! Why did you throw it in that car?
– A bad fate for him, you drive to FBl! ls this a taxi, that you’re ordering me
to go here and there? First l’ve to send these parcels
to lndia in today’s last flight! Courier first, rest all next!
– Do something, go soon! Could you come soon! l don’t like anybody driving my car! Take me first to FBl,
they will buy you any new car! This pack! Where’s my packet, did you take it?
– Look, l’ve itemized 5 packs and mailed it! Look, is it not there? This is not mine.
l don’t know whose is this? This is mine! How many packet did you send?
– l five..! Catch..! To lndia? Damn it!
– Are you a Tamil? My God, save me! Leave me sir! TOKYO, JAPANAYNGARAN DVDNo difference between
a black and a white guy!Come into the darkness
under the wraps.Come, no room for arguments here.Naughty! Start the exploration
and fondling mischiefs.Flowery girl is perspiring in her jaw
Wipe sweat with dollars.Summer inside, winter outside
Caress my whole body.AYNGARAN DVDTo what extent do you know Tamil? To what extent can you see my body?
– To a great extent. l know Tamil..
more than that extent. Can you take orders from him? l know English too.AYNGARAN DVDWhat did he tell you? He asked me to show you heaven.Let us close our eyes on bed....make days into nights.Electricity generates from kisses.Can it light up New York?l am the dictionary to Mexican nights.Even perspirations from
the girl tastes like honey.Pour beer from the bar.And exhaust it like water.lf everything appears double,then l would also appear double.Twin towers fell on September 11....but mine would never fall!AYNGARAN DVDSee you in heaven!AYNGARAN DVDMarried when l was 17.Begot a child when l was 16.Had many affairs
before l reached 20.Appreciate men who give kisses
equalling my weight.Come, no questions as to
who is elder among us.Let ships drown at Atlantic
when you kiss at Atlanta.Going to sleep is for others
Stir your feelings, come on.Are you Telugu?
– Yes sir! Which town?
– Srikakulam. ln which container did you came? Are you a terrific scientist
or a scientific terrorist? Who switched of the lights?
ls there a first night happening here? Switch on the lights. lt’s like cinema lighting. Only by looking at the criminal’s face,
one can identify if he tells truth or not! A Tamilian from Tanjore! Largest spoken language
in lndia… is Hindi! Do you know the second largest?
– Tamil! Telugu! Tamil is third. l’m Telugu! l having come to Tamilnadu
on deputation, speak Tamil well! You from Tanjore, are speaking
in English! How then will Tamil live? Some Telugu people like you will
come and make it live. Please leave it! A higher rank than you! l want to talk to any officer
higher in rank than you! They should’ve interest in Tamil and
same time have some knowledge in science! Shall l call Abdul kalam
and give you his line? Are you great being a scientist?
l myself am a higher officer. Heaven is what if you want
to go higher than me! Are you the leader of this gang? Or are
you working for some other agencies? Which agency? Lashkar-é- Toiba? Al- Qaeda? Or ULFA? Do you know Hyderabad Goli? l’ll tell you!
lsn’t there the cop’s lathee? lnserting it in your body and
leaving just 6 inches out, ..lf enquired by hitting it,
truth will come out including all from it! lf you are more arrogant, l’ll encounter
you citing that you tried to escape! Brother, your testicles
are in my court! lf l kick you down that doctors will
squeeze hydrocele from you like an orange! l’ll tell you the truth! There’s a dangerous thing
in that parcel! Don’t l know,
it’s a synthetic bio weapon? lt’s a small vial. lf the matter in it
comes out, we’ll all be dead! That’s why l say that.. lt should neither be too hot nor cold! What is this?
ls it like Hiranyan’s boon? What do you say that
it can’t bear both the extremes? Shall l say?
That vial.. ..is not in this container you came by! The vial is not in that container. That’s what l too am telling?
Why are you translating that in Telugu? We searched well,
the vial is not in the container! Vial is not in your body too!
There’s no chance of you swallowing in! Because it’s a germ, and had you swallowed
it, you’d have got looseness by now! But no trace of such! Answer to my questions promptly! Come in! Who’s that? Come in! ls it Appa rao?
– Yes, sir! Come! From America..! Enough, tell me. FBl officers have come from America!
– So what? lt’s urgent for them!
– Ask them to go to bathroom! lt’s not that! – Tell them, investigation
is happening and hence l’m busy! Aren’t they foreigners? Welcome by
adorning them with sandal garlands.. ..Serve them tender coconuts with
straw in it and place them in VlP room.. Should l teach you all that?
Go man. – Ok sir. l’m going down urgently. lf he feels thirsty and
asks for water, don’t provide. ‘Visitors are equal to God’. Boss from Delhi has ordered me to welcome
the white men. l’ll return now. l want to talk to him only!
– To whom? He who phoned to you now!
You too were…! Your boss! You mad. l myself am better. He’s a
Sardharji who has hair pin in his turban! He’ll enquire by poking you with it!
– At least with that FBl agents. Americans are coming.
Their style, they’ll enquire by knocking. l’ll then see in what language you speak! VlP from foreign
have come to see Balram Naidu. He has gone down to see the FBl officers.
– But they’ve come to see him here! Ok, let them wait here! Sir, they are going. No inspector! But this is enough for your brain! Should your brain scatter all over? This is the ladies’ gun l referred. Don’t lie. l’ve changed the vial to another
packet since it has to be cold! By this time the packet would be
on its way to another address. Tell where it’s heading to? Else..!
– What? Will you kill me? Do you have family and kids? l’ve 2 children. Dispose the tender coconuts.
– Yes sir. You may go this way.
They can come only through immigration. They’ve come from U.S.
They’re FBl agents. Just now two of them went in.
– They’re additional agents. l’ve to get the permission
from my senior officers. You stay here. l’ll go
and check with sir. – Ok. Don’t push. – This is a
restricted area. Move away. Go that way. Listen to me. The crowd is heavy.
l’ll fetch the baggage and come. You stay here.
Mom, bring the luggage. Ok, you go. – Come on.
– Please pose for the photo. Here you go. You can ask in Tamil. Do you still remember Tamil?
– How can l forget? This land helped me for my living.
l won’t forget Tamil Nadu. l won’t forget it even
if l go higher and higher. lt is a temple of 6 crore deities. She also hasn’t forgotten Tamil. Yes, l didn’t forget Tamil. But if keep on talking with you
l’ll forget our baggage. She can even crack jokes in Tamil. Sir, this is a restricted area. Please take them out.
– We’ll go there. lt is costing millions.
Ticket sales is also good. Will you sing in Tamil or
Hindi or in Punjabi? Whatever the audience wish?
– You’re coughing. How will you sing? That is nothing. ln two or three days..
– You’re bleeding. Oh gosh, blood.
From your mouth. What happened?
– Oh God! What happened? Move aside.
Step back. What happened to you?
– Dad! What happened?
Please tell me. Dad! Let them not come in.
You please take care. Oh my dear! Don’t worry!
The airport doctor is available! He’ll become alright
You hold him that side. Be careful.
Take him slowly. Slowly! Oh boy! Do you have a mobile phone? Where are we? We’re going over the Chengalpattu bridge. Then, tell us the address. Take him to the hospital. A cop is injured.
Take him to the nearest hospital. The goods have to go on time.
lf it gets delayed.. lf he doesn’t reach the hospital
then you’ll be arrested. Can’t you see he is a cop?
– Ok get in. Start the vehicle. That vial is not in the container,
then why is he going out? That gang leader Govind may have
shifted the vial to some other packet. Superb sir. – Call that courier office
immediately and get the dispatch list.A foreigner and a lady came.ls it only the foreigner?
Didn’t Govind come? – Who Govind? Leave that.. tell me,
what else happened? They came here suddenly
and destroyed everything. Then, what happened? – They asked
for the list of flights and dispatches. You didn’t give, did you?
– l gave. They took it. – That.. Then.. – They destroyed
the hard disk and left. So, l have an additional dispatch list l was trying to give you that. Who is he? What is your name? Telugu?
– No, Kannadiga. Doesn’t matter. Both languages
have the same script. How many dispatches are
over in this list? – Around 200. Can we get 200 policemen.
– Very tough. They’ve gone for PM’s visit. Never mind. We’ll manage
with whoever we get. Send a cop to each address.
We have to do surveillance. Both Raos should co-operate. The ClA is also with us
then, what else do we need? Both of them shouldn’t get away
All newspapers should flash their photos. We should do in such a way that both
get disgraced overnight like film stars. They shouldn’t be sight seeing Tamil Nadu. Chambalam. – Chambalam (remuneration)?
That you should pay me.AYNGARAN DVDOh Lord Mukunda!
Oh Lord Krishna!Grant me a boon!
Bestow me a peaceful garden!Oh Lord Mukunda!
Oh Lord Krishna!Grant me a boon!
Bestow me a peaceful garden!You tasted butter!
Come to earth!Come to cure this
maiden’s love disease!Oh Lord Mukunda!
Oh Lord Krishna!Grant me a boon!
Bestow me a peaceful garden!What to do?
l am a mortal.l am puppet that you control.Oh Lord Mukunda!
Oh Lord Krishna!Grant me a boon!
Bestow me a peaceful garden!AYNGARAN DVDHail Lord Rama!
Hail Lord Rama!Hail consort of Seetha!
Hail consort of Seetha!Hail Lord Rama!
Hail Lord Rama!AYNGARAN DVDYou took the form of a fish
to save the Vedas!You took the form of a boar
and saved the world!You took the form of a kid
and measured the world!With your human-animal form
you killed demon lranian!Came as Lord Rama
to eliminate Ravanan.Came as Lord Krishna
and distributed love.ln each of your incarnation
l am your consort.lf you step here my marriage
would happen.l yearn for you.Oh king who adores peacock feathers!You should be consort to this maiden!Oh Lord Mukunda!
Oh Lord Krishna!Ask the grandma to come!
– Wait, l’ll ask her to come. This parcel is mine.
– lt has come for the grandma. No, l sent it to myself.
– Are you the grandma?My son is alive
l am yet to hear from him.He would jump down from the sky.Listen, you dullards!My dear Aravamuda!
Come my handsome son!Come instantly!
Come dear! Oh Lord Gopala!Oh Lord Mukunda!
Oh Lord Krishna!Grant me a boon!
Bestow me a peaceful garden!Grandma, come here. You’ve received a courier. For me?
Come! Has he sent a parcel? From who?
From Aravamudan? Look down carefully and come.
– Some parcel has come. – l know. Entrance, be careful! Careful, it’s a step.
– l know, it’s a step! Move aside. Take out it!
– ls this your another son? Another son?
– She has only one son! But this has come from another place!
– Be quiet, she is a loon! Put your signature! Naughty grandma. Give me.
– Have it. Ask her. You Alpha, come here!
– What? What did that man ask you?
– Who are you to ask me? Come this side. Before the police..! Put your zip! Look where they’ve placed me on duty! This too.. – Did you see if it is the
same man? – lt is the same man in the photo! He asked the parcel form the alpha man,
but the grandma told she won’t give ..and took it inside! Now another man too
is quarreling with him! Now both of them are going in!
– Ok, don’t leave them. Stay there! ls there any people for your support?
– Yes there’s one, but he’s a kid! He’s new! But l’m a family man.
Next month is my sister’s marriage! Didn’t l give you the wedding card?
You told, he’s an international terrorist! Send a force please! l’m a single
man here, not even with a weapon! Who’s this man so afraid?
– A local police! Hey, why are you so afraid?
Aren’t you a police? Don’t fear! Be brave,
a big force is coming! l’m too coming! ls that over? You yourself get the parcel and
give it to me after opening it to see! lt’s even ok if you
give it to the police! What happened? Again by getting, Krishnaveni has
locked herself inside the bureau! l don’t know still how many
bureaus have to be broken! Which Krishnaveni?
– Your parcel Krishnaveni! Oh god! What happened to her?
– She has gone slightly retard! ls it because of this parcel? – No, it’s
been so before you and l were born! ln bureau..!
– l know she has locked herself inside it! lt was from then when her son
went abroad and died! From when? l myself weren’t born then!
– That’s what l too am saying! Grandma thinks he’s alive. Known
people are sending medicine in his name! Grandma..!
– What’s this like a funeral commotion? What are you all doing? Move aside.
Wait a while! Grandma, it’s me Aandal!
Could you come out! No, l’ll not. This is my parcel!
Where’s he who’ll kick the bucket? There’re many here! Whom are you
referring that they’ll kick the bucket? lt’s me! ls it him that going with the parcel?
– No, l came..! He’s there.
He doesn’t want the whole parcel! He says, his item is there in it.
lt has been informed to the police too. Nothing to fear. Come out! Coming! l’m not comfortable
in the bureau! What is your name?
– Appa(father)! ls it just Appa?
lt it not Ragappa or Rangappa like any? ls it your?
– Yes Grandma! Give it grandma.
– What is this? That is.. it’s a thing that
can’t be told out! How can’t it be told? ls it
like a maiden losing her chastity? Oh god! Don’t open it grandma. Did you understand any? l too didn’t understand.
lt looks like… ..A chocolate! This is a germ that will kill everybody
if it comes out! – Let all die! No mothers, this is what will happen!
This will happen only if it comes out! lt’s a bomb. No, it’s not of exploding type.
Only if it comes out. So it shouldn’t come out. Little stinky, because of urine! Ok. He told as Govindan when asked of
his name. But he looks like that kind! See you brother!
– Wait, enquiry is not yet over! An international terrorist
has too come along with Govind. Look, this photos will be published
in tomorrow’s daily! Also there’ll be an
additional publication with it..! – What? The terrorists were caught by this brave
police assisted by an employer of alpha! But you’re losing this opportunity
by leaving like a dumbo! Where is Vedantha Desigar Madam?
– Here it is! Did she ask you? There it is!
Why are you going there? They told, devotional chanting
is going on over there. – Wait madam. Now, you shouldn’t go there!
– Why? ls the chanting cancelled? That can’t be revealed out.
We’ve more work, please leave the place! Listen madam, he’s an intelligent police.
A person called Govindan has gone in. He’s a dreadful terrorist. – Our
surveillance gets affected because of you! Listen me and leave the place. Will not your fellowmen
take care of surveillance? He is a single man.
His sister is getting married next month. He doesn’t even have weapons with him!
Only one person is stood behind the house. Force is on its way here!
– ls there anything left? Are you my P.R.O?
Leave the place now! Let your chanting be later!
– ls Marry your wife’s name? How do you know Mary?
– lt’s tattooed on your hand! ls it this? This was tattooed during my
childhood! Now my wife’s name is Lakshmi! Was Mary your girlfriend?
– Don’t ask such tricky questions. lsn’t Mary a sister-in-law?
– No brother! l too tattooed in hasty.
l couldn’t rub it off now, Look! Give it grandma and wash
your hands well! Germs! l’ll ask Lord Perumal and give it.
Wait a while. Leave the way! Move man. You insane! – What?
– Nothing, we asked you to go to Perumal! l’ll go(die) only after you. Wait Lord Govinda. Don’t go. This is..! Go inside, you may fall down.
– l want to go to Lord Perumal lf you fall down
you’ll go up to meet the maker! Go man! l myself will go! Where is she going? Oh Gosh! Come grandma. Lord Govindaraj, this is some germ bomb.
Aren’t you the god that protects? You yourself have it!
– Grandma! Wait. You’re going to fall down! Hold me
Don’t put me down! May you prosper. Since the traffic was heavy,
l came over the flyover. Don’t play grandma.
Where the vial that was in it? Where did you miss it? l didn’t miss it.
l gave it to Lord Perumal! ls it to that Perumal? He kept it safely. Oh my god! Why do you ask us to stop?
What do you want? Wait a while please!
– You shouldn’t step here on slippers. There is a vial in it.
– Go, vial(farmland) is in outskirts! Not that vial(farmland)!
– Don’t disturb! Go and be seated in a place. ls the suspect Govind
over there in that area? My God! Who threw this like stoning? You idiot, talk by pressing the button.
ls Govind there or gone? You wastrel, you’re only an idiot.
He has gone with Perumal (statue). What is this? ls it a cell phone?
lt is big like a swelling! To whom is it swelled? Why has not others come?
– They will come. Keep it down. Where has he gone? No one needs to worry. There’s a terrorist here. So all stay
where ever you’re till l arrest him! Why should l say with respect? Hey Govind! You, your assistants, ..fletcher and the girl
should surrender immediately. l’ll count till 10! One… two… Oh Perumal!
My Perumal. l feel dizzy! Stop, l feel dizzy! Oh God! Elephant has lifted the girl
please someone save the girl. Someone save the girl. Oh my god! Oh my god! Lord, get in! You want me
to follow the bus? You didn’t tell about gun shots.
lt’ll cost extra fare if you shoot! Extra money! Late pickup since it’s a diesel engine! Where are we going by holding the bus?
Who know where? Then go slowly, not fast!
– What’s there in my hand? lsn’t the bus there in your hand?
Leave the bus. Should l leave the bus?
– Yes! Take away your hand. Take away! Don’t shout at my ear. Ok, open your eyes and get in. Open your eyes to see the way. Scoundrel,
l haven’t even got in a moving bus. Don’t you know l’ve danger in water?
– This is not water, this is train! lsn’t there water inside the train?
– What are you saying? Will not the train cross bridges?
Won’t there be water under it? Get in smartly before that. Get in. Give me the Perumal. Why did you steal Perumal? lf not l..! l didn’t steal Perumal!
l’m trying to save all including Perumal! See the face that saves Lord Perumal! The police officer told that
you’re an ‘Aathukavathi’. Which means?
– Which means terrorist in Sanskrit! l’m not a terrorist, l promise on you! Don’t touch! Ok l promise on your Perumal!
– Don’t touch Perumal as well! Which caste are you?
What’s your dad’s name? Why do you ask that now? Ok, Ramasamy! ls it O.K.Ramasamy? lt’s not O.K.
He is Ramasamy Naicker! Oh my God! Don’t near me, go there. – My dad
is not an atheist, he’s an ordinary man. But he’s a great artist!
– An artist? A music artist!
A great artist. ls this what is said as ‘Occupying
the palace when given a place’. Go there! Stay there itself,
if that stinky toilet is cleaner than me. Damn it! Sacrilege!
Don’t you say Chowchalayam? Chowchalayam means? Feces! ls it said as Chowchalayam?
lt’s also an Aalayam(temple). So leave it! Don’t ridicule Perumal! lsn’t there
your vial(farmfield in Tamil) inside? He’ll crop away your life.
– No, it’ll crop away everybody’s life! Hence l’m asking you to
give me the vial that’s inside it! Don’t shake it!
Take it out slowly by your fingers. lt can’t be taken out by fingers. lf not, it has to be taken out
by cutting it! You idiot! ls this a neem seed
that it has to be cut or squeezed? Lord Govindaraja Perumal!
My god, this is my Lord! lt is him!
– l didn’t tell him! Train is going slowly.
We’ll get down that way! ls it from the running train,
by carrying Perumal? No, l’ll not! What do you want to do
if you don’t want any portions? That white man will kill us both.
– Which white man? Do you want to see? See! That jeep! Leave it. What happened? My Perumal..! My Perumal..! My Lord Govindaraja, forgive me!
– l’ve forgiven you! Give it.
– l’ll not give it. l’ll not give it.
– Give it please! Wait. That’s it, if you touch me and Perumal!
– Look, l’m not interested in touching you.. ..l want that which is inside! Are you a rapist too?
– What? He’s the Lord who saved Dhrovpati
by giving clothes! He’ll save me as well! l don’t fear..!
– Look back carefully. You look at the front!
There’s light burning there! Someone is residing there.
lt’s a farmer who’s residing there! He’ll be well built by working hard
in fields! He’ll smash you. Save me brother. Hit him with your plough. How do one get out from a open land?
– Oh resident! Where is your resident?
You told farmer has well built body! Good body,
but it doesn’t look like a farmer! Why do you fear for going at their back?
– l’m not feared! Have they burnt it alive?
lt is getting up! How is that? Half burnt corpse get up like this!
– Will it get up? lt’ll stiffen in heat! Perumal shouldn’t be here!
– Yes. lsn’t it a theatu(forbiddance)? Not theat, but heat! lf the vial
inside it.. – Yes, we’ll go away! We’ll go, but could you
get down and walk! Damn it! Why did you lift me?
– What? Why did you lift Perumal?
Ok give me. Come, to accompany me. lt has suddenly darkened!
– ls not the earth revolving? So it’ll.. Careful..! What are you doing?
– Nothing, it is little wet over here! That’s what l’m asking what you did?
– l didn’t do any. Sand is wet over here! So l thought of placing Perumal over here.
– Perumal shouldn’t be kept in dampness! Why, will fever attack? You’ve buried your watch in the mud! Give.
– l’ll not! Not only we, but the whole Tamilnadu
will perish if the vial in it leaks! ls it germ bomb? ls it like Anthrax that comes
in discovery channel? But somewhat similar! Could you give? Wait!
– What? Why to me? Sorry God! Let Perumal be here. l’ll go nearby
to see if l get ice from any shop! Why ice?
– So that Perumal doesn’t heat up. You be here!
– Wait, should l be alone? That too near the half burnt!
– Then how about Perumal? l’ll go, you be here! Buy 2 or 3 kg of ice. You too start. – No Perumal..!
– Who should care Perumal? First we’ll let know the police!
They’ll take care of the rest. Damn ice! Damn it, we both don’t
get along with each other! You buried Perumal
and knocking my knees! Gosh, why are you
leaving me alone and going? Wait! Where are you going to buy ice?
Look, don’t simply make me rove! ls there ice? We don’t sell rice. lt’ll be available
at groceries, so buy from the town! Not rice, but ice.
– lt’ll be available! l’ll ask him. That one
– Are you kidding? l can hear well. l didn’t get it clearly
due to the lorry sound! Which cool drinks do you want with ice? We don’t want cool drinks.
This is 100 dollars. Have it and give as
much ice possible! Take it! ls this a pawn shop to
pledge dollar and chains? This is an American dollar
that is worth around 4500 rupees! l can’t give for 4500,
may be l can give for 25! ls it ok? ls it fair?
– Am l running a bank? Ok, l’ll give it for 35 rupees!
ls it fine? Why are you crying for ice?
l’ll give it now! l’ve to break it and give, so wait.
– Ok, give. Why, like a child?
– lt’s there only for 10 rupees! Give whatever is there!
Why are you crying? Look down, it’s embarrassing!
– lt’ll will be so if it is a tea shop! Cricket! ls it that important?
– lt flashes down! Look there! American lndian terrorist’s
lover is a girl from Agraharam! Ok! ‘American lndian terrorist who escaped… …from the airport after killing a police.. ..may be having a lover called Aandal from
an Agraharam’ informs Mr.Balram Naidu.. ..the officer of central investigation!
– Why is he informing this? Who knows, but he has informed so! l was idle. But you dragged me into
germ bomb and made people laugh at us. Where did l make people laugh?
Why are you crying? Are you joking? Henceforth don’t spit like this.
– l’m unmarried. So do you spit? Show me a way! What do you mean by ‘way’? What will l say or
do if a marriage broker… …questions me by citing this TV news? What can l do? That’s all nothing but rumor,
we both are..! ..say just friends,
ls this what you want me to say? Am l a cinema actress? l’m a girl from an
orthodox family but you..! Damn! Oh my god! lce is ready! You go! Shall l put it in a cover and give?
– Ok, put it and give. Why are the lorries driven
blindly by spraying sand? They can’t see except for the sand.
Sand mafia! l myself have seen loads of sand taken
of around 1 lakh lorries! Sir! Will they take sand
from the place near Chola Hall? They’ve neared the bridge itself,
so hall will too go off for sure! – Gosh! My daughter is missing. Someone
has kidnapped her. Find that first! Leaving that, what’s the meaning
in calling the grandma for enquiry? What?
– Vehicle is ready! Bonnet has got crushed
but vehicle is working. Did you understand?
– l couldn’t understand a damn of it! lt means we’ve to start!
– Grandma is 95 years old and retard! So she can’t come for the enquiry.
She can’t push on. She need not push.
lsn’t he saying that the vehicle is ready? Why’re you talking without understanding?
– lt’s you not me! We’re not criminals by law.
Remember that this is a Hindu monastery! Yes, this is a Hindu monastery! Won’t crime happen
in a Hindu monastery? Won’t there be criminals in it?
l suspect all of you, ..hence enquiry will happen for sure!
– Listen to us… Don’t enter with footwear!
– We’re people of dignity! Many of our tribe are in America. Yet there’s no connection between
we and American terrorists! We’re more orthodox, we no nothing!
Stop a while. Don’t you know Alagiya singer? Alagiya (beautiful) singer..
ls it Madonna? – Damn it. No, our singers are talented,
but little less in glamour! Why are you talking this now?
– You’re the one who talks like this! ls it me?
– Alagiya singer is our sir. Our Guru.
He is like our leader! Yes sir!
– Now he has gone to Delhi. How would l face him if he come here? She’ll come if you tell her that
you’ll give rose milk. She’s retard. Or she’ll come anywhere if you say
that her dead son has come back! You sassy, go in! Hey come here. What’s the name of her dead son? Aaraamudhan. You son..! ls it sixth?
– Yes. Aaraavadhuboodhan..!
– Yes, my son! Having bought more rose milk,
he’s waiting for you. Come and meet him and answer
my questions by sipping the rose milk. Ok come.
– Yes come. Grandma starts immediately for rose milk! Tell them to stop. Tell it in Tamil! Stop it. Who are you? Where are you going? One of my thing is inside!
– What? lnside the sand..!
– lt’s inside the sand! Tell them to stop.
– You stop first. Tell them to stop!
– Stop it. Leave! Who are you both? Activists? l’m a pacifist.
He’s only the terrorist. Would you please keep quiet? You keep quiet.
We’ve buried Perumal (God’s statue)! What are you lying? – No, l promise.
Didn’t they flash it in TV? He’s a famous terrorist.
– Damn it. l don’t know her earlier! Yes, right! What then are you doing in this grave?
Did you come to collect pigment? All because of you!
– What? A scientist and terrorist.
25 lakh rupees to handover him! He’s that person! l think they’re seeing
my photo in the daily! Did you see, he has come in the daily,
Didn’t you believe me? He’s the one! You sinner!
– Wait. Give me my Perumal and leave me!
Have him if you want to! Why are you telling it reversely?
– Oh God! Hey, l didn’t tell in that sense! We’ll have the 25 lakhs
and police will have him! Wait, why are you hasty? Hey sownder!
– Brother.. When we handover him, will the
police take her complaint against us? What complaint? Just an idea. Will the police accept her complaint
stating that a stout mason, his assistant ..along with few men molested me? How will they? You want money, isn’t it?
Hand me to police and get that money. But if you place your hand on her,
that’s it l warn you! Look, what will happen?
Just look back. What are you looking, hold him! l like this very much. You shout, scream
and cut my back with your nails! What are you watching?
ls it a cinema running here? Go all, switch off the lorry lights! Switch on the hall light! You come dear!
– Oh my god! You stout fellow, catch him! Run. Stop. Leave me man, sorry leave me sir! lt’s cactus thorns! Catch him. ls it this long to catch him?
Buggers! You ogling rascal! You come dear.
– Don’t you have sisters? Who told it? Sister, mother and wife
are all there. But not a girl like you! Come!
– Somebody save me! That’s what l’m saying that
l will save you by taking care of you. Lord Narayana! For the first time
in the lndian TV shows, …this which has not come any without censors, is a rape show… …that could be watched with families. You sinner! l didn’t mention
about this girl, But about this motherland! Aren’t all singing songs on motherland? Watch the rape of this motherland, The rape of this girl is a free show! lf he practices with this rape
he can do the other one easily. l know to whom they’re working for! Should they know it? Tell dear. What more to say? These business buggers who
erode many river shores, What worry would
they’ve about world’s destruction? Look there, capture a video of it! Have you captured? This belongs to 12th century
Chola kingdom. But no respect for it! Look here! This’s a place of burial
for dalit people. But no respect for it too! These people remove the corpse that… … is buried 3 days back and take the sand. When asked for justice, this man sent me… ..to jail by buying the law and citing me ..as an unsocial element! But the truth can not be jailed! What’s this, by gathering a crowd? Wow! You’ll touch us when needed,… …else not! Take your hands. Who knows what all you touched
when taking sand from the river shore! We’ll arrange for a
Panchyat and sort the issue! What Panchayat?
That’s a combat panchayat! What’s there for me to talk in it? ls it not?
You steal in a split second. What’s there for me to debate with you? Businessmen are always greedy. Don’t you know the difference doll and
a mother, daughter and child, … Prostitute and life? So people like me should
remind you, isn’t it? Capture it, Sun TV?
– What’s your name? Hey get lost. lf my face appears in TV,
l’ll kill you, mind it? Will you kill? You might be having
1000 lorries and men above that! But turn a little and see! Millions of
people are watching through that camera! lt’ll take more time for
1000 men to kill million people! There’s no use in shutting it. Shut your
mouth and the other end if possible! That’s nation’s mouth
which cannot be shut, isn’t it? What?
– l’ll tell my boss and make you nothing! Aren’t you digging this ground making
it nothing? l came to question you, why! We’ll do, since we’ve permit!
– On whose name is the permit? ls it in Chara’s name?
Or in his wife’s name? Or his concubine, what’s her name?
– Meenatchi! l warn you if you say my
sister as a concubine! Are you Meenatchi’s sib? Not that man,
l’m her brother! You idiot, both means the same!
– Ok, show the permits! Can you read if l show you the permit? Who’s literate in your group?
– Hey.. ln which generation are you living? Today you’ve to search to find an
illiterate in our group! You’ve left me dear! What is this brother?
You’re an illiterate genius! ls it? Ok, let it be so! There’re literate
genius and illiterate genius too! Literate genious.. here is Kabilan!
What have you studied? M.A, M.Phil!
– He writes lyrics for cinema! He’ll sing it as a song of what l yelled!
Explain on the pebble! ‘Sand are the offsprings of pebble’ ‘Your digging of sand is same as
your digging of our offsprings!’. You are doing it like that in a saloon, but that will grow! Tell further! Enough sir, one rice is enough
to check a pot of rice. One rice isn’t enough
since his pot is big! So pour more. ‘Leave your stealing job
Pour back the stolen sand’ ‘Henceforth if he thinks of stealing,
cut him in to 2 pieces!’. Wow! lf you take away sand till the deep… …where would our girls play? Where will our kids build sand temple? Who’ll invite the birds
that comes to refugee? ls he not a egg stealer? He’s driving away our lorry, catch him.
– Don’t run! Where? Haven’t we caught in camera?
– You’re right! Hey start the lorry, 25 lakhs, catch him! Where’s the police station nearby?
– How do l know? lsn’t your place? – You’re showing me
places through fruits vehicle, bus, train.. ..and now lorry. And you’re
questioning me? Drive carefully. Take your hand from your cheek
and drive using both hands! lt’s paining since the girl hit me!
– lt’ll be nice if you place ice over it. She hit me with ice only!
How.. ice over it? Don’t talk, chase, 25 lakhs is going. Would we fear if it’s a big vehicle?
Why are you flying like a flight? Move away your vehicle!
– What’s your urgency? Haven’t it come in the daily about the
American terrorist? Move aside man! Who’s that terrorist? ls it Dr.Govind
and his lover from Agraharam? Yes, but l only saw them first!
– ls it that important now? Start the vehicle. lt is written as Pondicherry 20 KM! Then there should be
a police station there! But Perumal can’t be there.
Only Chidhambaram will suit him! ls this fair? Will not he who is
omnipresent be in Pondicherry? The reason, we’re alive is because of
Lord Perumal’s grace! Don’t talk rubbish. Turn the vehicle to Chidambaram.
– Why are you telling this to me? Tell it to your Perumal, he’ll turn! Oh god!
– Oh my god! Oh my god! Thank you Lord! Hold it. Go fast! Why did you switch off the lights?
– To save power! Should l shut up or get up?
– Some up! Up. Will you get up or not?
– What Tamil is this? Where is the cloth from?
Don’t you have any respect for Perumal? l’ve more respect. lf taken this out
with its gold and diamond glittering ..in this mid night,
will not anybody burgle it? Enough, that’s the one left for now?
Give it. Come lets see
what has happened to that vehicle. Am l a mechanic to see
what has happened to that vehicle? Oh god! l want to go to Chidambaram.
My Perumal is only important to me! Man’s life is important to me!
You be here! Help! Come! Careful! Wait!
– His leg is stuck! Careful.
– Wait His leg get struck! Pushed it!
– Hey saleem.. Where are you?
– l’m here dad! Come out. – l couldn’t come out,
my leg has got stuck! For you too. lt is not fractured, is it? lt’s not fractured,
but got stuck in a hole! My god, where’s baby? Baby is missing! Here is a guy, head is visible! Here a leg is visible, Here is a guy! Head and leg belongs to the same baby! Come out baby!
– Come.. Come here.
– Come out baby! Come. Careful. What’s this? He’s going to mistake us. Nothing happened to you, isn’t it? What will happen to me? l’m just tall. Just tall? How long were l calling you?
Why didn’t you respond to me? We were worried. l would have called dad,
but little brother’s leg got stuck! Hence l couldn’t. What if your leg got stuck?
Don’t you have your mouth? Little brothers leg
got stuck in my mouth only! Was it your mouth,
l thought it was a hole. Hole indeed! A blabbering mouth. My legs are paining! Thank Allah! No one were hurt!
– Thank you Allah! Stop the vehicle. lt has stopped dad, come carefully. Hold dad, he might fall down.
– Ok brother! l’ll take care of him. Who are you? l am Kalifula. This is my family! How did you become like this?
– Lorry hit us! Did you become tall by the hit of a lorry? A lorry like which that are going hit us. See how tall he is! l don’t understand what to do now! Sorry Lord. Why are we hiding? lndeed it is!
How you knew that l stamped on it? You’re sharp! Some fellow couldn’t control his motion
since his stomach was upset! l’m asking without awareness,
why are we hiding here? Keep quiet, l couldn’t
hear what they talk! We’re here investigating
a suspicious circumstance. You wait at the national highway. Who are you all? What are you doing here? Why is the vehicle parked like this? Lorry carer(driver) hit us and gone. Lorry carer(driver) hit us and gone. Tell it clearly, was the vehicle
which hit you a lorry or car? Keep quiet.
A lorry driver made an accident and gone. Are they your family?
– lndeed my family? Then how about this light house?
– He’s my son only! Then that little boy.
– He too is my son! ls he too your son?
– What’s the doubt in that? Doubt is our job.
– That girl! You keep quiet. Was it a sand lorry that hit you?
– We didn’t see if it was a sand lorry, But what hit us was a lorry! He too..! Where’s he? He and his wife only saved us!
– Wife? Who and who’s wife? You keep quiet.
ls that important? Did you see inside the lorry? We saw, there was a man and a boy! Boy?
– How he looks… He says that l am a boy. Ok l say you’re a girl!
– How can you say that? Ok you’re not the both! Did the driver look like Aathangvaathi? Aathanga..!
– Eathangavathi sir? Was he like a terrorist? Yes, you exactly like a terrorist! Not me.. What is this?
Get into the vehicle. – Ok sir! Wait Lorry no…. Wait l’ll come! You all seem pathetic, is anybody hurt? Nobody got hurt by Allah’s grace! We’re on a chase for a criminal.
l’ll go and send you a tow! Your name? My name is Balram Naidu!
Start the vehicle. Look, you’re leaving your wife! l need Theertham.
– Grandma needs Theertham! Theertham? – Yes.
– lt means mineral water! Give them.
– Take it. Don’t drunk more.
Then we’ll have to search for a bathroom. We’re on a chase for a criminal.
Asking for Theertham, Presaatham! lsn’t there an accelerator?
– Yes it’s there. Press it. Had you not chattered,
l’d have caught him by this time! Who’d have caught whom?
– Shh.. lf l’m shoe, you’re sox! Yes, you both are a good pair
like shoe and sox! You too..! You saved us by coming like a God you too
should beget many children like me! Boy in his image and girl in yours! Let it be! What one minute?
What horrible is this? Lover at evening, wife at night, seems.. ..this lady will deliver my baby!
lmagination, they keep on building stories! Gift received as alms
shouldn’t be checked for its quality! Which alms, what gift?
– They, indeed! lf not for them, we’d have got caught
by Fletcher and died by this time. Who is Fletcher? He’s the one
who chased us beside the train l didn’t see!
– He was here talking. You didn’t allow me to see!
– Ok, He is Fletcher whom you didn’t see! A ClA killer!
– Oh god Allah! What dad?
– What happened dad? What happened dad?
– Who is hurt? l’m not hurt!
– Mom. You take care of all but not you!
– What happened mom? Stop the vehicle. Move aside.
– Ok! Hold this! My Saree is wet in blood. Don’t worry.
My sister’s dress will suit you. Wear it. My sister, give her your dress! My brother’s dress will suit you.
You may wear it. Ok leave it. ls it now important? No Sir, we can even register
our property to you for your help. But dad has
already registered our property to many! Hence we now have only little property! You failed to notice the cancer
for a long time. He has to undergo an operation at once. But there’s a chance of his vocal cord
getting affected due to the operation! Then.. A choice.. Not undergoing operation, l can sing for 5
or 6 months after which..! Let me speak! Another choice.. l can undergo operation, loose my voice. But live for 15 to 20 years! Right! Yes, to say in plain words! What to do? You may think, l’d say that song
is my life which l’ll not loose! l may say! l’ll say! That is.. Had l not seen her, l’ll say it. lf l don’t have love on her, l’ll say! But l love her! This is my problem. Song is not my life! No! Song is my profession! She is my family.. …and life! l need life to see it. lt is as good as the operation
is done as earlier possible! The song l sing today… … is the last chance given by Guru! This nurse will be with you. lf pain or bleeding
occurs in your throat… …she’ll immediately
medicate it to get well. The medicines required
for you are all in this box! Perform well in the function
and come straight to the hospital! We’ve identified the blood group.
Get the operation theatre ready! We’ll operate immediately
as we get the blood! Are you all her relatives?
– Yes. Did they inform you, she has
to undergo surgery. – Yes, l know! Do the surgery and save my wife?
– This is a rare blood group. We’ll operate immediately
as we get the blood! Take my blood doctor! Who are you?
– He is my blood! She only needs blood.
– He is our blood! ls his blood AB +ve?
– The blood that flows in my body is hers. 5, 10, or 70 litres,
take whatever you want! lt all happens in cinema,
we can decide only after testing yours! Who are you?
– l am Doctor Govind. This has to be kept in a cool dry place! What do you want? All that’s
in this hospital is yours, ask any! l..!
– Wait, it’s just a signature. lt’s enough if any one signs in it! Move then, l’ll take it and go! Was it kept in ice for you to take? Be patient for a while. We both will go to police station
after l give blood to his mother. Why to police station? That’s nothing brother! Her brother is an inspector
at the police station. So only! Good Machan(Brother-in-law)! No, it’s brother! To you!
– He’s her brother! To you he is your..! Do you understand?
– What? Your brother is my brother-in-law,
isn’t it? Wait!
– They say Machinan in her language! To who is he Machinan(brother-in-law)?
– To me! A brother to you! lnspector to him! lt’s falling right, so leave it! Do you understand? He too doesn’t understand! Place it down, it has wheels below,
we can move by rolling it! Place it down. There is an important item inside!
So is the reason. Don’t mistake me! Will l mistake you?
Aren’t you becoming related by blood? When? Who said?
– Aren’t you giving blood to my mom? ls it that? You and your husband.. What lock and key? Are you assuming us
to be husband and wife? l understand, you both are lovers! Having eloped, you’re
going to marry each other! Wait a while.
We’ll tell it all to brother-in-law! Brother-in-law?
– lsn’t your brother an inspector? No! What correct? What you’re mistaking is right!
Will l tell about your love to my mom? She is old type.
– Stop, it’s leading to a big confusion. First we have to clear.
– Way please. – Come this side. Mr.Kaal or full? Kalifula.
– Some fula! First know who he is. He is..! l’m inspector Bharath! Didn’t l say?
He’s the scientist who saved my life! He is so, to you! But he is killing me! Can you keep quiet?
No madam. What you think is wrong!
Actually he is an hero! Thank hero and villain afterwards! What is this? You’re saving by giving blood!
But you’re not allowing for the surgery! Who are you?
– l’m an innocent! All are chasing me, so please save me! Mr.lnnocent. We’ve to first save him! Bullet has pierced his hip! Mr.Tall, move aside! Your photo has been displayed
in TV and Dailies! – Yes sir! Not good, since it’s out of focus!
– Can you keep quiet? Don’t get caught by the local police.
They’ll smash you. Go somehow to SP office,
l’ll ask Naidu to meet you. Balram Naidu of RAW! Don’t forget! Give me my cell phone!
l’ve to tell to Balram Naidu about Govind! l’ll first give you anesthesia
and then cellphone! ls he the inspector brother-in-law?
ls it true then? Yes! He is my friend!
– lsn’t brother-in-law at station? No..Yes! Balram Naidu! How do you know him?
– Didn’t he tell now? Who is Habibulla? Keep quiet! lf Naidu is your brother-in-law,
are you Telugu? You speak Tamil well! lsn’t Ramaswamy Naicker a Telugu name? Which Naicker?
– Your dad! lsn’t he Naicker?
– lndeed my dad is Naicker? Have you gone by that view? My blood
will dry if l keep talking to you! l have to give blood, so wait here! Where is phone over here?
– Pay phone is there near the reception. l don’t have coins! ls money needed to call the police?
– Not needed! Don’t you know to speak Tamil? l speak in English for the profession! ldol mean..!
lsn’t it Perumal? l know ls there not your vial inside it?
Take it and give my Perumal. Where is the ldol?
– lnside the ice box. ln upstairs…! Why lord? Lift… My brother will take you
to the police station. – Come. Come. Greetings. lt’s heavily crowded here, shall we go
through the basement car park way? Ok! We will go through the rear entrance. Dad, he’s very tall.
l too want to grow to his height! What will you do becoming tall?
Your height is enough. Sir!
– Dear.. Has anything gone wrong?
Oh god! Go. Bring the box sister. Come lets go.
– Take the kids and go. Hope you are well? l will sit in front seat
You sits at the back. Come soon. Where is he? l and Govind were supposed to take
the Perumal and go to the police station! Giving cellphone l called Yusuf
and turned back to see him gone! l think he has gone to the police station! Who is he? l know him earlier. – What earlier?
We can see wherever he stands. 220cm. Do you know to speak in Tamil?
– Thoda(little)! Are you a Thoda(tribe)?
l thought you are Baduga(tribe). Does Thoma means Thank you in Japanese?
But in Telugu it means mosquito! What Govind?
Where are you? Didn’t you go inside? lf you want your future wife,
the lover from Agraharam alive.. ..come at once with the box.
Shall l tell the address? He’ll not come for sure.
Neither l’m his lover nor he is mine! Didn’t you elope in order to marry? Now why do you change your decision? Don’t talk without knowing.
l saw him today afternoon only. But why do you people keep
building it as marriage and functions? He’ll not come. Look, he has come!
– lt can’t be him! lf it is him?
– l’ll settle by marrying him, ok! Why are you asking me ok?
Ask him if he is ok. He’ll not come. Govind uncle has come! Don’t worry Aandal? He is telling you to sit. Your future husband has come.
lt’s said marriages are made in heaven! But l feel your marriage
will happen there..! 8 bullets are there!
Looks all can attend the marriage! You don’t worry.
You saved my mom’s life. lt’s our duty to save
your life. You may go. Don’t worry Salim. Brother and
sister-in-law will take care of you! l’ll take care of the police.
Nothing will happen to you. Allah is there!
Hail Allah! Stop. Why are you closing the door?
Open it. Come you light house!
Did you think me as a loon? Come out. l couldn’t see your height
when you stood in a pit, but now l see! Go inside, terrorists are
there in this house only! S (Yes) Lord! Hey, who are you? What are you doing here?
– l came to gap! Stop man, who is there in? Have a look, there’s nobody here! Lord, come! Am l not moving?
Why then are you beating? Here a constable is dead!
A white man and 3 others are escaping! Do you know from which house
did they escape? Behind the house ‘Mukthaar tailors’! The criminal escaped through
the back door! l know. lt came in yesterday’s radio news! Come man, are you an lSl? Lashkar-e-thoiba? Or..! Alquaida?
– Yes. Nothing like that! How can a person be
by ignoring it as nothing? You’re in Afghanistan’s dress and tall
like a ladder. ls your name Bin Ladder? Don’t make fun.
My name is Kalifulla. ls it the reason why you’re full? Take the whole street into custody. We have to question in all the streets.
– Whole street? – Yes! Total streets will be around
200 to 300 people! – Let it be! First question all the odd people.
All are terrorists in deed! Sir, don’t suspect all the people
who pray towards Mecca as terrorists. Yes sir, my dad donated
his property for this town! May be now we’re poor. But, do you see there a Mosque?
The land for it was given by my dad! Ask anybody if it’s true! Mr.Dad, you’ve helped
the town by giving your land… …and helped me by giving an idea! Take the 200 people to the Mosque
and question them over there! No one should come out! Start the vehicle. Lord, why have you pushed me out?
Oh god! Go slow… Stop.
Why are you leaving by discarding me? Turn the vehicle. l escaped narrowly! lt’s because of the good deeds
of my parent! Stop the vehicle for a while!
– Hey, Oldie. Why did you get in? We’re on a chase!
When did you get in? l didn’t get down yet from the time
l got in at Chidambaram! lt’s hitting, so stop the vehicle!
Vehicle can’t be stopped. Leave gap and sit.
– He’s not hitting. My abdomen is hitting! lt’s not possible now.
So control it! This is a waste
that has to be let out! Stop the vehicle! Spit a little and adjust, we’ll
see it latter! – What is he blabbering? This is my son’s photo. You’ve to take me to him correctly. What happened?
– Dear… Sir what happened! What happened? Take the children and go. Don’t worry! You go.. Give him the medicines soon!
– There’s no medicine! Didn’t we bring it?
– The box has got changed! We’ll inform that you’re ill!
– No! God’s testing me. l’ll show him the height
of my trust in him!AYNGARAN DVDSong would pour as
honey into the ears.Song would make you shed tears.Let the body go into the earth.Let music rule the earth.AYNGARAN DVDWind is the key to open the forest.Song is the key to open the ears.Song would pour as
honey into the ears.Song would make you shed tears.Song would pour as
honey into the ears.Song would make you shed tears.Let the body go into the earth.Let music rule the earth.Wind is the key to open the forest.Song is the key to open the ears.AYNGARAN DVDUniting both of us together
is made possible by music.Everyone has an animal in them
Music refines them.Music only is the lingo for
humans to interact with God.Our days in the earth are counted.How will you leave your traces?Think over it, oh human!Sing along with me!AYNGARAN DVDls Fletcher jeep spotted?
Wasn’t it green in colour? We’ve traced Fletcher’s jeep. Where did you spot it? ln Avatar Singh’s music programme. Where is Avatar Singh’s going on?
– Behind us. Damn! Turn around!AYNGARAN DVDlt seems they are coming
for a fight! – Let us watch! You don’t go!
We’ll manage.AYNGARAN DVDWhat is this?
You’re falling at my feet. Aren’t you elder?
– Now you tell. You’re falling at my feet!
Aren’t you elder? No need for all that.
Have we come to fight with you? lt is his only son’s birthday.
Also, it your God’s birthday today. Sir wants to apologise
to you today, that’s all.AYNGARAN DVDThe flowers that bloom
live for 7 days only.But still they give nectar and go.Don’t know how long will we live.But my heart sings for your long life.Let anyone fall.Let life be happy while living.Even if the fate makes you mum.The wind would sing your song.What you sing is pleasant.Your silence too is a melody.AYNGARAN DVDThanks a lot! We’ve to thank you first. Our ldol box got swapped
with your box. – No, your box is here! What is this? Hey, leave him. Oh God! Please call the doctor! Brother, bring the cotton. Where are you going? Take it.
– Give it. Listen to me. Get in! Come junior! He has come to wishes your birthday! Greetings! l wish to you a healthy long life. Leave that. Where is the gift? You shouldn’t ask like that.
– Who son he is? Give the pen to him. No, not needed. He is small boy.
He asked without knowing. No, he asked isn’t it? My birthday comes on next month! Come Povaragan. Come here. Why don’t we speak alone! Brother, l’ll too.. Wait man. Why do you leave empty handed
after having conversed for 3 hours? My guys will be waiting for me
without have any food. We have to go home
to have good food. – Wait. No one is waiting for anyone. All are having feast
after having 4 rounds! Look there. One or two people are only not taking it. They will too get the desire. Not enough of spoiling the soil,
are spoiling humans too? Will you spoil the whole world after that? Will you next go to moon? You might go! Useless fellow! You won’t die
even if l drop an Atom bomb. Speak with respect. Soil should too be respected, my dear! lt is a crime to steal the river sand. Treason! Earth treason! We have only one home. That is our world. Where will you go after spoiling it? Why are always speaking about world? Are you a universal hero
to save the world singly? Yes brother! l am a Universal hero! Not only me. Each life that gets formed from
a gamete out of 4 crore gametes..! ..are Universal heroes. But all do not live like that. Some are happy to
live a worm’s life like you. Crawl over and lead a long happy life. l will go. Stop. See that also and go. Tell me! What will happen
if that vial blasts? l don’t know Telugu.
l will tell it in Tamil. This is Tamil chemistry l know. What’s the next step
if that vial gets in villain’s hand? Through back door? Not to you. lt’s not opening. How much NACL will be needed? NACL to the amount of tons
will be needed if it gets open! All will be destroyed. Come soon. Oh God! Save me! Give my ldol. Leave me. Don’t give it. Oh God! My Perumal. Oh God! My Perumal. Perumal! ls this a police station? They are investigating our people here. What an atrocity this is? Why are you quiet on seeing this? Keep quiet. Allah will take care. l thought you are good man.
But you gave the perumal to that evil man. Perumal is only with him
But the vial is with me. What are you saying?
– Nothing will happen to your perumal. lf anything happen to this..
– How did it come to your hand? What happened? Where are we going?
– Please believe me. l believe you. Truly, you are hero. Where is hospital near by? Maternity hospital or veterinary hospital? He did ask you.
– That is… lf you go straight and take left.. Oh God! What nasty is this? Why are you hugging us? Didn’t l tell you? Aren’t you are applying salt on your body
because you get down into the drainage? Yes, we apply it daily. Antiseptic! Then you put in this itself. This is not enough.
We want in tons. Where is the sea?
– Sea… You go through this drainage
it’s there. Not that side. lt’s just that side. My idol! Yukava is dead. Oh God! Yes, that is. lf our children should
live a luxury life than us.. ..we have to live by corrupting.
– Brother don’t get in to the vehicle. Your guy will themselves say
that your death is an accident. With any mark of wounds, your corpse and
your guys corpses will be at the seashore. You can change your mind even now. What do you say?
– l say only one thing. Kill me. But don’t kill my guys
because they aren’t joining you. They are family men.
– Then die nastily. What’s the nasty in this? l will die for our soil. But your death will be nasty. Oh my god.
– Save me! Save me! Oh God! My son.. Save my children! Save my son! Oh God! Povaragan, save my son. Save me! Povaraga, save my son. Save me! Oh god! My son. Go. Save me. Save him. God, what a surge is this? Perumal! Give my Perumal! God only saved all. ls this what you call as saving? God will not do anything
without a reason. We are only blabbering
with no reason. Oh God! Having saved sand stealers, ..the son of virtuous
mother has died alone. A banyan tree has fallen by huge waves. Wholeheartedly you wanted us
to praise the soil. Alas, you’re not alive
when we’re praising you. You had a honourable death
but we would have a mean death. Oh gosh, where’s my son? My son Aravumudan..
– Check whether it is there. Did you see my son?
– l didn’t see. Grandma.. – Grandma, do understand,
Your son died 50 years ago. Do understand.
– Go away, you fool. Grandma, look God’s statue.
– Not this, go away. Oh God, are you too here? There he is.. You’re dark like pigment
but you’re fair at heart. Your sharp mustache
resembles God’s sickle. Listen to us. Come here.
We can’t come there with God’s statue. What you said is right.
My Aravumudan is dead. That is not him.
Our Aravumudan is fair in colour. No, he was fair. He has become dark
due to the sun and salt breeze. Don’t know what caste he is?
You don’t touch him and get filthy. Come here.
– Go away, you racist devil. He is my son only.
Son of this Krishnaveni- Srinivasan/. Utharatadi star and Pisces zodiac/. He was born at 8 pm and
God has taken him at 8 am. My dear, have you forgotten
that this old lady is waiting for you? Why didn’t you
mail me letters all these years? You had been sending only parcels. Hold this. Grandma!
– Wait, don’t stop her! She was holding the grief for
50 years, let her cry now. You’re a God who saved my child. lf you’re a human,
then fall at his feet. Oh Lord Narayana,
has my son reached heaven? Take me also.
Take me also. Had we 200 people not been in
the mosque, we would also been dead. lt is all God’s grace.
– Thank God! You’re saved. Even our surgery
couldn’t have been this perfect. That bullet has taken out your cancer
instead of your voice. Only some chemotherapy
formalities are left out. Don’t you worry. Your family is waiting there. Don’t worry.
Turn around and look there. Have a look.
Nurse, take him close to them. Look at him. Thank God!
He is saved. Did you see?
All are his deeds. All are his deeds? Are all these
thousands of deaths because of him? Had you germs spread
they would’ve died in millions. ls this instead of that? Did God not arrange tectonic plates
properly under the sea 80 lakh years ago.. ..for the wrong discovery of germs
that we have made today? ls it for him to save us
through Tsunami in 2004? lnstead he could’ve stopped us scientists
to get idea of such cruel inventions! Or he could’ve changed Bush kind of
people’s mind to not finance us. lnstead of all that.. Forget it. Be it your God or your grandma.. Look here, don’t know
what connection we both have. lt’s for some reason, God has
made me have something for you. What something?
– Leave it. What to leave?
– lf you argue like this.. What arguing?
– Like this, that there is no God.. Then it won’t happen to us.
– What won’t happen? l don’t want this.
– What you don’t want? lf you argue for everything
then our life will become a confusion. Henceforth there’s
no confusion any to crop in our life. Unless God conspires for a new confusion.
– This is what l don’t want from you. lf you mock again at God or say, he is
not there, then it won’t work out for us. Take it from me.
Think and reply. What more to think about?
We have united. l mean, we should unite. But, don’t say there is no God. Oh no, l never said so. l just wish if he was there.
– Say like that. The debate that it is there or
not there between two parties.. ..won’t stop until a
major lot becomes sensible. Until then let any argument come
for the welfare of public.. l affirm that l am sensible
enough to accept such argument. Thanks and farewell! Next, l welcome the honourable
Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu to speak.AYNGARAN DVDNone to match you throughout the world.This nation feels proud to have you.None to match you throughout the world.This nation feels proud to have you.Oh Universal Hero!Oh Universal Hero!All continents would amaze at you.Even the U.N. will call you.None to match you throughout the world.This nation feels proud to have you.Oh Universal Hero!Oh Universal Hero!All continents would amaze at you.Even the U.N. will call you.Long live chaste Tamil! Long live Tamils! Long live lndia!You’re a great artiste
Always young.You’ve a great taste
You’re a poet too.You’re a great artiste
Always young.You’ve a great taste
You’re a poet too.With your single life,
in this world..You were born many times.You’ve seen many
ups and downs in your life.Even amidst sorrows..You don’t stop doing experiments.Despite your histrionics
since the age of 5.You don’t lack oxygen in you.Listen to us..Oscar is not far off.None to match you throughout the world.This nation feels proud to have you.Oh Universal Hero!Oh Universal Hero!All continents would amaze at you.Even the U.N..AYNGARAN DVD

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