DASHING JIGARWALA 3 (2019) New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | New Movies 2018 | South Movie 2018

DASHING JIGARWALA 3 (2019) New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | New Movies 2018 | South Movie 2018

Mohanlal. Priyanka Nair. Produced by New Age Cinema. Directed by Lal Jose. God comes to this world
in some form or other. He sees everything. Whether it’s humans
or birds and.. ..animals he controls everything. And this movie is based on it. Dashing Jigarwala Dashing Jigarwala Good morning sir. Look no matter what happens
I have to go and meet her. Are you in a hurry? -It is not
about being early or late. Are you coming with me? Do you come to study or romance?
-Sir. Sir, there is a function so.. Your eyes were speaking
of what you were doing. I have recorded everything. And I will send this video
to your families. I don’t know what will
happen after that. Till I am the vice principal
of this.. ..college no love affair
is allowed. Remember that. I am Prem Raj. Raj, who is against love. Sorry sir. Mridula. Good morning sir. -Good morning. You are late today, sir. I am a bit late today. Mridula, I couldn’t reach before
the office was cleaned. Alright sir. -Let it be. I will come early tomorrow.
Clean it. Do you understand? -Yes. Do you like me? Good morning. Very good morning. I sent you a funny
video yesterday. Did you check it? Yes. It had lot of stupid things. So I blocked your number. It’s a part of life. Without it a person’s
life is useless. My husband has a doubtful
character. If he finds out he will kill you. Take care. She is very arrogant. That is why no one married her.
She is arrogant. Run. -Catch him. Wait! Where will you run? Where will you run?
Today we will catch you. Hey! Run behind him. Wait!
Wait! -How much will you run? Catch him. I feel there will be
a big problem today. Quick. Where will you go? Quick. Surround him. Come on. Come on, go soon. Father. Do you know our students
are fighting again? Some people have come to
beat them. -Hide here. Come here. Come on. Hide. Close the door. -Close the door. What are you doing? Hide. Hide. Quickly. Come on. Close the gate quickly. Go in. Go in quickly. Open the gate. Open the gate or we
will break it. Don’t play games with our boys. None of you will go back alive. Please go away from here. -Or I
will have to call the police. Don’t threaten us about
the police. Got it? We too know what law is. Look, nothing has happened here. I feel someone provoked you. Children come to study
here not fight. Hit him. More. Hit him more. Our trustee had founded
this college.. ..as poor and good students
get admission. And they study to get good jobs. But you’ll have shamed our college
reputation. -Do you understand? Father, BSc acu-culture
fishery industrial.. ..is such a complicated subject.. ..which we can’t understand. So I would suggest you
stop this subject. We came here to study
so that we don’t.. ..play with fisherman’s boys.
-That is why they call us by a name. Market boys. Swami. -Yes. -Come here. Look here. Fisherman. Fisherman. Father, they have written it
everywhere on the wall. We can’t hold our head
in the market. Tell us, will they rule here? Don’t blame us falsely. Sir,
they were with us at City Palace. We didn’t get admission
in the city. That is why we here by
slogging as dogs. This is disgraceful. How can we do anything
if you’ll fight.. ..among yourself like children. If someone calls you name.. I agree the word is not good. But it is a part of life. As we sell something or
the other in life. If we sell something wrong
then we are wrong. Even after having a name
like Prem Raj.. ..students call me Siraj. Do I mind what they say? As you keep your wife
like a mistress. Silence. Don’t change the topic. This is not our problem. The problem is that you’ll
trouble them. Which is absolutely wrong. As you’ll are from
good families it.. ..doesn’t mean you
will trouble them. Sir, we know you favour them. Hey, I am in favour of justice. Do you even know what
they do together? Brother, listen. Yesterday Yunus and Shailesh
were talking.. ..about the lab under the tree. At that time Samir was talking
useless things about my sister. Which I questioned him,
he slapped me. Now my sister is crying.
-Let’s go. Let’s go. Calm down. Sir, if he is so ill-mannered
tell us what should we do? Sir, I didn’t make anyone’s
video. -He is framing me falsely. You are not so decent. Everyone knows your reputation. If you want you can ask them. If you have done it,
then say you did it. The matter will end here, right? Father,
Shaila is a good and decent girl. She doesn’t look at anyone in the
class. -That is not my doubt. To clear your doubt why
did you’ll go to them.. ..and speak wrongly? Their doubt is true that
you’ll are lying. Even I doubt it. Sir, keep quiet.
-You always support the wrong. Shut up or I will hit you. If you don’t understand then
don’t talk. -Sit down. The principal of this college
has no courage. He has pampered them. I know everything that happens
in this campus. Sometimes fights on love.
Sometimes fights on money. There are many other things
I don’t want to talk about. To unmask the real culprit.. ..we need to find a solution now. We need to install CCTV
camera in the campus. After that I will keep
an eye on them. Vasu, you gave a very good
suggestion. -Thank you sir. If anyone complains after this.. ..I will terminate him. Or I will resign. I love the reputation
of this college, sir. Ah! The fragnance is lovely.
-Which perfume is it? My aunt gave me this perfume
many days ago. I have asked my aunt
to get perfume. I will get it when it comes by
cargo. -Yes. You will get it then. Look there. Andy is here. How are you Jessi? Andy, looks like you
will break my heart. If you don’t give things
that were ordered.. ..we’ll have to listen to her.
-Hey, look. The camera. Give me the book. Good. It’s a good pair. Nice. The facility is good. Go away. Go. -One. Two. Start. Yes. Who went from here
without a shirt? I don’t know, sir.
-We don’t know. -Is it? We are telling you the truth.
-Go away. Hey, come here. -Yes sir. Go to the monitor room
and look in the tv.. …and tell me who were
the mask boys? Alright. I will tell you, sir.
-But what is the use? No one is bothered about
anything here. Nothing will happen
by staying quiet. I will give you a list. After the last period
is over tell the.. ..boys in the list to report
to me. -What happened, sir? I want to teach some
boys a lesson. Hey! This is you, right? I am much healthier than him. Healthier? Then it’s you. You have a weak memory, sir.
-Can I do this? Sir, it’s not even me.
-You are not him. You are like Punjabi paratha. Look at them. They go to the
gym to build their body. So sir, why did you call me here? When you know their body is fit. Sir,
shall we find out who they are? Yes. Absolutely. We will
surely find out. Why are you wasting time
by talking nonsense? You’ll know to talk rubbish. Then you say sorry. Sorry! Sir, I don’t know you are
speaking like loafers. Shut up. First pull your pant up. Don’t you know your chain
is open. Stupid. Sir, this is low waist jeans. Low waist.
If you wear this pant again.. ..I will remove your pant.
Got it? -Right sir. Who is that masked guy from here? Leave it to me, sir.
No matter who it is. I will get him here in two days.
-Shut up. Within three days.
-Alright in three days. Sure. You are safe as I am feeling
better today. Go away now. Let’s go. -Come on. My heart is crazy. It loves you. My heart is crazy.
-Sir, good morning. Yes. Good morning. There are foreigners
in the campus. Must be tourist. She is so hot. Wow! Oh! What a scene! What happened? What are you watching? Stop it. Lord! Lord! Sir, I don’t know to switch it
off. -Then call the operator. Good morning father.
-Good morning. Oh my god! -Go to your class. O Lord! The students are not wrong.
-You do such a job, Vasu. Do you watch this here?
-Sir, it is not my mistake. If you want let the
police investigate. No. No. We don’t need the
police to investigate. I suspend you from the post of
vice principle. -Why sir? -Shut up. You are a useless man. -He gave a
bad reputation to the college. Hey! Hey! Look there.
-Pass. Pass. Catch the ball. Catch the ball.
-Thank God I didn’t lose my job. I got suspended for a week.
-Hit here. I gave an apology letter
and requested them. Sir, they want to fire
you from the job. Take care. -Yes. -You are right. They live near the sea. They will be caught in Tsunami. They will be cursed. Sir, did they misbehave
you in your office? I doubt sir must have
done something. Shut up.
I have seen them dancing around. I doubt he is with them. I mean I will get their numbers. Only then you will trust me.
-Yes. After that he will scold them. Only then you will find
out the truth. Then watch with whom I dance. I really didn’t know you
respect me so much. Sir, try to come back. Or we won’t have any support. How can I say I will return? I’ve heard someone else will take
my place. -Where is he from? I don’t know the details. But don’t let him stay here. He shouldn’t stay on
my post for long. Get him thrown out somehow.
-Don’t worry about that, sir. We will manage him. Yes. Right. Let’s go. She is coming. Come on. Don’t worry. We are here. If anyone complains
then inform us. We will handle it. Why do you fear him? Let’s go.
-Come on, he will be coming. He is here. Shout slogans. You are welcome.
-Welcome to the new lecturer. Welcome to the new lecturer. Welcome to the new lecturer. Welcome to the new lecturer. Welcome to the new lecturer. Welcome to the new lecturer. Welcome to the new lecturer. Please go back. Go Back. Go back. Go back. Go back. Welcome to the new lecturer. Go back. Go back. I don’t have the habit
of falling, children. I have the habit of helping the
person who falls. Sorry. I am professor Michael
Reddykulla. I will be here for a few days. We will meet again. Okay. Good morning sir. -Good morning. I called you in the morning.
-What? Alright that call. Thank you. Thank you for the information. By the way how did
you get my number? The manager gave the staff
your number yesterday. The manager is very clever. He does work a day early. I mean to say many people
have my number. That is why someone tried
to scare me last night. He said if I step
my foot in the.. ..college my legs
will be chopped. Oh no. Who was it? He called himself a goon. He told me his name too. Pukatbadi Rajan.
Something like that. Be careful. It’s dangerous here. Is it? Doesn’t matter. I forgot your name.
-What is your name? -Mary. Mary. Mary? Mother of Jesus. Mother! How are you? Look,
he is our new vice principal. Professor Michael Reddykulla.
-Hello sir. -Greetings! I am the former vice principal. I am known as Prem Raj. I’ve heard about you. Where? From some students. And from seniors too. They don’t know much. My name is Karriappa. Oh!
-The staff call him Karriappa. I am Anu, the physics teacher. She is called brinjal. You are called Siraj.
The students said so. And she is.. I have already met Mary. -Oh! Okay. You are already
introduced to her? I mean over time duty will begin. Vasu, behave yourself. Without education people
are like animals. Do you understand? No. No. It is not written
anywhere in the Bible. I am a Christian. Sins gather in the form of
education. -This is alright. The one who follows the
right education.. ..is kept away from sins. -It is
written in Chanakya’s rules. In chapter 64.
-Sir, where is your family? My mother expired when
I was a child. I lost my father three
years later. Then where is your wife and
children? -Oh no. I’m alone. Single. I am running in life. Singles are in danger here. Be careful of young girls. I don’t want to fly in the sky. I want to stand on the ground
and move towards my destiny. We don’t lack people who
make things difficult. I am here to end it. You are one of them. Don’t need to be excited. Or your heart will stop beating. So I want your permission
to leave. Bye. Okay. Excuse me. You spoke of a movie
in the morning. What is the name of the movie?
-Unbearable pain. Really an unbearable pain. It means it’s dubbed in Hindi. Let’s go. -Chameleon. Maybe I am hearing things. Chameleon. My dear friends, our new drama.. ..will connect the new generation
with old values. The one who takes birth
from a womb.. ..is buried in a mother’s womb. Mother, your womb is like heaven. We have taken birth from there. We have taken birth. Let’s go. -Silence. Take your note. It’s a chemistry lecture.
We have no physics class today. It’s not a physics class now. Yes. Alright. Sorry. Sorry. Carry on. Carry on. Ma’am,
you just came and left too. Ma’am, don’t forget to come
for the next class. We don’t want to miss
any class of yours. Here, they come. We need to teach them a lesson. They have become bold. He is saying as though it’s
his father’s college. Which class do you I have today?
-Second D.C. Alright. Who are there in your family?
Like parents. I have a dad. But no mother. I lost my mom first. Mom isn’t dead. She is alive. But she lives with someone else. I’m sorry this.. Everyone knows this. That is why they think
I am like her. But it makes no difference to me. Bye. -Yes. Good morning ma’am. Good morning. Please sit down. I don’t know when the professor
will come. -Good morning sir. Good morning. Good morning. Wow! It’s a dracula’s face. Sit down. Sit down. Who drew this? Sir, Samir did it. Who is Samir? Stand up. Oh! You are the group leader. Congratulations. I liked this college. As there is a new creativity. Adicula Dracula. Very good. Sir, don’t mind the fun we make. I know.
This happened in our age too. My professor’s stomach was large
so we called him frog. This happens in every age. Which is seen every time. Sir, there is no kid here. All are intelligent. Sir knows it.
Maybe he saw it in his age. Sir! He is very lucky. That is why we called him a wolf. Everyone calls him a bear.
-He’s lying, sir. Yes. Enough. I am happy. You’ll gave me a name. I have no
objection to it. -Sit down. Are only boys mischievous here? Don’t the girls do anything?
-Ask me if you have any question. Sir, did you like the food? The question is on food. Did you ask me on seeing my body? I walk 300 kilometre
in the morning. Yes. His foot prints were
found behind the campus. Making fun is alright till
a certain amount of time. But not in the campus. I doubt it when it happens
in the campus. In the campus we need healthy
and educational information. There are some people here
who are like a dog’s tail. Don’t talk nonsense. -It won’t be
right if you talk like that. It’s okay if you do it.
So what if we do it. -Hey! What is happening here? -Don’t
think we are fools. -Sit down. Sit down.
-We have all the answers. Sit down. -Sir, we are from poor
families. We came here to study And these people don’t
let us study. If we speak they use
cuss words for us. His followers do what he says. Sir,
let them do whatever they want. But let them do after the class
is over. -Don’t test my patience. Teh drunken man.
This is Samir’s short film. Oh my God! It has gone viral. When I came in there were
slogans against me. I understood it’s something. The music was very nice. Sir, the music is from home. Oh, very good. I have so talented children. I am very pleased to know this. They are Raj’s favourite.
They will talk for themselves. Electronic media is
a wide network. As you know it has some
good and bad.. ..qualities in them. For example to save a
patient from death.. ..the doctor uses a knife
at the operation table. In the same way it
has a dangerous.. ..mixture called atomic power. So the social media is a good
thing for today’s generation. But you must use it wisely. The education that you are
learning is not to hurt anyone. It should be used to help others. Or that education is of no use. Can this dracula take a class? Sure sir. -Please sir. I.. don’t have money. -Come here. You took the money.
-Leave me. I have no money. Where are you going? The money.. -Get the money. -Get
the money. Aren’t you ashamed? Get the money. -He took money. This is wrong. -This is wrong. Get lost! Get up. Get up. Take care of the cycle. Wait. Don’t trouble him.
He took our money. Why are you doing this to him? He can’t stand straight.
Then why are you troubling him? We have to remove our
shirt and work here. And he steals our money. Not only money he takes
whatever he gets. He is a thief. Sir, I am not angry with you. I drink alcohol so that the
government makes money. You know the government get
tax because of alcohol. Hey! Don’t hit him.
Don’t hit him. Leave him. This road is not straight. I have to walk crossly. You are going there. Drop me on the way. Sit down. -Please drop me.
-Can you sit properly? Yes.
I have the habit. I will sit. Then let’s go. He limps after drinking alcohol. Get lost. I don’t like to drink. I drink to forget my worries. Enough. Stop it. I am home. Stop it here. Take it inside. Enough. Enough. Sir,
since you are home have some tea. Please give me some money. Listen sir,
don’t give money if dad ask you. Franklin, don’t interfere. Franklin, is this your dad? It’s my bad luck, sir. Who is he, son? -He is our
new professor at college. Please come in. I will prepare
coffee. -Yes. -Prepare it soon. I am sorry I didn’t
recognize you. Tell him to stop studying.
-Catch fish. It is better if he works. -Let
him finish his studies first. Then he will arrange
the food too. He won’t become a doctor
by studying. Doctor Franklin, LLB.
This is what he will write. Oh,
hearing dad you will feel he.. ..is looking after the expenses.
-Right. Sir, he is shameless. Look at him standing. I will take care of the family
after I finish my studies. Mother won’t have to sell
fish in the market. She finds it very difficult. If possible stop my dad
from drinking alcohol. The coffee is without milk.
-Stop sir. Don’t drink it. The glass smells of fish. Sometimes it smells
of alcohol too. Give it. It’s just fish smell. I love fish. Is it smelling? The coffee is very nice. I love black coffee. Do you know your son has got good
marks in mid-term exam? -Wow? He will surely be successful
after he finishes his studies. One day he will become
a great man. Okay. Will he get salary? Yes. Sure. You didn’t tell me.
I want a bottle of alcohol. Stop talking about alcohol.
-Mother, take him in. When you get salary don’t
forget you have a father. Only then I will agree to you.
-You’ll talk. I will leave. Bye. I am leaving now. -Alright sir. I read the poem you wrote
in Austin college. In the Arabian sea..
-Priceless treasure. I liked the poem. Keep writing in this manner.
-Right sir. How are you? -It is not possible. Yes. -Talk to him. I can’t tell you. Do one thing.
Meet me in the evening. -Right. Did you make friends? -It’s fine. Now you are in your senses.
It’s good. Dad has stopped scolding me. As everyone knows everything. The professor spoke to
dad last evening. I then understood our
decision was wrong. Now no matter what someone
says about.. ..me it makes no difference. I was in funny mood that day. I didn’t know you would
get so serious. I’m sorry. Thanks for coming back. Morning. Yes. What’s the matter?
Why are you late? Don’t ask me. Dad was feeling unwell yesterday. I took him to the hospital
for an ECG. It’s normal. I am not worried now.
-That lady, the match-maker. She had come home. She scared me so much yesterday
that I was in a bad state. Don’t take a quick decision
in an arranged marriage. Before saying yes it is important
to investigate a person. Why don’t you have an
affair like Sangeeta? I haven’t forgotten
that mom left us. Dad is sad about it. Forget that. It is not necessary that a girl
marries to have a family. Oh no. -What is written
in destiny will happen. I am not in a hurry. These are just talks. Look,
I want to say something to you. Don’t mind what I tell you. What is it? Shall I find your life-partner? What do you think of Arakula? Are you mad? Will you insult me? Let the right time come. Why? Don’t you like him? Okay. He is much older than you. Speak softly. It’s not that.
He didn’t marry even at this age. Surely there is a reason. -Yes. It’s possible he doesn’t
want to marry. Yes.
He avoids the topic of marriage. Listen, don’t do anything. Your reputation won’t be at risk. Do what I tell you. Is it okay? Even then saying this
to him suddenly.. You don’t need to talk to him. I will speak to him.
Do you have any objection? Tell me right now. I don’t mind. Even then. -Even then. You are excited but you avoid it. Get lost. Sir. -Yes. What is it?
Do you want a holiday tomorrow? No. It’s something else. What? -What opinion do
you have about Mary? Who? -Mary. My opinion about Mary is good. It means you like Mary? There is no doubt
that I like Mary. I also like the staff here.
Including you. I am already married. I have a son.
-His name is Tarzen. -Oh Tarzen. Does he swing on ropes? How do you know? He keeps doing it all the time.
-I am tired of him. Children with the name Tarzen
do such a thing. That is why I asked you. Do you want to know about
Mary’s family? I want to know. But right now
I am going for a meeting. We will talk tomorrow. -As this
concerns someone’s life, right? And it’s also a good deed. There is a time for
a good work too. That time is to pray in the church.
-Which church do you attend? The one near my house. Yes. Then it’s fine. Bring Mary to the same church
tomorrow. -I will talk there. -Yes. Right sir. I can’t see him here. He must be coming anytime. Did you really call him here? Praise Jesus! Looks like he’s not here. Look there. He is here. He is here. I don’t think he will come. Maybe he is coming. You are our giver, Lord. You are the creator. You are our giver, Lord. You are the creator. Jesus! In the name of the father.
And of the son. And of the Holy spirit. Amen. Amen. Hey! Lord,
you take care and love everyone. Keep our soul’s pure. Amen. -I want an explanation. It was a secret that
he is a priest. He doesn’t wear a
priest’s clothes. He shows his body
and roams around. What is the reason that
Father Reddikulla.. ..came to this college? And he is taking passes too. Look, a teacher can teach
children in a priest’s clothing. It is not written in
any religious book. And about he being a priest. He didn’t hide it on his own. In fact I asked him to
keep it a secret. The reason was that people
were angry with priest.. ..and the management. -Yes. But now everyone has
found it out. Then what is the problem? I won’t accept anyone a
priest without a proof. Even if it’s my father, Damodhar. Look,
a father has pity for people. He has all the goodness. Only a body can’t do anything. I will think that I’ve
worn clothes. And I will come naked to college.
-Shut up. I know what you are thinking. Dirty mind. If you stay here even
for a minute then.. ..it won’t be suspension
or demotion.. ..but I will dismiss you. Got it? Why are you getting angry? You could say it lovingly. Calm down. Calm down. Take a deep breathe. Inhale. Exhale. It’s enough. -Well done. -Go
away from here. Go. Go. Do your work. Go! -Go away. Go. I am going. My boys have gone to church. Take care when they return. I want you’ll become friends
forgetting your enmity. I always try.. ..to bring to senses the people
who wander in innocence. I will come to the campus in
these clothes from tomorrow. No father. We want your old
image. -Come in the form. You said you are our friend.
That was better. -Absolutely. I am happy to see that you
came to end your anxiety. Students should be united. Is it okay? -Okay. Take this. Here. Madan is here. This man has no other work. Why did you need to
carry these things? I am on a journey. Brother, you know there
is no one to cook here. Why did you get these things? I took it with my hard
earned money. Some takes one thing and another. What do you feel?
Did I purchase this for charity? I don’t want it.
Prepare it for the children. I can’t do it alone. Who is he? -I didn’t understand
him until now. Sometimes he is like
my grandfather. He does my house work. His name is Hariratan. Okay. Good morning sir.. father. Good morning. -Good morning. Good morning to both of you. Where did you go yesterday? -I
didn’t see you during prayer time. You wanted to talk to me, right? I know what you wanted to say. About Mary’s marriage, right? You wanted to say to see
a good boy for her. Yes. Yes. Mary. Why didn’t you tell me? I got a call. My child is not well. Who? Tarzen? Yes.
-Did he fall hanging on a rope? That.. fever. Fever. Fever. There is a boy of my relative,
Joy Kutty. He’s an engineer in Australia. He told me many times. If there is any good
girl worthy of.. ..him then to ask
for the alliance. Look here. This is him. He’s good. He’s good. -Good. Do you know I told him about you,
Mary. He is coming next week.
-If you say yes. I will talk to him about you. First see each other then
I will get you married. What do you say? I will come to your house
and speak to your dad. “Forget the past and keep
this moment in mind.” “Your life shouldn’t be false.” “Forget the past and keep
this moment in mind.” “Your life shouldn’t be false.” “Spread happiness everywhere.” “What is in destiny will happen?” “May this be the motto of life.” “O God!” “Have mercy!” “Forget the past and keep
this moment in mind.” “Your life shouldn’t be false.” “Forget the past and keep
this moment in mind.” I have been working for the
priest since my childhood. Father is like a son to me. That’s good. People earlier were weak. Father Phillipo’s Phillipo’s was very strict. He wanted his son to
become a priest. Then the priest must
be a millionaire. No. They sold everything. They have the church land left.
-He believes that to be his house. Which story are you
telling the boys? He exaggerates everything. Sit down. Sit down. I told them the fact.
-It can be sold anytime. Father’s small house. I let my aunt live in that house.
-He doesn’t like it. Don’t blame me. We must have some place
for ourself.. ..when times are bad. -Right. I want to make a hostel
for these children. And we need to do something
about it. Do you’ll want the hostel or not?
-Yes we do. Our college needs an hostel. I told father about
this a year ago. We got permission to built
it in the old field. That’s good. Or how can we get funds? Anyway we won’t get much from
these children’s homes. We will get some dry
fish and words. He is absolutely right. The father’s do anything without
a futuristic view. Why don’t we have a fund raising
programme? -Yes. You are right. We will get a famous film star to
dance here. -How is the idea? Will we collect the
fun by doing that? If the tickets are expensive no
one will come to watch it. No one is ready to buy
the priest anyway. Who will come to watch
their programme? Vasu. I will give you a suggestion. Why don’t.. ..we make a film? What? -Now he will make a film.
-Film? I have a close friend
whom you’ll know. He is an actor and producer too. Mr. Vijay Babu. He makes films with new actors. And booms the market. I spoke to him about it. We won’t take any outsider
in our film. The staff and students of this
campus will work in that film. And we’ll do the shooting too. By the way, without taking
an actor from the market. You will make a film
with these boys.. ..who will come to watch it? I will get experienced actors
from the market. Keep your experienced actors
aside. And sit down. Sit down quietly. Tell me where will you get the
money to make this film? Vijay is ready to finance
us with Rs.150,000,000. He will provide us with camera.. ..editing,
makeup man and technicians. We all will benefit by this. If we complete this film
in Rs.100,000,000. Then we can save Rs.50,000,000
for the hostel fund. If the film does well then
we’ll get the profit too. If that happens. Then this will be the
first feature.. ..film made on the
college campus. It means we don’t have the
financial risk. -No. This is happening
for a good cause. That is why Vijay is
ready to do it. The management and the students
liked my suggestion. Are you’ll ready? -Yes.
We are ready. -Yes. We are ready. Okay. Okay. First of all we need a good
director for this film. Sir, if you don’t mind I
suggest Samir’s name. Samir will be right for this job. You said what we thought of. And now we want a good story. Whoever is ready to help
us for this film.. ..we will take their support. Sir, no matter Vijay Mallya is
supporting us in this job. Vijay Babu. -Yes. Vijay Babu. I think it’s like throwing
the axe on our feet. I have a lot of experience. It will be impossible. I am leaving, sir. Yes. -Let’s go. Forget him. Listen. -Yes. Did you see the clips
I sent on Whatsapp? No.
-No. I had kept it on the table. Climb the steps carefully. You will slip and fall. Is it these clips? It increases your vigour. -What? It takes the mind to
something else. I mean towards youth. Save me. Poison is always poison. -Right. Poison is always poison. Even after knowing this people
are not ashamed, right? Absolutely! -I am going to report
you to the mangement. Father, don’t do that. I will commit suicide. Listen. I will help you
in making the film. You are a married man. You still do such a thing. You are healthy. Maybe you don’t know.
I will tell you the truth. I am having a seriously
illness of skin. It’s not one but of three kinds. Being a patient have pity on me,
Jackal. -What? No. Father. What happened? There is a good treatment in
Ayurved for that illness. Tell me what is it? Tertrina Variegated.
Did you hear this name? It’s an actress who stands
with her hands in the air. No. It’s a botanical name. -Okay. If I say in local language
it’s the medicine.. ..which starts from top to
bottom. -I understood it. All your illness will cure. This is a punishment of hell
for sinners like you. Father, I won’t object you
no matter what you do. Let’s be good friends from today. We have no difference between us. I have good clips in my mobile. I will sent it to you, father. After that you will have
this skin disease. Satan! You are a devil.
-You recognized me. You are a form of a
devil who will.. ..ruin the educational institute. Get out of my sight. Go! What is this? There is some spark in him. But these are cliping
of short films. This is not the subject of making
a good commercial piece. If father has a good
idelogy and hold.. ..then learn it from
him and prepare it. The concept means to give
a nice lesson to people. I can’t take a risk on this. As far as I know you’ll have
little knowledge of films. Vijay, give us a good writer. First I will find a good writer. We’ll discuss after that. Okay. -Okay. Yes. Sit down please. What have you decided?
Please sit down. I am caught up with
the school work. I wanted to take photographs
from a photographer. He is avoiding it from few days.
-I was busy with that issue. -Hi! Hi! -How are things? -Everything
is good. -Shall I leave? Yes. Alright. Who is he? An important person who keeps
this auditorium alive. Vishwa Memorial auditorium. He is the same Vishwanath. A Hindu youth who founded a
Christian trust. -Very interesting. This college was founded
because of him. He is Vishwa. That is why Pope asked us to have
his picture in the centre. It’s 10 years this
college was build. This place was for a Church.
-The resident of this place.. ..Mark Nargal took this
land on lease. But everthing was
left incomplete. After losing the case. Vishwa bought this land
and returned it to us. Was he a goon? -Some people
thought he was a goon. Brother Vishwa. -As far as I know
him he was very sincere. A true human being who fought
against injustice. After coming here I got lot
of information on Vishwa. He was very dedicated
towards education.. ..though he was an illiterate. The mafia killed him
after he kept.. ..the foundation of this college. Marknargal wasn’t imprisoned. He paid the goons to kill him. There is some uncle Ramesh who
works in his fishing boat. They call him with that name.
-They killed him through him. That’s an interesting story. Can we make this film
based on this story? I was about to tell you this
will make a good film. No film has been made
on an original story. This is our plus point. Yes. Being uneducated he
dedicated himself for education.. ..and fought against injustice.
A story of a young man. We have to show his sacrifice
in the film. And we have to show the society
the truth through the film. Please collect minute
details about Vishwa. Sir. -Yes. -Vishwa was my
father’s good friend. I have seen Mr. Vishwa
as a child. After Vishwa’s death my
dad turned alcoholic. He writes good poems and stories. Why don’t we ask him
to write the script? Yes. Why not? Let’s see it. Sir, I have no experience in
writing a film’s script. We will rectify the mistakes. But I believe that you
will write the script. Please be courageous. Vijay, whatever information that
you want for this script.. ..we will start the work
of obtaining it. We will start shooting
in summer vacation. So we don’t have much time.
-Absolutely. Our first step is to find
out about Vishwa’s life. Who was Vishwa? -What was he? It
is important for us to know it. “My mind is crazy.” “Which path do I take?” “What is the problem?” “I can’t tell you.” “My mind is crazy.” “Which path do I take?” “What is the problem?” “I can’t tell you.” “We broke the limitations
of this world.” “All limitations.” “We fulfilled the
rituals of love.” “Where are you?” “Where do I find you?” “This moment is not lost.” “Please come.” “The mind is crazy.” “Which path do I take?” “What problem I have
I can’t tell you.” “My eyes search everytime.” “I walk by your path.” “There is something in you.” “This world is yours.
But where are you?” “I hear your footsteps.” “I walk on your path.” “My mind is crazy.” “Which path do I take?” “How can I tell what
problem it is.” “We broke the limitations
of this world.” “I fulfilled the rituals
of love.” “Where are you?” “Where do I find you?” “This moment is not by itself.” “Please come.” This is nothing for Vishwa. He is also caught
in a police case. But I always feel for him. As the whole village
is his enemy. Has he thought of his family? Very nice. -Why does he
need to fight others? Yes. Okay. Yes. Come. -Next. -Yes. Vishwkarma. Whatever you are doing is for
the welfare of our school. You are doing so that our
children study in college, right? It doesn’t matter if others
don’t understand. I forgot the dialogue. Yes. Alright. Didn’t you memorize the dialogue?
-I did. But I forgot. The next character is of Ramesh. Don’t come here begging for fish.
Got it? No one will get any fish. Understand it. I won’t let you give it to your
owner. Got it. -He’s good. -Good. Go. -Okay. -Get aside. Why
are you in front of me? He looks funny. Listen Ramesh, play well. If I see Vishwa again.
I will kill you. Go away. Listen carefully. If you fight with the boys again. Enough. That’s enough. Okay. -Why is it enough? I will do more. I am an actor. If you try to show
me your pride.. That clipping is of that masala.
Hide it. I am leaving. Ramesh,
fight me if you are a man. Go. Hey Ramesh,
don’t play with Vishwa. Got it? Hey Vishwa,
I will show you how I am. Dear Ramesh, you had done enough. Your time is over. They are okay for
other characters. But for Vishwa’s character
we need someone else. Only the 3 priest are left
for the audition. People will stand against
us during prayers. The village will know that a
priest is working in a film. That is why we want to
stay away from it. Is it okay if we ask an
artist to do this role? In every film every scene
is done in a unique way. So we are making a film
with the staff.. ..and teachers of
the same college. I feel this is happening for the
first time in this world. We have to give it a
commercial touch.. ..by releasing it in theatres. In this film there
is an uniqueness. So I don’t think it
will get completed. If we get an existing hero that
uniqueness will not show. So we will cast a star. But our payment, staff expenses.. ..I mean our set up will ruin. Our motto about the budget
will not be fulfilled. So,
I suggest let’s freeze it now. It means.. I am sorry guys. Okay. I’m sorry, bro. -Hey, it’s
okay. -Please don’t mind. Bye. Hello! Hello! -Hi sir.
I am Samir speaking. Yes Samir.
Tell me. -Sir, please come back. Samir, I have some urgent work.
Tell me what is it about? Sir, I got a good man
to do Vishwa’s role. We feel he will be 100% perfect. Just check him once. If the director is so confident
then I can’t refuse you. Alright. I am coming back.
-Thank you sir. Okay. Ramesh, if you try to hurt
my children again.. ..I will cripple you. If you want to stay
alive then go away. The Satan’s prophet is the crow. Hey! ‘Intervel Come. Come. Come on. Here. Come here. Don’t just stand and stare. No one got a fish from
Park Nargal’s boat. You are right.
But we need to find a way, right? Shall we talk to the boss once? How can we catch fish as our
boss’s boat is damaged? Who will save us if
something happens.. ..in the middle of the sea? Shiva has a workshop.
How will he get fish for us? Yeah. You know that. Why do you work for him then? He is doing this as our children
can study in college, Ramesh. You can earn only if you
study in college right? Go and do your work. Try to talk to him. Ramesh, give us some fish. Jayanti, aren’t you ashamed
to ask fish from me. The boat man your husband hit.. ..you’ll have nothing to
eat because of him. His family won’t get any fish. Look, stop talking nonsense.
Or.. -What will you do? Say it again. Beggar, don’t talk.
I will hit you. Don’t raise your hand on a woman.
-Or Vishwa will deal with you. Vishwa will take revenge. If you like Vishwa so much then
take your wife to him. You will talk about my wife. I will not let you go. You? Will you hit me? Will you? You? -Beggar. I won’t let you go. Take this. Get lost! You. Get lost! I will hit you. I will not let you go. Will you hit me? Go away. Go. What do you think of yourself? Come here. Come on. Oh! Ramesh. If you try to harm
my people again.. ..I will cut your wings. If you want to stay alive
then leave this place. Satan’s prophet is a crow. Very good. Come. Did you get hurt? Are you really not hurt? Very good.
Very good. -Give my loin cloth. Slowly. -Very good sir.
-I must salute you. Only you’ll know it’s
good or not. I could act as you’ll
encouraged me. When Jesus supports you
why do you fear? But I faced the camera for
the first time so.. I can’t believe you
can fight so well. Did you fight for the first time
in front of the camera? When I was a kid.. ..father Phillpo’s got me
join fighting class.. ..without informing my dad. I benefitted out of that. Come father, let’s see what’s
next. -Very well done. -Sir, tea. We are waiting for tea
for a long time. Do you think this is some game?
-Sorry sir. This is not right. Let’s go. Come on. Stupid. Cut it. Cut it. Oh my God! It is not easy to do
these three work together. One is smoking while walking. Climbing down the stairs
with your goggles. Sir, first light the cigarette. After that say the dialogue
while coming down. First light the cigarette. After that climb the stairs down,
then say the dialogue. I can’t do these three
jobs together. I am a teacher. I don’t smoke. Who said you dont’ smoke? I am Mark Nargal. He didn’t smoke just like me. Not only this why do you need
to encourage people to smoke. Cigarette smoking is
injurious to health. It is shown on tv everytime. Why do you need to put this
scene in the film? Throw it in this manner. End of topic. Now look he’s gone. Look. We don’t want the cigarette. Let’s
take the scene. -Camera ready? Ready. Action. Who is the censor board father? Cut. Cut. Cut. Sir, what are you saying? No. We were speaking about the
censor board in the morning. I got confused. -Come in your
sense, Sachin. -What did you say? Come in your sense, Sachin. Just a minute.
Tell me the whole meaning. What? What happened, sir?
-In earlier generation. In the neighbouring village
the priest are very famous. Who told you to give me the
name of Mark Nargal? Sir, do the work first.
We will look into that later. I was against you.
Are you taking revenge for that? Look, I am telling you
for the last time. Learn to respect the teacher.
-Don’t make fun of the teacher. Or you will be cursed. Support me. If you support me then I will
give you love, affection. Choose what you like. Sir,
try to take the name properly. I will. I will surely do it.
-Right. -Alright. Let’s go. Alright. -Let’s go. Sir, when the trolley reaches
the back, move slowly. Alright father. -Don’t come
immediately when the trolley moves. It’s a picture not a game.
-Say your dialogue well. Go. Wow! He is telling me. This is a father’s attitude. Clapping.
Sound. -Rolling. -Star camera. Taking clap. -Action. Okay. Who is he? Father Joseph. Yes.
-May Jesus keep your heart pure. May the lord keep your heart
pure too. -Cut it. Come. -Father Joseph
is performing well. Let’s do one thing.
Let’s shoot his scene. Mark, you took this land
on lease for 10 years. The lease has now ended. But you haven’t shifted
your office yet. This is not right. The case is going
on in the court. Let the court decide where
I stay or move out. Oh! That will take a lot of time. Remove your office from there
soon. So that we start our work. Next year we want to start
our college at that place. Father! I will have fish business
there from tomorrow. How will you benefit by making
my labourers jobless? Why are you being stubborn? The whole village has aspiration
from that college. That college is being for
our children’s future. Don’t stop it from being built. Father, if all boys here
will study in college.. ..then who will catch fish? Breaking the tradition
of the fisherfolk.. ..and give them other direction.. ..I will curse you. Cut it. Okay. Continue. There is no other work. Sister. -Yes. -We will have
a night shoot here. Sister,
we will take care that you and.. ..your child has no problem.
-Right. -What problem? This is Vishwa’s story, right? Okay. This girl.. -Yes. I.. I never saw her earlier. You can’t recognize her
because of the makeup. Who is Vishwa? Hasn’t father here yet? -No.
He must be coming anytime. Father Michael is doing
Vishwa’s role. Oh. Please come, father. Vishwa’s wife and her daughter. In this script watch your character.
What is your name? -Shweta! Yes. -I gave her the name
of my first daughter. He loved her a lot. Vishwa gave her this name
to keep her alive. This shows how much Vishwa
loved his family. The fools who taught he was a
goon will not understand it. After this film is made,
he will return. Try to understand one thing. Your husband is a big
actor in films. I can’t come home anytime
like I used to earlier. I am shooting at the moment. What am I drinking? Juice. Juice. The people who work in
films drink juice. You don’t know how
many fans I have. Some take an autograph and
some selfies with me. I am tired doing this job. Here, some fan is here again. Disconnect the call. And go to sleep. Okay. Okay. I will talk to you later. Are you doing the role
of Mark Nargal? Yes. Please come in. -Right. This is going on at the location
since morning. -Is it? I wanted to meet you.
-That is why I came here. You are earning lot of
name by doing my role. You came to meet me? The main villain of the
story is Mark Nargal. No matter what you say
the hero of this.. ..film is nothing compared to me. As the clap is always on me. I am doing this role as my
students requested me. -Is it? Tell me what do you do? I don’t do anything.
-Oh. -I want to do something. Okay. You didn’t introduce yourself? I am the person who’s
role you are playing. The real life villain.
Mark Nargal. Oh. It’s a pleasant surprise. The role I am playing that person
is right in front of me. I will put life in
this character. I want to learn the scene
of being villianious. I hope you will teach me.
-I will surely teach you. That is why I am here. Very good. Actually I am confused
about the climax. Did you kill Vishwa once or.. ..in this manner? Shall I tell you or act it? You will do it in reality. Okay. Listen,
show him how I killed Vishwa? Come on. What happened after that? Break his bones. That too. Yes. Right. Break his hands. Kick him harder. Harder. Yes. Very good. Like this. Shake him up. Trample him. Like this. More harder. Come on. Good. Yes. Very good. Enough. Do you know who I am? Will you make a film on me? Stop making this film. Or I will drown you’ll to death. No one will find your bones. If you try to bring Vishwa
back to life then.. ..consider Mark Nargal
as the worst man. Let’s go. He will play Mark Nargal’s role. Sir, what happened to you? Where is father? Father, come here. Father, Mark Nargal came to
my room and beat me up. He said if you make the film
I will beat you more. He threatened to beat
up everyone. He forced me to do
a villain’s role. You ruined my face. You should have called us, sir. I wanted to call you’ll. But I was not in a
state to call you. He threatened to kill everyone. I got very scared.
-What did he say? He said stop the work. -Okay. I went to the hospital
and did my treatment. He threatened me there. I shouldn’t see you again here. He beat me up. But I don’t want he beat
up anyone else. The thing you are making this
film for is useless. If he had come alone.
I would have dealt with him. He brought his goons with him. His goons beat me up so badly.
-Oh God! Sir,
we must complain to the police. That’s not needed. He can say this film is made
to ruin his reputation. He can complain that too. Yes sure. -It’s possible
he will take a stay. So let’s do one thing.
Let him act in the film. To clear his doubt we will ask
him to dub. -Good idea. That is much later. We have to think to complete
this film without a problem. Absolutely. -Listen,
there is no need for a case. Give him some kicks. Why these children are there?
Won’t they do anything? What are you thinking?
Go and beat him. We won’t gain anything by
retaliating in the same manner. So I will talk to him and rectify
everything. -Okay. -Come here. What is it? -Come on. Find out where he stays? You will take me there. We will know after reaching
there. -Move aside. That’s for later. Now move away. Father, what is this? Vishwa wasn’t a great
man like you think. He was an ordinary goon
who did small theft. One day he was killed
in an encounter. His murderer’s are in prison. And in that case the court
has bailed me out. I am innocent. And you are making a film
stating I am a murderer. I won’t allow it at any cost. You are wrong. This film is not made to ruin
someone’s reputation. Vishwa dreamt of making
a hostel for the.. ..children studying
in this college. To fulfill his dream we are
making a film on Vishwa’s story. That’s all. -Why are you showing
me as a murderer? In this film you are a villain. This is what the people here
think for the last 10 years. In this story there is
no question that.. ..your reputation will be ruined. Please don’t think that. You won’t be defeated by this. Look, the whole village
and the students.. ..wish to fulfill this dream. Look here. Mark, it won’t be right
if you interfere. We will not back off even
if we get imprisoned. Just keep silent. Vishu’s dream is for
our children. Hey! If you try to touch
our people again.. ..we don’t know what we will do. You won’t be able to
stand on your feet. This is what we are going to do.
-Hey! That is not needed. He has understood everything. Listen. The children these
days are different. No one can tell who and when
they will beat you up. It is better you understand. Look,
I want everything to be right. Whenever you feel like come
to watch the shooting. Down. Down. Help us. You will be insulted. Down. Down. If you raise your hand
on this child again.. ..your shop will have
no kerosene. I will pour it on
you and burn you. Wild pig. Where is Vishwa? He has gone to the
police station. He said he is coming. I know you won’t tell me. How much more work is pending? Say something. Why are you quiet?
-We have no idea. Where did you go?
-I had gone to see the vehicle. Did you check the police jeep?
-Yes. How did you find out? Vishwa, was it needed?
-Why do you fight with everyone? Can’t you sit down calmly. If everyone thinks like
this then a human.. ..life will be like
some garbage bin. Look, we need to help
others to paint it. And the one who don’t
understand.. ..it nicely we need to be stern. It means we need to do more hard
work. -This matter ends here. O God! Did you really kill him? He was a good man. He is a good man. -But he hit
his son in such a manner.. ..that he had broken
eyes and face. Why are you bothered
that he hit his son? If he is a father can he
do anything to his son? The son passed with
good marks and.. ..said I want to go to college. The father said stop studying
and take care of the shop. The boy didn’t listen so
he hit him mercilessly. I hit him so that the son
doesn’t hit the father. Wow! What a rule?
-And now everything is alright. His son will go to college
from tomorrow. I got his admission done.
That’s why I say this. We need a college and
hostel for the.. ..children studying in this
college. -Will we win this case? Let’s do things legally first. Or my name is in the
list of goons. If needed I will walk
that path too. Her face looks great in anger. My dear, why are you getting
angry on such a trivial matter? It must be an ordinary
thing for you. You always speak about fighting,
police. If you are late I feel upset. You have many enmies. Do you think of me
and your daughter? You are worried about
sending that.. ..boy to college not about us.
-Did you forget the past? The tears in Etthupete’s
son were mine. Despite trying hard I
couldn’t stop crying. I remember. After losing his job my father
caught fish to educate me. And I studied whole heartedly. When I dreamt of going to
college my life changed. For eight years bad
luck was with me. No one came forward to help me. I fought circumstances
holding my pain. Only you understood my pain. And stood with me. But now you are.. Don’t take me wrong. I was scared that’s
why I said it. I won’t say it again. Cut it. Very good. Okay. -It was fun. -Very good.
Very good. Thank you. Was it good? Father, the shot is okay.
-Alright. -Father, the shot is okay. Transfer this from here. Camera, do it quickly. Remove the camera. We need light there. Sir, continuinty. Tell the backrow…
-It is not happening. Teh scene was good. Really. Father is there. Why is it crowded here? Did the tortoise give
eggs beside the sea? No matter what happens
I will build a hostel. It’s a film’s shooting. Vishwa! Vishwa! Why are you shouting? Cut. Cut it. Cut it. You are my Vishwa. -Hey! You came again with a new life. Dad, he is father not Vishwa.
-Keep quiet. Please go from here. He will come. -Go. Go. -Take him
there. -Please! Please! -Action! Vishwa, try to understand. -Look,
I know my job. -Let me do it. Wait. Wait. How can he be father? That is my work. I am the friend who is connected
to Vishwa’s soul. Dad, I am doing your role.
-How can you do it? If you do my role what
will you call my wife? What are you saying? Please. -Take him out. Hey! Hey! -Get him here. Get him here. -Leave me. Sit down here. Listen, don’t move.
Sit down there. Vishwa is telling you, okay. Alright. I will sit down. But don’t shoot anything wrong.
-Yes. Remember only you are dead. A great man like you
is still alive. Alright. -Alright. Do it. -Sir,
let’s take the shot again. Okay. Clapping.
Sound. Roll camera. Action. Vishwa, try to understand me. Look, there is nothing
to understand here. You say they are wealthy
that is why.. ..you don’t want that proposal.
-Cut it. Okay. -What are you saying? You are saying what
didn’t happen. You? I will beat you up. Vishwa, don’t you remember what
happened at your wedding? In your wedding I was completely
drunk and sleeping. I wanted to pee then. I went home and peed.
-Father, wait. Do you remember I was bashed? Look, we can’t show everything
in a film. Are you understanding me? -Yes.
Then go. Please go. -I will get drink
for you at night. Go away from here. What happened? Give me money.
-I don’t have. Go away quickly. Some college boys are
making a film here. They don’t know any work.
-I am wasting my time with them. Sir, one second. I will call you later. Look, we will enjoy at Jayesh’s
wedding. -Okay. Cut it. Okay. By the way what’s the matter.
-Ask him. Very good.
-Very good sir. Very good. Sir, the shot is okay. It’s going great. “Listen, friends.” “Listen,
you are the power of unity.” “No matter how difficult it
is understand the guts.” “Know this. This friend is dear.” “His friendship is my delight.” “Our friendship is
the world’s envy.” “I know you and vice versa.” “Sing together.” “Lose yourself in enjoyment.” “There’s happiness around you.” “We don’t have to
leave this path.” “Let’s sing together.” “Lose yourself in enjoyment.” “There’s happiness around you.” “We don’t have to
leave this path.” “Let’s sing together.” “Lose yourself in enjoyment.” There is only one way out. To face him you need to
go out of Mangalore. The people are raising
their voices. The people can do anything. First stop the work there. I will manage the rest
in the court. Why are you taking the poor
people to court, sir? Mark’s alcohol den won’t
be seen there tomorrow. But I will do this job. Come on. Cut it. Okay. Okay. Okay. Shot okay. Father, it’s good. -Great. Father, are you okay? -Father,
get up. -Give me your hand. Come. Slowly.
-Get tea for father. Quickly. I am alright. Sir, what’s the matter? Did you come to remind
me of Vishwa’s death? Vishwa is not dead. As Vishwa is not a person
but a support. A support who stands against
crime, theft, robbery. And a support never dies. I don’t know that. I didn’t come here to upset you. I came here to tell
you some facts. I do wrong work to earn a living. I do some goof ups. But I don’t do any big goof up. It is true I refused to return
the church’s land. As I thought there is
no need to build.. ..a college or hostel
on that land. I thought they will get
some other land. It is true I and Vishwa
were enemies. But I didn’t kill him. The story that I returned
from Mangalore is true. But at that Ramesh
was not with me. Listen. Stop it. Ramesh, stop it. What are you doing? Ramesh, stop it. Vishwa, what happened? Vishwa, get up. Vishwa. Vishwa! Vishwa! Vishwa! What have you done? The villagers will think
I asked you to kill him. Let them think so. That is why I did this job now. The boss has stood against
you many times. You said to remove
him from your way. I saw the opportunity and did it.
-Ramesh. If the police will question me
I will tell them this. Got it? You will be called the murderer. Ramesh. You are wrong. Sir, leave my collar. I had to settle my
account with him. The girl I loved.. ..he married her falling
in love with her. Whatever it is your
enemy is no more. Go back to Bangalore. I killed as you gave
me the contract. But you don’t need to fear. I will take this crime on me.
Got it? Oh yes. After I go to prison my
family shouldn’t be hungry. Send Rs.10,00,000 to my house. After my family gets the money I
will surrender to the police. That is why I had to pay him. I had no option other than
giving him the money. I got bailed from the court. But people still think
I am a murderer. You are making a film. Old memories will freshen up. Anyway, doesn’t matter. I don’t need anyone’s
sympathy at this age. Look,
we can’t change the past, right? But I had the wish to
tell you the truth. That is why I came here. If you don’t believe me then.. ..Ramesh will be released
next week from prison. You can ask him. The one who got a life term.. ..why will he lie to someone,
father? Eat the food. Eat the food.
-Pickle. Pickle. Mango pickle. Eat the food. Eat the food. Eat the food. Eat food. Eat food. Get ready quickly. Put the camera there. Listen, the assistant of
the cameraman, Balu. He says he’s in love with you. I know. He is pursuing
me from a few days. He is very hardworking boy.
-And the family is good too. Tell me what do I tell him?
-Tell him that I like you. What do you mean? Stupid, tell him that I like you. Do you understand? What did she say? Thanks! What happened? He is thanking me. Oh no. This is a problem. There should have been an option. Hey, what happened? Actually we need to shot
Vishwa’s family. But his child is not well.
She can’t come. She is admitted in the hospital. So what? The child there we will
ask her to act. -Right. Will sister listen? Why not? I will speak to her. -Let’s go. Guddia. Mummy, father is here. Shweta, will you play the
role of my daughter? Yes. Mom, can I act? -What? The child we cast for the
shoot is not here. So.. She has no experience in acting. We will help her do it. Right? She is strong. We need her mother’s permission. She never got her father’s love. I will be happy if she finds
a father’s love in the film. The whole problem is solved. So let’s move on. Let’s go. Thank you father. -Shall I go?
-This child has four scenes. Once we shoot that our film will
be completed. -Yes. -Right. No.
We need to reshoot the climax. Reshoot it. Why? -Yes. Mark came to meet me. The reality is that Vishwa
was not killed by Mark. Ramesh killed him. Father, listen.
We are already tensed. We can’t reshoot what is shot. Hey, that man is not lying. Mark wants everyone to know
the truth. -You are right. But we completed the
script of this film. How can we reshoot the climax
at the last moment? Father, we used many people
for the climax. No matter what you say. I am not ready to show an
innocent as criminal. Father, we are not making a
documentary film on Vishwa’s life. This is a feature film.
-I don’t agree with you. It’s possible you think
this is wrong. But for me this truth
is a new light. Try to understand. We cast you in this film. You have to agree
to our decision. We won’t listen to you. -I agree. But don’t forget it’s our duty
to bring the truth out. Even if it’s in the film. -To
earn some money or entertainment.. ..we will not support lies. Ramesh killed me. It is not Mark. This was the truth.
This is the truth. And this fight is for the truth.
I won’t back off. Nor will I act. Go and find someone else. Samir is right. This is not a documentary.
But a feature film. But there is religious truth
as father puts it. The one people think is a
murderer is proven innocent. It is not wrong. The truth hidden in a film
when it comes out.. ..it makes our film strong. Then what the villagers think.. ..you won’t get a twist which
you will get with the truth. What do you think? Then I don’t mind reshooting
the climax and the expenses. It’s for the film. So don’t worry about it. Father is my good friend.
So I took up this project. I can’t hurt him. Okay. We will reshoot the
scene as per his request. Come in. When children do mischief. You also get angry on them,
right? In the same way even I got
angry with what you said. Sorry father. You can understand how much
pressure a director has. I’m sorry. Father, sometimes he boils like
milk & then calms down. Please listen to him. Father, we are ashamed. Don’t get angry on us. Leave me. I should slap you. You don’t know I know all
martial art forms. In anger.. Forgive us . I agree I did a mistake. My life depends on you. Then what do we do tomorrow. We will reshoot the climax later. We will shoot Vishwa’s
family song. Family song? -Yes. Okay. Haven’t you slept yet? It’s late. Go and sleep. Dad, mom said it’s your
birthday tomorrow. Your mother troubles everyone. I have to give salary
to my workers. Go and sleep. Go. Dad, what gift do you want? My little doll will give me a
kiss. That’s enough for me. Not that. Gift. Mom says she has no money. Lie. Your mother earned a lot
of money by selling fish. It’s not that. I bought a shirt
for you so she said.. ..that I want to gift something
to dad. -Is it? She doesn’t listen to me. Yes. I will give you a gift, dad.
-Alright. Give me a flower like this. Three flowers.
-Alright. Give me three flowers. Here is the chicken. This is for the evening. I understood. You tell everyone about it.
-Will they not come? Where is our child? Isn’t she home?
-What? I thought she is with you. She was not with me. Listen, did you see my daughter? She didn’t come here. Oh God! Where is my daughter? Guddia! Guddia! Where is Guddia? -Guddia. Come with me. Shweta! Shweta! What happened, father?
-I can’t see Guddia. She must be somewhere here.
Where will she go? Shweta! Shweta! -Guddia. Oh God! Shweta! Shweta! Sit down. Shweta! Shweta! Cut it. Very good. -My Guddia. Very good. -Great. Very good.
It was an amazing shot. Take her. -It was amazing. You did well. It was really good. Faher, well done. -Well done. Father, the shot was marvelous. Relax father. Father? Let’s go.
-Father. Father. What happened? Look the shot is over. Ger up. Slowly. Get up. The shot is over. Come. Slowly. Father, are you alright?
-Let’s go. What happened to you? Bring the child there.
-Slowly father. Relax. Let’s go. You performed well. Listen, wipe the child’s hair.
-Slowly. Slowly. Father, calm down. Relax father, the scene is over. Prepare for the next scene.
Come on. Look, put the lights here.
-Father. Father. -Tell the costume
guy to come in time. What is this, father? Why do you cry about your past? It is not right for priest
to do such things. Sign on this. -Come here. The tme for the room
I stay in is over. We will break it. I will go by train at night. We have to start working
from tomorrow. And we have to take two
long shots. Then close. Alright. Father, take rest.
We’ll shoot tomorrow. Uncle, did you get snacks? I will meet you later. Listen. Father, listen. Do one thing. Go to the church. I will finish the work here. What tension do you have? So many dialogues.
He can’t say it together. This is not true. Whom do I tell the truth? No one.. no one will believe me. This is not true. Whom do I share my sorrow with? What is the fact? Please tell us. I told you about father’s dad. What else can I tell you? He was a cruel guy. Michael is remembering those
things while working in the film. He is his only son. That day Phillpo’s
went to Church. If a father becomes a
priest then what.. ..I am thinking can’t
be fulfilled. Maybe this came in his mind
and he went to Church. What happened after that.. I told you many times. You will not go to
Church henceforth. If you go I will break
your bones. Will you go? Will you go? -Hey! What are you doing?
He will get hurt. He is spoiled because of you. You have spoilt him. I don’ want a child who
puts me to shame. Listen, promise me that you won’t
go to the seminar too. Or you won’t get any water. Take drink some water. Our father in heaven. Holy be your name. Your kingdom come. Your will be done. On earth as it in heaven. Give us our daily bread. Forgive us our sins. As we forgive those who.. Michael went to the seminar
despite everything. Michael got an entry
to the seminar. I understood one thing. A person must do what he
really wants to do. But some people want to their
children to do their will. It is completely wrong. That is why since then.. ..whenever I see tears
in his eyes I fear. I have seen actors doing
such scenes in films. Father needs to be hospitalized. Uncle? -Tomorrow is our
last day of shooting. If we stop shooting..
-But this is not possible. As we have put in money. Did you’ll see father? He must be inside. Some people are here searching
for father. But father is not around. Leave me. Leave me. I will die. Leave me. Leave me. I will die. What do you have in your heart
which you are hiding from me? Tell me or I will throw
you in the sea. My daughter didn’t die drowning. Did you kill her? No.
-Tell me who killed my daughter? Tell me. -Vishwa. Vishwa. Tell me. -Vishwa. I will tell you. -Tell me. I will tell you. I will tell you everything. What are you doing there? -Uncle,
we have a function in our house. Today is my dad’s birthday. This flower is for dad. Yes.
Give this flower to your dead. He is double standarded. The one I loved your
father married her. Your mother. -You. You are right.
Your parents made me criminal. Do you think I will let
them live in peace? I will never let them
live peacefully. I will snatch all your
father’s happiness. I will break the flower
and give you. No. If I kill your father
my enmity will end. But not now. I have to make her parents
suffer together. Ramesh,
what are you doing in the water? Can’t you see what I am doing? Go and do your work. Okay. I didn’t know a murder
took place there. I got ready to go
out of the house. He came to my house then. The one I came to meet is here. Here, it’s working. Play with it. Did you hear the news? -Vishwa’s
daughter drowned in the.. ..pond while plucking the lotus.
-Oh! But at that time you.. If you tell anyone
what I was doing.. ..near the pond then remember.. ..your son will be killed & I
don’t mind being imprisoned. If you have the guts
then tell him. I will do what I told you. Go and play. What to tell you, father? I didn’t tell anyone
this out of fear. Since then I started drinking. It hurt me a lot. I couldn’t live because
of that incident. He is a very bad man. He did a wrong job. What state are you in? You are drunk all the time. No sir. I don’t want to live. Let me die. Come on,
why do you talk about dying? Tell me if you have a problem.
-No. Why didn’t you come to
the workshop today? I am not worthy of your
friendship. -True. I am a coward. I can’t even commit suicide. When I see you I feel scared.
-What is the matter? If I don’t tell you the
truth then I will die. Your daughter didn’t drown
to death. -Then? She was killed. Killed? -Yes.
She was killed. -Who killed her? Who killed her? Ramesh did. He threatened me. If I tell anyone about this.. ..he will kill my son too,
Vishwa. Vishwa! Vishwa! You killed my daughter. Vishwa went there to ask if
he killed his daughter. He never returned from there. The next day I saw his dead body. He must be drinking. Let’s meet him. What is it? If we don’t tell it today
then it will increase. Why will we hide? -We need
to stop pretending, right? Let it be. Where is Ramesh? Ramesh, he is singing inside
with his friends. Yes. What else will he do? Sing. Sing. Sing. Ramesh. -A Hindi song. What is it? -Hey, do you know? The people making the film
are talking about you. What discussion? -There is only
one thing the villagers say. You killed Vishwa. -Yes, I did. What’s that to you? What will you do? Kill me. I am telling you. Remember I will kill all
the villagers. Got it? I won’t leave anyone
that’s what I say. I am telling you. If you can understand
then it’s fine. I won’t leave you.
-I won’t leave you. I am the bravest in this village. Bravest, Bravest. Father, I drop the kerchief
bring the bike. Who is this? Who is he? It is Ramesh. Who is making a film on my name? Are you’ll making a film
on the person I killed? Look, don’t trouble us. We will talk somewhere in peace.
-Let the shooting get completed. Who is financing this movie?
Call him here. You can shoot further
once that is decided. Look, the producer has
gone out of the state. Let him come. Then talk to him. Talk calmly.
Send Rs.5,00,000 to my house. Or this film won’t be made nor
will you go home alive. Got it? When is he coming back?
-He will come tonight. Should I wait for him
here all night? Look, please move.
We want to take a shot. Then I need to meet him. As you are making a film on me,
right? Brother, we are wasting time.
-Let us start shooting. You hold my hand. Move back. I will kill you’ll and throw
you’ll in the sea. What are you looking at? I feel there is some
problem there. If there is a man who can fight
Ramesh then come forward. Rs.5,00,000.
If I don’t get it then.. ..you won’t shoot here.
There will be blood shed. Do you understand? We will shoot quietly at night.
He won’t know. Let’s do it. He is Ramesh. Lights on. Ready father. All ready. Sound. Rolling. -Roll on. Roll camera. -Clap. Action. Face punch. -Close the camera. Very good. Hit him. One more. Turn him. Turn. Yes. Carry him. Throw him. Cut it.
-Very good father. Very good. Mind blowing.
-Get the crane down. Roll. Action. Father, pick him up and hit him. Hit. More. Pick him up and hit him.
-Yes hit him. Yes. Hit him. It’s him. Your friend. Cut it. The one who is being hit
he will hit like me. This one. Yes. Good. Good.
-Ramesh. -Very good. Very good. They are fighting lifelessly. Pick him up. Take him too. Kick him. Kick him. What are you doing?
Father will get hurt. What are you doing? Father. Father. -What are
you doing? He is father. Father, what is wrong with you? He’s a shooting guy. Continue. Just keep rolling.
-Don’t cut it. Continue. Continue. Continue. What is he doing? Look, it is Ramesh. Will he take beating?
He will put me to shame. I feel I have to go in. Father, continue. Very good. Father, continue. Please. He is hitting him.
Give this to me. Not like that.
Kick him like this. Enough. I didn’t hit you. Vishwa hit you. And I killed Vishwa. You killed me, right? Now hit me. You killed me. But why did you kill my daughter?
Tell me. Hey, what are you doing? -What
happened? -The water is over. Oh God! Vishwa, hit him.
He killed our daughter. He killed her. Kill him too. He killed Shweta. Don’t leave him. Hit him. Father, no. No. Father, no. Stop it. Leave him. Don’t do it. Father, get up. Leave it. Father, don’t hit him. Despite so many problems
this film.. ..got completed and
is in the lab. It’s the result of
your hard work. While shooting the incidents
which took place.. ..everyone found out
the truth by that. We showed Vishwa alive
in the film. The producers appreciated that. Vishwa is not dead.
In fact he is alive. We is alive in our hearts. The whole campus say that.
-Right. He is right.
That has benefitted us. And we won’t feel his
dad is no more. Whenever she wants she
will see him alive. With your blessing everything
went on well. Vishwa’s dream is fulfilled. We must inaugrate the
building by you. I must not inaugrate
the building. Fr. Michael is the right
man for that. What will we do with the rest
of the film details? Brave psychological disorder
develops criminal tendancy. But this is an ordinary illness. But we need to be careful. The doctor treated it. Has made him healthy. And gave him a certificate too. By God’s grace he
is healthy again. Fix a date and let Michael
do the inaugration. Yes. Alright. -Move aside. I will go out.- Come on.
-Get it here. -Do it quickly. What are you doing? Where is the book? Get it here. -Come along. Are you ready?
I will check there. -Yes. Alright. Sir.
Sir. Good morning. -Welcome sir. Alright.
-Sir, autograph. Congratulatins. Thank you. Thank you.
-Sir. -He will never change. It’s good. Come baby. You want an autograph. Yes. Give it here. Sir. Sir. Father is here. Come on. Hey! Let’s go. Come. Come. Father. Please come. -Welcome father. He follows me everywhere. Sir. -Please come. He is Prem Raj. Hello! -I will give you
a good news, father. I became a superstar
with my first film. Now I don’t need to
go to college. So I resigned. As I don’t want to break
the hearts of my fans. Everyone says one thing. You are the real hero of the
film. -I have many film offers. Actually my character
is very powerful. Don’t change the story. There can’t be any change
in the story. The story will remain as it is.
-And you will be the main hero. Right. Right. Yes. Welcome superstar. Please! Come sir. Thank you. I am not a father now. I am just like you. -Yes. I got a good job in India. This is good news. Adn we’ll talk about
marriage later. Shweta! -Father.
-Are you alright? -Yes. Are you happy? -Yes. Come or the programme will be
delayed. -Right. -Let’s go. -Come. Yes. Please come. -Come father. Take the scissors. I don’t know if you will
be happy to hear this. But I am very happy. Our Principal priest
is retiring today. And I will be the Principal
in his place. Father, autograph. -Yes. Ready smile. The End.

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