Dashing Rambabu 2019 New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Sunil,Miya

Dashing Rambabu 2019 New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Sunil,Miya

‘Rambabu is 6 years old now.’ ‘He doesn’t know what happened to
his parents in spite of having everything.’ ‘After his parents died in
an accident during his childhood…’ ‘His grandfather fostered him.’ ‘He doesn’t have anyone except his grandpa
who understands what he wants.’ Will you come to play cricket tomorrow? [BOY 1]: Buddy.
– Hmm. [BOY 1]: I want that toy. [BOY 2]: This toy is mine from today. Get it? Grandpa!
I will not go to school from tomorrow. Why will my dearest Ram
doesn’t want to go to school? Kids in my school are very bad. They always make me cry. I will not go to school. They snatched my toys too. [GRANDPA LAUGHS] Do you know who that is? They’re the real heroes of the nation. Netaji Subash Chandra Bose. He is the freedom fighter. Just like how those kids snatched your toy… British snatched
our freedom back in those days. They denied giving us back our freedom. Then Bose formed this association of
Indian liberty. He took an oath not to beg
anyone for our independence. He moved on with that zeal and power.
That’s Subash Chandra Bose. Now, you tell me. Will you stand like Subash Chandra Bose
before the kid who snatched your toy? Or will you come to your grandpa crying? I will go to school tomorrow, grandpa. Teacher! Rambabu slapped me. My name is not Rambabu. I am Bose. Subash Chandra Bose! ‘Rambabu was lacking self-confidence.’ ‘He needed a new story every day
bringing out the courage in him.’ ‘His grandpa’s stories were his inspiration.’ ‘Rambabu started to follow
the reel heroes for instant inspiration.’ ‘And now…’ What? Why did trouble and hit
my friend when he teased a girl? We did trouble him but we weren’t the ones
who beat him. Our boss did that, Brother. Doesn’t your boss know about
my background and me? Not only you! He doesn’t know much
about his own background. Oh? Is it so? Everyone has a character. But our boss
comes up with a new character every day. I know very well how to get him to me. Hey! Put them all in our jeep. No, brother. No…Please, brother.
Brother. Listen to me. You were frightened till now.
How did you get that courage suddenly? I heard my boss’s bike sound. He is coming. Our language will change when he arrives. Now, it is your turn to face him.
– I am scared. Oh, my! I am so scared. [MUSIC] Hey, boys! Crush him into pieces. Do you see my hand? It is rough and tough. You’ll be jumbled up. What are you doing, man? Are you winking at me? Or is it a sign of warning? You are not a funny guy. My boss is back. [FRIENDS CHEERING] Oh! Karate? Hey! Do you want to say something? Kick me
if I ever try to mess up with you again? Let’s go, guys. Super, boss.
– Let’s go. Boss! You gave me
the inspiration to fight them. He took care of him very well and
now he is gone. So, what? We are all there for him. What does he lack? Not just one or two,
he is the heir of 200 crores of property. Whatever businesses they have,
we shall handle them. There are only debts to be taken care of. Not property! Yes, son. We don’t want to make you sad. That is why grandfather has never discussed
anything about the business with you. I told him that you knew that
there are issues. You know what your grandfather said? He said that you would get depressed
if you find out anything about it. And that he cannot see you sad. He said, ‘If he comes to know after
I am gone…I won’t be there to see him sad.’ That is why… All the riches should be given to
those who gave us the loan, son. Shall I call them? Grandpa! Why didn’t you teach me how to live
without having money? You said that the God would lead me
after you’re gone. Is it this way? See to it if you fail to show me the way
by tomorrow. I will come to you, grandpa. I miss you, grandpa. Miss you. Hey! What’s this? I don’t like all of this. Hey! Move aside. Baba is behind you…
Badam baba. Baba! Bless me. Hail Badam Baba… Hail Badam Baba… Bless me, Baba. I got selected in ‘Kaun Banega Crorepathi’. Bless me that I win 1 crore. Can Baba help you win the game show? You may not know but Baba can do anything. Who helped Dhoni to win the world cup? Who? It is our Baba. Oh! Okay! How does it fly in the air? What is Baba looking at? Badam. That is Baba’s greatness. With his grace,
not only Badam but even lives of people… Will reach skies? No! Their lives will be changed. Is it? Baba will come soon. I will leave. Hail Badam Baba… Grandpa! Did you lead me to this? My dear devotees! Badam Baba gives you all,
his blessing. Our life is like a chess game. You fail even if you play or not. Ah? Baba? What is it? Steve Jobs wants to speak with you.
– Steve Jobs? Tell him that I am talking to
my devotees and will talk to him later. Hey! He’s dead already. Baba gets calls from the dead too. [CROWD CHANTING]: Baba…Baba… Baba! Only one guy got all the badam.
– I saw that. This devotee of you looks rich, Baba. He is wearing Armani suit. I want someone like that. Baba…Baba! You’re indeed very lucky, son. The turning point of
your life starts with a knock now. That is why you received all the four badams. A devotee like you has come to
this place for the first time. I will listen to your issue and
will give you a solution for free. So, tell me. What is your name? Who are you? I was Shivaji during childhood and
Bapuji after that. I was Netaji later and then Amitabh sir. I am Chiranjeevi, which is latest. Hey! What have I asked him
and what did he answer? Is it so? I am just Rambabu right now. Okay. Good that you didn’t say Rama Rao. My father is Subba Rao
and my mother is Rukhmini. Very good. Did they come here? They’re gone, sir. I would have blessed
if they stayed for a while. They died when I was a child. You shouldn’t say that
they are gone if they die. You should say that they are expired. My grandfather is Ramanuj. Oh! So, did you bring him here? No, sir. He died yesterday. What is your problem them? I had 200 crores of property. That shouldn’t be called a problem.
It is called luck. Please be seated. Be seated. I lost everything yesterday. That shouldn’t be called a problem as well.
It is called misfortune. What did you come here for? I’ve heard about your power.
You have to show me the way. Why not? That is what this place is for. Two strands of my hair… Disciple! Yes, master. Take this, master. This is a badam sapling. My two strands of hair lies amidst the soil. Son! Look eastwards. There is an empty open space over there. That’s wide, baba. You should plant this sapling along with
two strands of hair in that open space. Yes, baba. You life will change. Go. See you, baba.
– Wait. Chant my name on your way up there. I will start it right now, baba. Hail Badam Baba… Master! We got the dealership to sell
that badam trees property. We left that place because of snakes. The snake will bite him if your devotee
plants the sapling in that area. I know. Then, your devotee might die, master. Where is his father now? Up there! Where is his mother?
– Up there! And where is his grandfather?
– Up there! What will he do down here?
– Up…Master! I am family baba, you know. Hail badam baba… [HISSING] I have baba’s hair strands.
Keep that in mind. Baba! Where should I plant this? Yeah! I will plant it there. Yes! Right here. Baba! Bless me that my fortune changes. [HISSING] Hey! I don’t get scared. [DIGGING] [HISSING] I already told you that I don’t get scared. I don’t get scared. Is it all mine? Baba…! I felt like one of my devotee called my name. Who is that? Master. Baba. This guy? How did he come in? He came in offer 1 lakh rupees. 1 lakh? I sensed his death yesterday. Now I smell his perfume. How can it be possible? Huh? My dear disciple! Please come… Badam baba! Thanks for giving me 200 crore
worth of gold. You’re my God from now on. Did I give you 200 crore worth of gold? Yes, baba. Did I give you? 200 crore it is, baba. Why do you act as
if you don’t know anything? But, how did you get that? Baba! Didn’t you give me a badam sapling
to plant in the open space? I found a box while digging to plant
that sapling. There’s 200 crore worth of gold in that
and that’s how I got it. Baba! Baba… Baba… Baba? 200 crore?
– Yes, baba. Worth of gold? – Yes, baba. Right baba! I will buy back
all my properties that I sold with that gold. And then I will buy 100 Volvo buses. I will start up travel business. Gosh! Damn! Why didn’t I get the gold laid
in that property? – Master! Cool down. My life would change
if I get that 200 crore. – Master. What do we get from those badam trees?
Just 1000 or 2000 rupees as offering. You are right, master. I simply gave everyone badam and
this guy took all that gold. Baba! I am coming… My dear disciple!
– Baba. You are my favourite disciple from today.
– Baba. Today onwards,
I am ring master and you’re ring leader. Venu!
– Yes, Master. My dear disciple!
– Baba. This is a privileged gift. Means what? Triple B! B…B…B. What does it mean, baba? It is Badam Baba Box! There is all information about which ring and
coloured clothes you should wear every day. You can always call
my helpline if you need to. Thank you, baba. Hail, badam baba… Where is my fee which is 10 lakhs,
my disciple? 10 lakhs? Why? Is it too much? 10 lakhs is very less, baba. Make it 20 lakhs. Card or cash? Always card, baba. Done, master. Hail badam baba… How many years will it take to get back
that 200 crore from him? Don’t worry, master.
We shall everything from him. We should get at least 1 crore
and 80 lakhs from him right now. I will prepare a bigger box next time,
master. Then, why are you delaying to do a good deed? Greetings! What brings you here? So many of you at once? We’ve come to give you this notice. What is it about? It is the reply for the notice
you sent to us. Whatever we do might do all good for you. I am not that stupid to not know that what’s the
intention behind every word that spells out. My name is Narayan. Narayan Singh. They all call me Narayan Singh. You have to change your decision. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to face
the consequences. Are you giving me a warning? Oh, no. I am requesting you. It is a request. By the way, we know to fall on people’s feet
as well as rip them off. We’re farmers, right? See you. Master! It is your beloved disciple. Good morning. My dear disciple! Baba! I did whatever you asked me to.
I bathed at south and prayed at east. I wore the rings at west and placed
my wardrobe at north. What do you want now?
Wear your clothes without worrying. Today is the first Monday of the month. So, tell me what is my lucky color today. Wear blue. You will look sexy in that. Good morning, sir.
– Good morning, Krupa. How are you? It is your blessing, sir. Sir! The color of our clothes is a match. Stop fooling around. Let’s go. Baba… Grandpa… Tell me, Krupa. I have got news for you, sir.
– What’s the news? One is good and the other is bad news, sir. Bad news? Our Volvo bus was involved in
an accident at outskirts. Baba! [PHONE RINGING] Hello. My Volvo bus is involved in an accident.
– Sir… Can’t you see that I am talking to baba. We had insurance worth 5 crore.
– But, we haven’t paid the interest. That is why the income tax people
got involved. Baba! I understood everything. Someone stepped into your life. Who is that? How does it look? You cannot sense but
it will always be with you. Plays with you. That is the ray of Saturn star. That is why we should immediately
start the ritual service. That is your job, right? I do but this is not the place. It costs a lot. Transfer the money. Baba! I guess a bulb is broken in my office.
I will call you later. Who is she who comes in like breaking news? She was in that bus
when the accident happened. The Italy consignment got wasted
the moment she entered our office. She is Saturn star of my life. Who is your MD? Tell me. I am not here to talk to the driver. I am the one. Tell me. Oh! I thought that you are driver
because you are dressed all in blue. ‘Baba’. At least I wore something. Tell me. I promised my dad while boarding your bus… …that I would get selected in the interview. I lost my job because of your drivers. It is gone. My life is gone. People usually lose their phone or wallet.
Do they lose their job too? We had loss because of the bus accident. You weren’t hurt, right? But, anyway. I am sorry about it. Okay. I am not here to hear you say sorry. I came here to screw you. Look at this. Driver having alcohol… Taking the wrong direction while driving… Talking badly with ladies…
There’s everything in it. What happens if I turn them to
SHE team and media? Your people managed the cops
and even that is recorded. Your buses won’t move in
this state after they see this. You can make sure that you’re done. O’ God! Blackmail? No! Email. Shall I do it? What should I do now? I was at loss because of you. So, you will have to do justice to it. Get me a job. Savitri! O’God! Marks are all over 90. Is your name Savitri or Saraswati? Only manager’s post is empty
with the qualification you have. But, I am the manager, sir. You can go home. What’s with the position, Krupa?
It can always change. Sir. Your salary would be 50000 rupees.
Is it fine? What? Will 75000 be okay? Sorry. Come again. Finally, 1 lakh…
I cannot pay you more than that. 1 lakh? He’s more of a kind person to me. He is a fool. I know that people can move to places
by travelling in bus. I see it for the first time that
they can also get a job. Come with me. The Saturn entered
my life just like you said. Baba!
What are the symptoms of identifying Saturn? You’ll lose your mind.
The architectural science will be faded. You will be doomed and
your left eye might start to blink. Same symptoms, baba. She is the Saturn of my life, baba. Just tell me this. Did you get rid of her? No, baba! She got a job in
my office by blackmailing. I offered 1 lakh salary per month. What Saturn could be worse than this? Don’t worry at all. I already started the ritual
service on your name. I mailed you the bill. Transfer the money through online. Okay, baba. My dear disciple! Baba. You should be very careful
with that Saturn of your life. She looks beautiful, baba. It is okay if she is beautiful.
But never look into her eyes. Your business will be doomed. I will come there and find a solution for it. Baba! Thank you, baba. Once…Twice…Thrice. Badam baba. Hey. Why did boss turn the light on
and off for three times? His lucky number is three.
That is the reason. Hey! Does he do everything three times? What do you mean? Breakfast, lunch and dinner!
Does he do all three times? Don’t talk too much. You might get dismissed three times
if our boss hears it. Shut up and do your work. Badam baba gives you a blessing with badam. Go. Forgive me, master. Badam baba!
Bless me to get 200 – 300 crore. Badam baba. Hail Badam baba. Is our boss married? No. Why? Will it work if I get married to our boss? Well, what is he in this office?
Is he Power star, Mega star or Super star? Love happens at the first sight, right?
Will you marry that soon? Why? Shouldn’t I? What do you like in him anyway? Shall I tell you something? Red apple looks much better than our boss. You never love
someone based on his complexion. Love can just happen with anyone. I showed him the video on my mobile and he
gave me the job without even questioning me. I haven’t met any person like him
in this world. I should stay away from you. Our boss is not that easy to impress anyway. So many people tried him. Shut up. You don’t need all mosquitoes to
cause malaria. One malaria-causing mosquito is sufficient. Love is something like happen. He should just look into my eyes just once. Just watch what happens after that. He will start to keep staring
at me after that. Saturn…Saturn! I escaped from Saturn. I should leave. Is it good time? Badam baba gives you a blessing with badam. Baba! I planted almost 100 of them. I don’t even want 200 crores.
You can excuse with the GST. Just give me 100 crores. It is 24 karat pure gold. Enjoy the party. There is no need for you to be tensed. Boss! The hidden gold in
that land is missing now. What are you saying? I’ll just come back. Enjoy yourself. Boss! There is no gold here. Someone robbed the gold and
planted badam saplings. No gold bricks here? Where did they go? Didn’t we mention that there are snakes here? Wasn’t anyone afraid? Did they get courage
from drinking badam milk? They’re very courageous
that they robbed my gold bricks. Or did it become the roots of badam trees? Tell me where can it go? Dig deeper. Dig properly and search. They call it smuggling when
we hide black money overseas. We should pay tax if we save it in the bank. They call it black money
if we keep it at home. I hid it here keeping it away from all that.
But, they robbed it from here. God! Not only humans,
there is no safety even for gold here. Not just 1 or 2. A total of 200 crores! Hey! Whoever robbed it must have known
everything about this place. They must be staying somewhere around here? Find them. Go! Hail Lord! I am fortuneteller. The one who can discuss your fortune is here. Tell me. Should I tell about your fortune? Will you tell the truth? Of course, I will say truth. I will say what is happened and
everything that might happen in future. I will say whatever is happening right now.
– I don’t need to know all that. Just tell me who robbed the gold
that was hidden in this place. O’ Lord! Did they rob your gold? I will give whatever you ask. Tell me. Tell me! Listen…I can’t think of anything. Hey! Think properly.
I will finish you if you don’t say it right. Sir! I fool around people to make living. I don’t know anything.
I am telling you the truth. Hey! Tell me. I remember now.
That man was dark. His calls out Badam baba’s name
and plants badam saplings every day. He praises badam baba and plants them. I don’t know anything other than that, sir. Forgive me, sir. Welcome, baba.
– Welcome, baba. Bless me, baba. Come… Baba! Bless me. Who is this? It is red apple. Isn’t there a pineapple? You promised to come earlier, baba. I came because you called me. What if he doesn’t call you? Who is this sweet girl? She is the Saturn, baba. She sparkles like fresh badam. The ray of Saturn is upon her
if he calls her that way. [CHANTING BADAM BABA] I can do any number of rituals for you. But, if you don’t get blessed…
It means that you are not lucky enough. You should get married
if you want to get rid of bad. You will get lucky
before the misfortune hits you. So, you should marry a girl who is fortunate
and having a Chikmuk star. Chikmuk star? I am responsible to find such a girl
even if I have to Google it. Thank you, baba. But, your bill for that will be high. That is because girls with Chikmuk star
in this country are very rare. What should I do now, baba? I will tell you. I sent a whatsapp message to all over India. You are very lucky. I found a girl in just a minute. Look! I got her picture. Good luck. You have to meet her tomorrow. Greetings! Please come. Greetings. Come… Baba! This house looks grand
just like my bus. Even the girl is as good as your bus. That is why I accepted as soon
as I saw her picture. [TV PLAYING] Baba. Look at that. The same scene is being played on TV. Isn’t this girl looking a little heavy, baba? No problem. I got a good match with the star. I will marry her. Baba! Shall I ask her to sing a song
to test her voice? Baba! What kind of a dance is this? How can I have and toss this man? Like we eat chicken? What is this?
What is this, baba? Can’t we do anything about her? Give me the remote. Hey! Give it. You don’t have to get worried now.
She is crazy about what TV plays. She talks whatever is played on TV. How can we not be afraid? We’ve would have died
if she danced any longer. Baba! Just think about it once. You found the star. Didn’t you? Okay. The star is important for us. We can give this girl a good treatment
and make her proper. Thank you, baba. Baba! She is literally showing her shades. We will die if we stay here any longer.
Run! You go ahead and I follow you. Hey! Where are you leaving after coming here? Sir. There’s some news for you. Good or bad?
– Bad. Tell me fast. Your go-down is on fire. Claim the insurance.
– It is collapsed, sir. Baba! Sir! Courier for you… Hey! I am the MD of this company.
I am not the watchman. There is no one inside, sir. There is no security guard as well. I have to carry a lot on me.
You please take it. Damn! I have to even receive the courier
by myself. Sir! Please sign here. There are many people sitting idle inside.
Go and get it from them. Baba. Baba! I am sad and you are simply enjoying. What happened, Rama? My go-down got burnt today. Why has my life become like this, baba? Rama! It is the grace of Chikmuk star. Your life will be a drama unless
you marry a girl with that star. Find a girl, baba. How can I do that? I am able to find young kids or old woman. Should I go to Panama and find her? Shall I finalize that fat girl
we saw that day? What are you saying? Did you forget her nature? Should I let my future get screwed
just because her nature isn’t good? [PHONE RINGING] Baba! I am with Krupa. Krupa! I am with baba. End the call. What is that, son? I received a courier at
my office, baba. I have to collect courier
by myself these days. Turmeric is good on Thursdays. So, I recommend you to apply
turmeric to that office letter. You can open it after that. Baba! This letter came for that girl(Saturn). No problem. Just open it, son. You have a look, baba. Disciple!
– Master. Give me the magnifier. Rama! Rambabu! Baba. The Chikmuk star that
we are in search of is her. You did a good job. Your days will get better.
– You said that she is a Saturn of my life. Son! Even impossible things happen
when it is your good time. Saturn turned out as a star. Rambabu!
The Jupiter entered her horoscope today. Your luck keeps on getting better
if you marry her. Your 100 buses will become 1000 buses. I guess our boss is thinking of you. He doesn’t even like to look at me. Why will he think about me? A bad thing can turn bad
into good sometimes. I made out your horoscope
exactly the way he wanted and sent to him. He must have got it by now. Boss will love that girl
with the star if we do that. He will not love me. This is wrong, right?
– Everything is fair in love and war. Look! The boss is here. I will meet you later. Something is not right. This madam might become our manager soon. Do you have burning sensation, sir? It must be acidity. Shall I get Eno? Not required, sir. Hi Saturn! No… Hi Miss Savitri. Good morning. Sir! Is that you? Do you want to say something? I want to talk to you. Will you come to my cabin? Is it urgent, sir? It is urgent. [SINGING ‘HUM TUM’ SONG] Why are you hiding your face behind the file? It looks like the beauty of moon is
being hidden. You don’t like looking at my face, right? Take this letter. What is this? Is it love letter? What is this? Resignation letter. Ah? Resignation letter? I guess you don’t like me working here.
That is why I gave it. I had problems with astrology at that time.
Everything is okay now. Actually… I would love it if you work in my office. Don’t think that way. Take this. What is this, sir? It is your promotion letter. You’d be my personal manager starting today. So, what do feel about me working here? I like it very much. Perfect. You can rip off my hands if I do this again. Does it mean that I can see you? Yeah! We can see continuously. Thank you. Shall we go, sir? Wedding so soon? What should we go? We have a meeting with
Chinese delegates, right? Ladies first. You go ahead and I will follow you. [CHANTING PRAYER] Go there. Let’s go. Is it a bus or a floral chariot? This is a lovely chariot of our boss. This is that bus which was involved
in an accident. It is the reason why you
and our boss met each other. It is not floral chariot. It is more like love declaration. [RAM’s INNER VOICE]:
Tell her…I will increase your salary. Love declaration? Yeah. Oh! Okay. But, I don’t love him. I do not love our boss. What’s lacking in our boss? There are many things that he lacks. He looks more like a clown. He wears colorful clothes and rings. He isn’t a commercial ad of color TV, right? On top of that, he keeps on
chanting Badam baba’s name. He should be following girls
and say sweet words. But, who loves someone
who always thinks about baba. Which girl will marry him? Tell me. What if he gives up everything for you? I will think about him if he does it. He can change his clothes and attire. But, what about the memories and surprises? [RAM’s INNER VOICE]:
Oh! So, you want memories and surprises. I will do it. From today, I will not think
about travel agency. I will concentrate on travelling with you. Good morning, boys and girls. Good morning, sir. We will have to improve our services. In the last meeting with Chinese delegates… They have showed us the bus interiors
and models. I didn’t like them. ‘How will you like it when Savitri is here?’ That is why I am going to Dubai
for a better deal. There is a grand meeting with
bus tech worldwide. I will take three people along with me. One of them is my personal manager Savitri. Looks like our plan worked. So, it’s Dubai. You will get many surprises now. Sir! The Dubai Company’s branch office
is in Jubilee Hills. Why should we go to Dubai
if it works right here? Why? Don’t you like coming to Dubai? Sir! Such meetings should take place in Dubai. No.3! Red Apple! Sir! Thank you so much, sir. I’ve always been dreaming about
flying in airplane. You are taking me to Dubai now. You are not just my boss.
You are my God, sir. You’re God! Control your emotions. Red Apple!
Sir. Savitri! Give all our passports to the
travel agency. They’ll apply for visa. Sir! Don’t make me crazy now. I got it. Congratulations, Red Apple. Listen! Don’t miss those clients. Hello, sir! Did you pack everything?
– Red Apple! Where is Mr. Krupa? Mr. Krupa sir must be coming soon. Hey! Son-in-law! I brought flavored flat bread for you because
it is your favorite. You cannot eat without pickle so
I packed that too. Listen! Wear sweater
as soon as you get there. There will be so cold out there. You might catch cold. Say bye. Greetings, sir. Mr. Krupa! Why did you bring so many people? Are you having a party or something? No, sir. I am the first one to take a flight
in our family. – Oh…Ok! They all came with that excitement
to give me sendoff. You are sufficient to give us sendoff.
Why did you bring them here? Huh? Am I not going with you, sir? I don’t know why but the visa officer
didn’t like your faces. Your visa is rejected. My family’s reaction will be different
because of that rejection. Son-in-law! You are getting late.
Go fast. Sir…
– Sir… They gave me good respect so far. They will use me so badly
if I don’t go with you, sir. I will become a joker. I cannot do anything Mr. Krupa. Just say yes and we will adjust
somewhere in the bathroom. Will you come by staying in bathroom?
– Yes, sir. We’re not travelling by train. We’re travelling by flight.
– Sir… Son-in-law! Save me. Hello. – Hi.
– Welcome, sir. Thank you. Let’s go to my room. Huh? Why should I come to your room? Shall I come to your room, then? Why will you come into my room? I mean both our rooms are on the
same floor up there. It won’t be good to go there separately
in elevators. Does it mean that you booked
two rooms instead of one? So, should I sleep in the elevator? Hey, no! They might get bad ideas. Let’s go up then. Good morning, ma’am. Good morning. How was your first night in our hotel, ma’am? First night? What do you mean? Yesterday, you checked in, ma’am. That’s why. We stayed in your hotel last night. That is why you ask about
my first night stay in your hotel, right? Yes, ma’am. How was your first night? It was really good. Savitri! Why are you so silent? I’m done with the first night yesterday. Done with your first night? You should’ve called me. No…I didn’t mean that first night. We came to Dubai last night. Didn’t we?
– Oh! That first night… Thank goodness. Greetings.
– Greetings. [SPEAKING CHINESE] We already had breakfast. Why is he asking us to eat? I’m full. We already ate. He is saying that the meeting is cancelled. [SPEAKING CHINESE] Boss’s first night. So,
he did not come today. Greetings. What did they say? It seems their boss will come tonight. What should we today then? What else should we do?
We should go back to the hotel. Moreover, I couldn’t sleep all night.
I will get some rest. That’s night. How can anyone sleep when its first night? What? I mean to say that it was
your first night in Dubai yesterday. We came yesterday. What happened? Don’t you want to pick me up? Nothing like that. My back is stuck.
One minute. I’m good now. Let’s have coffee in that coffee shop. Let’s go… Come. Have a seat. I guess they sell good food here. They eat even though it is by the road. Hello. Subba Rao speaking. Where are you?
– [RAMBABU]: I’ll be right back. Okay… Sir… Mr. Subba Rao.
– Fine… Sir. Mr. Subba Rao.
– What? If you don’t mind… What if I don’t mind? Please come closer. No way! I am not that kind. No…I am not that kind either.
– Then, why are you asking me to come closer? How can we take a selfie unless
you come closer? Oh! Selfie? Okay… Yeah…Why not? Let’s go ahead a take it. Come… Thank you.
– Welcome. Who was that? I don’t know him. Then, why did you take a selfie? His name is Subba Rao, right? What do you mean? My dad’s name is Subba Rao. Anyone with that name reminds me of my dad. I feel that my life would be different
if he was alive. Sorry. Happy birthday! Happy birthday, ma’am. Thank you. How do you know? You’ve entered your details in the application,
didn’t you? That’s in your bio data. Oh! Thank you. Thank you so much. Did you remember everything?
– Yes. Exactly 23 roses. Oh! Happy birthday. Thank you… 23 roses…23 numbered cake. Will you give 23 knives to cut it? No! You should cut it into 23 pieces. Cut it.
– Thank you. “Happy birthday to you…” “Happy birthday, dear Savitri!
Happy birthday to you” Good morning, ma’am. Good morning. How was your first night in our hotel, ma’am? Today is my second night. No, ma’am. You came to our hotel last night. Yesterday was my first night.
Today is my second night here. No, ma’am. As per our records,
last night was your first night. How was it, ma’am? What happened? Why are you so sad? Yesterday was our second night here, right? We came here the day before yesterday. Don’t say it louder. They will give us
the bill for 2 days if they hear. So, you tell me. The truth is that we came yesterday. We are getting late for the meeting.
Let’s go fast. They’re the ones, right? These guys! Greetings.
Greetings. Your boss’s first night?
Is he not coming today? Right. Useless first night! Let’s sit and talk while having coffee. It is confusing. What is happening? Oh, wow!
They’ve set up a food court by the road. Hello Subba Rao, speaking. Where are you? I’ll be back in a minute.
– Okay… Why not? Let’s take it together. Come.
Come closer. Who was that? I don’t know who he is. I know why you took a selfie even though
you don’t know him. Why did I take a selfie? That is because his name is Subba Rao,
which is also your dad’s name. Isn’t it correct? You’re not an ordinary woman. You’re good at fortune telling. Gosh! There’s nothing like
I discovered or invented. We can here yesterday, didn’t we? How can we come here? We came to Dubai yesterday night. We came the day before yesterday. Hey! What happened to you? There are good hospitals here too.
You’ll be okay if we take an appointment. Happy birthday. Happy birthday, ma’am. Happy birthday? Hmm. You guys celebrated
my birthday yesterday, right? You are simply imagining.
Come! Let’s cut the cake. Come on, guys. “Happy birthday to you…” “Happy birthday, dear Savitri…” Good morning, ma’am. Hi. Yesterday I had fantastic first night. It was amazing. Your boss’s first night.
So, he is not coming today? Yeah. I know.
– Greetings. Thank you. Same to same. Huh! Not again. Okay. Everything looks confusing to me.
Let’s go there and have coffee. Thank you, Mr. Subba Rao. Okay. Your father’s name is Subba Rao, right? That is why you took a selfie with him. O’ God! If anyone knows that you can see fortune,
they will start praising you. This is my third day. I came here day before yesterday. Yesterday was my second day
and today is my third day. I am damn sure about it. But, he can make me a fool again. “Happy birthday to you…” “Happy birthday, dear Savitri!
Happy birthday to you” Give it to everyone. Thank you. Thank you so much. My happy birthday is celebrated the
first night in Dubai. Wow! 23 numbered cake, 23 flowers. What? My life is doomed and you simply laugh at it? Did you like the surprise? Surprise? What surprise? You said that someone who comes into
your life should surprise you. I said so. Everyone celebrates their birthday
only once in an year. But, you celebrated it thrice. You get it? That means, all of this is… It is my plan. Huh? It is true. There is no meeting. You wouldn’t agree so I lied
and brought you here. What about those Chinese people? I set them up. And Subba Rao? He came on the first day. I had to try hard for setting him up the
other days. It was too expensive. But, why did you do this, Rambabu? Everyday should be like it is your birthday.
That is why I did that. I have done this to make sure
that it remains the best memory of your life. I want be present at least in your memories.
That is why I did that. If I have to say it simply apart from
all this things… I did it because I started loving you. What’s something in me
that made you love me, Rambabu? My life! My everything! 4 days? What shall we do staying here
for 4 days? Nothing much. I want more surprises to take along
with me and I want 4 more surprises. I will give you surprises every day
after we get married. Okay. But, our marriage should take place in
my village. What’s the name of your village? Chegunepugondevanam. I asked about your village.
Why are you saying a Chinese name? That is the name of my village. My village lies amidst the beauty of nature. We have our beautiful house. There lives my dad, mom, sister,
brother-in-law and Gulab. Ours is a happy family. There is everything
that keeps a person happy. I came to Hyderabad because
I am interested in working. Otherwise,
I would stay with my dad you know. Do you love your dad that much? My dad is my life. I want his love and blessing all my life. What if he rejects our wedding? It would be hard. But, I will try to forget you. What happened, Rambabu? Shall I talk? I am thinking why these fathers exist. Do they exist to spread
the love or stop love marriages? What is this, Rambabu?
Why are you saying that? I can never let my dad go away from me. I can’t even think about staying away
from him ever in my life. My dad is everything to me. He takes care of me very well. How can I make him sad? Tell me. Do you know how to catch a running bus? No! Why? We should immediately go to the airport
and catch the airbus on the runway. We’ll go to your village as soon as possible. Let’s go to your Chinese village. Collector Sir! Shall I say something to you? We Indians are very romantic people. No one can ever defeat Indians in
romanticizing anything. Let’s consider candle as our example. It dies while spreading the light. People write stories and poems about it.
They write essays, phrases and rhymes. And they write whatever they want. No one ever tries to find out
why the candle melts while giving light. Farmers come in existence
when the earth flourishes. You will not get any good response.
You may leave. Mr. Singh. You should never talk to the district
collector in that manner. Tell me sorry. I am not used to say sorry. Don’t ever expect me to say that. That I would say Good morning,
Sorry, good evening… Let’s go, sir.
We shall come back with the arrest warrant. Baby. Come… Dad.
– How are you? You got lean. I’m good, dad. Shoo…I don’t like dogs. Go away. Hello! Don’t call it a dog. What else should I call a dog?
Oh, sorry. Should I say dog? Its name is Gulab. Gulab! Come to me. Dad! He is Rambabu. That car belongs to him. T-shirt! Jeans! Imported car. Armani, sir. Best designer in the world. He is Salman Khan’s designer. I will talk to him
if you want to get discount. What do you do? I will do whatever you ask me to do, sir. What word do you do? What is your profession? Businessman, sir. Capitalist! What business? That is Travel agency, sir. I’ve got 100 buses and 200 trips a day. You take extra money from the public
during Diwali and Holi. Am I right? What else do you do? I give finance to people who are in trouble. Tell me if you want. I will arrange it for 1 rupee interest. It’s good between us. You are that evil business who earns
with the hard work of others. How did you meet my daughter? She works at my office and I impressed her. Sorry. I mean I met her there. How old are you? 3 months. Huh? I mean it has been 3 months
that I met your daughter. That is why I think I am born again. Okay. Let’s go. Wait. We aren’t those people who send
their guests away without honoring them. That is why I am asking you to come. I hate capitalists. Leave that imported car right here
and come with us. O’ God! Should
I leave this car here and come? It is a costly car, sir. First comes our country and
then foreign countries. India is great. What did your father talk like that?
Doesn’t he like rich people? He doesn’t like people with riches.
– Okay. How far is it? This is our village. Oh my gosh! What’s that red flag?
Why is everything in the village red in color? What is it? There are some qualities
written on the board. I’ve got none. Your father doesn’t like a man with riches. How will our marriage happen, Savitri? You have to think about it, Rambabu.
I love you. You always say that you’ve everything
that I talked about in your village. Is it the same village? What’s the name of it? ChekodiPakodi? Not that. Chegunepugondevanam. Means what? It means the garden of red flowers. Huh? Red? Flowers? Garden? Baba! Don’t make it my exile. This is our house. Is it even a house? It looks like a communist party house. She’s my mom. Greetings, aunt.
– Greetings. She’s my sister.
– Greetings! Come inside. I took to you Dubai first. Then I came to your village in flight. I thought that they’d hug me
after I come here. But they went in just like that. That is fine.
But why is your sister signaling you? Can’t she talk or what? It is nothing like that. My sister didn’t get married to a person
whom she loves. My sister stopped talking to
my family from that day. I clearly know the pain of lovers
when I look at my sister. I somehow feel that I came to a museum
instead of your house. What else do I get to see inside? Rambabu! I am kidding. Be careful with my dad. What is your name? Dildariya(Liberal) Rambabu. I do not that tags. Cut it. Where is it? I am talking about Liberal. Now tell me. What’s your name? Rambabu. There are some rules and regulations
in this village. Did someone tell you? I understood when I came to the village
for the first time. Do you know that the earth beneath
you moves around? Where does it move? It moves. Do you know? I do not know, sir. What do you know, then? I don’t know anything, sir. Do you eat? I will eat if you want me to. Do you eat Chicken? I eat everyday, sir.
– I know. Ravi! Dad. Find out how much chicken is left
in the kitchen.
– Okay, dad. This is Ravi speaking.
How much chicken is left? Oh, wow! Do you get chicken at ration store
in your village? It is not a ration store. It is centralized kitchen. There is only place where they cook food for
everyone in this village. We all eat together. There are 5 more plates left, dad. Order 2 plates for our family
and 3 plates for our guest. Yes, dad.
– 3 plates? You’re young. Can’t you eat?
– I will eat. Not only centralized kitchen
but also centralized guest room is available. Our guests stay there. Do you why we let you stay here? Keep your friends close… …and enemies closer. Didn’t you understand? No, sir. I got to know about you after you came here. There might be another person in you
and I want to know about him. That is why. Sir! Shall I say something if you don’t mind? Tell me. I came here to ask for your daughter, sir. Why are you behaving with as
if I am a terrorist? There is much difference between us. I am human just like you. I will give you one lemon and cold drink
while having lunch. What will you do? I will have food and cold drink. I’ll squeeze lemon in water
and wash my hands. That is your modern style. I will squeeze lemon on
my food and then eat. I will wash my hands with water. What about cool drink, sir? I don’t drink cold drinks. How did you even like him? He doesn’t have brain. It is love, sir. When you said that the earth beneath moves,
I didn’t know. Likewise, I do not know about my love. Only my hearts knows it. Stop talking. I will talk to you later. Take him and go. Huh?
– Come with me. ‘Oh my! I’ll be dead if they find it.’ ‘I have to hide it somewhere.’ [TYPEWRITER CLICKS] Where can I find a temple here? Oh my Gosh! He doesn’t differentiate nation
leaders and God. Listen! I asked about temple
where there is God. They’re Gods for our village. ‘Oh! How should I worship them?’ ‘Like this or this?’ ‘I’ll do like this.’ I worshipped them. What is that? That is living room’s trash to keep
in the bedroom. No…bedroom’s trash to keep in the
living room. No… The room wasn’t clean.
So, I got rid of the trash. The room is clean. The room is clean but I cleaned it again. What for? Cleaning is my hobby since my childhood. I clean whatever I see. Shall I leave? Wait. We planned to meet early
in the morning, right? Why did you come late? That is… I’ve been watching ‘Baktaprahlad’
movie all night. That is why I got up late. But 9 am is still morning, right? I’ve never been in bed during
the sunrise for 40 years. That’s what you call a morning. How was ‘Baktaprahlad’ movie? It was very good. I feel like watching it again tonight. Why wait till the night? Let’s watch it now. Give me that remote.
– Yes, sir. Hey, Narayan Singh! You make me stand in the middle and ask me
what I do when given a lemon and cold drink? I will place the lemon in this glass first. Then, I will add cold drink to it. I will add alcohol and then drink it. [LAUGHING] Cheers! This is my first drink in your house. You might lose the respect
if I say this in front of everyone. Do you get it now? I say give respect and take respect. You talk about cutting my tail? I thought there’d be coconuts in Kerala. But, you call me a capitalist. Do you think you are the chief minister
of Kerala? Where is my Sunny? Where have you been dear? You’ll get live if I touch you once on
my touch screen. [SONG PLAYING ON PHONE] [INNER VOICE]: ‘This is his reality.’ Who is that on TV? He looks like me. I’ll give you one. This is how your selection is. Now you understood
why I let you stay in my house? That person is inside you. He. You’ve broken the rules
and regulations of this village. You didn’t respect your elders. Watching bad videos and using bad words… Drinking and smoking… Do you want to end the culture of
this village? You cannot stay in this house
as well as this village. Listen! You do not have any right to become
my daughter’s husband. Adjust for one time. Don’t separate Savitri from me.
– Don’t talk her name again. Baby. No… Don’t worry, dear. I haven’t my daughter cry in 24 years. But you made her cry in 24 hours. Listen! You will have to cry
all your life if you trust in him. He is not the right person for you. Dad! Some people hide their tears and others cry. Those tears represent their love. When will you understand that, dad? Try to understand my love, dad. Please. He doesn’t know anything about love. Okay, listen. He should stay in this village, right? Hmm. Okay… But, he will get punished for
breaking the rules of this village. He will work in the central kitchen
for 10 days. This is the kitchen of our village. Everyone in the village will have to
eat what they get from here. What work should I do here? You have to work. Oh! So, these people will cook and
I must taste and tell how that is. Hey! Bring me that poppadum. Forget about poppadum. You should cook food here. Hey! I will do anything only if I like it. I will look at it only if I like it. I will finish you if you force me to do. A sweet warning! Cut it first. Sorry! What did I actually cut? Oh! Did I rip off your clothes? This is bigger vegetable, right.
I will cut it. It doesn’t look like you got the
punishment but I did. Oh! Sorry, boss. This is the list. 1500 flat bread. 600 chicken curry. 1000 Biryani packet! Sambar (Lentil soup)! [BURBLING] These are the items, bro. It is for the village or the entire country. Listen to me. The list is long
and you got very less time. It is up to you whether you’ll get a good
impression or leave this village. Your time starts now. You should run away from here
if you do not want to do it. Run away?
I am not a coward to run away if you say. I am stronger. Stronger like Baahubali! Hail, Mahishmati. He made everything while dancing… …Just like a magician. This man isn’t ordinary. Why are you looking at me?
Take all the orders out. [DRUMMING] [PHONE RINGING] Rambabu.
– Hello, Savitri. Come to my house. Fast.
– I will come right away. What happened, Savitri? Should I cook here too?
Is it my punishment? Why did you ask me to come so fast? I will tell you. Sit here first. I am asking you to sit. Oh my gosh! You made me sit in this house in
your dad’s place. Dad isn’t home. What about your mom,
sister and brother-in-law? They are not here too. Aren’t they home? Shall we practice the thing post marriage? I didn’t understand. I will start if you come closer to me. You have to impress my dad first. Think about that. I will do whatever you say after that. What do you mean? Tell me. How will you impress my dad? What’s the plan? Will shall tie a stone around him
and throw him away. Let’s finish him. Rambabu. Fine. I will think about something. Yeah! I got an idea relating to dog. Mission impossible. Dog protocol 2! What happened?
Is everything okay? We can’t find Gulab. Everything gets messy
if I stay out of the house for a while. I can understand. That is why you love people
without knowing them. Gulab Singh… Gulab Singh… What are you doing here? Don’t worry.
I will find Gulab and bring him home. But…
– Mr. Narayan Singh! Greetings. Sir! My daughter got admission into IIT. I brought sweets for you.
– Okay. I will come. Hey! Find him. What are you searching, sir? My dog Gulab is missing. Oh! Give him, sir. How can I give him? What are you talking? You ask me what I am saying? You took Gulab last night with
you and got him the lorry, right? You must have seen someone else. Hey! Where is Gulab? Did you hide him? I thought that I would hide Gulab. Then, you will all get tensed. I will get him back and
impress you to make it work for me. Sorry, sir. Where is he? He is inside that lorry on the road. Hey! Go and search. That lorry is not here anymore. It left to the jungle to bring the
logs and won’t be back for 2 days. There are tigers in that jungle. The tigers will eat Gulab
if he goes before them. You! It is better to find Gulab instead
of hitting me. Let’s go. Come. Gulab Singh! Gulab. ‘Gulab Singh!’ Gulab Singh! Gulab. You won’t stay alive if we do not find Gulab. Gulab Singh. Don’t worry, father-in-law. I will get you another one if it is gone. That too imported. I will kill you if you talk about
foreign countries. Sir loves hid dog. Shut up. Oh!
– Gulab Singh. Gulab Singh! Singh! Gulab! Hey! Gulab Singh! I found my Gulab Singh. Come… Come…Come. I knew that nothing would happen to you. Get it in the car…
– Okay, sir. My dear lovely kid!
– Let’s go, Gulab Singh. Hey! You stay here. Listen! This is your punishment
for your mistake. You come by walk. Let’s go. What kind of village is this, Savitri? My body hurts a lot as I walked. These people aren’t human but monsters. They’re good people only for the namesake. Look what they did to Volvo bus owner. Don’t cry, Savitri. My pain will go away in 2 – 3 days. I am not crying because of your pain. Sudhakar is coming. Who is Sudhakar? Is he your brother? No! He wants to marry me. My dad loves him just the way he hates you. He will let him marry me
if you do not become a part of my life. He will come any day if not today. I am so scared when I think about it. Don’t be sad. I will manage. Savitri! My back is full is pain. Give me a good medicine. There is no medicine.
You should be happy with it. This will be my last kiss
if you do not convince my dad. I thought that you kissed me
in a romantic manner. Did you give it in frustration? Badam baba! Where is Sudhakar? Greetings, Narayan uncle.
– Hey, Sudhakar. What is all this? I will greet you first even if you
and Lenin come to me at once. Why so? He is the one who showed me God
for the first time. And that is you, uncle. ‘This guy is a psycho
and that man is an egoist.’ ‘Good match!’ Uncle! Here’s your book.
The autobiography of Lenin! What a book…! I read it 17 times. Didn’t you understand when you read it once? You should’ve bought the Hindi version of it. What did you say? Give it to him. Listen! He reminds of me when
I was a teenager. ‘Gosh! This is too much.’ I took two decisions without your permission.
– What are those? I have read this book so many times that
I got admission to do Ph.D. on Lenin. Wow! It is wonderful. What is the other one? The second thing is that I changed
my name, uncle. I changed my name as Lenin Sudhakar
instead of just Sudhakar. That’s the spirit! ‘This guy is Lenin and that man is cotton.’ ‘I am Denim!’ Greetings, aunt. Greetings, sister. Greetings, brother. Greetings! I didn’t recognize her. Who is that girl, uncle? She is our neighbor.
– Oh! It is not right to see other women. Ms. Savitri! Greetings! Hey… Doggy…He’s lovely. Sudhakar! The dogs can easily identify
good and bad people, uncle. You are right, uncle.
– They know who is the good human being. Okay, uncle. I saw a foreign car while on my way home. Our Indian economy had gone worse
because of buying such imported stuff. I thought about the damage happened to
India after seeing that car. I almost cried, uncle…
You will not understand. Uncle! Whose car is that, by the way? There is one capitalist like Brijabal. I hate capitalist and I hate Brijabal. Uncle! Who is that person standing
behind us for a long time, by the way? He is Savitri’s friend. He will leave in 2 days. That car belongs to him. Even though, I greet my guests. Tell me. How can I help you? We shall talk at 3 am tomorrow. 3 am in the morning? Will you wake up that early? Uncle! I haven’t seen the sun
while in bed ever since I was born. We stay in bed after we are born, right? Wasn’t there a sun in your village? I play in my mother’s lap after
I wake up at 3 am. I wasn’t there on bed. Uncle! I will freshen up and be back. Give me that book. I will be at peace. Take it and go. Thank you. See you. ‘I cannot sleep without drinking alcohol.’ ‘Damn Sudhakar! You always greet people
around you, right?’ ‘Wait! They’ll finish after seeing
this video of you.’ Savitri! Mr. Narayan. Listen, Mr. Narayan. Open the door. Mr. Rambabu. What happened?
– Open the door. Why are you shouting? Listen! You know Sudhakar is a Lenin
in the morning but Napoleon in the night. I’ll show him to you. Come. Sudhakar. Uncle! What brought you here? ‘Oh my!’ He said that you are drinking
and smoking here. I can sense that smell. Oh! That is because
I am painting something special. One minute. ‘He is a very cunning.’ Listen, uncle! The alcohol percentage will be a little
high in this paint. That is why he came to me with a glass
and asked for alcohol. Moreover, a capitalist always complains. It is like restoring the revolutionary. It is written in page number 282 of
linen’s book. You are right.
I read it many times, uncle. What is that cigarette for? Is it to praise your God? Uncle hair turned grey. So, I will use cigarette’s ash
to give that shade. You always have cigarette.
That is why I took it from you. The finishing came out
so well because of the cigarette. Thanks for the cigarette. Uncle! Do you suspect Linen Sudhakar? No problem, Sudhakar. Everything will be known
if they see the footage of this camera. Hello! That camera isn’t working
since yesterday. I recorded because I expected
that something like this will happen. Do you still have doubts, uncle? No…No…I am sorry. I disturbed you. Tomorrow is the festival.
I will send new clothes. Take it. Yes, uncle. I will send for you too. My pleasure, Mr. Narayan. Let’s go. By the way… Good luck. [INNER VOICE]: ‘It is confirmed.’ You must be thinking where
that recording is…Am I right? I will tell you. This is video jammer. It is very useful. The video cannot be recorded
wherever this is present. My Gosh!
– I managed it very well. Didn’t I? Yes. Very well done. A dog was named as good in our village. That is why people call it a good dog. Likewise, these people are
calling you a good person. I didn’t get you but thank you. People who act like this are called fools. Hail red… Vandemataram! Hail red. Vandemataram! Hail India! Comrades! Today is May Day. That means it is the festival of workers. Festivals in our village
include turmeric, sandalwood and vermilion. This village has everything in red. Why? Shut up. Let’s talk about leader linen. Let us talk about his lifestyle
and history and his deeds. Linen is not only our leader
but is equal to God. We’ve got guests who will speak
about him today. Sit. I invite comrade Linen Sudhakar. A theory is a state of organization… …in which the property is stood
by the community. I got it. Most of you do not know English. No problem. What I mean to say is that public should
own the public property. People have needs and that’s the reason
why they have the right to earn money. That is totally against capitalism. All of us aren’t the children of Linen. But, we are like Linen’s children. ‘Oh!’ Anyway, our comrade
Mr. Narayan Singh is more like my God. Because of his blessing and leading, Our village…Our sweet little village… …Will become no.1 not only in our country
but also in the whole world! Hail red! I thought he would talk something useless. Superb… Now, Mr. Rambabu will say few words. That is… My throat isn’t good. Come. You will feel good after saying few words. [INNER VOICE]:
‘I’m dead!’ Are you scared? I will give you one pack if you want. Are you crazy?
I will something else in my speech. Go! You’re dead. Today is our biggest day. That means it is good. Now, then or anytime later… My name is Rambabu. I do not know about communism,
Leninism, Marxism or capitalism. All I can do is to help someone is need. But, I cannot give such speeches. This world is developed in terms of business. But, no one actually recognize
the hard work of people. No one gets back anything
if they help someone. Why will anyone help, then? I didn’t get to know because
my mom told me about it. This helping nature is called humanism. My car broke down when
I was going to my farmhouse. I felt so bad looking at the situation of a
mother with her baby. No, dear. Drink. Drink a little. Drink little. No, dear. Don’t cry. Drink little. And then you will sleep. Just drink a little… Hey, sister! You could’ve bought milk instead of
buying bhang (alcohol). Don’t you know that it is against the law
to make a child drink it? There’s no problem with the milk. I’ve got milk. But, I should go and work in the forest. The baby will start crying again
even though I give him milk. If I cannot hear his cry… He will cry and cry to death.
I am scared of that, sir. That is why I am making him drink
bhang instead. So that he will sleep in peace until
I come back. Forgive me, sir. I understand that day how
we live in this society. Lack of money isn’t the reason for
downfall of our country. We humans do not have humanity. That is why I helped that woman
set up a tea stall. Today, she is the owner of a tea stall. All my 100 buses wait at
that tea stall while going that way. Both mother and baby are happy. I didn’t say just because I did it. I am telling the greatness of humans. This is moment to change people’s mind. That is why I remembered it. There are no rules for humanism. One person can help the other to any extent. Mother Teresa is an example of such humanity. Menander who helps us cross
the river even he doesn’t money. He’s the brand ambassador. I am done with my speech. What kind of meeting did
they arrange nearby the river? There is a party here and
no one told me about it. This is not a party.
They came to find matches. Find a match? Of course, sir. People will find matches here
every year according to our rules. Bride’s family comes to find the groom. Whoever finds a match will get married. Brides come here to see everyone. But no one comes to see me. They will come for sure. Brother! Did you come here
to find a match or just chill? My wedding will be done next year
during this time. He looks confident.
– Overconfident! By the way, the lady in the blue saree
looks beautiful, right? O’ god! Did you listen to what he said?
– Not at all. What did I say? I said, welcome. Welcome, brother. Brother. Listen! He is totally insane. How did that man start liking this guy?
– He is doing Ph.D. on Linen, right? Will he give his daughter in marriage to
anyone that does Ph. D on Linen? How would I know? Hey! Let’s worry about my life first. Mr. Narayan. I want to talk to you. One minute. Let’s go. I know what you will say. For you, a wedding is 7 steps of vows. In this village, wedding includes 7 events. For that, you will have to pass 6 occurrences.
– What does that mean? You will have to take 6 tests. 6 tests? Your test begins now. Tell me if you know about the
question paper. No one other than him knows about the test. Mr. Narayan sir… Take those tests fast. Please. Imagine that there is an earthquake.
– Earthquake? Just imagine. I do not have food for my daughter and me.
What will you do then? Will you give us or leave us and go? I will give you food, Mr. Narayan. How? The earthquake occurs here. I will go to the jungle and
pluck some fruits for you. Okay. Tell me what fruit will you bring.
This is your first test. Go…Go and get it. This is such a simple test
and a lot of drama for it. What are you doing? I will go and bring fruits. I tried and climbed the tree to pick these. All are for you. Have them. Uncle! There is a sticker on this. Did you pluck or buy them? Drama! No…Mr. Narayan. They’re placing stickers on trees these days. That must be the reason for it. Since when did apples start
growing in this jungle? How would I know? Apples are fine. But you bought fruits
that are grown in New Zealand. I cannot take that dishonesty. I will not tolerate this. Get out. What is this, Mr. Narayan?
Why do you get angry on me for everything? What will you do if you are the one to bring
these to please me? I will talk. People cannot think well when
they are tensed. That is why you should talk to your wife. I asked a simple question.
Why are getting so serious? You want fruits, right? That too from the jungle!
I will get them right away. Be right back. [CHANTING] Hail Baba! Boss! He is the one. Badam baba. My dear devotees! Don’t be hasty. Every one will get blessed. What’s all about this badam baba? Why did they give a bowl to me? Who are these devotees?
– Boss. Control yourself. Let’s the people leave. We will then take him to our den and ask him. Baba! I have badam with me. But I haven’t thrown them yet.
How did you get them? Throw him away. Where are you taking me? I threw 4 seeds last time
and there were 10 people. All of you hold the bowl and
say my name ‘Badam baba’. [CHANTING] Hail Badam baba. My dear devotee! You are fortunate. One of my devotees got 4 seeds just like you. He became the owner of 200 crores property. Those 200 crores belong to me. Why are you lying? Devotee! All my body parts
including sensitive ones are hurt. You should forgive me. Devotee! You’ve got good fortune. If you don’t tell me
who took that 200 crore worth gold… I will shoot this bullet into your head too. It is true that he came to me. He just took 4 seeds from me. He got 200 crores with it. What is my mistake? If I knew, I would have taken those
200 crores. He’s in Kerala at Narayan Singh’s house. Hey.
– Boss. Go to Kerala and bring him here. Until we get back out gold, transfer the
entire amount at your ashram to our account. Come…Come. We are waiting for you. Today is a festival in our village. Is it a festival that includes fruits
and food? This is not that kind of festival. Oh! A cycle race will take place here. Cycle race? Yes. Anyone who wins the race will get closer
to this village and me. Let’s see who wins the race between you both. What is the use of this contest
to get closer, sir? Do you want an answer or
do you want to get closer? A competition is held for the winning. Whoever wins will get closer to my heart. Bless me, uncle. This is 10 kilometers race. I will wave this flag. I will place this waving flag over there. Whoever completes 10 kilometers and
get me this flag will be declared as winner. [MUSIC] Hey…my cycle. My cycle. Hey, brother! I need a favor. Thank you. It is done. [INNER VOICE]: ‘I won.’ Good job! Good job.
– To win the competition… To outbreak with attention… That’s inspiration of a sportsman. But, you try to win by cheating. No…No, uncle. You have done a mistake that
cannot be forgiven. You will be punished for it. You will have to deliver food to
everyone from central kitchen for one month. Uncle? Carry on. Let’s go. The fish is good. Make sure to remove bones.
– Thank you, son. Okay.
– Be blessed. [INNER VOICE]: ‘What is happening?
What is happening with me?’ ‘Who is this?’ What is this? What is happening? Hello! Do you know
Narayan Singh’s son-in-law? What are you talking, you blackhead face? Until the land remains stable
and the sky up there… I am Narayan’s son-in-law
and he is my father-in-law. What is your name? Nothing! We’ve got some old currency. I thought that you could change it for us. So…
– 60 -40? 60 -40? It will work. Come with me. Hey! Hold his cycle. Don’t forget the stand. Come…
– Let’s go. What am I doing in this Ganga River? What a beauty! She’s so beautiful. What a beauty…! [GUNSHOT] Beauty with bullets… Who are you? I am king Yama for you. Really? But, who are you? Hey! Hold her and I will tell you. Okay… I will hold her happily. I held her. Now, tell me. Hey! I didn’t ask you hold her feet. I asked you to hold the coins.
Coins! How can I hold a coin in the water? Okay. Okay…I will hold it. No worries, sir. Quick. Sir! I got the coin. Good! I won. Boys! So many coins? Don’t talk. Find them. Okay… Sir! As per my calculation,
I got an extra coin. Boys! Girls! Coins! Sir! Enough, sir. I can’t do it. What’s this coin collection? I am not a collection agent. What do you want, sir? You couldn’t take out 20 coins
from the water. How did you steal 200 crores worth
gold from soil? You think practically, sir. I would become a hero in
‘Baahubali-3’ if I had that much money. I knew that you wouldn’t say it easily. Boys! [BASHING] You’re hitting me hard.
Leave me. Leave me. Hey…Stop! People who have that tattoo don’t
believe in God. I don’t believe that he went to baba. These fellows got the wrong person. Hey! Who are you? [INNER VOICE]:
‘I am safe because of the tattoo.’ Sir! I am Sudhakar. Lenin Sudhakar. Are you Narayan Singh’s son-in-law? Exactly, sir. I am his son-in-law. But, his son-in-law is from Hyderabad. There is one guy named Rambabu. He’s not son-in-law and never will be. I will bring him to you. Come on, boys. Come on. We have to get the gold. Come on. Mr. Narayan never questions
anyone about anything. You came to us and asked our son
for your daughter. We gave him to you happily. But, what happened? It has been many years
that they got married. We wished to have grandson or
granddaughter but that didn’t happen. I am not saying something wrong. There is no answer for the question
others ask. So, he stayed here. I am saying this because
you failed to give me a daughter-in-law. At least give us back our son. Let us go inside and talk, brother-in-law. No issues! We’ve talked a lot inside. This entire village is like a family. What’s wrong in discussing family issues
in front of them? Mr. Narayan Singh has the guts
to see the Sun directly. He bowed down his head in front of
entire village. Do you know why? That’s for his daughter. Kids kick their parents without knowing. But, they kick them even after growing up
and knowing everything. Our father walks us because
as he doesn’t want us to get hurt. Our father makes us sit on his lap
and teaches wisdom. He becomes the book when we study. He becomes the horse when we play. A father becomes everything. Wouldn’t he think about
what is good and bad for his child? You hate your father who fostered you 20 years
more than you love someone for 2 years. Your father gets troubled
when you get wet in rain. Wouldn’t he get disturbed when you cry? Your father teaches you to walk. Wouldn’t he know if you are taking the right
decision or not? Do whatever you want but do not hate him. After all, he is your father. Sorry, sir. I do not have the right to talk for
your family or make them understand. But, you have many fans. The great comrade Mr. Narayan Singh… He stands with head bowed down
in front of everyone. I couldn’t see that. Forgive me if I have said something wrong. Forgive me, dad. Who is she who comes in like breaking news? She was in that bus when the
accident happened. The Italy consignment got wasted
the moment she entered our office. She is Saturn star of my life. Who is your MD? Tell me. I am not here to talk to the driver. I am the one. Tell me. Oh! I thought that you are driver
because you are dressed all in blue. ‘Baba’. At least I wore something. Tell me. I promised my dad while boarding your bus… …that I would get selected in the interview. I lost my job because of your drivers. It is gone. My life is gone. People usually lose their phone or wallet.
Do they lose their job too? We had loss because of the bus accident. You weren’t hurt, right? But, anyway. I am sorry about it. Okay. I am not here to hear you say sorry. I came here to screw you. Look at this. Driver having alcohol… Taking the wrong direction while driving… Talking badly with ladies…
There’s everything in it. What happens if I turn them to
SHE team and media? Your people managed the cops and
even that is recorded. Your buses won’t move in this state
after they see this. You can make sure that you’re done. O’ God! Blackmail? No! Email. Shall I do it? What should I do now? I was at loss because of you. So, you will have to do justice to it.
Get me a job. Savitri! O’God! Marks are all over 90. Is your name Savitri or Saraswati? Only manager’s post is empty with the
qualification you have. But, I am the manager, sir. You can go home. What’s with the position, Krupa?
It can always change. Sir. Your salary would be 50000 rupees.
Is it fine? What? Will 75000 be okay? Sorry. Come again. Finally, 1 lakh…
I cannot pay you more than that. 1 lakh? It is good time, right? Hi Saturn! No… Hi Miss Savitri. Good morning. Sir! Is that you? Do you want to say something? I want to talk to you. Will you come to my cabin? Is it urgent, sir? It is urgent. [SINGING ‘HUM TUM’ SONG] Why are you hiding
your face behind the file? It looks like the beauty of moon is
being hidden. You don’t like looking at my face, right? Take this letter. What is this? Is it love letter? What is this? Resignation letter.
– Ah? Resignation letter? I guess you don’t like me working here.
That is why I gave it. I had problems with astrology at that time. Everything is okay now. Actually… I would love it if you work in my office. Don’t think that way. Take this. What is this, sir? It is your promotion letter. You’d be my personal manager starting today. So, what do feel about me working here? I like it very much. You are perfect. You can rip off my hands if I do this again. Does it mean that I can see you? Yeah! We can see continuously. Thank you. Shall we go, sir? Wedding so soon? Where should we go? We have a meeting with Chinese delegates,
right? Ladies first. You go ahead and I will follow you. [MUSIC] Happy birthday! Happy birthday, ma’am. Thank you. How do you know? You’ve entered your details in the application
didn’t you? That’s in your bio data. Oh! Thank you. Thank you so much. Did you remember everything?
Yes. Exactly 23 roses. Oh! Happy birthday. Thank you… 23 roses…23 numbered cake. Will you give 23 knives to cut it? No! You should cut it into 23 pieces. Cut it.
– Thank you. The government sent you notice for like
3 years for you to vacate this village. You got reminders for 6 months. But you didn’t get convinced. Every state has a capital. Likewise, every district should have a
capital too. By combining all the district mandals… The government ordered the central business to develop
this place into tourist district attraction. Including the bypass roads, there will
multi-storied buildings, multiplexes… Tourist resorts, Ayurveda centers,
cultural centers… All will be developed here. You wouldn’t recognize
this village after one year. There will at least be one person
in the family who has job. If you give us part of this land… All of you will get a locality with respect
according to law and order. Otherwise, the government will capture
the land and gain control over it. There will be a new government
every five years. The law and enactment will change
with the change of government. There will be several ways to get corrupted. Sir? They is no one here
who can fulfill your dreams. It wouldn’t be good if we send you back. It is good for you to go back. Sir! I am the district collector. You should remember that. You are public servant. You are a serviceman. Should serviceman respect his owner
or should the owner respect his servant? Collector sir! We have a long lasting
attachment with this village. This is how it was for many years. People make friends here.
Relationships are made with words. How can we go if you show us a paper
and ask us to leave? This village is our life and
we will not give any of it to you. The government looks down to
the poor with inferiority complex. We will not give anything that
we have rights upon. Do you see that red flag? There shouldn’t a situation
that makes us hold that flag again. You will regret if it really happens. Go and tell to your leader
if you really want to work like a collector. Whatever is happening isn’t right. Their decisions are wrong. Cancel the G.O. We shall fast unto death until then. Hail red.
– Hail red. Hail red.
– Hail red. Hail red.
– Hail red. Okay. I will come back. Yes, sir. Who will capture our land when you are here? Let us go home. There are old people in the village
and school going kids and women. They’re worried. Who will take care of the villagers
if all of us stay here? Why are you saying that, sir?
– You go. No, sir. The leader teaches others but
they know how to move forward. Whoever respects should go away from here
within 5 minutes. I knew that you do not respect me. It is not like that, Mr. Narayan. I came to this village because
I loved Savitri. My love is my responsibility. You are a great leader of this village. You’d become my father-in-law
if Savitri becomes my wife. I will not be able to sleep in peace
if you give up food and sleep. Giving up food and sleep
isn’t the real meaning of ‘Fast unto death!’ Let us go. Rambabu. I have to talk to you. You have sustained my troubles because of me. You continue to do it. There is no meaning to
my love if I do not tell you the truth today. What is that truth, Savitri? That star horoscope like you think. I love you. I don’t know why. I loved you when I saw you. There wasn’t another way. So, My friend wrote
my name on that horoscope and sent to you. I couldn’t deny that. I am sorry. But, I love you, Rambabu. Mr. Narayan Singh!
Whatever you are doing is not right. The entire country is being developed. But, our place remains the same. How can we develop our country
if people like you don’t support us? Have this. [RAMBABU]: Why? Will this country get
developed if you get this village vacated? Do you know what it means to deceit
your own blood? You may not have known. You must’ve had canned milk. Hey! Who are you? The one who sustains troubles
and takes the pain. The one who gets help and helps someone. I am his trustworthy person. I am one of them
if everything happens accordingly. Are these qualifications
enough for me to talk? Sir! You think that the village is a
place to build buildings. It is not like that. Village means people. Village is their home. It means the love among people. It is a ranch, their crops and
the farmers who handle the crops. How will the country develop
if there aren’t any farmers? I may not have studied properly.
That is why I have a doubt. How many jobs can you give if you make a
building after getting us vacate this place? Around 1500 jobs. That means 1500 families will be nourished. Nourishment of 1500 families only? Is it less for a small village? That is because of these farmers here. There are many jobs that
we can get which you can’t imagine. There will be a rice mill for the
farmer’s crops. There will be packaging industry to
pack the rice. There will be transport industry to bring
them to the market. There will be stores and super markets
to sell them. There will be banking industry to give
loan to the farmers. There will be chemical industry
to provide chemicals to them. There will be automobile
industry to farm the crops. There will be import and
export industry if the crop comes out well. There will hotel industry indirectly. There will be broker industry
that depends on them. There will be a political industry
who false promises who looks for their vote. Will there be or will there be not? All these industries are established
and there’d be jobs based on one reason. Why doesn’t the government
consider farming industry? Just for 1500 jobs… Will you make 1800 acres of land worthless? Are you out of your mind? Why? The government has 200 acres of land
near those mountains. Why can’t you build those buildings
over there? This is wrong, sir. No mother will kill her first child after
having the second one. The government has spent 100 crores to
develop this land that you are talking about. 400 crores! Will that be sufficient? What do you want to say? I have 400 crores worth property. I will give it to you. Tell your government to do the construction
over there. No, Rambabu. What will you do if you give them the money? I answered with hope when you asked me how
I’d take care of my family if an earthquake occurs. I will live with that little hope. Problems in human life come like a hare
and goes away like a tortoise. Money came into my life like a hare
and went away like a hare. I was all alone then, sir. But, I have so many people with me today. I can spend my life like this. Sir! Why are you taking the hardship? Stop it. Everyone will come to share happiness. But, only family comes to share the sorrow. Just make me your own. You will not think about it again. You are great. Please come. You talk about God. But, do you know where God is present? He is inside people with good heart. I do not have money now. I am poor. Will you get me married to Savitri? Humans don’t become rich because of money. The one who gains the hearts of
people is the richest person. Come home along with Savitri. Okay, sir. What are you thinking? Why did I come back after leaving that day? I got angry after knowing
that you told me the truth. Then, I thought that this isn’t
your mistake alone. To be honest, I felt like
it is never wrong to lie for love. That is why I came back. For you! Sorry, Savitri. What is this, boss? She is gone. I was like him when I was young. I couldn’t see anyone in trouble. A girl asked me for a pen
while writing tenth grade exam. I gave her my pen.
– Oh! How did you write your exam, boss? I stopped studying after that. He should find our treasure
when we hide it next time. Why so? We can give directly to him. You said it right for the first time. Someone said it right that only love can
make our life better. It means true love can get us
anything we want. A guy loves a girl. A girl loves a boy. Mother and father love their family. A father wants a son-in-law
who loves her daughter. I wanted someone like that. But, I found son-in-law who loves
my daughter and the village as well. [APPLAUDING] Firstly, I’d like to invite my second daughter
Savitri on to the dais. Now, I invite my would-be son-in-law,
Rambabu who is our well wisher. Congratulations.

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