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  1. “That’s primary school level humor.” Hey that’s an insult to kids. At least they’re creative in their jokes even if they suck.

  2. The only good part of those movies are the Chipmunk bit and even that went on too long after they ended the death metal song.

    And hey! That stunt double gag was done in Space Balls!

  3. I actually liked Date Movie and Epic Movie when they came out. They are terrible but even as a kid I knew it and enjoyed them because shitty practical effects always make me laugh (and also those obviously incorrect stunt doubles) I saw Date Movie in theaters and rented Epic Movie and Disaster Movie from Blockbuster (RIP). But though I liked the first 2 EVEN I COULDN'T STAND DISASTER MOVIE! That felt so cheap.

  4. I liked the scary movie movies they made but they got worse with time. I used to like epic movie and disaster movie at first but they got awful the more I watched them and realized they were trash and dumb. When I was younger I found these movies funny but they are garbage. I thought meet the Spartans was okay but they were not great movies at all. They're mostly repetitive and uncreative at times. I tried vampires suck because I hated twilight. But sadly vampires suck wasn't all that funny either it was awkward and stupid at best and it was terrible. I tried to like these movies I really did. But I think only the scary movie movies were okay and only the first two. The rest of these films sucked.

  5. Thankfully, while these guys are SOMEHOW still working, they’re not as prevalent as before. Hell, their last three “movies” barely even got a release, and I’m willing to let their Star Wars “parody” is probably never going to see the light of day.

  6. i think it says a lot about these films when i didn't even notice when you stopped taking about Epic Movie and started talking about Disaster Movie

  7. these movies are basically a summary of the 2000's. if someone ever asked what it was like just show them these movies

  8. Watching the Date Movie bit, I was terrified for a moment because one of the actors looked for all the world like Chadwick Boseman.

  9. i feel like they have some non-artistic historical value sheerly as compilations of references to everything popular in a particular 6 month period. like if there was a movie like this that contained every popular reference from 1997 it might be interesting to go back and see what was going on in society at that point

  10. Oh jeeze these movies are so bad I drank alcohol the whole time to get through that slop of crap movies.
    And that aint no joke either. o.O

  11. You're not supposed to take these movies seriously, what makes them good is that they are so random., had a good laugh when i was 14 when they were released, very similiar to the Scary Movie films. If you want proper comedy, checkout How High, Harold and Kumar and a few others. It really depends on your age group, these movies were made for a younger audience in mind when this type of humour was widely popular. Everyone didn't have internet to enjoy youtube and such and had to enjoy memes and humour from movies like those instead. You don't watch movies like "Machine girl" seriously either, but you watch it for its random gore and fountains of blood.

  12. I cracked the code the only good part about the disaster movie is after you painfully watched it the relief of knowing it won't hurt anybody anymore because you burn it

  13. Hey now. You do not lump Deadpool in with Big Mouth and Teen Titans Go. That's an unsub worthy offense right there. You're on thin ice you accented git.

  14. Am I the only one who sort of wishes that these two failures would each swallow some razor wire and then proceed to floss themselves to death?

  15. A Million Ways to Die in the West was a good movie. Your taste in comedy is garbage, and your thin skin regarding groups that you aren't even a part of is so tiring I had to take a nap after watching this.

  16. I took a girl out on a date to see 'Epic Movie' and I laughed like an idiot at the bingo wings scene. It didn't last long.

  17. You should review the smosh movie. I once saw it on Netflix. I dont know how they made a movie that looked worse than YouTube but it was one of the worst movies i have ever seen…

  18. You SUCK! JK. Funny, and your lack of enthusiasm for fart jokes, shit jokes, or bodily humiliation?? I mean, c'mon. FARTS.

  19. Me: oh goodness Alex this can't possibly be the worst thing ever
    Movie: transphobic slur
    Me: I give up on humanity

  20. When are they gonna stop making "Scary Movie"-s without the Wayans, they suck!

    -Marlon Wayans in the "A Haunted House 2" xD

  21. Freidberg and Seltzer make Adam Sandler look like Lars Von Trier.

    They told us exactly why we should hate them when they described their 'brand' of comedy. Basically they used the example of remember in GOODFELLAS when Pesci is getting upset and he says "Am I a clown? Am I here to amuse you?", then you cut to him and he's dressed as a clown. That's their idea of comedy.

  22. Its like he tackled a bunch of movies that nobody went to see for the story and then did nothing but complain about the lack of story and his disdain for slapstick and edgy jokes. Honestly this video is annoying and condescending. Do better.

  23. I kinda actually like Scary Movie for some reason, it really made me laugh most of the movie. Doesn't apply to the rest of the "scary movies", though.

  24. You should make a video about HISHE. You threw a lot of shade at them in this video, and I’d like to see you elaborate on that

  25. I remember watching disaster movie at a 10th (or 11th I can't remember) birthday party after the presents were opened. I remember laughing a few times, but it wasn't that entertaining. So when my mum picked me up during the movie I wasnt that sad. Hadn't thought about it seriously since that day.
    Great vid Alex and I hope you didn't suffer too much watching this painful trilogy.

  26. I used to find these types of movies hilarious when I was in elementary & middle school. Sometime after starting high school & then college I realized how god awful they really are.

    I will say this about Disaster Movie though, the uncensored version of the ending made me laugh some of the hardest I ever had laughed when I was in 8th grade (1.5 years after it hit theaters), and when I found out the Sarah Silverman song it was referencing I was glad it existed for that very reason.

    Also, the fish that eat dead skin are doing you a favor and keeping your feet healthy, unlike the makers of these “movies”.

  27. Fun story: When I was young (around age 6 to 11) me and my mum went to the cinema at least three times a month and would watch something. I would always pick a kids film and because I didn't really mind what we saw and my mum would sometimes accompany me to see a 12A+ (You can see if you're under 12 if accompanied by an adult) as an excuse to go see the new rom com or something, which I didn't mind they were enjoyable. As I got older I wanted to lead the way and said I'd pick the older movie this time, so we saw Epic Movie when I was 11 and with my older brother (I may be wrong as Google says it was a 15, but I remember seeing it before I started secondary school so I must have been 11 tops). We talk about from time to time how bad a movie that was and how that stopped us going to the cinema together for a bit, but we rewatched it recently as a gag. Still a bad film (and I began taking my mum again, she loved Rocketman.)

  28. IHE: "No one ever goes back and says: Wow, that fart joke was clever, that right there was a genuinely thoughtful and intelligent piece of comedy"
    Me: Thinks back to Austin Powers 3. You know the one.

  29. 17:53 That's a really perfect comparison, especially since HISHE's quality has gone down the drain considerably.

  30. The only thing I disagree with is the criticism of fourth wall breaking in Deadpool, it's a solidified character trait he's been known for, for years. It's not something they did for cheap laughs though considering it's rampant overuse I don't blame you for the presumption. Love your vids man! <3

  31. I'm actually pretty proud to have never watched a single one of these. My rule is simple, if the trailer isn't funny, the movie won't be.

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