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  1. I kept thinking is the doctor bad or not. I don’t like him coming back in the end. He should have stayed dead. They need to get out of there.

  2. Not a great film, and certainly not Ulmer's best–that would either be Bluebeard or The Black Cat, at least in terms of style–but this flick had a few good moments, and Gloria Talbott is pretty and acts well.

  3. Dr Jekyll's daughter (Gloria Talbott) and the girl in the lingerie should have had a dress up and prance around party at the town pub for the locals.

  4. A bit better than most of the junk that was coming out at the time, but whoever wrote this one sure didn't do their homework–or maybe didn't see enough horror movies–mixing up scientifically induced dual personality with werewolves and vampires.

  5. This is one of my favorite movies for the time period. I bought the DVD about 10-years ago. Thank you for posting so that others can enjoy.

  6. Doc couldn't just leave well enough alone…had to keep shit started wit them Hyde killings!!! and will her fiance get up out of them PJ's 😂😂😂

  7. Where has this little gem been hiding or where have i been hiding not to have seen this one before u just got another subscriber thanks for posting this for us to enjoy

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  9. Wow! Just when I thought I'd seen every John Agar movie ever made, along comes this gem to show me how wrong I was. I also thought, because of the title, it would be stupid, but, no, it's actually a well made low budget horror flick that will keep you guessing right up to the end who the monster is.

    The film alters the original Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde plot a bit. Turns out that the kindly doctor, besides becoming the homicidal maniac Mr. Hyde after taking his potion, also experienced an additional undesirable side effect which caused him to become a werewolf during the nights of the full moon! Dr. Jekyll in this film was eventually killed by the villagers living on the land surrounding his mansion (another change from the original where he is killed after falling off a roof in London while being chased), but now his beautiful 21 year old daughter is back, along with financee Agar in tow, to claim the estate. That's when the murders start up again and the villagers are afraid that they have another werewolf, his daughter this time, to have to deal with.

    I recommend this flick.

  10. I remember reading the listing in TV Guide: Daughter of Dr. Jekyll. Didn't even know the old doc was married.

  11. Worst adaptation of the Stevenson classic I ever saw. Can't believe Edgar Ulmer is responsible for this.

  12. One of the all time great movies of this genre! This film is phenomenal! Arthur Shields is simply superb in this role as he was in all characters he portrayed! He is the brother of the equally great Barry Fitzgerald or William Joseph Shields, if you wish!

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