DAUGHTER OF THE WOLF Official Trailer (2019) Gina Carano Action Movie HD

DAUGHTER OF THE WOLF Official Trailer (2019) Gina Carano Action Movie HD

Charlie Charlie Claire Hamilton, we have your boy MOM!!! Get him to the camp we’re going on to the lodge You bring the money where’s my son, you know boys alive for now do it do it now? Go Go Go Go!!! If you were gonna kill her that was the plan Where is my son if she pays the ransom he’d be here by now You took him from me. Now. You’re gonna help me get him back You’re military You ever get used to taking them in life. I knew what I signed up Claire Hamilton!!! And you come here to kill us all I can’t remember time when I was driven my rate WHERE IS MY SON

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  1. The REASON behind the movie name. The mom is the wolf. But the son is a GAY so it's called daughter of the wolves.

  2. Damn! that is what happens to moms when their son is kidnapped. Beast Mode or I guess wolverine mode

  3. Seriously, who wants a Mom that is asking where they are every five minutes. Give a kid some room to breathe.

  4. Looks pretty good, for one of those types.

    The name sounds cool, but doesn't make any sense going by what they showed!

  5. Worst movie I've ever seen. I love gina but damn lol. I would rather her choke me out 10 times a day rather than watch this movie again lol

  6. I love Gina and think she should get more work but this is just another copy of the "they took my kid now I have to kill everyone" Taken, Commando, Long Kiss Goodnight, etc etc etc.

  7. She's awfully lucky Cris Cyborg didn't take her kid then what would she do can your teeth kicked in again LOL

  8. Thought this was gonna be about a woman and wolves? Anyway, did she have to say “Where. Is. My. Son.?”

  9. Dude it's a fucking female. No way a fucking a female will ever do some crazy shit like that. They're too dumb they wouldn't know where to start

  10. This movie is what took place after The Grey… Liam survived settled down and adopted a daughter who he trained for this very moment!

  11. Just rented the movie, acting is very low quality and fight scenes are dry and very poorly carried out. Plot is interesting but very dumb. If you want an action movie I’d suggest John Wick 3 over this movie. The graphics in the background are also low quality. Overall, I’d give this movie a 1.5 / 5 stars. Waste of money to rent or buy. Strongly would recommend to choose another movie.

  12. just finished the movie…VERY glad i watched it without listening to your stupid comments below. the movie is awesome. the only thing i will say is the title doesnt exactly fit the movie what so ever aside from a few wolves that dont eat her. other than that, it has nothing to do with the movie so thats a very bad name for this movie and a very stupid thing to toss into the movie especially with no background as some sort of native blood or connection to the wild. but other than that i really recommend you see the movie its really good and action packed. loved it

  13. I was thinking after readind title that main lead raised by warewolf but after watching its like john wick movie in female version.

  14. bad guy1: We need money….
    bad guy2: We should kidnap someones kid for ransom…
    bad guy3: There's this single mom…she's ex military…she drives a 1999 suburban…she owns a cabin in the woods…and a lot of run down vehicles and equipment….
    bad guy1: clearly she's loaded…..bet she has a load of cash stashed away under the floors of her failing wood working business…
    bad guy2: how do we know we'll have the right kid
    bad guy3: clearly we'll know because he'll be building a model airplane…NO….a WOODEN model air plane
    bad guy2: yeah….kids do that now a days…
    bad guy1: you guys go….and hey……step on the plane when you leave…and if theres an empty cat food can…smash the edge of it and set it next to it…

  15. executive producers: We want an epic car chase….on a budget of 2500 bucks

    director: purchases 2 craigslist finds all right guys we got done filming the chase scene now this is the part where she runs the durango off the road…
    stunt coordinator: uh…the durango wont start…
    director: F%CK…..well we'll just have to use the suburban…at least its the same color…hopefully no one notices the swap…or…one of the vehicles completely disappearing….
    stunt coordinator: yeah it wont start either
    director: F%CKING HELL……
    stunt coordinator: ……found another suburban on craigslist…its black…
    director: ………..go for it.

  16. The trailer looked good. The movie wasn't tho. Took a long time just for something to happen. Didn't watch the rest got too bored. Waste of time…

  17. This movie sounds os familiar, except the movie i remember had a man in the lead…..so they cant figure out to make actual new movies

  18. Will the SJW’s please stop making movies where the woman is supposed to be super tough. It’s a fantasy that nobody is buying.

  19. Seen quite a few comments about "can't wait to see this in theaters…hahaha….even saw one comment about box office…..people…this movie is already sinking to the bottom of your walmarts $4.97 bin.

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