David Spade and Bella Thorne Talk Celebrity Selfie Etiquette – Lights Out with David Spade

David Spade and Bella Thorne Talk Celebrity Selfie Etiquette – Lights Out with David Spade

Drag queen RuPaul says don’t ask him
for selfies. Eek. Uh, he’s famous, uh, now for– and he’s being stopped
on the streets, even when he’s not in drag.
And he said, “I don’t, uh– I don’t– I don’t
have time to do this shit. I-I have no time for selfies.” That’s not even his quote.
I’m saying it wrong. But, uh, you get what
he’s saying. He’s not into it. Bella, do you have
any selfie rules? ‘Cause you must get it a lot
from people. -You-you have to do it.
Oh, you have to. -Yeah. -I’m with you on that.
-You know. The only thing is sometimes it’s the worst timing,
and you’re, like, you know, like, you know, uh, you know, I’m sucking my boyfriend’s
(bleep) in the bathroom at In-N-Out.
Like, don’t ask me or… I-I was at dinner
the other night, getting my (bleep) sucked,
and, uh… and, uh… (laughing) No, I was… -By her boyfriend.
-I was in– I wanted these people to just– I honestly don’t ever say no. And it’s just–
I-It’s so mean, because– It sounds crazy, but when people
see you or they see you, it’s– they’re so excited
at that second that y-you’re killing ’em. I remember a football player
said no to me once. I remember it
for the rest of my life. And so I don’t want to ruin it.
But we were eating. And then I got bamboozled, -because I was sharing,
uh, a bench -Bamboozled? with, like, a booth.
Like, a banquette, it’s called. And, um, this girl
was sitting there. So, she was with her friends
and she asked for a picture and I did it.
Then she was getting drunker. And so once they see it’s okay,
this other lady walks over. She goes,
“Please? Just one? C-Click? Me. Go. Leave.” And I go, “All right.” And then she goes like this.
(whispers) She gets, like,
ten people to come with her. I go, “No.
No, that was a trick.” And then they all crowd around. And each phone. And you go, “No, one phone.
E-mail each other.” It’s a whole shenanigans.
And then when she left, Drunkie over here goes,
“All right, I don’t like mine. Let’s do another one. Up, up.” And I go, “Up, up?”
I go, “Let me just finish this.” “No, now. We got to go.”
And I go… -I’ve had a few of those.
-And I actually tried to say no. I go, “No.”
And she goes, “No, get up,” and gave it to my friend. And she goes,
“Smile in this one.” It’s all these rules and regs. And then, uh, I guarantee you,
she’s gonna be like, “Here’s me and David Spade,
and he was a (bleep) dick.” -Oh.
-You know what I mean? I’ve had three fans now, uh,
ask me for selfies with them. -(cheering and applause)
-And– Yep. I mean it. Thank you so much.
Thank you, everybody. Thank you. Yeah,
those were the most exciting 30 secondses of my life, so I… I don’t know. I just think– It’s like, yeah,
we get it, RuPaul, it’s difficult being famous,
you know what I mean? I live with that
every single day of my life. You just got to, like,
man up, you know? Grab your sack, tuck it
between your butt cheeks, tape it down, put on your
big boy panties and get to work. I do it every day!

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  1. She tries so hard to be risque and 'naughty' that it just comes off as fake and desperate. I've never seen someone try so hard to stay relevant; she'll say whatever she thinks the audience wants to hear.

  2. I've probably been within 10 feet if at least 150 celebrities in my life and never asked for an autograph or a selfie with them because I figure they're always being bombarded with things like that. I also don't ask because when the sun rises…and sets…they're really no different than you or I. They're just people trying to enjoy their lives like the rest of us

  3. What is the comidienne’s name who ISN’T Bella Thorne??!? I’ve seen her before and I’ve been hunting for her name ever since!!!!

  4. The worst thing about people like this is when you ask them for a picture and they try to get in front of the camera with you.

  5. Drugs are bad Bella Thorn, and wow you are so hip and edgy and a rebel with you multiple piercings. No, no you're not, you look hideous.

  6. Bella if you’re reading this, Don’t let the mean comments get you down. We’re living in end times. People jump at the chance to bully whomever they can, & not be held accountable for it. I think it’s cool David had you on the show. Take care & be well, sister. 🙏☮️

  7. I respect celebs who appreciate their fans!!! I would respect them even more if they’d all start punching the paparazzi in their throats! Stalking celebs and taking their picture is not a job morons! It’s invasion of privacy… uh… which brings us back to celeb/fan selfies🤔🧐🧐

  8. I was rejected by George Clooney and Pete Sampras for photos, they just gave autographs, and yes it still does sting. Clooney is nice though.

  9. Since we don't get to find out the names of Spade's guests that we don't know while watching his show's clips on, "YouTube," I wish before these clips would be put out on social media the show would just pop the names of the guests by each of them, respectively, for maybe 3-to-5 seconds at the beginning of the clips. That would be helpful.

  10. So let me get this straight, the most iconic Drag Queen in the past 15 years who is Famous because of the fans. Is telling the fans no more pictures????

  11. Saw him at IHOP in LA With a crazy beautiful woman….yrs ago…. wanted to say hi…but dude was on chill breakfast mode…

  12. I hated how the person Bella thorn acted so “offended” after every joke.
    I put “offended” because I wasn’t sure if the person was actually offended or if the person was pretending to be offended to try and act morally inclined/woke. Either way, not a great guest/sport.

  13. Just so you know, people who make this show, you done struck gold. And you Better Bring Dusty Fuckin' Slay back. SOON! Lovin' it.

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