Dawat E Shaadi Hyderabadi Full Movie | Gullu Dada, Saleem Pheku, Aziz Naser | Sri Balaji Video

Dawat E Shaadi Hyderabadi Full Movie | Gullu Dada, Saleem Pheku, Aziz Naser | Sri Balaji Video

Brother Money.
-Money? Will give now, lets go. Come will give now. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 Greetings.
-Keep coming. Sir money for my Chicken. Chicken. How much? Rs.10000.
-Rs.10000. Who asked you that?
-Who ever was eat. Marriage is of mine, you
feed to public, are you mad. In first night’s baffle,
I eat the chicken. Says same after eating.
-Brother money for water. How much?
-Rs2500. Sir here.
-What is it now? I have decorated your bed room,
give me sum. Why are you making noise. Hard work of yours, first night for mine. I was waiting for this day from longtime. Take this, take Rs.500 tip.
-Thanks. Hey Jamal, Bride ran away! She had affair with other boy,
ran from behind. Hey…why did you do this with me! Hey Queen of flowers… ..owner of the springs. Your smile is fantastic… Hey Queen of flowers,
owner of the springs…. Your smile is fantastic… Heart is not consciousness
nor me consciousness…. Meeting of vision is fantastic… Hey, Queen of flowers,Noorjaha… Where you have gone Noorjaha? I searched you a lot Noorjaha…
Noorjaha….My dear… You have started again! You married to me, having
dreams of Noorjaha. I’m going to beauty parlour,
get milk packets from nearby shop. If you want to have tea. If get hungry?
-If you go ahead.. ..there is Idli-Dosa hotel as well. Have breakfast as well. If you are hungry. If everything has to do outside,
why did I got married to you? Get lost, greetings. Ok. Before leaving, at least listen
to verse from dry mouth. From dry mouth, verse will not come… …bugs comes out.
Go to office. People are waiting there. There was phone from there.
Say’s he will say verse. I will not say verse for you… …instead one day will take to zoo… …will serve you as dinner to real lion. You are the real issue of my life. If you had not create the problem… …she would not been in my life. Hello Jalil.
-Yes Man. Tomorrow I will give you couple of amount. Come with hair colored. Should not see a single
white hair, got it. Yes, understood.
-OK bye. Yes tell mother, who wants the relation? For him. Who is he?
-He is my son. He is only one. Passed metric. Since 3 years working in Saudi. What kind of job you have done?
– On fuel station. Ok, what are your demands?
– See man, girl should be slim, fair. Should be rich.
Should give dowry. Cupboard, Bed, Fridge, LCD TV. And if we get Maruti it will great. Can I say something mother.
-Yes, tell me. Whoever comes, want girl slim, fair, rich. Then fat girls, poor girls, Black girls
where should these girls go? Who will marry them? How much amount you thought for marriage?
– For marriage, I have thought of 20. Thousand?
– What are you saying… …it’s 20 lakhs!
– What 20 lakhs! 20 lakhs for this?
Who will give 20 lakhs for this idiot. He works on fuel station… …he is not owner of fuel station, got it. You bad mouth.You call my boy idiot. Go mother go, take him
else will hurt him. Take him. Noor…jaha… Shaha Jaha… Shahajaha. Love, affair, romance… …people’s God Father. Sir, the same who made Taj Mahal. Yes, the same Shahajaha. Learn to Love, romance from Shahajaha. Do go on investments like him. Remember, give love, take love… …but don’t go for marriage. Pavan, how is going with you. Super sir, super. Very good, very good.
Mubshi, how about you? Sir, my girl, when sees me on gate,
runs inside. Oh…on seeing you on gate
She runs inside gate again. May be she is shy by seeing
your innocent face. But don’t get disappointed,
today or tomorrow… …you will get success. Anyways, Student of Mustan College of love,
has not failed till today. My college students… …are popular all across the world. Are doing good name. Today’s classes… ..will stop here.And will meet next week. Moving people… …turn & see here… I’m human…. …like you..
-He is handsome. But blind with eyes.
– How sad. Yes, looks like English movie hero. See here… How sad. No response coming. Need to change song. No fair, no black… …world is of lovely people..
-Oh..My god! Did you got hurt? Get up. Did you got hurt?
-I’m habituated to… …these hurts & pain. Where do you stay? For me there is no destination… ..nor any place. Friends, I learned… …to love darkness. Actually I stay in happy home. Not my life is very unhappy. We will drop you. For Triple seat ride, police will charge. We will drive by small lanes. No one will get us. You people are very good. Seems it’s late night.
-No it’s day time. Did you had food. Yes we had.
You? One auto is coming from side. Hey…see on sides! You are blind, how did you see auto? What Mr. You were acting, What is it.
-Sand witch was great. Searching me… …did someone came for me here. From Dawat-e-Shadi.com Who are you? My name is Abbas. Son of Hussain. Car mechanic, did not recognise?
-Not recognised. Oh…you are from Guntor! I thought from Hyderabad. In Hyderabad, even kids know me. Send half tea & biscuits on table. Hello! You are Abbas right?
From Dawat-e-Shadi.com Yes, any doubt. No doubt. From where we begin.
-What? I’m mean marriage talks. Lets start. My self Mirza Abbas Julfikar. Father’s name Mirza Hussian Julfikar. Kitchen is in Sultan style.
At home it’s Indian not English style food. Father is car mechanic. I’m mobile mechanic. sorry, my father is no more. Age is 27 years. Nature is very good, till now didn’t
had any affair. Has good respect in my place.
And I’m against dowry. Whatever your father gives
with love is acceptable. I have own Maruti 800 car, parked below. After marriage we will roam in that only. Now, you say… …about your thoughts. My name is Sahila.
Stays on road no.10. Father has lot of money. Studied masters.
Daily visits to pub. Wearing mini skirt, Enjoys parties. Awakes in night, sleeps during day. I have one brother, he is also like this. I smoke as well. No one bothers at home. Has 15-20 affairs. Got engaged with one, that also broke. This is my class. And I have no interest in you. Because you are not from my class. Bloody mass.
-One Minute. Got to know, what is your class. I’m mass, fine. Being mass, whatever you
have sparked the fire… …I may have done half of that
what you have done. Being a girl, what you think of bold,
mere making… …your parents didn’t stopped you know… …because your parents lived
the life same way. It’s matter of training. Which school you go… ..same things will be learned. Your are such a low grade class,
I’m proud of being mass, greetings. Step aside! My relations will be done by only one man. He is Gorebhai. Before that Abbas has to meet to Mustan. To make one great suspense film. Brother… What happened Sahila
any tension? Today one cheap guy.. …showed me my place. Who is that?
I will fill bullets in his head. Do whatever your want.
I will never forget that guy. Forget all that. You got craze to get married
What happened of that? My brother Danish,
I’m happy with my affairs. If you want to get married, do it. Forget it, anyways I’m elder to you. I will get married before you,
but let’s take more fun of life. Where you brought me man? Told will show a girl. Here you not see a girl,
but see girls. This is called Disco. Pub. What is it called?
-Disco, pub. It was planned to see Gorebhai… …just got dragged with you here. Hi Mustan, how are you?
-I’m fine. How are you?
-Hello Gorebhai. Mustan brought me here Disco
at banjara hills. To show a girl. I have found great relation for you. Be there, I will come there.
-OK. I’m not coming. Junior’s should always listen to seniors.
Come with me. Hey Uncle.
-Hello uncle. Uncle where is Shankar Anna?
-He is there at next door. You are well connected to big people. Our business goes because of these people. You were saying, there will be chaos,
dance.It’s nothing seen here. Now I’m here… …now just see. Hey bro, whats up?
-Bro. What is this music. Play that our Hyderabadi.
-Ok will play that. This Cock will play the music. Why you call him cock. Just look at his hairs. Hey, with this kind of hairs
lots of cocks are moving in town. Cool man. (Rap) We are Hyderabadi,
listen everybody… We are Hyderabadi,
listen everybody… We don’t ask, we don’t scare anyone.. We don’t ask, we don’t scare anyone.. We are lovely friends of friend… Hail Hyderabadi… Hail Hyderabad… Our style is different from others…
But have control on words… Road road fighter…
Area tiger… Evil persons, don’t mess with us…
-He is there. Evil persons, don’t mess with us… Sorry, I don’t teach dance. Why are you scared, go and hit him. Where are those two brother-in-laws. I don’t know your brother-in-law. I can hit him, but the four guys with him,
how can I beat them. Do you think I’m hero of Hindi movie. If it’s so important, you go and beat them. Find two brother-in-laws.
-No no, Gorebhai will take care Ok then just hold our guitars. Oh.. great feast for eyes. With whom you have take the risk. I went to see his sister. Plan to have relation with his sister. Rejected her, since taking revenge. It’s good one. People to this place are good only. Hey why did you stopped?
Play Hail Hyderabad… Hail Hyderabad… Hail Hyderabad… Hail Hyderabad… Hail Hyderabad… It’s party… Hail Hyderabad… Hail Hyderabad… It’s party… You don’t mind, why you took him
to show dance-music? In you days, you might have
gone to see mujrahs. I will talk to you later. Hey about you, I told you.. ..I have seen good relation for you.
Why are you ignoring? He only took me there.
-I got beat. Show me. It’s light, will be fine till morning. See, not hit, just acting. Forget this, show me the relation
which you saw for me. Greetings. Take this photo & bio data of
a girl which you asked for. Oh..God! Looking at photo
seems very beautiful. What is the name of parents?
-Father’s name no idea, mother’s name is Noorjaha. Oh…Noorjaha! Today needs to get hold. This manner is used to call dogs. Noorjaha….
My dear Noorjaha. I have come. Come. Why you are here at late night? I was saying…. Mother will awake, tell me later go. Will awake from sleep,
not from this world. You go.
-I was saying…. Before I loose my balance… I want to say something… Your story is very painful. Feels sad after listening your story. For God sake don’t cancel this relation. After long time one girl looks interesting. You don’t worry. If the way I’m thinking… …if things in such a way.
Not one but… ..two relations will happen. You have come.
-Greetings! Greetings! All my desire are shattered. Come, have a seat. You also seat. Noorjaha… Groom side people have come. As you entered, bell rang in the heart… As you entered, bell rang in the heart… Greetings.
-Today also same grace on the face. Is this your love? Yes it is. From nail story. Yes it is. Now are going to get marry her? No doubt. Husband might be alive. Will kill him. Oh God, you look good then in photo. Gorebhai is much handsome. Just got problem with height & his works. Son,You got nice sense of humor. I was talking about Abbas. He has habit of making useless jokes. Be serious man. God’s grace, we are happy to know
from your side there are no demands. Sajiya, bring Najiya. Just seat, will return soon. It’s reason to meet me. I have to use toilet. Go ahead take left When will this man’s needs
will get completed. You forgot me & got settled. You don’t have shame, I’m married. Mother of two kids. Two kids, if married to me… …it would be four kids. Go from here, someone will see. This nail, became Amrish puri of life. It’s troubling me for my life. Whatever is happened is happened,
go from here. Kids will come. Where is your husband? It’s been 2 years he is died. Oh God! You are great. Gorebhai may be not engaged
in his naughty activity. It’s obvious, inside trying to fire up… …as its old love story. He is here. I have not seen gentleman
person like Gorebhai. What a person he is. I have not seen rascal person like you. Greetings. Greetings. You are seeing Abbas sister-in-law… …my relation should happen
with her that’s it. It’s already done, you get lost. I don’t know all that. You are also married,
did you forgot Noorjaha? What do you want to say. I want to say, if you want Noorjaha,
I want this Hoorjaha. Else will open your secrets at your home. Your talking too much.
-Correct. Want to tell one important point. She is my elder daughter Sajiya. She got engaged earlier. We were thinking that… …to finish her marriage first,
later of Abbas & Najiya. Aunty, Who got engaged with Sajiya. Boys name is Danish,
here is his photo. He will go mad. Sajiya got engaged with this nasty. What is the matter, liked photo so much? When will do Abbas’s engagement program? By God’s grace coming Friday night. It’s good idea. Bad boys…
-Sachet of drugs… Sajiya, bring those flowers.
-Ok, will bring soon. Call soon, it’s getting late. Felt sad to hear that, you got engaged… …to such a person who is… …number one loafer, fraught, nasty.
-Excuse me, who are you? And how do you know. I knows it all. But behaves, as if don’t know. I’m very sure that, you are not happy
with this relation. I’m very happy with this relation.
Greetings. With love trying to make you understand. Get it. When we came to your
home for Abbas relation to Najiya. That day only I got it clear… …now there will be 3 weddings. 3..?
Who is this third? That is nothing do to with you.
-Daughter Sajiya… Come soon with flowers. Coming mother. You move, please. If I don’t make mother of my kids… …then I’m not son of my dad. Coming near, you made me happy. Now go from here,
someone will see. I was saying, lets have 3 weddings. 3..?
-Sajiya, Najiya & we. You are shameless. Shameless is the name of love my dear. Love to love you baby… Lets finish the formalities. Why are you so desperate.
-I was thinking, why to delay in good things. Bring it.
-Hey..I’m making it for you. Greetings. Aunty, your are making relation of
you daughter with these locals. You know what he did to my sister. I also know English. What I did to
your sister, did I screw her happiness. How dare you?
-Shut up, I’m not talking to you. Tell me what is happened. Aunty, few days before I met her at Coffee shop.
Regarding marriage. I didn’t understand her, she didn’t to me.
That the end. He talk nonsense to my sister. See Danish Sir, respect is
very costly in market. And I know too many words to disrespect.
That I can tell you freely. Just leave this & ask your sister
what nonsense I spoke to her. Did I spoke nonsense to you. You all… ..made big things of small matters. Yes correct.
-Come on finish the formalities. Aunty… Sajiya’s relation with him? Aunty, didn’t I said to you. Forget all this.
-Have told. Leave me. Come on, come on… (Wedding song) What a look. I will see you later. Do you think I do only comedy. God bless you. Mustan become very serious
with my sister-in-law. Congratulations to your function. To you compliments for widow. Who will wish me congratulations. That guy Danish will give
you wedding card. Do you have shame. See Gorebhai, he is making
fun of me. Are you friend to me. You should not say as such. See man, I will give you great idea. You fix great fielding
in front of her home. Keep check on her movements. Keep watch, at good time hit sixer. Can’t you fix your own setting. Town guys, with your ideas,
getting girls. You are love guru.
Idol of romance. Go, my wishes are with you.
Go… Go my lion go…. How was this emotional play? Superb. Your MLA seat is fixed. You have forgot wash clothes,
come here & wash it. It’s my washing time.
-Looks like bad time. When will she come. What is this love factor,
Make person to do anything. Hello…
-Greetings. Greetings. How come you are here? Actually Sajiya, I wanted to
say you something. Yes, tell. Till now, there were
2 girls in my life in my life . One when I was in 7th class. In 8th class, her parents took her to America. During Inter second year,
another girl in my life. One day I went with her on date. After one week, she got married. Now onwards. Looks like… …in my faith has some other plans. Yes, I’m getting what you are saying. You got it, then what do you say. You know that, I’m engaged with Danish. Then you are right. One day I will make you mine. Jilani…
-Yes, brother. Did you water the plants?
-Yes, brother. Khudoos, did you feed birds. Yes done. And you might have forgot to feed goats.
-Yes Bro. How did I understand?
How? Who is this gentleman?
Greetings, all ok. He is hero, in the college, to your sister….
-Stop. Do you drink tea?
-No brother no. I also don’t. Do you want to go home.
-Yes, sorry. What did I ask you?
Do you want to go home. Why are talking advance things? I’m going to college. Did you spoke to him. Not yet, he just came. Asked do you drink tea. He said no. Ok, you talk.
I’m going. Greetings.
-Greetings. And son.
-Henceforth will not do. No brother. You tease to my sister. No brother no.
-In eve teasing.. …put him in.
I will call SI & tell him. No brother no. Take him away. Danish, I going to talk
to my brother about us. Tomorrow will talk, day after wedding,
later honeymoon. What do you say?
-I was about say you same thing. I got engaged. I going to get married this week. Girls name is not Neha…. ..it’s Sajiya.
-Are you making joke. I’m serious. You also become serious. If this the thing, you don’t
know my brother. You know me? Go and tell your brother same… …Danish cheated me, now not marrying. Danish, I love you. Dear, when did I said, I hate you. I love you dear, but now I’m marring
someone else. Now have to come on reality. How much you seen my affections…. …now will see more hatred. Hello inspector. Hey Danish. I will not leave you today. Hey call team. Wait, let this vehicle go. After this vehicle, we will go. Oh God! Oh God! Why are you beating us? It’s mistake sir.
It’s happening twice in a week. Keep coming man. Health remains good. For how many days we are in sir?
-Will ask & tell. To whom you will ask sir?
-Meantime be inside. That all will be seen.
-My sister! I’m never going to leave him. I too. There is weakness in beautiful girls.
-What? I mean, if someone troubles
beautiful girls, tortures. I get very angry. My blood boils. you know. For such guys, there should be death. Will do one thing.
Will make him sleep on road… …pull over road roller over him.
-No, no, don’t ride roller over him. Please, I love him.
I can’t see him die. You have one option.
First you decide. Want to kill him or release him. Will do one thing, stop his wedding. Make my wedding with Danish, please. Ok, you go. I will think about it. Ok, I will leave.
Greetings. But you haven’t given your number. Sorry, forgot. Here is my card. But will I get my Danish. Laila to Majnu… Shiri to Farhad… Who managed to meet? But they never meet. But you both will surely meet. This is my challenge. How sweet. Don’t forget to treat.
-Sure. Bye.
-Next. What are you doing?
-Playing candy crush. That Danish has fixed wedding date… …printed cards. And will marry as well. What are going to do,
Going to sit like majnu. Did you thought of it.
-I don’t have think to much about it. It’s good girl, will get away from hand. You try last time. I will slip away from hand.
-Forget, I will try. If you lie, crow will bit… …black crow… Hello… Hello…hello… Who is talking?
-I’m Abbas talking. Yes, brother-in-law talk
what is the matter. Here Mustan is on Yakubpura railway track. What are you doing there?
-Mustan is lying on track, saying will die. What is this madness.
Tell him to move from there. He is saying will not move,
till I die. Hello… Hey Mustan,stop, where are you going. Hello… Mustan, stop, where are you, stop… Don’t stop me brother, let me go.
-Don’t go there… Ok…will call you later. Job is done. Phone is coming.
-Don’t pick. oh…Najiya. Now what we need to do. What is happening?
Coming… Yes, coming.
Sleep..sleep. Mustan, you guys finish your drama soon. Here each 15min. train comes.
My marriage is not happened yet. Fast.
-Don’t know what these guys are doing here. What are you doing Mustan. Mustan.
-Get up. Why are you doing this act? I told you, my engagement is done. If your engaged, then why are you here.
-He called so I came. Why you called, go.
I want to die. You are friend, how can I leave you to die. Ok…to my point.
Why are you here? You should be sitting at home,
your are engaged. At home they are allowing alone
to go out of home so came. Don’t do this, our engagement is done,
Why are you giving tension to me. Go sit at home.
-Hey, I’m here. Siren is sounding, get up my Mustan.
Train may come any moment. No..I want do die… Lift him.
-Mustan get up. No…no…
-Why are you doing this? Get up, we will talk. Get up, train is coming.
-Ok..ok.. You are saying so much. Will get up.
-Train is coming move. See, sister-in-law
-Sister-in-law, who is it. Today or tomorrow will happen but… …to with whom your wedding is happening,
that boy is not right. I’m the proof.
Both brother & sister are gone state. I know all Abbas.
-You know, still you marry him. Go, go, here no respect for true love. Anaban grill welcomes you. Any order please.
-Bring one glass of poison. Mustan, please listen to me. You don’t know one thing. There is big reason to relation of Sajiya with Danish.
-I know all. How do you know man? This is what happens, these people are rich.
they are also rich. 2-2 rich families, business deals happens
with marriage. If this is the thing of rich girls. Where will poor’s girl go? Poor people doesn’t have heart. The way poor take care of wife,
rich people do not. Poor is on own earning,
don’t depend on father earning. Animals are better then human,
at least they don’t differentiate. As poor-rich.
-Nothing is as such, all you are thinking. One minute Sajiya. See Mustan. The matter is that, my father was working
as manager in Danish father’s office. My dad had huge debits. Danish’s daddy has helped my father lot. Danish father is aware of his habits. Outside whatever son does the nonsense. But to have good girl at home… …decided to have relation of Sajiya with Danish. Sajiya also doesn’t like this relation.
Now you tell, what to do in such case. Very smart, got to know the entire script. It worries to cut the villain from the story you know. When there is need of good work,
there two people are required. And where need to spoil the work… …there 3 people should go. From that 2 must be good,
one bad entry. Because of his presence,
job gets spoiled. Who is that useless?
-Who else… Useless is this nail of my life. And Danish of your life. Understood of Danish… …what is the story of this nail. This matter is of 1990. When Mahesh Bhatt’s Movie
‘Ashique’ was released And my love was on the top. As like breath is necessary… …for life… Just one girl is necessary for love… Hello.
-Hello, can I talk to GoreBhai. He is busy in meeting. Once he is free from meeting,
tell him Noorjaha has called. Okay madam. Sir, some Noorjaha madam had called. Hello.
-Yes, Noorjaha talk, all fine. Nothing is fine.
-Why, what happened? Father is transferred to Lucknow,
and there he… …has fixed my wedding. What will happen to my affair?
-Now is the time… …in evening at 5:00, our train,
starts from Nampally station. You come there & ask for my hand
from my father. I’m waiting for you there.
-I’m coming. Pray for me man.
-Ok. Kid, Al Noor. What’s the matter kid? Yes Dad.
-You looks tensed. No Dad, lets go. Hey..Stop stop. Go fast fast. What… What happened? This is what happened. This evil nail, has become
spoiler of my life. Gorebhai your story if very painful. It was first half… …second half is remaining. Call for tea, seems its interval. Do you want to eat something. Potato Toast, Pav Bhaji,Cheese Sand witch,
sugar apple milk shake…. For me as well. We are sitting at home,
not in fast food center. Noor…
What is my wife’s name? Call her as darling. Darling…
-What is it. Send out 3 strong tea & some biscuits. So then… What happened next. I will forget the world… …in your liking… Scared fellow. Ran away from wedding. The day I find you, will kill you. Don’t cry sister,
your brother’s is still alive. Today this wedding will happen. Don’t remove this bride’s dress. Here you like someone, tell us. We will get you married to him. Tell sister, say it. With him. Leave me.
-Come with us silently. You have to marry with my sister.
-Leave me. Release me man. Where are you taking me?
Tell me. Why are you taking me to pendal. Whose wedding is this? Hey..
-He is your husband. Whatever happened with me… …that, I will not allow to happen with Mustan. I will not allow to be have
one more Gorebhai. Bye the way you are already fair. Till now Gorebhai, never used to think
before any match making. But now, will break one wrong relation… …and will fix one correct relation. That’s it ! Get up man.
Get up… Get up man. How long you are sleeping?
Do you have mind. Get up man. Your girl friend is calling you, see. Hello, take this. Greetings. Greetings, why called so early. Did not had invitation today. Whose. Who else, of me & Danish
-Congratulations. Hello..hello congratulations.
What it means. Are you not ashamed.
-You sit for function at least. Why are you taking tension of
unwanted things. Ok I will. If unwanted thing happens then. If happened, after that
we will be good friends. Ok bye. Greetings. Hello. What happened looks sad. Where is your wedding dress. It’s there at home, why? Are you going to wear that. Will wear shervani. Greetings. Live long.
-How are you. Jani. Greetings.
-Live long, come inside. Dance… Who has invited you?
-You are not happy to see me. You didn’t like my coming. Now I will there for entire marriage. Greetings. What a glow on face of Noosha. Greetings.
-Greetings. No kid.. its ok. Stay happy. Be fulfilled. Come kid, come. My only son’s wedding,
and such a silence. There should be some commotion,
some song-dance. How to know, this is Hyderabadi wedding. That we will see… Today you are water,water…
(Bollywood Song) Come to beach, your faith will be… (Bollywood Song) Apply mehndi… Keep ready Palanquin… Apply mehndi…
Keep ready Palanquin… Your beloved will come to take you… Apply mehndi…
Keep ready Palanquin… One who comes to my dreams… Come & teases me… One who comes to my dreams… Come & teases me… Ask him to come in front sometime…. Water fall is love…
Kalama arises is love… In the breath is love…
In the eyes is love… Liberate my love from my heart… You destroy me… Your are my status.. For me you are melody… My love is melody… Everyone doesn’t get love here in the life… Those are luck who got this season in the life… Everyone doesn’t get love here in the life… Pain of heart would be less… If me & you would have meet… If me & you would have meet.. So many beautiful moments would have been… If me & you would have meet.. If me & you would have meet.. (Punjabi Song) Me, my heart & you are here… Then why are your eyes down… Not seen beautiful like you before… Before this where were you… Living more then before… More then before….
Dying more then before… Fair, here also fair… O God…. O..God… O..God… O..God… Love of promise… O..God… O..God… (Bollywood song) There not branches,
these are hairs… Should see them in day time. Can see clearly. It’s so much tension here,
You are seeing hairs. Mustan you know that in next two days
it’s my wedding. Correct, in two days
it’s my wedding as well. How cool you are? You are not worried a bit. Entire life went without worry,
how will now worry come. But still you don’t worry.
-Noorjaha. What I was thinking, it is your
daughter’s wedding. In the same pendal… …we will also get married.
-No. Are you not shamed. Not ‘chee’…it’s ‘Choo’ Let me touch delicate lips…. It’s nothing but… …beetelnut. Hey Abbas, it’s sound of Nail man. I was saying, I don’t have kids. Why don’t your kids call me Dad. Yes..that… Came here to take payment,
I only made these relations. Did we asked, what you came here to take? See, how I made good guys relations. Now don’t try more, you have been
caught red handed. Meaning..what is this happening mummy. Mummy has found Daddy for you.
-Mummy? Don’t call mummy, say Daddy. Don’t be so worried, touch their feet. What are you saying. Now you only make them understand,
Mother-in-law. Mother-in-law? Whose?
-Mine. Hey…what happened! Just two days left for wedding… …you telling me this thing now. Sorry mummy, I kept you in dark. Why are you taking tension mother.
I will burst such a crackers…. …that in our life will be bright. Man can I leave, it’s too late night. And dogs of my area are dangerous. Where are you going,
you are Mustan’s strength. What is this problem. Danish’s dad is dangerous. He will not allow this wedding. My wife is more dangerous then him,
I’m I afraid of my wife. Why to scare, when you have loved.
-So what you say. You also do wedding along with us.
-Not a bad idea. Expenses will be saved.
-Not a bad idea. What kind of ideas you are given. Gorebhai’s wife will tear him. Now only he said,
why to scare, when you are in love. Kid Noorjaha… Where are you?
-Coming. Where are you running. The horse on which game played… …that horse is eating romance grass. Do you play race.
-Why you say that? If would have played, would be aware
how much money to put on which horse. Is it, I play.
so I know. Tomorrow, the horse on which
I beat money… …will not lose nor engage in love.
-Then what will you do. Just will hit. Whose? Our films villain. By the way, what is the name of your horse. Rolando… Call me Rolando. Immediately move from that land,
else will bury in same land, got it. Greetings.
-Greetings. And what’s the matter Mustan. Seen after long time.
-Day before meet in Rafiq’s wedding. It’s been 2 years we meet in wedding. What is the work.
-Actually you know…. One minute. Hello…O God. These persons are beating me. Hey he is requesting so much,
forgive him. When you are telling,
then also not doing. You cut the phone,
I will compromise the matter. Phone calls during business hours. Yes Mustan, tell, what is the work. Brother, in reality there was one work. Will do, we are here for that only. But I want to say… ..he is dangerous & bad man. Ok…give menu card to brother. Breaking hand Rs.5000. Breaking legs Rs.7000. Breaking head Rs.25000. Slapping Rs1500. Wicket down Rs.3 lakhs. Hello.. Entering in the wedding created mess. They didn’t spare your small brother. Two are in Osmaniya & two are in Gandhi,
didn’t even bother of wedding. He is very busy.
-Even I’m not in office, give card. I will come to wedding.
-Small fighter. Photo of customer. It’s him. He is, send photo on Whats app of my boy. Already sent on Whats App. When you were talking over the phone.
-Ok, work will be done? Rolando is popular to do on the spot
work, got it. Mustan had talk much about you. Hello..
-Thanks. Ok.
-Hello Sir, calling from Airtel… …your bill of Rs.2000 is due. You have to pay it otherwise…
-Hello, wrong number. One soldier down. Take on back end. Beat him as well. You two go at once, attack! You are my guys, why are you hitting me. My life also become like orphan fishes. The center big fish is like my fat wife. And small are me & Noorjaha. Hi Noorjaha. Some say it’s river…
-How is the love. Some say it’s wreath…
-How is the love. Some say it’s river…
-How is the love. Some say it’s wreath…
-How is the love. Some compare with gold…
Some compare with soil… Some compare with silver… It can’t stop on the time… It’s becomes bad… How is the love… Different risk… Always calls me in dreams. Sometime call in real. My Noorjaha… How do I remove you from my heart. Don’t you know. In your memories, I stay awake entire nite. And in day time sleep. You have started again. King of dreams. Again dreams of Noorjaha. Didn’t got flowers so,
made friendship with thrones… This is how, I spend my life… No there is no way out. Anyways you were working like money. Do same thing, forget Sajiya, all done. I do have heart. I’m also a man. I want wife, kids. You don’t have parents, I have. Mother keep saying when are you
showing us grand kids. First time, I’m seeing you so emotional. If so, then let’s go & break Danish. Before that will make your wedding, come. Listen man. I’m afraid of fights.
Nothing about me. Something happens to other then its issue. Hey listen, I have one bad idea. Mother I can’t live without Sajiya, will die. If you say in such style, you look like CD film hero.
Bring some feel. Action. I can’t live without Sajiya… ..I will die. Are you acting or begging. Bring the feel man. Haven’t seen Nawazudin Sidque, bring
artistic feel. Do it natural. Action. Mother, I can’t live without Sajiya. Will die. This is it!
You became natural actor, let’s go. Mother…this side. Greetings mother. Greetings. Mother..I can’t live without Sajiya…
-Not getting that feel. We did outside, Nawazudin Sidque. Under play…take. Mother.. I can’t live without Sajiya, will die. Not getting that feel,
how will make you understand. I can’t live without Sajiya, will die….
-What is this madness, leave this. Mustan, what are you doing.
Throw the knife. I love you Sajiya. Mustan stop. Let me trying speaking to Danish’s daddy. Things of weddings. Brother greetings. Greetings, tell me. I want to talk one important point. Everything is done, now what is important. I was thinking that… …if Danish is not interested
in marriage then… Who said to you?
Nothing like that. No… If something like this there,
I was saying that…. You just make arrangements
for mehendi & wedding. Don’t worry of money. As early it’s better. Even though if you think on it. Because its question of both boy & girl. May be you are forgetting, sister-in-law… …this relation was done in front
of your late husband. One more thing, our obligation on you.. ..no need to remind again & again. And wedding will happen in this week only. God bless you. What happened Aunty, did it worked. Your expression are worrisome. It seems difficult. No….you are saying lie.
Seems old man agreed. No Mustan, it’s difficult.
Now God only can help you. And tomorrow only is the mehendi function. My love… O my dear…. Paradise is the place, Where heart is…
Where you are… Listen once… Listen to heart always…
Don’t trouble…. Now accept it…
You only tell… Where to go, paradise is the place,
my dear… My dear… Paradise is the place, Where heart is…
Where you are… Listen once…My dear…
Don’t trouble… Looks very happy. Where are you going? Going to important party. Bring perfume from inside. What is this party?
Whose party? Where is the card?
Is it not written on card… …as family of Gorebhai.
-It’s my friends wedding. Gorebhai with friends is mentioned on card. If it was family, I would have taken you. I’m getting it. Who is the friend? Whose friend?
Keep quiet, take out clothes… …wear baniyan-shots & sleep. Without any reason, you are now have
doubts on me. I’m saying I’m going, I will go.
What will you do I see. I will you go, I will see to it.
-Want to see how I go, see this. Hey, stop. Who?
-I’m Abbas, open. What’s the matter? There is one important
thing want to say come. I will not come, go.
-Want say one matter in ears, darling come. Your are not ready yet, there your
mehedi function is starting, come. Why are you playing with me. You came to tease me. I will not come go. Hey, open…. Have to lift some things. Hey listen, don’t take it so serious. Told you, I’m not coming.
-Hear me out. I will hit you, go. Listen to me, open. Do you have some money?
-For what? Today I will drink full
& make party mess. It’s my oath. To you Sajiya’s oath. Listen man, no one got benefited
by drinking alcohol. Why are you drinking alcohol? You will drink, you will not be able to stand. Entire matter will go for toss.
Think, now also there is the time… …fight till the last battle. That is the spirit. Never get down. Come game is still in our hand. Come. Prince be ready & come soon,
I’m waiting down.And yes… …if there is any problem, say it now itself. Then I don’t want any problems. Is that clear?
-Yes Dad, it is. Ok..Kid, I’m waiting in car, bring him.
-Ok. Brother come soon.
-Coming. What is it? Brother, don’t you think,
Sajiya is not much… …interested to marry you. What?
– I felt so, number of times. Because, after my matter with Abbas… ..I noticed, his friend.. …getting closer to Sajiya.
-If this is the thing. Sajiya will repent after wedding… ..& he will repent before wedding. Didn’t I said, men are not allowed. Men are not allowed. Go from here, how times should I tell you. Get away from here.
Shameless guys. Let see for few minutes.
-Go away from here. Today’s guys doesn’t listen. How times should I tell,
men are not allowed. It’s Videographer, I thought it’s man. Greetings. Greetings. Greetings. The most shameless I’m looking here. I can’t do it, I’m going. Do not do this mistake. Be here & see the function, boil the blood… …use brain & think how
you can stop this wedding. You are right.
Let this function happen. To nite I will use my brain… …tomorow he should not sit in the pendal. Give me your phone. Why you need phone?
-I have some work. people will scold me,
don’t try useless numbers. Connected to all, don’t try Farah. Don’t worry, all will be fine. Hello, tell me Abbas.
-Not Abbas, Mustan speaking. Mustan where are you guys. Today is mehendi function.
Tomorrow is wedding. How to stop wedding?
-Just give phone to Sajiya. Can’t give. What’s happened to you? Here lots of people are sitting.
-Tell her it’s friend call. It’s Muskan.
-Hold. Sajiya, it’s your friend Muskan’s call. Hello, Makbul, how are you my dear? He is here… I’m fine Muskan.
-How are you? I can’t live without Makbul.
I love you. I also can’t live without you Muskan. When are you coming? You know that today is my function.
-Feels to give one kiss to you Makbul. I too…
-Your wedding will happen to me only. Will hang now.
-Ok.Bye. What happen, did you speak to Makbul? Yes man, I like Makbul too much. I will die without him. Don’t you like me.
-What is this? You are my life.
Smile. Come in corner, want to show you one thing. Come.
-What is he going to show? Greetings.
-Greetings. Come, have a seat. Great, we will welcome you from the heart.
-O God. All world’s grace has come here. This is called Hyderabadi grace. Typical Hyderabadi. Come in. Whatever will happen will be good. Where are you rushing in. Mustan, where were you?
We were worried. What will happen now?
-Nothing can happen. Now there is only one way out.
Tell to Danish’s father, I can’t do this marriage. I had already told you. It’s so difficult. After so much, now push on us. It happened same with me,
I was in 5th class. I used to like one girl, Please don’t mind.
Got written love letter as well. Got written.
-Just listen. My friend’s handwriting was good.
Words were mine, written by him. Delivered by someone else.
Broke of all three. Since then, ghost of love gone. Hence I’m going for arrange marriage.
Najiya darling. I love to love you baby. Abbas, this time as well
you are thinking of jokes. Yours is done, you are not
thinking for your friend. Friend is taking it lightly, what can I do. Friend is confident, hence taking lightly. Time is the proof. One important thing, come this side. If I don’t make you my bride… …then I will not live. What is happening there, wedding is not yet done. What are you doing there in corner. Your wedding also is not done. Yes! It’s Friday night, it’s night of love… Excuse me. Here where are ladies? What you said?
-I mean where are girls side. There men are not allowed. There is no area, where this man is stopped. How did you came inside? Gate was open, I came in.
I or else monkey will come inside. Get out! Bye the way, you are looking
glamorous, in this age. Beautiful. Do it come on. Painting white wash on old building. Where is my Noor?
Here it’s dark. Need to look more. Bring bride for function, Noorjha. Put curtain from moon… Put curtain from moon…
May he will steal…. It’s wedding of your daughter but,
you looks like bride. Swear to mother, if didn’t scared for
this world, would have taken you from here. You are going. I welcome to all guests. I with lots of happiness.. …I’m thank you all from my heart. This palace which you see here. This is sign of my dear friend
late Nawab Yaar Jung. It was his wish, his daughter’s wedding… …should happen with my son Danish.
Same place. Dad, should we begin with mehedi function. There is no guts to break this tradition. Couples are made in heaven. My dear friend, has become groom… How much grace has brought… See her wreath, looks like
made in heaven… Be your pair be safe…
Friend congratulations for wedding… Be your pair be safe…
Friend congratulations for wedding… Flowers wreath to groom…
Congratulations to bride… Flowers wreath to groom…
Congratulations to bride… This evening as come with message… Gathering is full of aroma… All friends had said congratulations… One friend has become groom… Moon with smile also says… Eyes are bright stars.. Be your pair be safe…
Friend congratulations for wedding… Be your pair be safe…
Friend congratulations for wedding… Flowers wreath to groom…
Congratulations this happiness to bride… Flowers wreath to groom…
Congratulations this happiness to bride… With lots of love you grown up… In flowers, like bud… You are moving to in-laws… Seeing this we are fulfilled… Singing songs you were grown up… Feed from my part… Wedding scene is beautiful… But tears in eyes doesn’t stop… My friend congratulations this wedding… My friend congratulations this wedding… Be your pair be safe…
Friend congratulations for wedding… Be your pair be safe…
Friend congratulations for wedding… I can see your future. In Pinky bar. There is glass in your hand. In background there is song playing. If there was no sadness of your’s… …then alcohol…
-Hey Abbas-Mustan. There is request to you guys. Now what is the request? My life is remain on requests only,mother. Take Jani in your room. The thing is that, there are many guests
& place is short. No no need. I can sleep outside here.
-If sleep outside, mosquitoes will bit. And near by is jungle, lion also can come. I can stay in jungle, but
can’t stay with these guys. Why, What happened? Nothing has happened.
Go, will take care of him. Hey… No no…I’m not. Lets go. Will see HBO channel on TV.
-No tension. Sleep.
-First need to remove clothes. I need now.
-I can’t give. When will you give? Whenever my heart says then. Whenever your heart says,
will take. Whenever my heart says,
you don’t give. I need it now.
-I can’t give now. It’s wedding season, night time.
All people are here. Will give later. Weather it’s wedding season or
function, it’s day or nite, I didn’t care. Morning-evening each time whenever asked
I have given you. Yes man. Will give you. Let time come. I need it, I don’t know.
Give it now. Need now.
-Yes. Ok come there. What is there? There is pant. What is in pant? Will give from pant.
-You give by wearing pant, lungi, shots but give it. Come on, will it to you now. Remove your hand.
I’m giving. You forgot, you took by putting hands. Did I also gave you by hiding. I need more. Whatever I’m giving take it. If you don’t give, I will shout then. What is this, you are giving by crying. I’m elder. Whatever I’m giving you should take it.
-You are elder means will dare to younger. This is great. After much deliberations you give it. If given on time, it’s good. Second time, feels to give. Keep giving, keep taking. I also need it. I’m also human. When you said need, given it.
Now let us sleep like humans. Where are you going? Cut phone, don’t do GMT. Hey, Makbul put flowers properly,
don’t you know whose wedding is it. How are you cutting vegetables,
there is lot of work pending. Your father will chop non-veg. Yes, Halatbhai, greetings. Come fast, treat like Hyderabadi wedding. Hey, don’t make those lights flashy.
Put alternate, one should glow, other one off. Sorry man, it’s my in-laws place.
I have to take care. I thinking, what will happened to you. I don’t myself. Hey, Abbas-Mustan,
I was looking for you guys. You guys are sitting here.
-What’s the matter? Did your relation happened?
-Mine happen, his will also happen. Nothing is going to happen. Don’t talk nonsense.
If taking seriously anything can happen. Look at me, for Noorjaha.
I locked my wife at home & came. Nobody troubled me. Right or not.
-What do you want to say? You come here. Now listen to supermo’s secret story. There is one rowdy named Abbu pahelwan. This time he is in jail. Danish was having affair
with his sister. Danish took him lightly.
-Poor girl came crying to me. Then my brain worked. Now if his wedding has to happen means.. …Abbupahelwan has to enter in the climax. Gorebhai..
-Tell me. Can I tell one thing.
-Tell. My heart from longtime was saying, …you will only do my relation.
-Leave me. Gorebhai… …how much is your fees.
-Just forget it. Tell me how much is your fees.
-How I can take money from him, discount for you. But, do as I say. Go…. Son Danish…. From wedding you are vanish… Come on, time is less. Let’s go. Owner of my dreams… Hello who is this?
-Danish speaking. Your sister is very beautiful. She was bud, I made her flower. No need to say thanks, small man. This is my profession, till now so many
buds converted to flowers, I didn’t count. Hey listen, there is my one friend… …he also likes your sister. Hey… One minute talk to him. Hey Abbu, what a beautiful sister you have. He has made bud to flower… ..but I will make flower to gulkand. After making gulkand, daily I will
eat in beetel leaves. After eating this leaves,
I have one more friend. Now you understand. No need to say further. Will hang now small man,
take care man. Ask him, if he has one more sister. Now you are happy.
Abbupehalwal may be coming. I have the doubt. If there is fights there will be trouble. I wish, there should be fight. One brawl is happens… …all things will be clear. Tension for while,
life time happiness. I already told you… ..if discussed with Danish’s father,
this moment would not had come. I’m very scared. It’s wedding & many things to take care of. In this tension, I can’t do anything. Listen mother-in-law,
this is Gorbhai’s last card. If it works, this wedding will stop. Else I will take care of him. What will you take care of? You were sitting cold feet, it’s good that,
one the spot I gave this idea. Otherwise, you would were
just rubbing hands. See Gorebhai, if my wedding doesn’t happen.
Your will not also happen. You guys stop his in fighting. Just pray, whatever happens is good. That we will see to that go. Just give ideas of brinjal. Noorjaha, what I’m hearing. Tell the truth, what is the matter. What to tell mother, he loves Mustan. Oh..God! Greetings. Greetings. What is the time? It’s 10:30. What do you say, Abbu will come. My heart says, Abbu will surely come. Is your heart telling,
till what time he will come. Not saying. See now also there is time,
go & tell to Danish’s father. Will resolve the issue. When something is happening without
much efforts, let it happen. Why are you tensed. Your confidence has reached to limit. He is looking in some issue. His wedding will not happen,
you don’t worry.Saw his sweat. Hello…yes Mustafa. Ok..fine. Oh..priest you are late.
-All are here. Greetings.
-Greetings. Do it fast. Looks like foreigner groom.
Didn’t wear wreath nor wear flowers. What times has comes. Why are you sitting there,
it’s wedding. He thinks you are groom,
go sit there, let it happen. Man. your name? Where did I fail? Name! I’m asking your name. Mustan Khan.
-Mustan Khan. Father’s name. What?
-Father’s name. May be asking about
your income. Monthly Rs.15000 and other Rs.10000 on top of it.
-Write it. Are you mad, I’m asking your father’s name. Ask in Urdu. Mohammad Khan.
-Already I don’t time. It’s season time.
-Write it. Asking where do you stay. Asking where do you stay…
-Mobile number. 99856… Hey, I’m not asking your phone number. Asking where do you stay.
-Ask in Urdu. Noorkha bazaar. Noorkha bazaar. Noor-kha bazaar. Make it fast man.
-Come on, sign it here. Sign it fast. Who is he? He is groom. He is groom.
-Yes. Who are you? I’m his friend. Then why are you sitting here,
go and sit there. You only ask to sit here. You are supposed to sit here,
instead you are roaming. You should sit here. Now what he says don’t know. Man, your name.
-It was confusion. Your name. Tell your name. Asking your name.
-Danish. What nasty is he. Father’s name. One minute. Will make him understand.
-Asking what is your father’s name. Salim Khan.
-Write Salim Khan. He is troubling more. He this marriage idiot. Your address. One minute. Will tell. He is asking where do you stay. Malaypeth.
-Malaypeth. Where is need of mine,
you only do the wedding. If learned little more Urdu,
he will sale the groom. Looks like you Abbu is not coming. Good that I haven’t ask him route. Sign it here. I will just take bride’s…. …signature. I’m very busy.
It’s season time. Hey…Danish. Where are you? I will not leave you. What is this drama?
What’s happening here? Who are you?
-Who are you? I’m father of boy.
-You are father of boy… …do you know, what your boy did. Played with my innocent sister. Just see, move from here. In false case put me inside. For that I happened to go to jail. Paid dues.
-Why should I believe you.? What proof you have? You want proof.
-Yes. I will show you proof in 2 minutes. See this. Says, he want proof. I will finish him today. What is happening here? People watch to girls.
You are watching men. Danish, what is this.
-Daddy this all false. I don’t know that girl as well.
-Shut up. That’s it. I don’t want listen any more. Uncle, if you are real man… …you stop from spoiling my sister’s life. Listen, I can make your
sister’s marriage with my son. It’s done. But, what should I answer to those,
with whom his relation already done. Danish, I love you. I don’t wanted to stop your wedding… …it’s my brother dragged me here. If I had hated you… …this drama would have
happened much early. Listen. True love gets with much difficulty,
got it. Ask my heart, what is love. The cheating which you did with Abbu’s sister… …if someone cheats to your sister,
how would you feel. I was planning to finish you by lying
you on the road and drive roller on you. But this girl stopped me. He likes you from heart.
Marry her. You will be happy. Please Danish. Meet swan’s couple. What you are saying is correct. But what should I say to
sister-in-law. Uncle.
Lift this. If you don’t have any objection then… …boy is ready with us. See conditions are in front of you,
whatever you feel is right. Yes, whatever you feels is right. Then your daughter Sajiya’s wedding… …what is your name son?
-Mustan. With Mustan. And my son Danish’s wedding… Neha.
-O God. Son accept it. Danish.
-My son accept it, you will be happy. Accept dad’s proposal.
-Ok, fine. Yes! Yes! Hey.. Will not leave. You will not cheat to me. Your are late, party is finished. It’s too much of you. God’s sake, keep quiet,
here I have much respect. I do people’s weddings.
See today I made 3 weddings. In one day 3 weddings.
-Yes. If you say yes, I will do fourth. What?
-Don’t worry I will look after both. You & her as well. This can’t happen.
I will drink your blood. Ok… will go home & talk there. What a beautiful Saree you have,
come on, will go to wedding. I got stuck badly here.
What should I do? Come on let’s go.
-Come with me. With me.
-With me.

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