Days Past – A Star Wars Fan Film

Days Past – A Star Wars Fan Film

Valera! Mako, are you all right? I’m fine. Just hot. The containers? Same place as usual. He’s working day and night. It’s been pretty rough, even with Kiera helping us. I’m know sure what I do counts as helping. Valera, I hate to ask, but the r5 unit? You don’t know how much it would help. I know, I’m sorry. I just need to fix a few
more things. It means the world to us. Hey guys… We should get out here. bye-bye ah you you comment if you’re going to the only truth is honor Duty is tomorrow
but honor is finish it I wanted you to I was worried you
couldn’t remember good to see you again captain you are not who I was expecting
handsome dog ah lieutenant Dawes congratulations I’m here so what
brings you all the way over here in my little corner of the galaxy well I was
on a reconnaissance mission and I heard you settled in the area so I thought I’d
say hello catcha I’m the commanding officer who
put you through hell in basic training you need more friends you taught me to
respect my elders huh so something did sink in I’m still saying your honor
saying in my sleep but only the parts you can remember I do wish I had the chance to learn more
of your technical wizardry better hurry take the sister I’m currently having I
was sent here to root out the insurgent group on this planet their signal
jammers our insurgent group I believe they call themselves the rebellion huh
you heard of them my boy I’m retired not deaf and blind fair enough I just
wasn’t sure if he ever left your uh it’s a desert hut dear desert hood and yes
the whole galaxy is heard of the trouble they’re causing you causing us I get the
impression I stopped being considered a part of us when I left a captain of your
standing deserves nothing but gratitude when you choose to leave the service
that’s a line they use at my decommissioning choose to leave the service
not-so-subtle you know why I left there’s a creature here called a rag
knock you left because there’s a creature here called the rag knock it’s
a desert creature some not originally it’s covered with fur which it certainly
doesn’t need to stay warm here but it adapted it survives so here like a rag
Mac now remember how frustrating you were to teach let me finish I am NOT
like a rag knock I loved my job and I was good at it and your Emperor took
over I couldn’t adapt to that some citing
fears a weak way to lead captain he is our Emperor and he is uniting the galaxy
what you’re saying is treason they were always a good recruit I remember when you first came in smart
committed go into a good soldier you can adapt you’re good at surviving always
willing to do whatever was needed for the cause no matter the cost
without questioned it’s admirable what I am I owe to leadership my leadership
taught me duty chain of command prattled on about honor I had such high hopes for
you Aiden lieutenant Dawes something changed I
don’t know what happened yes you do you taught me to follow orders to trust
in the cause and that the cause is honorable it wasn’t
sorry we did our duty that night and there is
honor in that duty and honor are not the same thing you turn your back on me I
love this service and what do you think of me I think that I failed you captain there’s a rumor of an
underground insurgent group I know nothing about it that’s not the rumor so
I am the Arcana suspicious it’s not that simple and I beg to differ then what does that make you my job to
calculate but we don’t have anything to do with insurgent I don’t how many times
shall I tell you and Joel I’m convinced you overstepped yourself and send the
Senate forgotten every ounce of honor that I forced into you stop talking
about what you taught me so of course you’re weakened mm-hmm
tell me what you know is there a tunnel entrance here or is it here I came here looking for you
how thoughtful ever you even dollars that I train and enough to do it himself you found it sir very well commander
ready aim hold you

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  1. "sir, I think you need to see this." "My God!" "It's actually good, sir." alarms go off at Lucasfilm and Disney HQ "Release the lawyers! I want cease and desist orders, demonetization requests, and plans for corporate level sabotage of these people's lives within a half hour!"

  2. Beautiful! I think it's inspired in one of the scenes of "Inglorious Basterds". Nice masterpiece. Loved the actors performance. Thanks for doing it.

  3. The wind chimes and the shaking of the tent reminded me of The Godfather train thing in the Italian restaurant!

  4. Just because someone has a basement to their tent does not mean they are helping rebels. That was probably extra storage/storm cellar. I would have hidden food or… my bed down there. Top part is a work shop. I did not notice a bed when he was knocking things over.

  5. Excellent performances, great cinematography, smooth color grading, brilliant audio, moving score, I could go on and on! This short fan film was on the same production level as the original. As a film maker, this production is an inspiration. Thank you.

  6. like nacist SS truper ,dark is come is so many synbolik three suns like in Pich pit Ridick hronicls darkness come ,story think abaut that very good job

  7. This was beyond fantastic… didn't even have to be Star Wars but that air of familiarity really gave it something extra.

  8. This was the best told Star Wars story I’ve seen. The essence of Star Wars w/out the confusion of the Force. All the power of the Force, the way we all want the cowboys & indians to play out.
    In my opinion I’d love to see this built up into a feature.

  9. OSCAr !!! BEST FAN FILM EvER !!! GOW It's possible to have only 6K "LIKE" ??? LOVE THIS FILM THANKS TO YOU !

  10. My congratulations to all involved. Fine choice in story and very well acted, in just these few minutes you managed to bring these characters to life and make them matter.

  11. Other than the fur creature that look so fake everything else in this short insert of the rest of this film well it's just fine

  12. these productions of the fans are very much superior to the garbage that disney brought us … I prefer this .. before the last jadi … Rian Jhonson has to take production and direction classes with these fan film…😂😂

  13. I know this is a few years ago but I'm gonna say it.

    Im so used to these being awful and cringy that it feels completely wierd that this is actual theater quality. Its not right.

    Its awesome.

  14. And this is the difference between those seeking liberty and socialists. For government consumes freedom according to it’s size and never gives it back without a rebellion.

  15. OMG! Way beyond good!!! Star Wars inspired film, but with a human aspect witch makes it totaly unique!!! Congrats to everyone involved in this!

  16. 😢
    Damn, this was truely deep.
    One of the more real star wars fan films ive scene.
    Alot if substance and well done.

  17. Just think , after all the pedos and pos in Hollywood get locked up we can Make Movies Great Again !!!!

  18. Why the ambiguous ending?! She could have escaped through the tunnel. Number One rule in filmmaking, you don't kill the protagonist offscreen. If we don't see it, it means they were not killed.

  19. Wow, loved it from the opening sandy critter to the very last second. This is what SW needs much more of, shades of gray. SW is too black and white and is boring because of that.

  20. No lightsaber, so disappointing… but actually this movie does not need it after all… the lights, the cam shots, the acting, I really found everything really well made, and i think this is one of my favorite fan film of Star Wars (might be the 20th i watched today so trust me, this one is simple but efficient for sure)
    Well done it has been a big job and such a good result you can be proud!
    And thanks for having made it!

  21. I think they could of left the opening with the cheesy ATAT Walker fight thing, and the shadow of the tie fighter out and it would of been much better, they had a great plot line and story arch, and as Justin Weiss said less is more, and I think George Lucas would of been proud of this as well.

  22. Amazing job ! Actors are excellent and the photo is beautiful. For once, no male or female models with lightsaber but a really deep minded story. Thank you so much for that !

  23. I came in with low expectations. You proved me wrong.
    Excellent writing, cinematography, and the acting was deliciously on point. Bravo. The person to person interactions can be even more telling and moving than a crap ton of special effects. In fact, this feels more relatable.
    To the lead actors….. wow. Stunning performances.

  24. Live with that Ensign, cough cough, I mean lieutenant. When you sleep at night remember your captains face. She was unarmed, and you were backed up by troops. 😔

    Where was the honour in this “Lieutenant” ?

  25. I Consider this Cannon over what Disney says,who motives are getting there 25% back and sales ,as this is a movie made by ppl who care to make a sw movie rather then greed.

  26. the opening scene of the funny puppy was a rippa, who did it? the rest of it, was not bad, not bad at all! keep up the good work!

  27. Brilliant but so pointlessly dark. Without moments of light in life, there is no hope, and nothing worth trying for. I've watched many sci fi shorts, some of them on the theme of star wars, and so many of them end in empty deaths and wasted effort that I have to wonder sometimes if the creators understand the visions of Lucas which underscored the need to keep fighting and never stop, and the endless possibilities for redemption.

  28. Phenomenal fan film, the list of things I love about it goes on and on. The puppet in the beginning was hilarious, you actually remembered the shadows of the ships flying overhead (a minor detail a lot of fan films miss, it made this one a little more real), the cinematography was brilliant, I love the texture of the film and the hut with random stuff everywhere. It felt like a real, lived in desert hut and not a set. The little scrapped together bits of technology like the meditation bowl projector gave the film a really Star Wars feel of decay. The characters were brilliant and human, it was refreshing to see it about characters other than jedi and sith (though I love those as well!), it didn't feel forced, I was genuinely moved by the ending. It was very human and very inspiring- keep up the amazing work!

  29. This fan made short is probably the best use of the universe surrounding the movies I've seen. Shows more depth than the usual "saber fight/space fight/blaster battle/imma jedi!" pap that seems to be de rigueur for most of the SW fan films.

  30. I think the most irritating factor on all the new movies 1,2,3,7,8 and so on, is the over polished look. Four had a lot of 70's grit that made it what it was.

  31. Wow. That was really good. The acting was great and it kept me engaged throughout it's entirety. Slow moving but with a purpose. One of the better ones I've seen. Great job.

  32. absolutely motherfucking fantastic shots, story, and acting. In addition to the other few groups/directors/producers, you as well need to get with SW theory and the other ones to make a feature fan film, so that we can all have the cinematic justice we deserve. Thank you.

  33. So I haven't read through all the comments… She tossed the gun down the hole. There a appears to be a noise and footsteps, he looks back down and the gun is gone. What did she put in the gun? Where's it go!!!???

  34. Very well done to the cast and crew. Although it is in the Star Wars universe, to my mind, it harks back to historical events specifically in World War II such as the Nazi hunt for hiding Jewish refugees, SOE operatives and the Belgian lifeline. It is completely grounded in reality.

  35. Well scripted, well acted and beautifully delivered. Absolutely worthy of it's title. I imagine the down votes are from those who just wanna hear 'pew pew pew' & see unfeasibly crap-shot troopers attempt to take on some Jedi.

  36. I loved how he threw the gun away at the end, proving such a disdain for the very thing he used to kill the one he cared for. What great attention to detail! Great job!

  37. Great story. Good acting. Solid direction and production. And enjoyable. Quality work all round! Classy. Just one little choice that didn't work for me and was distracting. And I mean it's really nit-picketty, so forgive me; all the fabric and clothing looked too new, not used and too clean. From the Hessian wrapping her groceries, to the fabric in the tent, to the dessert clothing – it all appeared too new and way too clean for a dusty dessert environment!

  38. Superb writing, acting and production values. Top effort and one of the best ‘fan films’ I’ve seen.
    Actually no. I’ll correct that. This stands on its own as a creative work.

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