DBpower T21 Projector Review

DBpower T21 Projector Review DBPOWER T21 Latest Upgraded LED Projector,+10% Lumens Multimedia Home Theater Video Projector Supporting 1080P,
HDMI, USB, SD Card, VGA, AV for Home Cinema, TV, Laptops, Games, Smartphones & iPad DB power projector and it comes in a
little box like this with a handle I was a little bit worried because it’s dented
and this is a higher priced item so I didn’t want to have to have any problems
and have to return it and whatnot but when I opened up the box and I’ll just
move the Box aside so I can show you when I opened up the box I noticed that
it does come very well-protected it came in this very nice and thick little box
inside and so it was very very well protected here’s where the wires and the
controllers and here is where the actual projector was I am going to show you now
take a look at everything that comes with it it of course brings the little
foot stand so that you can adjust the height of your projector it comes with HDMI cables let me pull these off so you
can see them there you go HDMI cables of course the power source and this end is
what goes plugged into the projector and it goes into a regular outlet and your audio-visual cable that is it
for wires it does bring the control now the control does run on two double-a
batteries that you place back here it does not come with batteries but I mean
come on nowadays what comes with batteries right so um you can use you
know just any double-a batteries that you prefer and the controller itself is
very nice and slim which I love as you can see the way it’s shaped makes it
very easy to hold and I really really like that it’s very lightweight even
with the batteries inside cuz I did place batteries in there so even with
the batteries it’s very very lightweight and this is the projector itself so it
does have this to protect it and these are your knobs for focus and Keystone
these are the little buttons so it has the okay button
up-down left-right with the power button the enter button if you can really tell
that buttons there you go now you can really tell the images on the buttons
there so you have your okay button your return key your Menu key your power
button which is this one up here your input source button get not a focus
there your input source button which is here up here is your indicator light okay and
then of course I could set it it has up down left and right back here as you can
tell the buttons are raised but very minimally and then back here is where
your VGA connector is and your little infrared sensor now this is on the back
this is what would be facing whoever is operating the projector okay then on the
side is your power source connection on the front and you’re probably wondering
what this is this is actually holding on to the lens cap which is awesome because
then there’s no chance of losing it and your lens cap is important for obviously
protection of the lens but also a protector lengths against dust okay
let’s take a look there you go Lindsey and then that way you know if
you have it on a little stool or you know table wherever you decide you have
it you can have this hanging either sitting next to it or hanging off it and
it’s not going to go anywhere because it’s attached to it so it’s awesome you
have of course your but you can that is what your lens that’s where your lens is
and of course it’s got the DB power logo and another infrared control sensor here
okay on this side of mm-hmm so on this side of it you have your connection for headsets your
connection for your AV cables so you got headsets AV cable a USB port you have
right next to the USB port you have your out USB out port which is you know like
you can connect it to a mobile device that way and of course you have your
HDMI connection as well as an SD card slot so it does not come with an SD card
but many of us have those lying around if not they’re you know they’re fairly
inexpensive depending on the brands that you get but it’s nice to know that this
projector has that capability all right so let’s take a look at the under side
here and under here you’ll see mainly this little hole here and that is where
your adjuster knob will be placed so you basically just place it and then you can screw it in and that’s how you can
decide how at what degree at what angle you are going to have your projector set
at all right now for the control itself we have obviously your power button then
you have your input source your menu button the ok key and again it moves
right up and down you have your return key right here your volume down button
volume up button and your mute button it has everything that you need in a very
simple simplified format so this is great now to install your projector you can
chew this projector you can either you know do it a horizontal placement which
is you know like I was telling you on a little table or whatnot or you can
actually even do the hanging hanging bracket installation you of course would
have to get your hanging bracket separately but it’s great to know that
you could also do it that way okay guys and there you have it this is the DB
power projector and we have tested it out and it works beautifully it’s very
easy to set up very easy to focus when it’s out of focus to change your aspect
ratio it’s very easy to change your screen size and this is a very neat
little lightweight projector and I think that it’ll bring us many many fun movie
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