Deadwood: The Movie (2019) | Official Trailer | HBO

It’d be a pity not to recognize
what’s at stake.To go ahead and die stupid.Hate to end a fool. (GUN CLICKS) ♪ (“GUILTY MAN” BY NIK AMMAR
PLAYS) ♪ SETH BULLOCK:It’s a pleasure
to see you again.
Must be my lucky day. CALAMITY JANE:Considerable time
since seeing you.
Some puttin’ odds up a train’ll bring you home
in a box. MAN:The senator from
the great state of California,
-George Ambrose Hearst.
-(APPLAUSE) You murderin’,
thievin’ cocksucker. GEORGE HEARST:
Outlier Deadwood days are over. Walk with the future. Hearst won’t take long ‘fore he honors the rigors
of his putrid fucking nature.♪ Guilty man ♪♪ God’s gonna see you coming ♪-(GUN CLICKS)
-♪ (MUSIC STOPS) ♪ HEARST:Back my bid
for buying Utter’s property,
and I will drop any
counteraction against the whore. Moving us from the center
of town, away from danger. I ain’t running from him, Sol. AL SWEARENGEN:If it ain’t
for Hearst to follow the law,
why the fuck should it be
for you?
ain’t to follow the law, Al.
My job is to interpret it. I’m not made
for such complexity.♪ Guilty man ♪♪ The devil will stop at nothing
To take you down ♪
♪ Guilty man ♪-(GUNSHOT)
-(GUN CLICKS) I’m coming for you, Marshal. Expect you will, Senator. ♪ (MUSIC CONCLUDES) ♪

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