Death Note Movie Review

Death Note Movie Review

DEATH NOTE! That’s right. I make movie reviews now. Two weeks after anyone cares about the movie anymore… YES! Death Note. Have you seen it? I got a lot of people asking me about the movie and uhhhh… you know I have a lot of thoughts about it, so I thought, why not share them with the world. Listen to me, what I have to say. You probably have seen or heard of Death Note. It’s a Japanese manga but that was made into an anime and then that was made into uh, I think it was already made to a live-action, but here it is again, thanks to Netflix. A live movie adaptation of an anime. Ooooh boy. I’m sure it will be the greatest film of all time. I’m sure Netflix won’t fuck it up at all. Just like they did not at all ruin my favorite manga of all time, BLAME. You did not completely butcher that shit. no, not at all. Now I feel ashamed liking Blame because of how goddamn awful the anime is. Thanks- thank you. Netflix. Basically Netflix bought the rights to- to Death Note because it’s not on Crunchyroll. You can only watch it on Netflix “legally.” And it’s probably their most popular anime. I imagine it’s the most popular one because whenever someone asks me, who doesn’t watch anime what anime to watch I always recommend them Death Note because it’s such a classic and it’s so easy to get into so I always recommend that so it makes sense that it’s the most popular one on Netflix and for them to then make a live movie adaptation of it if they own the rights for it, you know, it’s just gonna bring in more attention to it. And uh you know, from a business standpoint, I understand it. I just don’t understand what the hell that we’re doing with this goddamn movie. Death Note has suffered enough if you ask me, okay? All the angsty teenagers that almost ruined Death Notes.. Almost. They almost ruined Death Note. But you know I rewatch it not long ago, and it it still adds up. It’s still an amazing anime, I still would recommend people to watch it for sure. But if you haven’t seen Death Note let me just explain the plot it’s very simple: It’s the story of Yagami Light, my favorite anime character of all time, who discovers this death note by chance. And in it, if he writes a person’s name while thinking of that person’s face that person will die. So Yagami Light is this genius who, life is just too simple for him. He’s too smart for people, and he’s just bored. So for him to discover something like this, he immediately thinks, ‘okay, well I’m gonna use this for the greater good of humanity, I’m gonna start killing all the criminals.’ So you have this extremely intelligent person in charge of something incredibly dangerous doing what he thinks is the right thing to do, but then you have on the other side this other character named L which is sort of a contrast of his character, very quirky, very funny, and light but also extremely intelligent, who is on the side of the law who thinks, “No what you’re doing is wrong I’m gonna stop you.” So you get this sort of cat-and-mouse chase between the whole series which is probably one of the best cat-and-mouse chases I’ve ever seen. It- it has some of my favorite moments in any anime ever and it’s just such an interesting concept of what is right and what is wrong. With the film, with this live movie adaptation, they basically said, ‘okay, well let’s take everything that is good out of this anime and remove it. Just get rid of it, I don’t want to see anything good in this film except Ryuk’ Ryuk was cool, but whatever.. Apparently the director of this film received death threats because fans were just so upset about some of the choices in this film. First of all it’s completely Americanized, so there’s no Japanese cast, so people already start cultural appropriation Apparently Adam Wingard had to delete his twitter because people were just too mean… too mean about the choices in this film some. Some- at least one person sat down and wrote “Adam Wingard” in their notebook… some fucking, someone tried, someone must have tried. And I just want to criticize his film. I like some of Adams previous work. I thought “You’re Next” was really good, so I try to go into this with an open mind thinking okay well you know what I want to enjoy this. I wanna like this. What’s so great about the anime is the two main characters and how they interact with each other. As I explained, Yagami Light who is this genius… you couldn’t have a more perfect character to find this death note. He is extremely calculated, nothing gets past this guy. And oh I bet he has a huge dick as well. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) When he first discovers the death note, he’s extremely cautious with it, and he wants to make sure that no one else.. no one else can find out that he has this because obviously that would mean huge consequences. So he builds this contraction that holds it in… “You see once the ink reservoir is inserted, it acts as an insulator preventing the flow of electricity around the circuit.” When light finds the death note in the live adaptation, you know, you think he’s being smart with it as well… but no! he just fucking goes to gym class and reads it in public! And then he shows this to this girl to get laid! NO! I say NO! Too far! He went too far. “He was a sociopath just because he’s dead does not mean a tragedy. I just wish I’d seen it..” I’m guessing this girl is supposed to be Misa. This fucking girl Which is probably one of the most annoying characters ever. In the anime ,Misa gets thrown into the mix of the story and it’s- she sort of just messes everything up because she’s so goddamn annoying, But in the anime he uses her to further himself he uses her to to get to his goal, to get to his goal, of becoming this God that he wants to be. Here, in the movie, he uses it to get laid… He does it to get laid… God.. fucking.. how? You have probably one of the most interesting characters of all time and you just reduce him to this fucking pathetic little bitch. Now let me just be clear and- and *spoiler alert* here, okay, Yagami Light is gay okay? Yagami backwards is “I’m gay” If you want more proof than that, I don’t know what to tell you, but I do have it so shut up! This is one part in the anime that not a lot of people don’t seem to understand. They’re like ‘uh.. was weird.. why- what just happened?’ It’s because that- he’s gay, okay? “What are you doing?” It’s this part where L massages his feet. “I thought I might help you out, you were busy wiping yourself off anyway.” How does Hollywood make a gay character straight? I thought they were supposed to be progressive. I always read it as you have the character Yagami Light who… he’s a sociopath he only loves himself. But he has at least the character L that he sees as his equal, someone on his level, and that’s the only person that he could at least, other than himself, care about. That’s how I saw it at least and that’s how I saw the relationship. Later on they introduced L in the movie, and it’s it’s probably the character that is the closest to the actual anime. He’s this quirky character, he eats the sweets all the time, he sits in a real weird way. He’s just a weird character. And he is that way because he’s supposed to be the contrast of- of Yagami who is this really calculated, composed, always-keep-it-cool character. But I guess that doesn’t matter, I don’t know why they just fucking, whatever… When L is introduced the anime very early, he does something so smart and so clever that you’re like whoa! This guy is actually for real, You know? This is actually a true rival to Yagami Light. Here in the movie, you really just get, ‘Ah, he did something really smart, ah here he is’ It’s the epitome of show, don’t tell. They just went with the easier option. So Yagami and his gay little girlfriend are, they just start killing people together. She’s the one really pushing for it it’s really lame. I don’t understand it, but yeah, they just keep killing all the criminals yadda, yadda, yadda… super lame… ruin my life.. And yeah, no, they have computer science class, and they’re like “hey let’s go to 4chan and look up people to kill” And then they introduce the only sort of interesting concept of the film which is can we really kill people just based of rumors? Which is of course never explored again, so it doesn’t really matter. But in the anime, you have this amazing concept of is it two people wanting justice, L and Kira, they both want justice but they have different ideas of how that looks like. So they go against each other. I mean that’s brilliant There’s also the concept of Yagami light. He thinks he’s doing good, but it’s actually evil, it’s actually pretty messed up. And by the end of it you think okay, well is he a bad character? Is he a bad person? Or did the death note turn him into a bad person? Are bad people inherently bad people, or do they become bad people when things affect them? Is that explored in the film? No, it isn’t! It’s basically reduced to ‘oh, let’s go to 4Chan and look at bad people, let’s- let’s kill em!’ No, we can’t do that, you crazy bitch. Whatever you’re not getting my pussy… But you know at least in the movie you get to see the head explodes really splooshy heads. Everyone’s head is just made of gelatin apparently… I don’t even know if I can show it but… everyone who dies basically is just made of rubber. They’re made of gelatin. That’s pretty cool. We also get the funny face reactions. I mean look at this fine piece of acting right here *Screaming* In the actor’s defense I sort of understand what he was going for, Yagami Light always has these strange looking faces. There’s some stills from the anime that are just like, what the fuck! What happened here? But that, that’s the thing cuz Yagami is this character and he’s always composed, no matter what, you know, even if he’s discovered. Even if he’s at the brink of you know losing everything, he’s always composed. So when he breaks character it’s a big deal, and you’re like ‘whoa’ and he makes these crazy looking faces, So I understand that he’s trying to make funny faces based on like the anime, but it just like dude. It’s not that… It’s not how… that’s not why *Screaming mixed with Killer Keemstar* But people are just hating on him so much for making these faces. I get it I don’t think it was that bad to be honest I don’t know. Out of all the bad things out of the movie, I don’t think he is the worst. There’s even a chase scene in the film. I’m not kidding. There’s a chase scene Why is there a chase scene Hollywood? You have these two smartest people in it and they have a conflict, what do they do? They chase each other! My camera stopped working Here I am a day later And I’m gonna try and finish this video. The point I was making with the chase… L and Light are two intellectuals. In the anime they know who each other are and it’s all about out-witting each other, it’s all about who can be the first one to outwit the other and expose him. They are both perfectly aware of each other and what they are. But seemingly everyone else doesn’t really understand what’s going on, but these guys are just on another level. But then you have them on a goddamn chase scene! It’s so stupid! That’s the only way I can express it to scream Why did you have to murder these characters? I don’t understand! Make a remake… Fine! But make it of something else god damn it! You ruin Blame for me. You ruined one of my favorite mangas Netflix I can barely look at it now. Everyone’s like ‘oh, I watched that favorite manga that you have… uh, Blame it was shit.’ YEAH, OF COURSE IT WAS SHIT CAUSE NETFLIX MADE IT SHIT! ITS NOT MY FAULT! Go watch Death Note, it’s an amazing anime. You’ll love it. I think it’s ahh.. no matter what age you are, or who you are, it’s a classic, and if you need any more anime recommendations… I got you fam don’t worry about it. Just write a comment. Also leave a like if you enjoyed this video it’s very different, but I like to do different things so lemme know if it works out and ahh… Squad Fam Out! *Screaming*

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  1. Yes it’s 2019. Yes I’m two years late. I’m not here for Death Note though, I just need to know what the back ground music is in this vid

  2. Manga: builds an extremely complicated contraption built inside of his desk draw which will set his whole desk on fire if anyone tries to discover the death note.

    Netflix Adaptation: I dOnT kNOw jUsT FUckiNg cARry iT aROuNd aT sCHoOl ANd sHOw iT tO tHe FIrsT pErSOn I meET

  3. This is how I think the law should work

    If someone murders you

    You can murder them

    It’s like an eye for an eye

    I is smartest!

  4. Anime: L is a genius that battles against Light a genius.
    Movie: L a sad rapper that battles a guy who does peoples homework

  5. Death note, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Akame ga kill, Gurren Lagann, One Punch, Mob Psycho, Hunter x Hunter, Sword Art Online, Attack on Titan, My Hero and obviously Naruto Shippuden are all anime’s I recommend that are in the fantasy/super power genre.

  6. Funny how all act like Yagami was evil and that they would never use the death note…LOL…everyone would use it if you know in what world you live in

  7. Pewdiepie: This series has some of my favorite anime/manga scenes ever.
    Deathnote: I take a chip… AnD I EaT iT!!!!

  8. L washing Light’s feet is supposed to be a reference to Jesus washing the apostles feet. Death Note has a lot of biblical imagery

  9. anime light first tme seeing ryuk:I was waiting for you to show up

    netflix light first time seeing ryuk:haaaaa ahhhhhh haaaaaaa ahhhhh haaaaaa ahahaaaa hahhhhhhaa aahahahha

  10. I have watched death note till e0 27

    But now it's unbearable to watch since L death
    I was really rooting for L
    Thats why 9 out of 10

  11. A movie based on a mind game anime but too bad people who made it doesn’t understand mind game works.

  12. Anime is not my favorite thing, but i decided to watch death note just to give it a try… I saw the entire anime in 2 days (i never done it before)

  13. Let's think about it like this..the anime and the movie are set at completely different times with coincidential character names. I can sleep now

  14. Felix I know it's old video but maybe try new anime on Netflix called Kengan Ashura. It's very fun and it reminded me of Devilman Crybaby.

  15. Like seriously dude who the f even thought of ruining such a classic they literally took out the goods in it and fucked up everything its everywhere dude none of them complete a good anime movie someone like marvel or dc needs to do a dbz movie

  16. I hate the fact that the actor of L is black, not because of anything racial I think people of colour should be able to get the roll of any character not just black characters but I hate it because being pale and sickly looking is a huge part of L’s image and character in the anime.

  17. I recommend cells at work,Akira or cowboy bepop if someone asks me for a good anime but in the future I might recommend death note

  18. There’s the actual Japanese real life action movie and then…. we have Netflix original….. and I have never been disappointed lol

  19. Yagami Light isn’t gay at all. If you have seen alot of anime then you should know that they do such weird scenes in anime snd that doesn’t mean he is gay.

  20. There is a Japanese live action version of this. If I remember right theres either 2 or 3. This version. Idk. They messed it up so badly. I think I watched 10 mins of this new movie and stopped.

  21. I’m a bit late but after watching this video I watched all of Death Note as my first anime and loved it! Anyone who has a recommendation of what I should watch next? Cheers in advance!

  22. Light Yagami’s name meant something special. His name was spelt with the moon character. It was symbolic. Just by changing the name, Netflix ruined Deathnote.

  23. Hi Felix, I recently finished Death Note, and being my first anime I didn’t know what to expect. But Death Note is now my favorite show. It has amazing characters, story, and music. I had doubts about anime, but thanks to you I’m going crazy over them. Anyways I googled some well known anime and started watching Attack on Titan, which is also phenomenal. What anime/manga would you recommend next? I know you like Blame! manga so I might start reading that
    Ps sry this comment might’ve been too late

  24. did you guys realized that even if Misa contracted the Shinigami Eyes TWICE, she is still probably the person with the biggest lifespan in the entire show, but like, she probably killed herself because she couldnt support being alone.

  25. The way I see it Light isn't gay in the anime but aesexual and he sees L as a his closest friend much like how L sees him

  26. This has been on my mind for a long time, but I was wondering, if Yagami decides to kill King Bradley or Scar (FMAB) does he need to write their full name? That’s one hell of a task…

  27. I don't care if he was black
    I just don't want him to be black
    If the original he was pale why the f$ck they give it to black actor

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