Deception – An English Short Film [HD]

Deception – An English Short Film [HD]

Sir Yes Semester Registration Give me your ID Card Is this really you? Yes sir The photo looks totally different A lot can happen in three years sir Ah! Yes, I can see that in my wife What sir? Ah! Never Mind. Please sign here Hey! You know, you look like an assassin

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  1. @madhukarreddy3089 @idonnoi this movie was just an experiment to master the art of film making. We will be making films with great stories and dialogues. thanks for your observations 🙂

  2. @sharonsharonsharon1 I guess the director is trying to bring analogy between "Just Do it" and Nike shoes. Iphone must have been used to clearly showcase the text being sent. And I am pretty much sure that all of the props could not belong to a single guy 🙂

  3. @sharonsharonsharon1 The plot is based on events that happens in most of the Indian colleges & universities. IIT tag has been used because this plot is more familiar in IIT's and our production is based here. If you have noticed the messages "Impossible is nothing" and "just do it" they are the tag lines of Adidas and Nike respectively. Other so called high end stuff are used for good cinematography.

  4. This was our experimental movie to get hands on technical parts of the film making. Everything was done in a very short time. We will be come up with better scripts in future. Stay tuned 🙂

  5. @shelzoth it is a sort of internal story 😐 , will come up with some general stories in future 🙂 thanks!

  6. Amazing camera work. I have the same camera and I absolutely must know what lens did you use? Everything is so bright and crisp. What aperture did you shoot at?

    Will really appreciate a response! Thanks!

  7. Thanks for your compliment and interest. The whole film was shot using 18-55mm lens. Donno exact aperture and other stuff as we have used the camera for the first time to experiment. Things were set according to situation. Because of the proper fine tuning like color correction done in editing we got this look.

  8. Sorry, but this was not really good from the technical aspect. The focus was off on many places and it was pretty shaky overall.
    The (imo boring) scene where he drives to the school (or whatever) takes almost 2 minutes, that is almost a quarter of this film, that should not be like this.

  9. are you kidding me ?  
    aise mein toh even i can put anything in my story to deviate the audience!
    if the director wanted to deviate audience's mind, then he has failed horribly ! 

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