Deep It | Award Winning Drama Short Film | MYM

Deep It | Award Winning Drama Short Film | MYM

I’m not here to tell you how to live your life or to preach to you I’m not here to tell you what to do or what not to do. I’m still trying to figure out some things for myself And I will be for a very long time because we never stop learnin’ Hopefully, you will learn something from what I’ll share with you today [Laughing] Nah, hey wait what’s this you tellin me you just–you just walked out and never went to college again? [Teasing cross-talk] Trust them Why you such a big mouth? What you even do? Get your own stories man. Get your own stories bro. That’s my boy, innit. You know I’ll allow it man, come on. My stories are his stories, isn’t it. Okay? It is what it is. I’m just gonna do what I gotta do. Yeah I hear ya man. How’s your mumsie though bro? Hey, she’s a fighter. I admire her still. See… What? You move to his yard now as well? What do know about his mum? You get on my nerves man. Warren don’t let me come slap your head bruv Mumsie is strong ya know. She’s good and that, innit babes? (Good to hear, man) You give her strength, babe. (I got work, I’m out). Ya? Okay. See ya later. Hey yo Kadz, I out as well man. See ya in a bit. In a bit fam Babe, lets go check mumsy real quick.Yeah. Yeah. Hey you got the meds? Of course! Come give me a hug [music] Oh, Miles, you’re late again. That’s a third time this week. Say nothing, lemme guess you were with that useless piece of work Cadelle (Kadz dad– his name is Kadz). Yeah, you said, I bet that’s not the name on his birth certificate is it? The guy is a complete waste of space, I keep telling you. (I know) You are a reflection of your friends, you don’t know that. Listen, I ain’t got time for this, I’m late to meet your mum anyway. Listen make sure you balance the till. [Door Buzzer] [Music] I can’t believe he said he was gonna slap you in your face? And the way he said it in front of everyone as well! Any of you guys see my sista? Didn’t know you had a sista, Stu. (Yeah, what she look like?) You don’t know Lara, no? No, bro. I don’t even know a Lara. I swear I don’t. Which one of you is Kadz ? (No no no no, he’s Warren and I’m Tobby but everyone calls me Tobz) Tobz? Tobz? So what are you some kind of hood Timon and Pumbaa…What you can’t talk for yourself nah? (Yeah, but basically it’s like) Shh! Let me ask you a question Do you think I can throw you and this dusty old bike in the road with one hand? (Lara and Kadz were around there earlier) (Snitch!) So wait, you lied to me ya? Ya lied to my– I’m sorry bro. We’re just– he’s always around there but if not, he lives in that place down there like please man we’re just trying to eat our chicken in peace. Can I have a chip, please, mate? Why did you open your mouth? What do you mean why would I open my mouth? Did you see the size of him? Fam, you got him to take my food off me? (I don’t care bro, what if he banged me in my face, then what?) Fam, why’s he snitchin? I don’t blame him. You never know how someone will react until they’re under pressure. You were at mums? (Good, how are you?) I’m alright, how’s work? (Yea, not bad) I got some sales so dad should be happy. You hungry? (Yeah, pretty hungry, you?) Alright, kind of. Um I’ll get this here. (Nah it’s okay, I got it!) Come on. You always get it. This is basically like Kadz gettin it. Your so kind, he’s lucky to have you man. Where’s Kadz? (Still on the estate , do you want to wait for him? ) We might as well just walk round (Alright) So you must be Kadz. Is this–is this youth deaf or what? What have I told you about moving around with these youths? I’m not, Corie. You don’t understand. He’s not even– (Hey Listen) SHUT UP! (Oh my god! What’s wrong with you!) Listen, I told you and I told you. I’m not having my little sister be around with none of these losers. (You hurt him Corie!) Why are you like this, you’re such an idiot! (why, you think I’m a joke? You think man is a joke? Get in the car) Get in the car! (Corie!) Get in the fucking car man! (You’re an idiot!) Get in the car! Get in the fucking car! [Lauging from friends] Hey stop laughing! Its not funny. Mans about to get his shank in her. You think its funny yeah? Just watch what happens. Watch! That’s a violation. I’d never let him get away with that! (So what would you do fam?) SHUT UP! What? You mad? Who do you think you are talking to bro? (Do you want to get nagged up bro?) Wait till we get outside Hey, hey! Boys come on! This is important I want you to take this in. [Tense Music] Hey you man, what happend? Bro Miles got smoshed (What?) This Corie guy, he saw him with Laura and must’ve thought it was you bro. And you man just stood there, yea? (What do you mean we just stood there? Nah bro, he just slapped him in his face.) Which way did he go? (I think he went that way?) Check your phone, yeah? [Tense music] [Screaming too self] “Are you a dick head? Why you let people treating you like that? Are you a dick head” (No!) “So why you let people treat you like that? Why you let people go walking all over you?” Why you take that — it’s weakness? [Continues Screaming too self] “What you think it’s funny? And then you wanna stand there and laugh at me? Why you laughin at me!” [Continues screaming] “I’m not a dick head! No! What, you wanna call me a dick head? You wanna slap me in my face?” “Which one of you wants it!” What?! What?! “Don’t make me fight!” [Heavy breathing] [Phone buzzing] Miles? [Lyrics: “Go get em” on repeat’) Hey Miles! [Keeps walking] Miles Man! Hey Miles! (Now what?) Fam, look I’m sorry! You’re not sorry! No, like genuinely…like I’m sorry yea! (Sorry bout what exactly?) huh, Kadz? The fact that you left your boy, whose been there for you since day one? Gave you money when you’re poor, look after your mum, get knocked out? Fam look don’t bring my mum into this, yea. Okay, come on look fam I didn’t let you get knocked out. What you do then, Kadz? I ain’t never ducked out on you, never even missed a call! Been there for you since day one! And the one time I needed you! (How many times, have I backed you though fam?) Come here bro, I’m talking to you! How many times? You know what man, so what if you took a punch for me fam? So what bruh, that’s what real friends do! No, no no no no, ’cause you gettin’ money fam, you think you’re better then man That’s what it is, isn’t it? Are you stupid fam? No, no, no no obviously, but you must be stupid fam. Have you forgot about everything? Fam, if it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t even have any friends. (What?) Yeah, you’d still be here out gettin robbed! Say that again! Say that one more time Go ahead say something! What? What you’re a big man now yea Kadz! (Is that you?) Shut up! Where you gonna hide now, huh! Pull a knife out for me, yeah? for me? Miles for me brother, family bruh for me, I’m your boy! You ain’t my brother! Snake! Use me to get what you want! You don’t think I didn’t see you hiding in the corner huh? Taking Miles’ kindness for weakness? Miles ain’t no prick, Kadz! I ain’t no prick! You wanna see what I can do? Yea? Now everyone gets to see what I can do! I wanna see what you can do! I wanna see! I wanna see! I wanna see what you can do, fam! I wanna see what you could do fam! Come on then, bro! Come on bro! I ain’t got nothin to loose bro! I ain’t got nothin to lose bro! Come on Fucking stab me brov, come on. Come on then right here fam. Right here! Miles bro, you got everything on a plate for you! everything! I’m trying to be like you, fam! Why’d you leave me then? (Cause I was scared bro) You let me get knocked out in front of everyone. [Car noise]. Shit shit shit, it’s Corie. Give me the thing, give me the thing bro. So what man, still texting my sister yea? You think it’s a fucking joke? I’m not texting your sister yeah! Do you think it’s fucking joke?! I’m Kadz. I’m Kadz fam. I’m Kadz. [Cries in pain ] Fuck off! [Cries continue] Oh wait Kadz! What you doing? Kadz, Kadz, Kadz! Hey Hey Hey. [Sounds begin to muffle as soft music enters] [soft music] Did he die? The knife cut into his spinal cord He survived, but… he’s now a paraplegic A para- -plegic He’ll never walk again. He can’t even look after himself properly let alone his mum Its lucky that Lara is there for him. I will always blame myself I lost my job Got a criminal record I let down my family and our business My dad’s only just started talking to me after two years and my mom… She took it hard All this… and I’ll still be the hardest on myself I just hope that you’ll all learn something from this That was deep stuff fam. That never affects me. Hey what was that fam? Nothing [music] [sirens in background] [music]

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  1. So many kids killed to day it's insane why shank people when life could be so much nicer so much more peaceful the world is meant to be for living not fighting

  2. You know if I was in London I would love to act with you guys. I have done a fair of acting in the past. Much love from Cornwall. 👊

  3. If someone stole my 🐔 we would brawl. If he was that much bigger than me…. Then he would just look like an idiot beating my ass. But this is fried 🐔.

  4. Should have said at end how many people left paralysed due to knife crime, that would be worse than death in my opinion, great short film tho.

  5. Can't get enough of these short films. Hard hitting, real, and to the point. Everyone can learn something from these. I ain't never going back 👍

  6. No offense but if was in that position I would try to get away or step away from the big guy because I mean no harm but if he gets close or I would record him and send it to the police while I hall a** and he gets arrested while I tell all kinds of lies on his a** but if I was in a dark alley with no one around me I might try to put a few bullets into his head or do the same thing I said before.

  7. Let more of these important black workers come to europe. You all see how good they are. Merkel is right we can do it, LOL

  8. So many lives wasted! Only for the worry of reputation or disrespect. Only when you grow up you can see how little it means in the bigger picture.

  9. Damn that is messed up taken food from another. poor guy got hurt but it didn't stop love at the end of it all


  11. Mym what the soft music in the background. Mym your flims inspired me and I love watching they are so motivational and they have change my life and teach me not to do bad.
    God bless you mym. Peace 🙏🙏

  12. This has upset me so much I felt sorry for the one that had the knife and they one that got stabbed in literally balling my eyes out

  13. these gassed up yutes is bare ded still fam 🙂 yo dano blud… im tellin yer mandem fam move to blud ya click get shank, dat s´ how it s´ in ends blud… ya dano…

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