Define Normal (Gay Short Film) – A Paul Davidson Film (2017)

Define Normal (Gay Short Film) – A Paul Davidson Film (2017)

– [Television Actor] You
know, it kind of shocked us (dial tone) He’s just itching for trouble. When Valerie gets a divorce,
the courts may decide I’m not a fit person to
raise him, but I’m still his father, and I’m going to use this… (ring tone chimes) (light guitar music) (door knocks) – Didn’t you hear me knocking? Really? You’re just gonna treat me
like this, after everything we’ve been through? – What do you want, Dad? I’ve got stuff in there! – It’s not important! – I don’t need this right now. You know, we were great. Everything was great, even
after what happened with Mum. And then, you started acting all weird. – I didn’t get weird. I got concerned. You know I don’t like you
hanging around with Will. – Why not? – Because of what he is! He’s a, he’s a gay! He probably sleeps with God
knows how many people like him. – You’re unbelievable. You know, neither of us are even out. – It’s just not normal, though. – Then, what is normal? (cars pass) – What happened with your dad? – Well, he knows about us. He flipped out and started
talking shit about you. (phone rings and vibrates) – You gonna answer it? – No. No, I don’t want to speak to him. – But what if he’s sorry? – Fucking faggots. (phone rings) – [Dad] Mark? (slams phone) – What the fuck was that for? – You need to talk to him. – You weren’t hearing the shit
he was saying at the house. – Mark, he’s your dad. – Unfortunately. – Listen, my shift starts soon. Why don’t you go talk to him,
and if it all kicks off again, you can come back here and see me? – Alright, I guess so. (punches back) – Sorry, princess. – [Man From Restaurant] Oy, faggot! Are you deaf as well as perverted? – Hey, get off me! – You owe me an apology. – What are you talking about? – You and your little buddy
back there in the restaurant fucking touching each other up. Fucking disgusting. Put me off my dinner. – You’re disgusting, and mind
your own fucking business! – I thought you liked
getting touched up by men? Certainly did in the restaurant. (busy dialtone) – [Man On Television] Maybe
they know what the fight was all about. Now that it’s over, why
not let them shake hands? – [Television Actress]
Well, that’s better. Now, you two get over
there and fix up that bed. Go on, both of you! (breaks glass) And Billy, let this be a lesson to you! You just watch Kenneth a little closer. You can learn a lot of things from him. (grunts) (bell tower chimes on television) – [Television Actor] You must
admit, Cal, it’s very unusual for both boys to be out this late. You don’t suppose something
might’ve happened? (cell phone rings) (busy dial tone) – [Voicemail Machine] The
person you are calling can’t take your call right now. Just leave your message after the tone, and when you’re done, press
hash, or just hang up. (machine beeps) – [Mark] Dad! Dad! Dad, I need picked up. Dad, answer the phone! Dad. Dad, I’m not… I need picked up, Dad, please.

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  1. This is cancer. Anyone who finds this amusing in this slightest should be regarded with half the respects we give to locusts. Meaning that we should crunch them up into high-protein foods.

  2. I hope you know that just because someone does not like how you love people and no would beat you up for being gay

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