Der Film Film | Kurzfilm

Der Film Film | Kurzfilm

Sonja? Sonja! Sonja! 2 months now they’ve been looking
for my sister’s murderer. For 2 months they’ve been asking around
and analyzing things. Because there are no clues. Because the god-damned
surveillance tape disappeared. They say I should be patient. Patient. You didn’t notice anything? Dad showed me his finished will today. Although it’s right
that he should put everything in order, it’s still a strange feeling to know that one day the company will belong to me. I’ve spoken with Christian
and he thinks it’s a good idea. He didn’t say much else, death isn’t a nice topic of conversation. And you tried so long to talk me into it. Although you knew full well
that I would never be healthy enough to run the company. My brother is changing. He’s drifting further and further apart from Christian. Since dad’s will, all they do is argue. I just can’t understand why they can’t get along. And how strange it is to express it. I think Timo stole my credit card today. If that son-of-a-bitch has run up debts again… It was only last week
he promised me he’d stop gambling. Ah, Mr Schubert. Good thing I ran into you here.
I’ve something for you. What’s on it? It’s important that you see this before anyone else. I have to think about my retirement,
and you should think about it too. Subtitles translation:
Stephen Churchill, Ramona Severing

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  2. zu Kommentaren: welch eine Verarmung der Sprache …
    könnte man alles sagen statt 'geil' im entsprechenden Zusammenhang,
    aber das ist alles nicht so ein (pseudo-)cooler Kraftausdruck

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