Deranged Trump Says Greta Thunberg Needs Anger Management

Before 9:00 AM this morning, Donald Trump
had tweeted 70 times. So this man woke up, just pissed off at the
world and let everyone know it by sending out more than 70 tweets before most people
had arrived at work this morning. One of those tweets was an attack on time
magazine’s person of the year, Gretta Thunberg, the 16 year old climate activists that has
been in the news for the past year trying to inspire the world to do something about
the issue of climate change. And even though she didn’t attack Donald Trump
today, she didn’t say anything to him or about him. The president obviously bitter over the fact
that he didn’t win person of the year tweeted out the following. He said, so ridiculous. Gretta must work on her anger management problem. Then go to a good old fashion movie with a
friend. Chill Gretta, chill. Now obviously we could talk about the projection. Donald Trump is the one with the anger management
issues. We could talk about the misogyny and the ageism
of him thinking that, Oh, this little girl just needs to go to a movie with a friend. Like all good little girls should do. And then the, uh, you know, condescension
of the chill Gretta chill, you know, which is also a play on the whole global warming
thing. But instead, I think we need to talk about
the fact that Donald Trump is absolutely terrified of powerful women. And it doesn’t matter how old that woman is,
if she is powerful, if she is articulate, if she is smart, intelligent, and not willing
to back down. Donald Trump is terrified of them. And Gretta Thunberg is no exception. This is what this is about. This is a powerful woman who’s only 16 years
old who has put Donald Trump in his place along with other authoritarian leaders across
the planet. She is not backing down, she’s not trying
to compromise with them. And that terrifies somebody like Donald Trump,
just like he’s terrified of people like Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi. Now, I don’t agree with most of what Nancy
Pelosi does. I don’t agree with everything Maxine waters
do- does, but they are, let’s be honest, powerful women. And that terrifies Donald Trump. He’s a man and every woman on the planet should
bow down to him. And whenever he encounters one that’s not
willing to do that on every single issue, he attacks them. And that’s what we saw happen here this morning. But also, let’s keep in mind that, what was
it about a week ago, one of the witnesses in the impeachment hearing mentioned his son’s
name wasn’t attacking his son, wasn’t going after, wasn’t insulting him, wasn’t mocking
him or making fun of him or him to go to the movies with his buddies just said his name
and Republicans lost their damn minds. How dare you invoke a child’s name? How dare you go after a child? And rightfully so. A lot of Progressive’s pointed out like, Hey,
hasn’t Donald Trump been attacking Gretta Thunberg? And then here we are a week later and he’s
doing the same thing. Now I pointed that out on Twitter this morning
and I had a lot of people say, yeah, but the difference is Gretta chose to be in the spotlight. And Baron didn’t. Doesn’t matter folks. Baron may not have chosen to be in the spotlight,
but his father made that choice for him. So he’s there whether he wants to be or not. He’s there and he wasn’t even being made fun
of. This young woman. Gretta didn’t choose to be insulted by world
leaders. Didn’t choose to be made fun of in front of
millions of people on Twitter by the president whose wife is running a be best campaign to
put an end to online bullying. Did she, did she sign up for that? No. All this young woman had the audacity to do
was tell us to stop destroying the planet. And if you think that that makes her fair
game for ridicule, then guess what? You’re a horrible human being too.

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