DESA DHIMMARI (2019) New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | New Movies 2018 | South Movie 2018

DESA DHIMMARI (2019) New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | New Movies 2018 | South Movie 2018

Everyone in this world is crazy
about something or the other. Some people are crazy about
God and some about nature. Some people are crazy
about animals. And some people are crazy about
killing and eating them. But my dad is crazy about people. When I used to ask him why
he liked the poor.. ..he used to show me
photos of Mother.. ..Teresa and Gandhiji and say.. ..that we should follow
in their footsteps. To convert your huts
into houses.. ..I met some government
officials. If they sanction some
amount as loan.. ..I will arrange the
remaining amount. Hey! When did you return to India? Forget that. We go to someone’s
house or office to meet them. But you are found in such places. Serving humanity is equal
to serving God. It’s my dream to build
houses for them. Brains like mine are enough
to earn money. But one would need a heart
like yours to.. ..use that money to
serve the society. Even I will do that.
This is my motherland. Even I should do something. -It’s
good. What do you want to do? Let’s demolish these huts
and develop them. We will give them three
bedroom apartments. And we will distribute the excess
money amongst everyone. Very good. My father was honest
and he thought.. ..everyone else was honest too. He believed his friends. A friend of his took
advantage of that.. ..and made the poor homeless.. make money. He sold off the houses that they
had transferred to his name. After getting the news,
dad couldn’t take it. The greed for money,
destroyed everything. And it left me all alone. I did not know what to do,
where to go and whom to meet. I couldn’t understand anything. I set off on an untrodden
path without.. ..knowing the destination. Oh God!
I have done all bad deeds. My beard has turned grey. My hands and legs are
not functional. I have set up a fruit stall
to earn a livelihood. Please forgive my mistakes
and bless me, God. Greetings, dear.
You are my first customer. You look very smart.
Which fruit do you want? You are going to initiate
today’s business for me. ‘Fresh fruits are sold here.’ Do you sell the fruits here
or somewhere else? Why are you joking? I sell the fruits right here.
Can’t you see? Why have written sold here? It seemed like a joke,
but there is a logic behind it. Here you go. That’s fine.
But the fruits are rotten. Hey! Have you gone mad? These are fresh fruits. I can see they are fresh. Then why do you need to
write fresh fruits? Do you think people who
come here are blind? That’s not right, son. No!
You are insulting the customers. Customer is God, son. Okay. Then remove that board. I will do it right away. You are my first customer. Tell me what you want,
I will pack it for you. I will tell you. These eggs are nice.
Are they hen’s or duck’s? Hey! Have you gone mad? Why are calling them eggs? These are fruits and not eggs. Are you blind? -Why do you have
a board saying fruits? You are insulting customers.
-Wait. I will remove it. Here you go.
Now tell me what you want. What do I want?
Which fruit? How much quantity? I am selling fruits here. Then why do you have a board
saying are sold here? -Take it off. Correct. Customer is God. You are right.
I will remove it right away. Okay? Now tell me. I will be back in a minute. This is very nice. What is this? They are Kashmiri apples. -I see! What is this?
-They are oranges from Bangalore. I see. What is this?
-Bananas from Bhusawal. Okay, then. I will get going. Hey! Pay me the money. What? I thought they were for free. Free? -Sir! You could have put a board.
Get a board made. Don’t confuse the customer.
Customer is God. Customer is not God. Bad! Bad! Nature kills out hunger
but not greed. Dad used to say that always. Every house in this
country is mine. With that belief in mind.. ..I left my native place
and came here. Punjab has given me shelter now. Oh no! I am out of fuel. Listen! Do you have a lighter? No! Fire? -Here. He took my cigarette. He took my cigarette. Forget the cigarette,
he took the motorcycle. Come on. -Come on, quick. What happened?
-There is no petrol in this. What is wrong now?
I think even this is out of fuel. Don’t people fuel their vehicles
here in Punjab? Stop the vehicle and
show me the papers. I found this vehicle on 2the
street, sir. -Really? This is not a toy,
it’s a vehicle. -Right, sir. Quickly tell us what
the matter is. No, sir. I really found this. What happened, sir?
-I will tell you. -Yes, please. I found this vehicle
on the road and.. ..I am taking it to the police. Very good, sir. People like
you are rare these days. Thank you! Thank you, sir.
-Shut up! Hey! You are a thief. You stole the vehicle
from somewhere.. ..and now that you are caught.. are making up stories.
-No, sir. You are a thief. I am a police officer.
The police of Punjab! Sir, he is a good man.
That is why he brought it here. Or else he would have
disappeared by now. And you are calling him a thief. Sir, you please go. Okay. Take care of the vehicle.
I will get going. Hey! -Ramesh,
someone is stealing your vehicle. Oh God! He is really a thief. Hey, you!
I told you he was a thief. But you didn’t listen to me. Beat him! Mr Singh.. ..I have been here
for two hours now. You know how precious time is. Yes. I know. Time is valuable. But patience is more valuable. Politics means patience. If you don’t have patience,
you are unfit for politics. Mr Singh, I am contributing
to the party fund. Party fund can be used
to buy a ticket. But you can’t win a seat with it. I have stopped living my life.. ..and am trying so hard
for this seat. And you are talking
about patience. You are right, sir. I don’t have patience. No. I am impatient. There is nothing good.
It’s a waste. You are right, sir. You are right. You have a lot of patience. I am unfit for politics. No patience. Goodbye. Hey! Dev can desire beauty. Fulfilling his desire is my duty. Understood? Hey! What is that?
Is that a game? Superb figure. If sir sees it, he will go mad. Really? Let me see. Look at her. Superb figure. Sir will go crazy as
he sees her photo. He will ask you to call her.
-You be prepared to get her. She will not come.
-Even if sir calls? She will not come.. ..because she is no more. You are asking me to get
a dead woman. Idiot! Darn! It had to stop now! What should I do now?
Should I go here or there? Please stop.
Will you give me a lift? Your face doesn’t match
your style of speaking. And I feel like I have
seen you somewhere. You have seen me? -Yes.
-It must have been my father. Mangal Singh, the dacoit? Yes, he is my father.
He abandoned my mother. I looked for him everywhere.
Where is he? Pedhapur. Pedhapur! Come on, make it quick. Why did you stop? Hey! Where are you going? I don’t feel like going there. I am going from here.
You go that way. Why are you leaving the vehicle? I feel bad seeing you yearn
to meet your father. You take the vehicle to Pedhapur. You gave me lift and now you
are giving me a gift. No problem. -Thank you. Thank you. -Good luck. Hey! That’s my vehicle.
-Who are you? Don’t you know me? I am Tada Singh from Punjab.
-What happened? This is my vehicle. How dare you? Hey! You scoundrel! Here you go! My life was like this
dried-up river. I don’t know what it
would be like when.. ..this river will be full of
water. -But my peaceful life.. ..couldn’t be disturbed
by any random person. Leave me. Leave me. Please! Don’t you understand me? Sir likes you a lot. Why don’t you try to understand? Be happy and make him also happy. How much money do you want? What are you saying, Kamini? Each passing day,
along with your clothes.. ..the humanity in you
is also dying. Who is she? She is a Goddess. She is the epitome of beauty. She will wilt if you
manhandle her. She is refusing to get into bed.
What should I do then? No problem. She doesn’t need to
sleep with me. She is not an item girl. She is al all type girl. What do you mean, sir? Venky. She is the one for me. Only girl. Sir! I will have to marry her.. have my first
night with her. What is the use of
this photo now? I beg of you. Please let me go. No! No! You are the queen of this
place from now on. You don’t need to
beg for anything. Just command. There is an auspicious time
coming up for marriage. Enjoy until then. Kamini. If she runs away.. ..I won’t spare any one of you. You be happy. Consider the marriage complete. Venky. -Yes. She is a hot girl. -Yes. Arrange her by 6 o’clock. I thought he would
fast for a week. But he won’t change. Oh my God! This restaurant should be
turned into a hermitage. I only like free food. Sir, your order, please. It’s you! Who am I? You are a Tamilian, right? Yes. Do you know me? Yes. I know everything. You are Mangal Singh’s son,
right? I have met people
like you before. I see.
Where did you find my father? In Pedhapuram in Andhra Pradesh. Pedhapuram? -Yes. He used to sell saris
in Pedhapuram. He must have found someone. He has a child in every
place he has visited. All of them look like me. -I see. Your order. One glass water. What kind of a customer are you? Hey, get a glass of water. Why did he make such
an expression? What an amazing figure! Wait, wait! What’s the hurry? Take me to your house. I don’t have a house. Then take me to a hotel. That’s not possible now. Then call your friends. I neither have a friend
nor do I have a phone. I hope you have cash. Then why did you get me here? You should have left me there. There is nothing like that.
Listen to me. It’s not about money. As I saw you, I got tempted. After our bodies rubbed
against each other.. ..I developed feelings. Then it is our duty to respond. Come on, you also respond to me.
Come on. Don’t you dare!
Drop me to the restaurant. I see! You got me tempted
and abandoned me. Now I am going to leave
you stranded. Get lost! Rs 10,000 per head. Leave me! Let me go. Where is your house? Do you like me? No. Why not? I don’t have money. There is no need. I like you. So much? I want to respond to my feelings. Really? -Yes. He is my father. Are you mad? -Hey! Are you mad? Don’t put on this act! You are lazy. Plus you are an alcoholic. To cover up your laziness
and alcoholism.. have put on this act.
This is madness. If you can’t do it,
tell her that you are hungry. She will work hard
and buy you food. Why do you want to drink
so much every day? And you are making your
daughter do this! Yuck! This bond is a reason
for him to drink.. ..and for you to make mistake. That is why I don’t want to be
tied down in such a bond. Zero expectations, zero problems. Please eat, ma’am. Hey, isn’t she eating? How will she eat?
She is not your property. You brought her here forcefully.
She will not eat. You are absolutely right, Venky.
-Greetings, sir. You are right. Sir down. -No, sir. I said sit down. Okay, sir. Chicken fry. Come on, eat. Eat. -No, sir. No, sir. -Eat. You eat, ma’am. I am telling you to eat. Have pizza. Don’t feel shy. I will have to eat since
you are insisting. Come on, eat. How is it? It is superb, sir. Very good. Is it superb? -Yes, very good. You shouldn’t be saying this. She should be saying it. I will tell a joke. There was a beggar. She used to beg on the streets. She hadn’t eaten for three days. She was for one rupee.. ..from people passing by.
-She was asking everyone. Then a man asked her.. ..what she can buy for one rupee. That man gave her one rupee. The beggar told him.. ..that using that
one rupee coin.. ..she wants to check her weight. Beggar? One rupee? Weight loss? Yes.
-She also wants to lose weight. She should be laughing like this. Crack jokes and make her laugh. Our wedding is on next Sunday. Give me a trim. You? -Yes. Son of dacoit Mangal Singh. Do you know my father? -Your
father cheated your mother.. ..and left you. You are right. I am my mother’s son. Hey, shut up. You don’t even know
colour comparison. That man can only birth
donkeys like you. Give me a trim first. You think I am a donkey! Okay. I will give you a trim. Very good. Thanks. Hello! You got the job done. Who will give the money? I only know about commodities
and service barter. Nothing about money. That’s fine.
But where did you see my father? Pedhapur. I will get going. Pedhapur! My father is not an ordinary man. “I am a traveller..” “I have no home..” “..Or fixed place..” Hello, sir. Did you find this vehicle now? Wow! You are very smart, sir. You guess the background
seeing a.. ..person’s face and his vehicle. You are planning to
get away again? I have no such plan, sir. Tell me something. How come you are finding
all lost vehicles? Basically,
I am a nature lover, sir. Oh! -I love the nature. That is why nature
helps me a lot. Can you tell me whose
vehicle this is? Sir, according to me that is
a very illogical question. Had I known that,
I would have given it to him. Why would I waste my
time coming to you? Oh! Please get down, sir. Please. Please. Come here. Please. Look, whose car this is. I mean.. You are under arrest. What? You are saying as if I
have committed a huge crime. Isn’t this a crime? Your Honour! Returning something found
on the street.. ..according to IPC section 11.. not a crime.
It is helping nature. You should bow down in
front of such people. You should recognise them. You shouldn’t insult them
by arresting them. Oh! So, you know Indian Penal Code. Yes!
And I even know how to disappear. Where did he go? Catch him! Hello! What is this place called? It is called hermitage. Is everything free here? Yes. -Food, clothing, shelter? Yes, absolutely. I am going through a bad phase. It will be good to stay
here for a while. You will have to seek permission
from our head. I see. Who is he? Who are you? Shall I say the truth
or should I lie? You must have come here with
a plan. Tell me that. I was walking down
a street at night. Ask me where I was going. I was walking on the road. Just then a light
fell on my eyes. Ask me which light.
-It must have been a truck. No! Even I thought the same. But when I looked carefully.. ..I understood it was a fairy. What? A fairy? Yes. Ask me why she was there. I am not an ordinary person. I am a blessed child. I was born with a purpose. And I have been asked
to stay here.. ..until that purpose is served. Okay.
-Then the light disappeared. Why? That is what happens when
a fairy disappears. Then I found myself here. I don’t remember what
happened meanwhile. Oh God! -What do you say now? I don’t have anything to say. I don’t like being jobless. I want to do good for this place. So, you are saying that
you will stay here. That’s God’s grace.
Nobody can change anything. Okay. But you have to follow
some rule to stay here. What are they? You will have to change
your clothes first. Oh, sure! You will have to wear such
clothes. -What are you saying? Are you serious? You will have to stop joking.
-Oh! Okay. Sid. Yes, sir.
-Start your work now. -Okay, sir. What is the work here? Cutting grass, planting trees and
distributing holy offering. It will be done. I am finding it difficult
to find food every day. I can eat as much as
I wish over here. I should do this? No! I won’t do all this. Yes, cleaning! This hermitage has
given me shelter. My life has become blessed. What is all this? Why all these vegetables? What?
-You will have to cook for them. I? -Yes, you. Juniors have to cook for seniors. That’s the tradition here. I have become a cook now. No problem. I can at least prepare something
of my choice. This will taste so good.. ..when prepare it by adding
all the spices. That is not allowed here. What? Excess salt causes high
blood pressure. Chilli powder causes breathing
difficulty. Spices causes a lot of diseases. I will vomit if I eat food
with none of these. I want ‘Biryani’.
-You won’t get it here. Then order it from elsewhere. We satisfy people’s
hunger not greed. I see. I have heard this dialogue
somewhere. Oh God! Chotu. -Yes. Keep it here. Have it, ma’am. You will die of hunger otherwise. What is this? She hit me. Hello! Excuse me.
-Yes, tell me. -I am Yogi. Everyone is a yogi here. No! That’s not right. My name is Yogi. I see. -Yes. You are very beautiful. Why have you taken this path? What did you say? Well.. God must have worked.. ..really hard to create
your personality. You are a limited edition. What’s the harm in giving
this beauty to me? If you give up asceticism.. ..then I will give you all
the pleasure in the world. What do you think? Pleasure? Have faith in God.
That’s the real pleasure. Oh God! Everyone is giving advice here. God has Goddesses. Then why does
He interfere in our matters? I think God has a lot of
free time these days. Yogi. Sir. You were describing someone’s
beauty here. That’s not right, sir.
I was clearing some doubt. Yogi, you shouldn’t go
by external beauty. Look for inner beauty. I see. Then why do you need
such a huge building.. ..for the small idol of
God sitting inside? I can answer that for you. But it is useless talking
to an atheist. The problem is mine, sir. Please forgive me and
let me do my work. I don’t understand the
purpose of my life. Sid. -Yes. Can I get a cup of coffee? Coffee? No. -Hey! Hey! -I already said no. How dare he! I won’t live here now. I have no respect here. Hey! What is this? Is this life? Move aside. When he will get caught,
I will tell. No problem. I won’t die
if I don’t have coffee. Can I get a cigarette? -Go away. So heartless. -One cigarette? Cigarette or ‘Beedi’? Move on. Can I get a cigarette?
-Please go. Everyone is shooing me away. Cigarette? -Cigarette? Get lost! Why are you getting angry?
This is a universal problem. Hot head! Cigarette? -No. Excuse me. Cigarette? You are a smoker? Lovely!
Please give me a cigarette. I have come here to quit smoking. I see. Be happy. Be very happy. One cigarette. Sir.. Sir! My finger.. -Sir,
my finger will break! Leave me.. If you don’t have this finger,
you won’t need cigarette. Sir, what is all this? You broke my finger for
asking for a cigarette. Will you do this for
everything I ask? You need to be taught discipline.
-Where will I get that? Come on. I will show you. Is this what discipline means? They are just rolling
on the ground. Yes. That’s it. But you have to do it in some
positions. -Sit down. It doesn’t look difficult.
No problem. Show me which position. Sit down in ‘Padma Asana’. Here. Is this right? Not this. ‘Padma Asana’. ‘Padma Asana’? Where is Padma? Be patient.
Why are you in so much hurry? I will show you everything. Sir,
legs are for walking and sitting. We shouldn’t torture
them like this. It is required sometimes
to cure yourself. Sir! Sir.. That’s not right. That’s ‘Asana’ is good.
I will do that. ‘Shava Asana’. You don’t need
to do it separately. That’s the final one. Sir, no. I cannot do this. Sir.. Sir, they are pulling
me. My leg will break. Sir..
Sir, my leg! Please save me. Sir! Oh God! Are you angry? Oh my God! What are you saying? I don’t realise how happy I am. I can’t even talk properly
because of the happiness. Is this a hermitage? Can anyone bear so much torture?
People will die. Listen, Yogi.
A person has all emotions.. happiness,
sadness, love, anger, etc. But that’s the reason for life. To attain salvation,
you have to go through them. Oh God! I don’t know anything
about salvation. After death, your deeds in this
life determine your next life. Gaining a place in the heart
of God is salvation. Oh! God! You said well. But do you have proof
of anyone from.. ..this hermitage going there. No. Then has anyone from here.. ..sent a message saying
he has reached there. How is that possible?
-What is all that for, sir? For something you don’t
even know exits.. are leading a bland life. Yogi, you know about your father. You also know about his father. If you try, you can find out
about his father as well. But nobody knows the origin
of your lineage. That doesn’t mean your
lineage doesn’t exist. And that is God. God and godmen! Even Trump will become
a follower.. ..if he talks to you for a while. Yogi! If you wish to live your way,
I won’t stop you. But think about the purpose
of your existence. Stop it, sir. This is no life. I will never step foot in this
compound in this life. I bid goodbye to you
and your rules. I will never come here
even by mistake. This is a promise to myself.
Never coming back here. I think someone has left this
vehicle for me here. Open up! Seems like it’s a
fake procession. We are also doing that. You don’t pay attention to that. What is this?
You have left the gate open. I forgot. I will close it right
now. -How did this door open? Let me see if the girl
is there inside. This door is also open. Is the girl in there
or has she ran away? The girl is there, right? Yes, she is inside. Come on. Good. -Lock it up. Oh no! Yogi,
you got greedy unnecessarily! Had the girl run away,
we would have been in trouble. Yes. Okay. Let’s see what is
hidden for me here. Wow! This is very good. Who must be the owner of this? What do I care? If I am here, it is mine. Now that I am here,
let me enjoy myself. Alcohol! I will be indebted to
the maker and buyer.. ..of alcohol. There is no such word
in my dictionary. No problem. Let’s drink it first. God! People should get a
high from alcohol. But some people get
a high from money. Bad! What is in that? Gold. These are not good for munching. What is that?
Why is the house rotating? Comfort! Comfort! What is happening?
The house is spinning.. And there is a girl
in this house. Oh God! I think this is my
last day on Earth. Listen! Please don’t kill me. I am innocent. Why will I kill you? Why are you cracking jokes? I didn’t know this
was your house. Please don’t kill me, ghost. Had I been a ghost,
how could you have seen me? I have never seen a ghost before. But you look somewhat like
a ghost. That’s why.. I am not a ghost. I am a human. You are a human! Oh God! Oh! That means you are the
owner of this house! The house is really nice. The bar is awesome too. Very nice house! I am not the owner. You are neither a ghost nor the
owner. Then who are you? Oh! You are the maid! No. Then. I have been kidnapped. Kidnap! Bad! Money makes you do bad things. That is why I don’t
like money at all. Not for money. Not for money? This kidnapper doesn’t
seem foolish. Okay. I didn’t eat anything
at night because of you. I am going. There is nothing to eat. This is also empty. Please take me with you. What?
I should take you along? But why? I have been kidnapped
for marriage. Then that is your problem.
Not mine. Please. You hit me some time back.
Now you want to put me in danger. What do you think of me? I don’t want to get married. That’s fate. Marriages are made in heaven.
I don’t decide that. I will decide mine.
I will take your leave. Where is the hammer? Do you know Patiala Devji? Yes. So? He is the one who kidnapped me. If he comes to know that
his would be wife.. ..was raped by you.. ..he will kill you. Hold on! He has kidnapped you. You are his would be wife. I understand all that. Where did the rape come from? If I have to escape from here,
I will have to say that. That you raped me. I see! So that’s your plan. You will disappear from
the face of the Earth. He kidnapped you. You are blackmailing me. This is good. Very good. Amazing. I am nicely trapped. From comedy zone,
I have entered crime zone. Hey! What are you thinking? What if I rape you for real? Even then I will live
and you will die. You are saying that so easily. There is no other option. Stop it, please! I will find the other option. You be calm. Okay? Make it quick.
-That joke is nice, right? You tell it first.
Then we will see. Someone is coming. Keep it on the table. Ma’am, please have. The ‘Biryani’ is good.
I will have it. It is ‘Chicken biryani’.
-Tell the joke. I will tell the joke.
I will start from the mouse. No. Start from the elephant. I will start from the mouse. You should start from
the elephant. But I will start from the mouse. Elephant. Why are you saying elephant?
I am right. If you start from mouse,
when will the fox come in? Why fox? I thought cat. No. Start with fox. Why should I start with fox?
I will start with cat. I am getting a call.
Answer quickly. It is sir. Talk to him. Venky.
-Sir, why are you disturbing me? Am I disturbing you? Me? Come to your senses.
Tell me what you are doing. I am practising a story. Are you making a movie? Why are you talking rubbish?
Go and see if she has eaten. Sir, I will have to tell her
a story to make her eat. And I will do that when
you hang up the phone. Hey! If she doesn’t eat.. Don’t you worry, sir.
Rest assured. I will manage. Okay. I will see. See. -What happened? This is empty. I think she ate everything.
-Oh God! She ate everything. Did she go to wash her hands?
-Yes. Hunger is the ultimate weapon. You are right. Let’s tell sir. -Come on. Get the plates. Come on. There is no one.
Give me your hairpin. If this opens, we can escape. Sir, ma’am had her dinner
and went to sleep. I see! Good. Sweet boy. Nice. Good job. -Speak softly,
sir. She is sleeping. Make it quick.
Stop. Someone is coming. My queen is sleeping peacefully.
-Sir. Shush! Don’t disturb her. Come on, sir. “Listen to me, O sweetheart.” “My heart has ditched me.” “My eyes met yours and..” Have you been cheated in love? I had loved. Her name was Maya. I wrote many love
letters for her. I sung many songs.
Fights, chase, kiss, twists. Oh my God!
I did a lot of things for her. But sad ending. Very sad ending. Why is that? Her name itself was Maya
which means illusion. She disappeared. Hey, you are lying, right? -Only
people who have failed in love.. ..can sing such songs, can they?
-People like us also do. Forget about me. You sing a song. “What has happened to my heart?” “It seems to be spinning
like in a dream” Cut, cut.. What did you say? Dream? This is what I don’t
like about life. Love and emotions. We lock them, they lock us. It is a time wasting process. Everything should be lively. People should live
in the reality. Do you know how? Let me show you. “You and I are locked in a room
and the key is lost..” Hey, move back.
What are you doing? I got lost in emotions. Are you free? Yes. I am free. I am free until we leave. Not that way. You are free, right? Yes. I already told you. God! She is not understanding. I don’t know to trap. Baby. Just try to understand
the concept. Okay. You are ready..
-Hey! Why are you touching me? Hey! I did not touch you. I just did this to see your back. Then to see your front.
I didn’t do anything. Nothing. You won’t find a better person
than me in this world. I don’t lock anyone. And neither does anyone lock me. I have not hurt anyone nor
can anyone hurt me. I want to live with freedom. Freedom. I forgot to ask you.
What’s your name? Asha. And yours? Nirash. What? Yogi, the traveller. Okay. What is your plan? I am thinking. Do you have the blueprint
of this building? It will help with the planning. You should have told me before. Shush! Go and hide. Come on. Ma’am, you will have to
smile before eating. I will have to say a joke
to make you smile. I don’t know to say jokes. Just tell one. If she likes it, she will laugh. The jokes needs to
be good for that. Okay, I will try. Sir. It will be good if
you maintain distance. Yes, you are right. Ramesh and Naresh were
good friends. Ramesh asked Naresh a question. Crows sit on all statues. But why not on Mahatma
Gandhi’s statue? Ramesh said.. ..because he has a
stick in his hand. That is why crows
don’t sit on him. Mad! -Did you hear anything? I heard something, but.. I don’t know anything.
But ma’am smiled. No, the voice was different. Voice changes while laughing. Haven’t you read about it? -No. That is why you should read. You are getting a call. -Yes. Venky. -There is a good news
for you. -What is it? Ma’am smiled. Nice job, Venky. Keep her smiling. Okay, sir. You come soon. Sir is coming. Let’s go. -Okay,
sir. -Let all this be here. Ma’am, you have tea. You eat, ma’am. What should we do now? Idea! -Venkat! Venkat! Ma’am is calling. What happened, ma’am? -You told
me a joke yesterday, right? -Yes. I understood it now. That joke was really good. Wow! -I laughed a lot.
-Did you see my talent? You are superb! Shall I tell another joke, ma’am? No! I saw your talent yesterday. Today I will show you my talent. Do you tell jokes too? No, not a joke.
I will show you a magic trick. Magic? -Yes. I love magic. I am having doubts. You always have doubts.
You shut up. -You go on, ma’am. What is this? White paper. Yes. Aabra Kadabra! Aabra Kadabra! Hey, what is this? This is your face. Oh God! This is exactly same.
-Superb, ma’am! -Superb! Very nice. Teach me also, ma’am. Shall I make another one?
-Yes, please. This time it will be big. I will call a boy using magic.
-How is that possible? Are you mad?
You always have doubts. How does it matter to you? Okay, go ahead. I want to see.
-You show us, ma’am. Okay.
Both of you close your eyes. Yes. Aabra Kadabra! Aabra Kadabra! Aabra Kadabra! Aabra Kadabra! Aabra Kadabra! There is a boy here for real.
-Yes. Check him once. Is he human? Hey.. He hit me! -He is human. He is human, right? -Yes. Will he do as we say? He will do it if he likes. Shall I try? Go on. Come on. What is your name? Rayudu. We don’t want to know
if you write. Just say your name. There you go. His name is Rayudu.
-He could have said that. Okay. What else do you know? I know astrology. Then tell his fortune. You are the son of dacoit
Mangal Singh. How does he know that? Superb! This is incredible. Okay. What else? I can fly a plane.
-I don’t have a passport. I can ride a train. There is no station
in this village. I can ride a jeep. Sir has taken it out. There is a motorcycle. Yes, do you ride a motorcycle? Will you ride? Come on. -Come on. Let’s check.
Let’s see magic. Come on. Hello? -Venky,
why were you calling? I am busy. What’s the matter? -Ma’am is
performing magic tricks. Magic tricks?
-Don’t you know magic? What rubbish! What sort of magic? Her magic will get you worried. You are very lucky, sir. If anything goes wrong.. will see magic by me. Nothing will go wrong, sir.
I will manage everything. Hang up now. -Okay. Here you are, ma’am.
-Ride the motorcycle. Tell him to ride.
-He is going to start. He has started the motorcycle. The magic is good, sir. He is riding just like a human. Will he come back with
the motorcycle or not? He will not go anywhere. One second. Aabra Kadabra! Aabra Kadabra! Aabra Kadabra! Aabra Kadabra! Aabra Kadabra has so much power! Teach us also, ma’am. Yes. Close your eyes and
say Aabra Kadabra. What will happen? Your brother will come back. I want to see. -Yes, let’s do it.
-Come on, let’s start. -Yes. Aabra Kadabra! Aabra Kadabra!
-Aabra Kadabra! Aabra Kadabra! Aabra Kadabra! Aabra Kadabra!
-Aabra Kadabra! Aabra Kadabra! Sir, where are they?
The motorcycle is also missing. What happened? Where did they go? I think they fooled us and left. I was suspicious since the
beginning. -What should we do now? Venky! Venky! He must be inside. There is no one here, sir. Venky! Venky! I am sorry, sir.
She fooled us and ran away. I ran away fearing for my life. You idiot! She ran away. Find her! Come on, quick! Come on! You are running away with the
one I am going to marry. Who are you? He is my husband. He is the one who tied this
wedding chain around my neck. Hey! Start the vehicle!
What are you doing? Come on! What are you doing? Follow them! Start the vehicle! Come on,
why are you staring at me! This is the worst day of my life. Who is your husband? And who
gave you the wedding chain? Why are you asking me? You said you will solve
all my problems.. ..and tied this around my
neck when you were drunk. I? Wedding chain? Yes. I am telling the truth. You are my husband. Don’t mess with me, please. I got too drunk that day. How could I have done that?
-What kind of a life is this? What will we do now? What will we do now? You got married to
a homeless guy. What do you mean what
we will do now? Okay. Forget what happened.
-Come on. Let’s go in the woods. Why is that? You are my wife, right? And I am your husband. Then it won’t be wrong to
go in the woods. Come on. Hey! You are not my husband. I am not your wife. You didn’t put this wedding chain
around my neck. -I was joking. Oh! So, this is the truth. Then this wedding chain? I am a stage artist. I got this when I was playing
the role of a wife. I used to excel in dance,
drama, singing.. ..since childhood.
I am still nurturing all of that. While I was singing
a song on stage.. ..Dev kidnapped me and
took me with him. He doesn’t spare any girl. But he wants to marry me. So, that wedding chain
came to use now. No problem.
You are not a naive girl. You and I are not very different. Okay. I will get going. But where? Wherever I feel like going. And I? -It’s your life.
Your choice. Anyway you are a drama artist. You will find a character
to live. Isn’t there anything
more between us? Listen. I don’t even think
about my mother.. ..who gave birth to me
to avoid sadness. I met you two days back.
Why will I remember you? Goodbye. I am hungry. Here. Have this. A girl is hungry. And you are feeding her leaves. I see!
Don’t we eat leafy vegetables? Don’t they satisfy hunger? This is better than them. Capsica Indica. Have it. Thanks. This is nice. Give me. Do you want? No. I am not hungry. Get some more.
We can take it along. Animals only eat.
They don’t carry stuff. Nature satisfies our
hunger not greed. Choose one finger. -Why? Should we go here or there? Do you really have no one? No. I am there for you. No way. You should at least one
companion in life. If companionship is a must,
then the whole world is with me. Don’t you fear loneliness? No. I will keep moving.
That gives happiness. I love you. You are so selfish. Will I have to love you? I will love.
Not just you. Everyone. Plants, trees, birds, animals. I don’t know where I am going.
I even love the roads I go on. You are a part of
the world I love. I don’t chase broken kites. In fact, I am that broken kite. Where there is air,
I will live happily. I am not enough for anyone.
But this world is enough for me. Nothing else. Listen.
All of you have goals in life.. ..and become sad when
they don’t come true. But I am not like that.
I don’t have a goal. If the bus comes from
here or there.. ..whether it is late or
won’t come at all.. ..doesn’t worry me. This is my life. My name is Asha,
which means hope. Maybe that’s why I hope
to live with you. Forgive me. I got greedy. You may go. Please go. That’s like my girl.
Thank you so much. Have a great and fantastic life.
I will get going. Bye. Sir! Sir, lift. Lift! Excuse me! Can I help you? Please! Can you give me..
Sorry. You may not know Hindi. Can you drop me over there,
please? Oh Hindi! I know Hindi. You.. I am a traveller.
I keep travelling. Oh! I see. You are my type. Traveller girl! Come on, I will give you a lift.
-I will ride, come on. Oh, sure. I have nobody. I am roaming this country
like a wanderer. Don’t you any fear
to travel alone? I have left fear back
to travel alone. I like it. I thought I was alone,
but there are many like me. So, your food? I get it from nature. I see. Exactly like me. Have it. What is this? -Indian alcohol.
I love this drink. Oh! Okay. You want to date? Why are you laughing? It’s nothing. I used to ask this to people. It feels weird to be asked this. I don’t know why.. ..I don’t feel like it. Good morning. -Good morning. Thank you. Where to next? You yourself don’t know that. It is so weird to ask
that to others. Hey! What happened?
Will you come with me? Tibet, Nepal, Mongolia.. Next China. Sure. Good.
But what about your luggage? I wear clothes because
of the public’s grace. Or else I would have had no
clothes. -But passport? I don’t have one. Oh God! It’s okay.
I will arrange. But you have your Aadhaar Card,
right? What is that? Come on, man! We were think that India
is developing. Were you asleep? You don’t even have
an Aadhaar Card. I don’t need it. Of course. To fly in the
air you need ground. What are you saying? The truth. Nature gives everything. I agree. But we need to develop
some things. Nature is air, sand, water, fire. Very important humans. To share feelings with others,
we need a language. That is developed by humans. But if someone knows your
feelings by looking into your eyes.. ..then they love you truly. How many such people are there?
Come on, tell me. You are confusing me. No! I am giving you clarity. What is wrong if all
this is not there? I am travelling this country
for my happiness. But do you know when I
get that happiness? When I see people, travel.. ..and share those stories
with my family. Happiness means sharing feelings. I have left my house
but not my family. I have clarity about who I am. I have an identity. An address. What is your name? Henley French. But I have named myself Tamanah
after coming to India. You know what is means, right? It’s Asha in your language. Bye. What happened? I think it’s a girl.
-It’s a girl. Are you mad? I am not mad. Someone has committed suicide. I think so. God knows what will happen now. It’s sad. No! ‘I love not just you. Everyone.’ ‘Goodbye.’ ‘I am hungry.’ So, even you have feelings. Thank God. You thought I was dead. Nothing like that. I saw you were getting
sad for me. I said nothing like that. You have the right to
be upset with me. Come on, let’s go from here.
-What happened? Catch her! Quick! Hey, stop! Stop! Quick! Hey, stop! Stop! We won’t spare you! Hey, stop! Stop! -Hey! Hey! Go back! Hey! Come on, make it quick. Quick! Oh God! You are bleeding. Show me. Are you okay, Yogi? God! They are coming. Come on, let’s go. Asha.. -Okay. Asha. -You be here. Asha. Stop! Catch her! Hey! Catch her! Don’t let her go! Stop! Hey! -Hey! Where are you running to? Hey! Stop! Where are you my Asha? Come to me, my life. My little Asha. Asha is caught. Devji, we saw her. She ran away. Shut up! Find her. Kill the boy and get her here. Come on! Asha.. Little Asha.. Where is Asha? Where is Asha hiding? Stop! You can’t come inside
this hermitage. Sid. -Sir. ‘I will never step inside
this compound.’ Sid, take them inside. -Yes, sir. Come on. Asha. This is not the place to do such
deeds. This is a hermitage. Hit me, sir. Beat me up. I felt like seeing her. I was not able to be without her. I want to talk to her. I can’t stop myself. I was homeless for so long. When I looked behind.. ..I saw that I have nothing. Mother, address? Then she came to me saying
she will be mine. But I am an idiot. I couldn’t understand. I thought I could live in nature. I saw oceans, rivers, lakes.
There was water everywhere. There was a lot of water, sir. But for the first time,
I saw water in her eyes. I saw tears for me, sir. I want that, sir. I want that forever. I want her for life. I thought I made a mistake,
but no. Those who have nobody come to me. Now this is your world. Both of you are married. Sid. -Yes. Yes, sir. Take them to my house. Okay, sir. -Go. Come on. Please. Where did you get this bag from? I want clothes to live. I found it on the bus.
-On the bus? You have to live in that house. Can you swim? I have swam oceans. You have to swim through
the world. Be careful. What are you thinking? Come on. -Where? I will tell you. Come on. You are religious too? This is responsibility.
-What do you mean? Since I had no one
since childhood.. ..I never shook hands
with anyone. I am holding your hand
for the first time. And I never want to
leave your hand. When someone used to
try to tie to down.. ..I used to run away. I wanted to be free all my life. But enough is enough! I will tie a wedding chain
around your neck.. ..and be tied to you
till the end. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Yes. What is next? Tea. Tea? One tea, please. Rs 10. Don’t you have money? If I do some work, can I get tea? What? -Work. You will work for me? Then what will I do? Will you do that work? I know that work. Okay, then do it. Now I understand.. ..why I was made to do all
this at the hermitage. I didn’t have a mother to love. No father to send me to school. Nobody taught me how to live. That hermitage is to teach people
like me how to live. The animals are doing
a great work. They are killing people’s hunger. We are humans. We should work. It’s done. Thanks. Where did you steal it from?
-Hello! I worked hard for it. I see. You also have some. Very good! I thought you won’t be
able to do this job. But you worked as much as
two people would have. Good. Here you are. Double payment. What happened? Seems like you are seeing
money for the first time. Really, sir. I always thought I
didn’t want money. But I never expected
to work for money. I used to treat them as paper. But after working for it,
I understood.. valuable they are. Money can be paper. But nobody throws them away. This money will fulfil
your need today. But tomorrow it will leave you.. fulfil the needs
of someone else. This is the real God
according to me. Has humans not invented money.. ..the world would have
been different. I wouldn’t have been running
at this pace. You are right, sir. The sweat of hard work
has the power.. wipe the tears
during a crisis. Remember this always. You will succeed in life. All the best. Go ahead. I will take your leave, sir. Girls have a twinkle in
their eyes while.. ..making guys spend
money on shopping. That’s more powerful
than lightning. But spending hard-earned money.. ..on your loved ones
is really special. I always thought.. ..this world exists
to fulfil my needs. For the first time,
I am fulfilling someone’s needs. I never thought of this. But it’s good. Feels very good. This is life. And this life is so beautiful. Sweetheart. Yes. I lived anywhere for
so many years. I ate whatever I got. I didn’t even know who
made that food. But now I have my sweetheart
in my life. For the first time,
I will eat what my wife has made. Yogi, it’s your lucky day. Listen. Yes. I don’t know to cook. You don’t know! What! Oh God!
You said you will be there. I am there. For what? To eat? I used to get food always. My life has become worst now. What was your life?
What is the wife? Oh God! Listen. Yes, tell me. I am hungry. I got it. I am used to cooking in the
hermitage. Let me light a fire. Why have you got me here? I want to thank someone. Thanks to whom? This place. Thanks to this place. That sun.. my father. He used to show me
way every morning. The moon is my mother. I didn’t where I would go next. And I never used to look behind. I thought I wanted nothing
and no one. Lord Buddha was enlightened
under a tree. The same way I got enlightened
because of you. You are mine till my last breath. This place told me that. This place told you? I love nature. The nature also loves me. That is why I never said
anything to anyone. Nobody told me anything too. But for the first time
this place told me.. be with you. Thank you! Thank you so much! Shall we go for a movie? Yes. -You want to see a movie. I had told you I have seen
someone like Venkat. I will show you one more. What do you want, sir?
-Your father. My father ran away.
I didn’t meet him. I found him. Where is he? -Pedhapur. People go to Haridwar to
wash away their sins. What is he doing in Pedhapur? Your father Mangal
Singh is a coward. You are right.
Anyway, give me his address. Take these peanuts for free. I don’t want anything for free. Give me for Rs 20. My boy has changed so much. How was he earlier, ma’am? Why do you want to know that? He was like your father.
-My father? He just wanted to eat and sleep. Asha. Let her speak. My husband is a traveller. Like my father? -Hey! He was sowing wild oats
wherever he went. I am not like him. You shut up. You say, ma’am. For his clothes to food.. ..he never paid a penny. Wow! -Everything for free. Cigarette, alcohol, everything. Is that true? -You shut up! You come with me. -Stop. -I am
yet to tell the real story. Say it. He met a prostitute once.
-Prostitute? Hey! Please stop. I beg of you. Let her speak.
It’s very interesting. Go on. -To hell with interesting. This is what happens when
you share your secrets. Don’t you worry. Go on. That girl wanted to go
to a room with him. But he had no room.
-No room! -No phone either. Oh! -No purse as well. Nothing! How did you live without
a phone and purse? I was like that before.
Forget it now. Then what did you do? Free, free, free! Free? That too for free! Then what happened, ma’am?
-But my husband is very good. He may have made mistakes. But my husband never
committed any crime. I feel happy seeing both of you. Life is very beautiful.
You don’t know how it will end. Husband, wife, children,
grandchildren are our own. They talk good things about
us after we are gone. I didn’t search for my father. He will have to come
looking for me. Ma’am, you hold his hand now. Don’t leave it ever. Or else he will fly away. Take care, ma’am.
Be happy always. We will take your leave. -Bye. Where is my queen? Kamini? Where is she? Where is she? Where is she? I will kill you if you
say you missed her. Kamini. Any girl is fine for me.. sleep with. If I don’t find anyone.. ..I will manage with you. I will. I wanted to marry her. I want her. I want her. I want her! I want her. Venkat also ran away! Or else I would have killed him. Go and look for her. Go! Go and look! Come on! Come soon. Where are you? My Queen, where are you? Yogi, when the priest
asked your ‘Gotra’.. ..why were you quiet? I couldn’t remember. Incidents from childhood
were coming to mind. My mother died after
giving birth to me. She couldn’t even give me milk. Then my dad was everything
for me. He used to pamper me a lot.. ..because I didn’t have a mother. He used to perform rituals
and donations in my name. Maybe it’s because of
his good deeds.. ..that I am always taken care of. But people close to him
cheated him for money. He couldn’t bear that. I suffered so much
because of money. I had lost my mother. Dad also left me. I started hating money
since then. Anger, hatred, malice. The help my dad provided.. ..saved many lives. He fed many people. I thought money was greed. For many it’s a need. I asked only for one thing today. I want to work hard
and earn money. And follow in dad’s footsteps. And I will do that. I am so lucky, Yogi. What is this? Animals eat what they get. But we are not animals.
We are humans. We should plan for the future. Even the wife should work hard. Only then we can have
a secure future. Look at them. It’s only us now. But tomorrow your naughtiness.. ..and my hope together.. ..may give us a son
or a daughter. Son or daughter! Hello? How are you? Greetings! Greetings! Stop! It’s him.
-How are you, dear? Go back, quick. Did you go home? Okay, fine.
Take care of yourself. Okay, fine. Who are they? What do you want? He is trying to cheat us by
changing his appearance. Hit him! Leave me! Why are you hitting me? Super Singh,
son of dacoit Mangal Singh. IPS, 1985. Cadre 32. Batch no. 731. Encounter specialist. Is anyone looking? Hey,
what sort of clothes are these? You must be hungry, right? That is why I have
cooked for you. Really? -Yes. That’s fine.
But what about these clothes? I found these clothes
in the bag you found. Come on, eat now. What have you made? What’s the hurry? You have cooked for the first
time. I am bound to be excited. How is it? Tell me how it is. Very good. But if you had put salt.. Here. Have this. Ask me before adding salt, okay? Okay. Taste this also. Tell me how it is. Isn’t it good? There is no salt again? Not just salt. No chilli either. Chilli. I have an idea. Do you have chilli
powder as well? No. -Then? What nonsense? Put all the ingredients in my
mouth and set me on fire. Why are you getting angry? How will I eat green chillies? You should appreciate your
wife when she cooks. I see. I made the food with these hands. Such a spicy figure is sitting
in front of you. And you want more spice! Do you want more chilli? How is the ‘Roti’? Hot. And now? It’s wrong to ask. And salt? -Everything is fine.
Perfect. Then eat. I am eating. Chilli! Asha. You.. I am going to be a father! Yay! Listen to me! I am going to be a father!
You are going to be a mother! Wait a minute. You will have to take care
of yourself. Sit here. I will be back. Dada! Amma! Dada! I am going to be a father. Thank you. Uncle,
even I am going to be a father. Won’t you listen to me? Thank you. Thank you so much. It can’t be the third month
in three nights. But you vomited! My stomach is upset because
of the food I cooked. I see! Then we will have to increase
the speed. Come on. Hey! Put me down! Come on! Please wait. Hey! Asha! Asha! Asha! Asha! Asha! Asha! Asha! Are you out of your mind?
I looked for you everywhere. You came to get a tattoo! Sorry. I got restless when I
couldn’t find you. Asha! Did I hurt you? I will never beat you again. Is it hurting? Yes. Is it any less now? A little. Now? A little more. And now? It’s gone. But the pain was here. But I didn’t beat you there. Shall I beat you now? After coming here,
when I was told.. ..that I was going to live in a
hut amongst these mountains.. ..I thought forget two humans
even animals can’t live here. But now I get it. When two people
have to live together.. ..they need so much privacy
to understand each other. Yogi! Leave me! Yogi! Yogi, don’t worry. Such situations have been
arising since centuries. Even in front of God. But they won. Don’t fear.
My men will come with you. Go and save her. No, sir. She was never with me. I was just living. Now that we have this
strong bond.. ..nobody can break it. Right, sir? Thanks for the all the
help you gave me. I will get my wife myself. Asha. Asha! Asha! God, I never asked for anything. For the first time I need you. Save Asha. My Asha, my partner, my shadow. Save my shadow. I can’t live without her. I didn’t want anyone.
You gave her to me. Now that she is my life,
will you take her away? Please. Doctor! How is Asha, doctor?
Please tell me. Congratulations! Congratulations? Is Asha fine?
Did anything happen to her? Don’t worry. Your wife and your
child are safe. Child? -Both are safe. Child means I.. -Yes. Asha.. Thank you. Thank
you so much, doctor. Can I see Asha, doctor?
-Go ahead. Thank you. Had anything happened to you,
I would have died. I can’t live without you. Our child. You are just my Asha. You are my hope and everything. You are very nice. I love you.

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