Describing Pictures (The Second Task of the Aptis Exam)

Describing Pictures (The Second Task of the Aptis Exam)

in the second task of the Aptus exam you will have to answer three questions this time in 45 seconds this allows you about five to seven sentences for each answer for the first question you will have to describe a picture usually about something that you have already talked about in your English class for example giving and receiving gifts the media cooking and food transport family and games and so on [Music] so here’s some inspiration on how to describe pictures here are my sixth tip number one start from the general and from there go into detail try fundraising everything you see in one pencil in this picture I can see a family playing a game and having a good time this will give your answer and structure and a starting point as it’s always the hardest to begin number to estimate don’t just say you know use expressions like I think maybe probably to describe the things you see in the picture as they give your answer fluency and decide you can’t be sure of what’s going on in the picture as you are not the photographer number two it use move over like should can could my may must and have to because they give color to your enter and show what your opinion is about the image or what’s going on in it for example the couple of the picture night could must or maybe Mary depending on how sure you are of your estimate number four use the present simple and continuous correctly use the present continuous for actions and the present simple for appearance use the present continuous to say what’s going on at the moment when the picture was taken that means in that now don’t forget the verb to be in the ink and ink for the main verb and use it to talk about what people are wearing and doing in the picture you just read and simple to describe how people look like as the present simple describe permanent things that will stay the same given outside the picture like how the people feel and their physical appearance number five use lots of prepositions which place to describe where people are in the picture like on top on the bottom on the right on the left in the background in the foreground or in the silicon number six use there is four singular and there are four zero to say what or rule you can see in the picture for example in this picture there is a man and there are some children the second question will ask you about your opinion on a topic related to the picture consider these questions should parents spend more time with their children do you think people should cook more how do you learn about the news the third question will ask you to compare and contrast two ideas related to the subject of the picture first we need to learn how to compare and contrast things [Music] for comparing we need the comparative as in big bigger and the superlative form as in the biggest four adjectives but we can also use equality like as big ad for contrasting we need to use expressions like on one hand on the other hand the difference is being in comparison whereas although so while but or unlike here’s an example how has reporting the news changed in the last 15 years [Music] reporting the news is much faster today because of the growth and social media on one hand is a lot more modeling today but on the other hand it’s also more confusing and people need to choose what to believe [Music]

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  1. What the name of the applications that you use please it's perfect

  2. Hi Diana, I would like to know if you know tips or tricks about each band of Aptis test. Also a training Book o web sites to practice.

  3. Thank you so much Diana, your video is so interesting and well made, I learned a lot from you! I am currently taking the Aptis for the new job. Also the powerpoint you made is so beautiful! love them! <3

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