Designing Eddie Played By Adam Lambert | THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW

Designing Eddie Played By Adam Lambert | THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW

[glass smashing] [music playing] COLUMBIA: Eddie! I’m William Ivey Long,
I’m the costume designer for Rocky Horror Picture Show. Poor Eddie. He’s a mess. Covered in mud, ripped jeans,
and not in a fashion sense. ADAM LAMBERT: I
think Eddie’s just sort of like– dirty and
messy and kind of rough around the edges. WILLIAM IVEY LONG: And he’s
wearing this terrible t-shirt that I painted in
sort of a Basquiat homage of a scary image of him. And then he’s got this
jacket which is sleeveless, it’s like medieval armor,
and he is just so macho, and then gets totally destroyed
by Dr. Frank-N-Furter. [music playing]

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  1. Eddie's face at the end, priceless! Adam is so versatile. Hope this will open up many diverse film opportunities. He could play a romantic lead, comedy, drama, musical, etc. Just love seeing him on the screen & performing live is an unforgettable experience. He was born to entertain.

  2. Adam Did A Phenomenal Job As Eddie. He KILLED It As Always! This Performance Just Got Voted Number 1 As The Best Performance In The Remake As It Should Be!

  3. Lol I didn't see it like that at all! First off, what the heck was even that death scene? Going psycho and mutilating someone with an axe in a freezer (stereotypical female symbols) is totally not the same as doing a smug feline walk to finally put a knife in a man's gut (closet phallic symbol). These people have no idea what they're doing from start to finish – and Victoria Justice as the "ingenue"? Gawd…. Besides, the costumes were already designed, and have been since 1975.

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