Despair – Short Film

Despair – Short Film

(police sirens) – [Officer] In pursuit of suspect. (gun shots) – [Radio Announcer] Today a 15
year old African-American boy Jay Miller, was killed
by a city police officer. Eyewitnesses say he was unarmed and complying with police commands. The officer has been
identified as Jake Johnson. A white officer that has been
on the force for three years. (doorbell ringing) – Who is it? – It’s Aunt B. Hi. – Hey. – I just came to check on you. How are you? Okay. Is Derek here? (scoffs) – No. He went to get some air. Can you believe he left me here? – Oh. Well, maybe he needed to
step out of the house? And maybe you need to
get some fresh air too? – I’m not ready to go out there. – Baby it’s been six months. You don’t pick up the
phone, you don’t go out. It’s as if you cut yourself off from the rest of the world.
– I can’t take this! The cops killed my son, my son! And everybody wants me to
act as if it’s all normal. Well it ain’t! – I know, I know baby, I know. Oh sweetheart, I know. – He was only 15 and my only child. My only child. (crying) – I know boo boo, oh my
God, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Lord have mercy. – He was my only child. – I know baby. That’s why I came over. Lord have mercy, I knew you would need somebody else to talk to. Jesus, oh Father. But it’s okay, you know what? It’s okay to feel angry,
and hurt, and confused. That’s normal, mm hmm, but, sweetheart, it’s better that
you talk about how you feel instead of keeping it
all balled up inside. (cell phone ringing) – It’s Derek. I think you should get this. – [Jan] I don’t want to
talk to him right now. – Is it alright if I answer it? – Yeah. – Hey Derek it’s Aunt B. – Aunt B? Where is Jan? Is she alright? – She’s right here, she’s fine, but I think you should come home. – I only took a walk around the block. I had to get out of the
house, I was going stir crazy. – Derek listen, she has
a lot of pain inside her, and I know you do too but I think she’s opening
up to me right now. And I think you should be with her. – I’m on my way. Hey baby, Aunt B. Hi baby.
– Hey. – Oh my goodness. You okay? – Baby? – Don’t baby me. How could you leave me
here by myself Derek? – I just took a walk around the block. I said that I would be back,
I said I’d be right back. Look, we haven’t been out
of this house in months. – It’s okay, I know. Well, I see this hasn’t been
easy for either one of you. Well it hasn’t been easy for anybody who knows and loves Jay. But you two need to stick together. – Yeah but he’s selfish! – I’m selfish? – Selfish! – Selfish? Selfish. – You don’t let this thing tear you apart. Uh-uh you two need each
other now more than ever! – Well how about stop being selfish? – You think so? At some point you’re gonna
have to leave this house too. – Baby, baby, I know that you are
hurting, I’m hurting too. But we’re married, we’re one. And when you hurt I hurt and
when I hurt I know you do too. But I just had to get out of the house. I just to get out of the house because I was going stir crazy and I
was getting more depressed. – [Aunt B] When was the last time either of you been to church? – We haven’t been to church
since Jay got killed. – How bout trying to go this Sunday? Everybody’s asking about you. And you know you always feel
better after praise and worship and listening to a great
sermon, praise God, hallelujah. – I’m not sure I’m ready to go out. – [Aunt B] What about you? – I would like to go, but
I’m not gonna go without Jan. I’m gonna wait until she’s ready, and we’re gonna go together? Yeah? – That’s fair, that’s fair. Can I pray for you? Come on, let’s pray, come on. Jesus, hallelujah, thank you Father. Father we come to you with an open heart in the name of Jesus. Father we know that you are
a healer and a restorer. And you are perfect in everything you do, whether we understand it or not. You said in your word,
blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. Father God I ask in the
name of Jesus that you send both Jan and Derek a comforter Lord God, like only you can. (speaking in tongues) Guide them Father, guide them
and give them the strength that they need as they look towards you during this time of pain,
with the transitioning of their beloved son, my nephew Jay. Help them Lord, help them
to get closer to you. Because only you can make this
right, you make no mistakes. Jay is with you, and we know this. So it’s gonna be alright,
it’s gonna be alright. You said when we come to
you three, two or three that you will be there. I thank you Lord for being right here. Continue to love on my niece and my nephew as they reach out to you Lord. And bring them together,
I cast out every spirit that is against them, bringing
them pain and discomfort. Trying to bring a wedge between them, no. In the name of Jesus,
bring my family together because we are your family. And we hold on to you, and we love on you. Because you are the way,
the truth, and the light. And we give you the glory. Now when they are ready let
them tell the story of how you got them through so that
you receive all the glory. In Jesus mighty name,
amen, amen, and amen. – Amen. – Amen. – Now it’s gonna be alright. ‘Cause God don’t make any mistakes. I love you. – I love you, thank you Aunt B. – And you hold on, you
hold on to each other, hold on to each other. – We are gonna get through this. – Thank you Father, I thank you. I thank you Lord. – [Radio Announcer] Today
officer Jake Johnson was found not guilty on all counts
in the shooting death of 15 year old Jay Miller. (somber music)

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  1. I can't imagine how I'd feel if my son were killed… Despair is a powerful message. It shows what happens after the reporters leave. Great job with the writing, direction, sound and lighting. I'm looking forward to your next film. Thanks for sharing.

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