DESTROYER | Official Trailer

DESTROYER | Official Trailer

I spent my whole life scrapin’… Jealous, hungry, scared. I wanna find something decent… something…good. You can be better than me. Who is it? No ID, no idea. I know your whole story… Placing our agent undercover, She’ll look right enough next to our guy. If we do this, we accept the consequences. Do you love me? You know I do. You chose to play cops and robbers… And you lost. GO! Are you cops? I’m mad, I’m still mad, it’s burned a circuit in my brain. I just want to do one good thing.

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  1. 이거 니콜키드만 맞냐 ?
    와 아주 망가지기로 작정하고 나왔구나.
    이번에도 또 대단한 변신인가,,,

  2. We watched this trailer with my family. I had no idea that Sebastian Stan is playing in this. But then I saw him and I started fangirling, and my family looked at me like I'm a psychopath. 😂

  3. I saw the previews last night when I went to go see a movie this is going to be fabulous Nicole Kidman I think you’re the number one top female actress ever

  4. Oscar nomination for Jade Pettyjohn @JadePettyjohn with Nicole Kidman in @DestroyerMovie (@twitter) – petty please john …

  5. What stupid garbage! The same thing heist shootem up violence revenge and terrible phony makeup in the last shot. I did like Nicole and still do. Ya gotta do better than this please!

  6. They're overselling the 'performance' by Nicole Kidman. I'm not interested in going to see a film for a 'performance'. I want a unique story first. I want less dialog second. I want a good musical score third. Performance is the easy part.

  7. Normally when I see a female acting badass on a movie screen I roll my eyes as they effortlessly throw men over their shoulders that outweigh them by 100 lbs, or knock them out with a single punch. Nicole Kidman looks totally convincing on this one. I hope I remember to watch it.

  8. This one is going to be her best. I she never took role like this.., she is beyond authentic. I this one will go in epic movies folder.

  9. Get that Oscar ready for Nicole 😉
    I hope she's as good as the make-up/prosthetics as Charlize was in Monster. (and no, not The Hours)

  10. I'm in. Truly, had to rewind when this trailer/ad came on the television and the voice-over said Nicole Kidman. Had NO IDEA!

  11. It takes alot for me to even watch a movie cause they all seem too much the same even if they are different this trailer and Nicole Kidman giving me exciting creepy (not perverted) chills

  12. People have no idea what a good movie even is anymore. This was an absolute disaster. Literally dreadful 'movie'. Cliche after unbelievable cliche. Absolutely pitiful

  13. more woman hero garbage lol no real man could ever entertain such an insulting emasculating movie. Only soyboys will watch this

  14. Just saw the movie. sorry but that was such a boring film. Kidmans performance was ecxellent as always. But the movie NOPE!

  15. I find Nicole Kidman much more beautiful this way… I think it might be as interesting as Charlize Theron's performance in "Monster" (Patty Jenkins, 2003)

  16. I never heard of this movie until now when Google tried to sell me it via Google Play. What happened to it? Did they just not promote it or something? Limited release?

  17. Just watched the movie on DVD today, really good movie. A very slow burner that's more narrative than action and well worth seeing, Kidman is amazing in it.

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