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Praise Lord Ayyappa! Uncle, upon hearing your high voice,
the lord might go to Andhra pradesh. Pray calmly. Maa… Ayyappa… Lord… Swamy! swamy!
Be careful. – What happened?
– Nothing. Come, step slowly. A well mannered guy in this
generation! Swamy… – Hey, look at his head.
– Swamy, be quiet. When the priest blessed him
with sacred grains… …it didn’t stay on his head.
– Be quiet. Swamy… A man can live with bald head, But shouldn’t lead a bare life. You’re yet to come up in life. Don’t get his curse. Give respect to elders. Praise Lord Ayyappa! Praise the Lord! I’m watching everything from
the moment I came. Wonder, how devotional, submissive
and respectful, Vijay is! Is Vijay married? No. Why are you asking? My daughter works
in a software firm. I’m looking for a marriage proposal. I think of getting her
married to Vijay. – Swamy, get up.
– What happened? Swamy get up. Did I say anything wrong,
for him to faint? Swamy, get up. What did you say? You’ve seen Vijay
only in devotional stance. But, you didn’t see
his contradictory. (Song from ‘Vedhalam’) You dog! He has started again. Shit!
Dog. Hey, how dare you bark at me,
who saved you once? You’ve become so pompous. Okay, Come.
Let’s see who wins. (Song from ‘Vedhalam’) Oh no, how to sleep? Oh no! (Song from ‘Vedhalam’) Crazy, to whom are you
competing? Take it, Swamy. Does he behave so? For me? Take it. He doesn’t look like that. Can’t you see the people
around you? Leave the dhoti down. Can’t you behave decently in public? Ask Guruji,
what he needs? Excuse me, don’t throw the
cups here. – Swachh bharat…Clean India.
– Okay, swamy. If you do these,
you’ll be named as ‘Anti-Indians’. I can’t believe you
when he has such a decent uncle. You mean, decent? Hey, goof. Uncle… Dude. – Uncle…
– Dude. Shit! What an indecent act of you,
when everyone is sleeping? My wife doesn’t want
to keep my attires in this wardrobe. It was the dowry
from her parents. So, going to bang with it
on her mom’s head. Egghead, you’re an
affectionate person! Above that, you’re a
sensible person! Vijay, what nonsense is going on? Your nuisance is waking up
the entire colony. Drunken morons. Shit. Mr.Doctor, This is our own problem. Better, don’t poke your nose. Else, I’ll yell at you
in cuss words. If you don’t understand,
shut your trap. Who asked you
to see all these? You…get in. Uncle, a man shouldn’t cry. – Master…
– A man shouldn’t cry. – Master…
– Uncle, don’t cry… – Master…
– I’m coming. He has started again.
Ask him. – I’ll take care, wait.
– Master. – Vijay will listen to me.
– Master… – He has more respect on me.
– Master… – Uncle.
– He blabs. It’s not good, taking booze and
creating ruckus every night. What’s your problem,
tell me? I’ll sort it out. On Saturdays, when taking head bath… …if I try to take the soap,
it falls into the closet. Will you come to take that
with your hands? Dear, he’s asking you to take it.
Get inside. Ladies are around.
Behave decently. You go inside,
I’ll come. Here it is. Get inside. It has become a routine
for you. Come, let’s complaint
to the president. It has become a routine
for them daily. – It’s menacing.
– What’s happening here? Why are you drunk and
creating ruckus here? If I get angry, then
I won’t leave you. Whose brief is this? – Do you’ve Aadhar card?
– Why now? Now, Aadhar card is must,
if you go dead to the graveyard. – Wait I’ll call the police.
– You’ve crossed the expiry date. Go away. Get the aadhar card, can’t keep
your body for more than a day. What’s this, dear? Give respect to elders. – Do you want respect?
– Oh no, my legs. Do you want respect? – Do you want respect?
– Viji… Viji…what’s this? Non-veg, I ate chicken. Viji, see who has come? Who is that mushroom head? He is the President… Isn’t Ramnath Kovind, the President?
Is he the President now? Uncle, it’s the president. Left, right…left, right…
About turn. – Viji, what’s happening here?
– Shouldn’t we sleep. Did you take the medicine? – No…
– Not yet? Take the medicine, Go… No, he hits him not even
considering his age. Dude, it’s the police. I’m not the police,
but a thug. – We can sleep peacefully, here after.
– You made a call to the police. Are you a thug! go… Is it true? (A devotional song on Lord Ayyappa) (A devotional song on Lord Ayyappa) It’s irrelevant to what I witness
and to your narration. Swamy, still you don’t believe us? Come to watch the fun, now.
You’ll know, then. (A devotional song on Lord Ayyappa) Praise the lord. Look here,
after taking the Mudra mala, You mustn’t take booze
for three days. How dare you say that, monkey faced? When everyone is taking booze
on the way itself, Why’re you framing new rules? – How dare you call guruji as monkey?
– Is he Aravind swamy, the actor? Look at his face,
he looks like a monkey. Hey, you must be… Sorry to everyone… I shouldn’t talk so, to guruji.
Sorry. Swamy, drinking is one’s
personal choice. Why are you…? Guruji, I’m sorry.
I shouldn’t talk filthy. – It’s my fault.
– Sorry, swamy. How did they step into devotion,
when they behave audacious? They didn’t. Someone must have,
when they were sleeping. But, they aren’t aware
that we did. Praise Lord Ayyappa! Praise lord… Viji, you’re wearing the mudra mala. Uncle, you too wear the same. Hey, who did this
when we were sleeping? Do you think, we’ll be scared
if you put the mudra mala? Dude, remove that. Viji… Without a valid reason,
you mustn’t take off the mala. Dude,
my body won’t withstand. It’s related to god. Any rules and regulations
to take it off? It’s possible,
only if someone dies. Dude! Oh no…
God… Save me. – Hold him.
– What happened? Uncle, Is he dead? No. Just missed. Shit. What’s going on
between you and Viji? That’s nothing. Known that, if anyone dies… …we can take off this mala. So we tried, but missed. Whom to try next…? Praise Lord Ayyappa! It’s okay. What will you do, after he takes off
the mala as soon as you reach? God has to take care
of everything. Praise Lord Ayyappa! Thank god. Ayyappa! Wine shop? You dare to put Mala while sleeping? How could all of you sleep today? What is he doing? Is he going for a long journey? Oh no, he is watching. – What’s that?
– Don’t know, mom Oh God! Hey, take the pieces first.
Don’t give plain biryani. Take that biryani. Has anything fallen
into the biryani? You’re searching in the tub,
when I sound like a cat. Are you mixing
the meat of cat? Bhai shop biryani is for,
‘Quality, faith and honesty’. Is he Hansika, the actress? Hey, get lost.
Go and get the bag of onions. Come, Vijay. – Have you brought the load?
– Yes, boss. Take it. I’ll call you in the evening for load. Parcel a pack of biryani
with leg piece. – Dear.
– Tell me, You borrow from the neighbour,
the side dish of your food. But, buying biryani now. Have you got
money for free? I’m coming here
for ten years. Your house is nearby, why do
you take so long years to come? I mean,
I’m regularly coming here. – What’s that in the hand?
– Shirt. Is it? You got two. If you buy one,
get another for free. I’m getting a shirt free
without buying anything. How, dear? Like this, dear. Dear, what you do is not good. Yes, I’ll take this. Dear, give. Though you’re a regular customer,
give me the money. – It’s routine for you and Viji.
– Give me the money. – Leave me.
– Either give the parcel or money. Pour it, dude. Uncle, is this okay? Dude, it’s of little difference. Measure it right. See now. Oh,no. Again it’s a mistake.
Pour in that. – Now?
– Pour it, dude. What? I was checking
the measurements, dear. Are you mindless? If he has mind, wouldn’t he hit
a better chick? – Hey, come here.
– Yes, coming. Why do you behave like this
at this age? It’s same only. Take it.
Look now. Cheers. (A devotional song on Lord Ganesh) I thank the few people
who applauded. Another name of Lord Pillaiyar
is ‘Ganesh’. Our brother has donated
for this concert. If there exists any problem,
in this Chockalingam colony. Our boss will stand for us. Why are you doing like that? This colony is named
after your grandfather. Instead of giving you
the due respect… …they show respect to him. Why are you provoking me? I want you to rise in life. -he’ll teach you not to
spend lavishly. -even the colour of currency will change,
but not his attitude to donate. -the hands which has turned red
by donating… Our philanthropist brother Mu.Pa…
He’ll donate more. We thank him with
love and affection. Shit, if I listen to him
speaking like this, I get enraged. He doesn’t get tired to donate. We praise his glorious soul. A beautiful song,
dedicated to him. “He gave everything.” “For whom did he give?” “Did he give for only one person?” “No he gave for all…” “He gave everything.” What did he give? “For whom did he give?” To whom did he give? “Did he give for just one person?” “No he gave for all…” He gave shit. When the boss is here,
he is doing like this. Mic Maran, ‘His greatness!’
‘Revolutionary leader!’ ‘People’s star!’ He has donated for all. It’s appreciable if you sing
a song in praise of him. That’s okay. Whom did he give? He gave to his illicit wife. Keep silence. Hey… Go and graze the cows
that way. Then, what you said? So, his hands turned red
on donating? Was he giving sindoor
in the temple? Hey uncle, don’t laugh. He is fuming. Look at him. He is leaving, uncle. Hey, I’m watching you.
You’re crossing your limits. Kiruba. Wait. It’s normal at festivals to indulge in fuss
with the influence of booze. We shouldn’t bother all those. Did you understand?
Come, let’s go. Sir… No, I’m not angry.
I’m leaving. You continue with the concert. I’ll leave. Laugh… Laugh well…
Bye. Ask him, what he want? – Viji, it’s not good.
– You too don’t look good. Isn’t your wife
living with you? I’ll hit on your head with the mic.
Go and sit. – Hey, egghead.
– Give mic to me – Take it
– Go away… We are sorry for
the interruption. The musical programme continues
with the voice of Maran… Go ahead, Maran. – Viji…
– Come, uncle. Will you please tell me,
about whom I must sing now? About whom? – Sing about my uncle.
– Dude, I’m feeling shy. Uncle, don’t feel shy. About him? Sing about his attire… I’m feeling shy. Sing about his physique. Sing about his loony attitude. Instead of singing about him,
I’ll sing about you. Okay.
Then, sing about me… Sure sir.
I’ll do it. Definitely.
On the way sir. Hey, Good morning, sir. – Hey,
– Good morning, sir. I greeted you. Hey, who need your greetings? I can’t lift my hand. Get me the medicine. I must go to office urgently. Can’t you sweep late today? I’m the team leader. You mean, without doing any work,
always finding faults on people… …who work under you,
isn’t it? What is this, like a
percussion player? Go. Get me the medicine.
My hands are paining. Hey, come here. Where do you take me? Viji is not well,
can you get him medicine? He has joined me. Viji, don’t mistake me. I must go to job, urgently. Hey, everyone says
the same right from the morning. Everyone in this world
will say that they go… …for jobs in the morning. You’ve got up early today
because of the pain in hand. That’s why, this confusion. Hey, Come here. Are you calling me? Can’t you know, that’s you?
Come. Come, doctor. What’s the problem, Viji? Yesterday, as I banged them, I can’t lift the hand.
Do you have medicines for that. I’ll check. Are you going to
shave my underarms? Viji, I’m a doctor. Okay. I’ll see. Tell me, whether it’s painful? – Is it paining?
– Yes. Is it paining? Sir, do you need an auto? Is it like calling an auto,
when I’m getting slapped? Get lost. Come. Wonder, all the doctors
are the same. You keep asking
whether it’s painful? Do something. I’ll message you an ointment.
Apply that. Buy it for me. You’re teasing more. Hey, egghead. I wonder, what medicine
he gave. The pain is aggravating. Hey, alien faced… Why are you acting
like a monkey? It’s an exercise, dude. You’re teasing me as
I can’t lift my hand. Call the doctor. Do you have a pricking sense
in heart? I feel so, when you’re asking. Do you feel like
an elephant banging you? No, I feel like it blessed me
after getting five bucks. Why are you asking all these? All these are the symptoms
of heart attack Do you think of yourself
as a cardiac surgeon? Dude… I can’t even hit him. Excuse me. Who is she? – Who is Viji here?
– I’m Viji. Who are you? Dr.Karthik has sent me. Where is he? Hello sir, don’t
strain yourself. The pain will be more. Just relax. I’ve come to treat you
by physiotherapy. Uncle, she wants to
give something. Get that and send her.
Go. Drop in this. Sir, physio is a treatment. I’m here to give treatment
for his pain in hand. Are you drunk? Don’t lie.
I have to give treatment. He told me that I’ll get rid
of the pain, if I take booze. How will you sleep? I will sleep freely. You said that I shouldn’t
lie to doctor. Not that, I asked about the position
of your hand when sleeping. He doesn’t know where he
sleeps when drunk? You’re asking him
how he sleeps? You go ahead.
It’s good. It’s not good.
Shut up. Remove your shirt. Dude, shall I stay out? Give that. Can’t you be quiet? Can I get hot water? Hot water… Is kitchen available here? – I’ll get on my own.
– There… – No, just a minute.
– Don’t worry. – Don’t go there…I’m telling…
– It’s very clumsy. – Tell her.
– It’s a bachelor’s house. – Who is she?
– Don’t know. Where is the match box? Is there a match box? It’s near my mom’s photo. Witchy oldster, What, dude? Get up, we have to go. The wine shop opens
only at 12 o’clock. Are we going
to get it illegally? I’ll hit you. She told us to come at 8 a.m
for physiotherapy. What? Come, let’s go. I’ll brush and come. Anyway, it’ll stink after smoking. – Come.
– Dude, I haven’t wear the shirt. Dr. Karthik, orthopedician. Sir, register the name at reception
and wait. Is any out patient here? You? OP? Tell me, are you OP? She is asking whether
we are out patient? Not him. It’s me. I was asked to come for physio, – Referred by Ortho doctor.
– Viji. Dr. Karthik… Hey Viji, I made you to
wait for long time. It’s okay, doctor. I’m very sorry. Preethi, they are my neighbours. Let them wait in my
physiotherapy room. – Viji, I’ll be back.
– Okay. – Come.
– Yes. When you got injured
in head at a brawl, You took it easy. But, just for a sprain
you’ve come to hospital, now. I didn’t come, uncle. She made me to come. She was looking deep
into my eyes. Did you notice that? See now, though there are
many patients… …she’ll come as a sweet laddoo
to meet me. As you said,
a laddoo has come. But, it’s Tirupati laddoo… Who is the patient here? – He is.
– Hey, what? – Don’t lie that it’s not paining.
– He is lying. It’s not me. It’s paining. – Maya.
– Sir. I asked you to treat Viji. What are you doing here? Sir, Dr.Geetha has said
she’ll take care of him. That’s why, I’m looking at
the report of this patient. It’s not important for me. Go and attend Viji. Okay, sir. Maya, just a minute. Advice Viji not to take drinks,
when giving treatment. Sir, that’s normally
advised to all patients. Absolutely.
But Viji is not normal, You must say him
with utmost care. Because, he is my neighbour. Okay, sir. You got me caught, right? Geetha, Doctor calls you.
I’ll attend him. I told you, right. Hey Viji, how are you? Are you feeling better
than yesterday? You came for this moment.
Look at her. After getting up in the morning,
if you do this exercise… …ten times for two days,
it’ll be quite normal. Come, let’s go. Then, you shouldn’t take alcohol
till the treatment gets over. What? Shouldn’t take drinks? Why does he gets tense,
if I tell you not to take drinks? He’ll get free booze
from me. Dude. I’m telling for your goodness. Are you aware of the
side effects of taking alcohol? Failure of liver, pancreas,
increase of sugar and… …cholesterol levels, and
even heart attack. Maya, are you advising him a lot,
just for a sprain? Are you so caring on Viji? It’s alright. Viji, don’t be careless
neglecting the treatment. Because, bones are important
in the anatomy of human body. Doctor, do you know which is
the weakest bone in our body? Asking me? He is a funny fellow.
He is questioning an Ortho doctor. It’s lacrimal. No doctor.
Show your hand. Don’t you feel like electrocuted? This bone, doctor. Okay, I’m leaving, doctor. – Bye.
– Bye. – Come, you’re going to get knocked.
– Bye. Bro, don’t hit at that sister’s house. Viji, are you playing cricket? Hit well. I asked you to hit the ball,
but you hit my butt. See now, how I’m going
to tease Viji? Viji, we want six. We want six. We want six. Throw the ball. We want six. Oh God! He thinks of him as Arya,
always accompanied by women. Master, what are you
searching for? Throw the ball. I’m searching for that. Here it is.
Catch. He hit very hardly.
It’s paining. Dude, it’s enough of playing cricket. Come, let’s have booze
and play. I was advised not to drink
till the treatment ends. I don’t want, uncle. Oh, as that girl advised,
you stopped drinking. How many times our locales would’ve
asked you to stop drinking… …did you ever listen to them? The locales told me
for their goodness… But she told me
for my goodness! Come, let’s have booze. – Come here.
– Brother…? – You carry on…
– Come, let’s drink. Uncle, when I’m not interested,
why are you spoiling me? Am I spoiling you? Tell me, am I spoiling you? In whatever modulation
you speak, it’s you spoiling me. Are you defying your uncle? – In the death bed of your mom,
– You weren’t here. When your father died, You were in inebriated condition. You speak, whatever you want.
I can riposte for all. Will he drink? Take it, dude. I was thinking that happiness
lies only in intake of alcohol. Yes. But, now I feel happy,
if I think of her. Then, why I must take this?

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