Dia de los Muertos | Film School Shorts

Dia de los Muertos | Film School Shorts

[Upbeat music plays]   [Melancholy tune plays]   [Sobbing]   [Gasps] Aaaah! [Gasps]   [Gasps] [Playing lively tune]   [Gasps]   [Gasps] [Crying] [Gasps]   [Gasps]   [Gasps]   [Giggles]   [Chuckles]   [Gasps]   [Sighs]   [Gasps]   [Sighs contentedly]  

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  1. This always makes me cry. I have a deceased loved one that I was really close to. Unfortunately she died around my birthday. That was the worst birthday of my life

  2. This seems to be the conceptual basis for the 2017 Disney film "Coco." I hope these three filmmakers received credit (& $$$).

  3. I posted this on my Facebook page November 2, 2017:

    Happy All Souls Day/Dia de Los Muertos!

    This short film, presented by PBS station KQED, made me cry: not bawl, but weep. I miss my sister Elena V Lee, who died of breast cancer nine years ago this month. Thank you so much to whoever made this sweet film.

  4. When I realized who the skeletal woman was I began to cry so hard…even in death she wanted to make sure her daughter got to have as much fun and happiness as possible in the short time she could see her.

  5. This isn’t really accurate, during the day of the dead you honor the people that passed, not morn them. I swear if someone comments about that stupid movie coco imma kill someone.

  6. Su mama le queria decir no llores estare con tigo todos los dias de ti vida asta que vengas con migo al sielo

  7. Tenemos que recordar que nuestros seres queridos que se han ido siempre estarán con nosotros😊😊😊😊😊

  8. I had been celebrating Halloween for my whole life. I don't know why family is important to Mexicans, I think family is worthless, unnecessary and annoying. So I think Mexicans should stop celebrating this piece of trash and celebrate some good old american Halloween.

  9. Do the aborted babies visit their moms on this day?
    These dumb fools celebrate death and dont even know that death is the enemy.
    1 Corinthians 15:26 "and the last enemy to be destroyed is death"

  10. You visited her class we did a test on your questions you told us to answer I'm Mariah I got t all the questions right I was in her class last year I've seen all the videos mostly this one every year

  11. Wow… I haven't seen this one in a while. I've been missin my dad a lot this year. Thank you ❤🧡💛👨‍👧💖

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