Die Antwoord – Umshini Wam (A Short Film)

YO-LANDI: Now listen to me
fucking nicely Ninja. We need to stop fucking
around, yeah. It’s time to step up our fucking
game my [INAUDIBLE]. It’s time to get the
fucking respect we deserve on the streets. I don’t want to roll around like
a fucking drowning rat for the rest of my life. It’s time for some action,
my [INAUDIBLE]. It’s now or fucking
never, Ninja. If you want to be next
level, we need to fucking roll next level. Nothing is fucking happening for
us, ’cause look how we’re fucking rolling. No one takes us seriously and
I’m fucking sick of it. We need to keep it gangster,
my [INAUDIBLE]. We need to fucking make a
movie or we’re fucked. It’s time to bump up the fucking
bass, and take the shit to the next. Fuck everyone. Seriously Ninja,
Fuck everyone. Let’s do this, my [INAUDIBLE],
let’s fucking do this. Fucking lazy ass. Get up. [SCREAMS] Get up, Ninja. Fuck you, fuck you. You always play dead. It’s so stupid. I can feel you breathing. Get up, get up. Ninja, do something. Just say one thing, just
say one thing. Wake up. Get up. I hate this guy. I fucking hate this guy. I need you, and you
just leave me. Why won’t you just stand up? Please Ninja, I love you
dude, please get up. NINJA: I hate you. YO-LANDI: I hate you too. NINJA:
bleed, I’m old enough to breed, I’m old enough to
crack a brick in your teeth while you sleep. NINJA: It’s gangster. YO-LANDI: Just look at those
fucking wheelchairs, mate. Those things are so dark. That’s why no one takes us
seriously, baby, because we roll around in those
fucking things. And you’re a pussy to roll
around in a fucking wheelchair like that. Those fucking things give
me nightmares, baby. NINJA: You always have to moan
all the time about everything. YO-LANDI: Because fucking people
are laughing at us with these fucking things. NINJA: Oh, fuck, man. [GUNSHOTS] NINJA: It’s why I’m an alien, my
head’s so fucking big with my green deadlock brains
I can see your aura. Everything looks so strange. Fuck, I need some water. Whoa, the funny bong looks like
a big, fat, long schlong. Oh, it’s a long dong bong made
in Hong Kong my big bongs balls bubble when
I take a hit. YO-LANDI: Fuck. Get out the fucking
way, [INAUDIBLE]. Fucking what [INAUDIBLE]! Fucking [INAUDIBLE]! Come, let’s fuck off. [INAUDIBLE]. Here’s your bra. NINJA: So, I’ll try it on. Check out my motherfucking
bling, bitch. Fucking gangster gangster. YO-LANDI: Give me one
too, Mayberry. Give me one of those
fucking rings. NINJA: It’s after death, bitch,
it’s after death. You can have one kiss. One kiss. YO-LANDI: Give me one also. NINJA: You can kiss it. YO-LANDI: Give it to me. Ninja. Diamonds. Give me my fucking diamonds. You sure that’s the
fucking place? You fucking sure? We can do this. We can fucking do this. -You here to check
the wheelchairs? So these are the wheelchairs. They’re the ultimate
in wheelchairs. Pure leather seats. Wide rims. Spoked mag wheels. Even got seat belts. Ground foot rests. Arm rests. Heated arm rests. [INAUDIBLE] and power steering. This thing is so tight it can
turn on a [INAUDIBLE]. And fast. And the ride is smooth,
like a Rolls Royce. In fact, this is the Rolls
Royce of wheelchairs. But very expensive. YO-LANDI: How much are they? -Poppy. Maybe a little too expensive
for people like you. YO-LANDI: What do you mean,
people like us? Fuck you, wormy. -No. Fuck you. You’re a waste of
a white skin. YO-LANDI: Ninja, Ninja, Ninja
Ninja, we need to start fucking [INAUDIBLE] and start to stand up again. -How is it folks,
can I help you? NINJA: Do you have
hologram mags? -Yes, I got hologram mags
yeah, man, I’ve got everything here. YO-LANDI: No one takes
us seriously and I’m fucking sick of it. We need to keep it gangster. [SCREAMS] Don’t want the lime. Rolls Royce. NINJA: I once had this
fucking dream. A dream that I was like the
greatest rapper in the whole fucking world. Like in the whole fucking
universe, actually. And like I drove through the
hood, my electric wheelchair. I got grand rims and shit, like
beats bumping off your fucking face. Everyone would know me. Like, everyone would
love me and shit. YO-LANDI: That’s fucking
gangster, Mayberry. NINJA:
forgiven us. NINJA: What? YO-LANDI: I think that
God’s forgiven us. NINJA: Yeah, God’s a good guy. Don’t worry, everything’s
going to be fine. YO-LANDI: I hope so. NINJA: Come on, let’s
do this nice. YO-LANDI: Go to sleep. We just took a little bit more.

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