Dil (1990) (HD & Eng Subs) – Aamir Khan | Madhuri Dixit | Anupam Kher – Hit Bollywood Romantic Movie

Dil (1990) (HD & Eng Subs) – Aamir Khan | Madhuri Dixit | Anupam Kher – Hit Bollywood Romantic Movie

Money! Money! Money is coming in! Money is coming from the top,
from the bottom! Only money! The money is colour,
the money is beauty! A man is nothing without money. Money, all over the place.
Money is raining. Soft money! What a money! Silky money! My money!
So much money. He is dreaming again.
– Money! Why are you tearing the mattress?
Come to your senses. What are you doing? Bring some water. Money is raining?
– What are you doing? Money!
– Come to your senses. Money!
– Come to your senses. The flood. Come to your senses. This is not money. It’s just cotton. You have spoilt my lakhs of rupees. You already have lakhs of rupees.
How much more do you want? Crores.
I want to earn crores of rupees. You don’t know what happens
to me when I see money. I feel ecstatic when I see money! My whole body starts to dance. I hear melodious music. Flowers blossom in my eyes. I can do anything for money. I can live, I can die.
I can sing. I can dance. Can you take a bath?
– What? Can you take a bath?
The priest is about to come. The priest.. The priest
is about to get some good news. The priest is about
to get some good news. Hail Lakshmi (Goddess of wealth). Hail Lakshmi. Mother Lakshmi, your love for the owl,
your ride, very much.. I am your greatest devotee. Please take care of your devotee.
Always stay with me. Have a great time. Oh Mother, never leave me! Oh no. It has burnt too much. Master, you’ve been burning
the same incense stick for five years. Why don’t you buy some new sticks? No matter I use is for
five years or 50 years.. Why do you have a problem
when Mother Lakshmi doesn’t have any? Has the priest arrived? He is waiting for you. I have brought
photographs of many girls. Keep them aside.
I don’t care about their appearances. If she is blind,
I will get her an eye. If she doesn’t have a leg,
I’ll get one Jaipur foot for her. If she’s fat,
I’ll stop giving her food. Any girl would do, provided that.. ..she is the only daughter
of a millionaire father. Sit down. But at least their
horoscopes should match. That’s also not necessary,
but I should get the dowry. I have only one son.
I will get him married only once. So I want to get
a good deal out of him. Hazari Prasad will do
this deal with utmost care. Priest, here is tea for you.
– Thank you. You fool.
Do you want to kill the priest? It’s just tea, not poison. You fool, tea contains sugar. Sugar causes diabetes.
What if the priest dies due to diabetes? I don’t have any sugar problem.
– You may catch it. Why risk your life
for just a cup of tea? But I am ready to take the risk.
– But I won’t let you drink. I will drink.
– I won’t let you drink. – I will drink. There’s a fly in the tea. See. Neither you got it,
nor did I get it. The fly got it. Hazari Prasad will not
waste this tea. Oh God! So what were you saying? I got your point,
but your son should also like the girl. You don’t worry about my son. He is my blood.
The uniqueness of our family is.. ..we can lose anything,
but not money. Why are you misbehaving
with a helpless girl? I wasn’t misbehaving. Well, she looks like my sister.. ..who passed away when she was born. So sad. If you don’t mind. Please tie this rakhi
(bond of sisterly love) to me. Why not?! Sure.
– Thanks. Okay, Sister. Be in touch. He is here. You could have been
in huge trouble or else.. Or else what? I have one policy. If she doesn’t agree
there is always a rakhi ready. Let’s go.
We’re getting late for college. Oh yes.
– Come on, let’s go. Raja! Is this the
time to come to college? Answer me! Why are you silent? My father had a heart
attack for the fourth time. Oh my God!
You should have been in the hospital. But sir, what about the lectures,
my attendance.. I will take care of all that.
Now go. Hurry up! Thank you, sir. It’s okay. Thank you so much.
– Go. Bye.
– What are you looking at? Go to your classes!
– Sorry, sir. – Go! So as I told you, in Ohm’s law.. ..the current flowing in a circuit.. ..is directly proportional to
the voltage and inversely proportional.. Where are you going?
The lecture is not over. Be silent. Silence. Friends, a storm had come
into this world 21 years ago. Tonight, again a storm is
about to come. Tonight, you’ll be flooded with beer. The world will shake
with the dancing. Because today it’s Raja’s
birthday and you all are invited. Your bill for 200 chickens. Raja sees the heart,
but never sees the bill. The bill will be paid by my daddy. “Father says I will make him proud.” “My son will do something great.” “But no one knows
where my destination is.” “I love to love you, baby.” “I love to love you, baby.” “Do it to me again and again.” “Hey, come to me.” “I love to love you, baby.” “I love to love you, baby.”
– Move aside. Pandu, what’s going on? Can’t you see?!
The party is going on. Okay, but where are
you taking these dry fruits? It’s for the guest.
– Give it to me. You shouldn’t eat it.
– Why? Because you may not
be able to digest it. Whom did you call a dog? Silly. Who’s that? Hey, you. Look at this bill. What did you do last night? Will your dad pay these bills? Of course, Dad. You need not ask me.
You pay the bills. How dare you talk to me like this? Why are you scolding him? He ruined me.
He spent Rs.20,000 in one night. You are wrong,
it was not 20,000, but it was 19,800. He doesn’t throw parties regularly. Yesterday was his birthday. It was his birthday,
but it was doomsday for me. Ever since he was born,
he has celebrated his birthday 21 times. I earn money with so much hard work.. ..but you spend it so easily. You merciless person. You had too much money in your vault. I spent just a little. Move aside. Are you searching for something?
– Keys for my bike. Hello, they are gone. Where have they gone? With the motorcycle. Where is my motorcycle?
– I sold it. You sold it! Why?
– To pay the bills. How will I go to college? Just like Mahatma Gandhi went
to Dhandi from Sabarmati. On foot! What have you done?
– Nothing. I have shown him what
the whole world knows. What?
– That I am your father. We had a lot of fun
at your party last night. Your father is a great person.
– Don’t talk about my father. Are you blind? Has your father brought
this road along with the car? Hey, mister!
Why don’t you look before you walk? Don’t you know how
to walk on the road? Fool! Idiot. She’s just too much! She looks like a newcomer. She’s as proud as she is beautiful. She’s just too hot! Tomorrow I’ll teach her a lesson. Can’t you see where you are walking?
Are you blind? Can somebody help me? Oh my God, he’s really blind. My books. My stick! Listen. Here is your stick.
– Who? Did you get hurt? The Lord has already
disabled me for life. These things don’t hurt me anymore. It’s not your fault. It’s a big mistake to be born blind. Don’t say that. Shall I drop you somewhere? It doesn’t matter to a blind man.. ..whether he is coming
or going somewhere. God has already taken my eyes. I was going to college
to enlighten my mind. For your information, I study in
the blind section of G.K. College. G.K. College! I also study there.
– Really. Come on, I’ll drop you there. No. I don’t want
to give you any trouble. Please come with me.
– Okay. Be careful. On which floor is your class?
– Class! Be careful! I am sorry.
– It’s okay. Keep your hand on my shoulder.
– Okay. Really, you are taking
a lot of trouble for me. – No. Today you have helped a blind person. You are a very nice girl. Ouch! Life has been unjust to you. Sometimes God.. Who are you? Dev Anand is my name. Shut up! ‘For those who hate me,
I will fill their hearts with love.’ ‘I am the person
who can soften a rock.’ Get lost! You fool. ‘The way she collided against me.’ ‘I swear I enjoyed it.’ Who the hell are you? I’m the one on whom you had
splashed muddy water yesterday. Yesterday I had just
spoilt your face. But today,
I will redden your face with my sandal. “Arrogant is her stance.” “She’s a girl or a cane?” “She is fire. She is a banger.” “She’s a cracker of a girl.” “Anger in her eyes.” “Always ready with abuses.” “Look at what she thinks of herself!” “Arrogant is her stance.” “She’s a girl or a cane?” “She is fire. She is a banger.” “She’s a cracker of a girl.” “Anger in her eyes.” “Always ready with abuses.” “Look at what she thinks of herself!” “Fairly skinned,
but electrifying to handle.” “She is too short-tempered.” “Get closer and you’ll burn.” “Fairly skinned,
but electrifying to handle.” “She is too short-tempered.” “Get closer and you’ll burn.” “Don’t mess with her.
Don’t put your life into trouble.” “Don’t mess with her.
Don’t put your life into trouble.” “No!” “No!” “No! No! No! No!” “Arrogant is her stance. ” “She’s a girl or a cane?” “She is fire. She is a banger.” “She’s a cracker of a girl.” “Anger in her eyes.” “Always ready with abuses.” “Look at what she thinks of herself!” “Comes to college to study.” “But is always ready for a fight.” “Comes to college to study.” “But is always ready for a fight.” “We have taken the vow.
We will smash her pride.” “We have taken the vow.
We will smash her pride.” “Yes!” “Yes!” “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” “Arrogant is her stance.” “She’s a girl or a cane?” “She is fire. She is a banger.” “She’s a cracker of a girl.” “Anger in her eyes.” “Always ready with abuses.” “Look at what she thinks of herself!” “Look at what she thinks of herself!” Place some more.
Don’t behave like a miser. Place some more.
– I am. More. More. Please it on the weights.
Why are you sitting on the scale? Are you weighing gold? I weigh 32kg.
Why do we need the weights? You are 32kg?
You’re not less than 72kg. Who weighs 72kg by eating
just two loaves of bread a day?! You are just cheating! If you want to do business
with Hazari Prasad.. ..then you have to do it his way. What are you doing here?
Lakshmi is at your doorstep. Where is Lakshmi? This is Mr. Girdharilal,
whom I had told you about earlier. Mr. Girdharilal, please come in.
Have a seat. What can I do for you? He saw your son on the college stage. He likes your son.
– Wonderful! Murari, bring two cups of tea.
No. No. I got it, sir. I like your daughter.
– What are you expectations? Can you give me
an approximate number? Approximate number?
I have the complete list ready. Have a look. It is a small list. Mr. Hazari Prasad,
I am not a very rich person. Can you reduce some of your demands? If you want a discount,
go to some other shop for your daughter. Priest.
– I will, but let me tell you something. You buy and sell junk.
You are a junk-shop owner. Going by your demands.. ..you would have to marry off
your son to a millionaire’s daughter. The whole world will
see and so will you. I will get my son married
to a millionaire’s daughter. You’ve made me walk quite a lot. How much more do I have to walk?
– Just a little bit more. I’ll die, if I walk even
one more step. Why do you want to kill me? Couldn’t we take the bus? Why take a bus? We are almost there. We’ve already walked 10km,
just three more to go. Three km more? No, I won’t walk. What are you doing? Get up. Go away. Why are you pushing us?
– The hotel’s owner is coming. Good morning, sir. What were you saying, Varma? We’ve made profits of
50 lakhs from our Delhi hotel. 50 lakhs! Don’t waste my time.
50 lakhs is nothing. It’s peanuts.
Do you know what a peanut is? – Peanuts. 50 lakhs! Peanuts! Peanuts! We’ve made Rs.2 crore profit
from our London hotel, La Marina. Just two crores!
We were expecting four crores. This isn’t profit. This is a loss.
– Sorry, sir. Today, you have an important meeting.
– With whom? About the proposal of
Mehra Group of hotels, Dubai. It’s impossible today. Today is the 17th birthday
of my daughter, Madhu. We will lose lakhs of rupees. No. My daughter’s birthday
comes once in a year. I can lose lakhs,
but I can’t break her heart. A millionaire! With an only daughter! A millionaire! With an only daughter!
– Where are you? The bride’s father is
waiting for you. Let’s go. I’ve found the bride’s father. What? – I’m the luckiest
person in this world! This millionaire?
– Yes! Even his cook’s daughter
won’t marry your son. He’ll throw you out of his house. Or he will send you
to some mental asylum. Forget about this
alliance and come with me. The bride’s father
will be waiting for you. Let me be.
You don’t know about Hazari Prasad. I’ve found the millionaire
I was looking for. I will do anything.. ..to have my son marry
this millionaire’s daughter. May God bless you. God bless you. Very good, Varma. Govind?
– I have taken the appointment. Shall we invite the quotations
of Bennet and Miranda? What’s there to think about it? Tell them that.. ..Hazari Mills have made
lakhs of profit. – Next. There’s an inauguration ceremony
of Hazari Chemicals today. – Next. There is also a meeting of
Hazari Shipping Corporation today. He looks like a very big personality. He must belong to a rich family,
like me. How much do I owe you?
– Rs.500. Rs.500! Are you crazy?
Rs.500 for four dogs? I could have hired 50 men instead. These days,
dogs are more important than men. Take this. Sir? -The dogs were small.
You cheat, take it. Sir.. What role did you play?
– Secretary. What?
– Pay me quickly. I’ve got to go for the shooting.
Mr. Bachchan is waiting for me. How much do I owe you?
– Rs.400. It’s stopped!
My heart has stopped beating. Rs.400. You’d rather have pet
dogs or be an actor, than rob. “No one’s face is
as beautiful as you.” Have you joined some theatre group? The dogs, the actors!
What’s all this? This is business.
– Business! You won’t understand. In this
business you make crores in profit.. ..by investing just lakhs of rupees. You are really great.
You are really gutsy. What have I done?
– Don’t act so innocently. You have openly challenged
Karate Champion, Shakti.. ..and now you are asking
me what have I done? I have challenged Shakti?
– Yes, of course. That’s what the whole
college is talking about. Raja will break Shakti’s bones.
Raja’s challenge. Shakti will walk in,
but he will go back on a stretcher. Raja’s challenge.
– You are really gutsy. Raja will die in style. What rubbish. I’ve got
nothing to do with these posters. What?
– Yes. Then whose mischief is this? Cowards run away
when they are losing. But some cowards are too arrogant. He will die a young death. I shouldn’t be saying this,
but Raja is finished! I won’t let it happen.
I will remove these posters right now. Buddy, if you remove the
posters I will be disgraced. Let’s see what happens. I hope it’s not your funeral. Shakti. Shakti. Shakti. Shakti. Shakti. Shakti. Shakti. Shakti. Raja hasn’t shown up.
I guess he won’t come. Maybe he has given up. Raja! Raja! Raja! Raja! Raja! Raja! Raja! Raja! Raja! Raja! Ra.. Raja! Raja! Raja! Shakti. Shakti. Shakti. Shakti. Friends, we have with us three-time
college champion, Mr. Shakti. Give him a big hand. Quiet! He is Mr. Raja. He has shown great courage
by challenging Shakti, but.. ..we’d be doing injustice to
Raja if we don’t give him a last chance. To save himself from
being humiliated.. ..Raja can still refuse to fight. This is your chance to refuse. But there is a condition. He would apologise to Shakti.. ..by touching his feet
in front of everyone. I am ready to fight,
but I too have a condition. If Miss. Madhu has the guts
then she should accept my condition. What’s the condition? The condition is that if I win.. ..I will kiss Madhu
in front of everyone. Okay. I accept it.. ..but I too have a condition. If Mr. Raja loses,
he will kiss my friend, Miss Mimi. Miss. Mimi. I accept it. But if Mr. Shakti loses,
he will kiss Miss Mimi. Ready. Fight. Come on. Come on, Shakti. Beat him! Hey! Shakti. Shakti. Shakti. Shakti. Here Raja. Shakti. Shakti. Shakti. Shakti. Beat him, Raja! Get him! 1-2-3-4. 5-6-7. Shakti, get up. Come on, Shakti. 1-2.
– Shakti, get up. 3-4-5-6.. Come on, Shakti, get up. 8-9 and 10.
– Get up! Oh, no. Raja! Raja! Raja! Raja! Silence. Friends, as per the conditions.. ..our new Champion
Raja will kiss Miss Madhu.. ..in front of everyone. Miss. Madhu, please come. Welcome. Friends, give her a big hand. When I was younger I was taught.. ..to always stay away
from unimportant people. Raja! Raja! Raja! Raja! Raja! Raja! Raja! Raja! No. Son, are you going to the temple?
– Yes, Mother. Have you thought about Madhu? That’s why I am going to the temple. I am going to request
God to do something about her.. ..and I’ll also try to do my bit. But where is Madhu? There you are.
– Daddy, I want a goli (bullet). Didn’t Ramu give you
the vitamin goli? I need a bullet.
– Bullet! What happened? I will kill that scum. Until I shoot him,
I won’t have my breakfast. What happened? He insulted me in front of everyone. Insulted you?! How? He held me in front of everyone.. What did he do to you? He did nothing. He did nothing?
Then how were you insulted? Let her speak.
– Good morning, Uncle. Hello.
– Greetings, grandma. Greetings!
– Hi! What happened to you? Are you alright?
– I am absolutely fine. But your lips look swollen.
– What? No, sir. The thing is.. ..I’m boxing a bit too much. Don’t box so much.. ..or else it will
be hard to recognise you. When is your father
coming back from London? Next week.
– Next week! – Yes. I forgot. I had to go to the temple. You keep talking. I am leaving.
– Ok. Take it. Hail to you.
– Hail to you. God bless you.
– Be happy. Our saviour is here.
Our Almighty is here. – He is here. Our God is here. Our God is here.
Long live our master. Get up. Greetings.
– Who is he? He looks like a reincarnation of God. Please sit, everyone will get it.
– Sit down. Don’t rush. Take this.
– Sit quietly. He’ll give you, sit quietly.
– You take it as well. Take this. What would’ve happened to
us if you had not been there for us? I think that I am poorer than you. God has given me so much money.. ..but he has given
me just two hands to give. I wish he’d have given
me 1,000 hands to donate. God bless you! Mother Goddess,
you have given me so much wealth. But still,
I come to you everyday as a beggar. I beg to you. The way you have given
me so much wealth.. ..give me a good daughter-in-law. I don’t want anything else. I just want a good daughter-in-law. Mother. Give me
a good daughter-in-law. Give me a good daughter-in-law. Yes, sir. Go.
– Yes, sir. Mother. The tyres have been punctured.
– Don’t you have any spare tyres? We have only one spare tyre,
but two tyres are punctured. I had such an important meeting
and there is no phone around.. If you don’t mind,
I can give you a lift. I will drop you wherever you want.
– Don’t trouble yourself. Take this. Give us a sandwich. A Rs.100 note.
How did you get a Rs.100 note? Why do you care?
– Okay. This is a fake currency note. Take it away.
I’ll take you to the police. Go away. A fake note? Ramu.
– Mine is also a fake note. Your? – Mine, too.
– Where is that man? There’s no problem at all.
Please come. – There he is. It’s very sweet of you.
Thank you very much. God bless you. Catch him! You gave us fake notes.
You fooled us. Goodbye. They love you a lot. They respect you more than God. It’s just their affection. No one can become a God
by donating some 10 to 20 lakhs. Drive faster. Beat him!
Catch him! Don’t let him escape! He made a fool of us.
He gave us fake notes. If I get him, I will break his teeth.
– Beat him! By the way, I am Mehra.
– I am also.. I mean, I am Hazari Prasad. I haven’t seen you before.
Are you new in this city? No. I belong to this place,
but I left this place to earn money. By the way,
which business are you in? Nothing really.
I have some textile mills.. ..some shipping corporations,
some chemical industries. That’s it. I’m a small businessman.
– Small businessman! You have a very good sense of humour. What are you doing this evening?
– Nothing really. Whatever you say. Let’s have drinks together. Let’s meet and have a drink. Cheers! Long live our friendship. In the name of friendship. Where is Mr. Mehra? He is very punctual. He comes at 9 everyday.
I don’t know why he is late today. Mr. Mehra has arrived. Good morning, sir. – Good morning. Do you remember all
your dialogues? – Yes. Then let’s get started.
– Yes. What do you think of yourself? Do you think I’m an immoral,
greedy, and unethical person? Go away. What’s the matter, Hazari Prasad?
You seem to be very upset. What can I say? I told this priest so many times that
I just want a good daughter-in-law.. ..even if she is poor. But this priest comes along with.. ..the proposals of
millionaires and billionaires. They want to buy my son. Money cannot create
character and virtues. But this fool doesn’t understand. Shall I say something? Yes, definitely. I’ll not feel bad. This is your right. I know a girl who is suitable
to be your daughter-in-law. Who is that girl? Where is she? I’ll be indebted to you forever. She is my daughter. Your daughter?
– Yes! Why are you silent? This was
just my opinion. I am not forcing you. Our friendship is over. Because we are not friends anymore,
but relatives. You have such a great
sense of humour. Isn’t it bizarre that the
girl was right here under my nose.. ..and I was looking
all over the place? Match the horoscopes. Everything will match after that.
I hope you got it. Yes, sir.
Give me your daughter’s horoscope. I don’t have her horoscope. Then tell me her time,
date and year of birth. I remember it very well.
8th January, 1971 in the winter. That’s okay.
– Write it. Jupiter is in the eleventh place.
It matches! Wow! Congratulations! Such matching
horoscopes are rare to find. All the qualities and
virtues match perfectly. Only the horoscopes of Gods
and Goddesses used to match this way. Now, Raja and Madhu’s
horoscopes have matched. It’s fantastic! Shut up! What do you think of yourself? Single. It’s very easy to laugh at others. If you are a real man,
then dance with me. I have told you before,
I don’t mess with girls. Only a real man can. “I won’t spare you today.” “What do you think of me?” “I won’t spare you today.” “What do you think of me?” “My heart is restless.” “Baby, dance with me.” “My heart is restless.” “Baby, dance with me.” “I won’t spare you today.” “What do you think of me?” “My heart is restless.” “Baby, dance with me.” “My heart is restless.” “Baby, dance with me.” “Don’t just move your waist.” “Match your steps with mine.” “Don’t just move your waist.” “Match your steps with mine.” “I will teach you to dance.” “I will teach you a lesson.” “My heart is restless.” “Baby, dance with me.” “My heart is restless.” “Baby, dance with me.” “Don’t mess around with me.” “Run off, you don’t have it.” “Don’t mess around with me.” “Run off, you don’t have it.” “Will destroy you in seconds.” “I will burn you to ashes.” “My heart is restless.” “Baby, dance with me.” “My heart is restless.” “Baby, dance with me.” “Go away, don’t be so arrogant.” “Will break your pride.” “Go away, don’t be so arrogant.” “Will break your pride.” “Make you fall at my feet.” “Will make you bow before me.” “My heart is restless.” “Baby, dance with me.” “My heart is restless.” “Baby, dance with me.” Greetings, sir. Greetings.
– Please, come. Please sit.
Mr. Mehra will be here soon. – Okay. Where have you brought me?
– Don’t mess up. I have worked very hard for this.
Don’t destroy it. How can I marry a girl
whom I have never seen? Just the way I did.
– I won’t do it. I will slap you.
– I will shout. Shut up, you fool!
– Hello, Hazari Prasad. My son.
– You two seem pretty close. I felt like hugging my son. My dear! She is my mother.
– Greetings! – Greetings! This is my son, Raja.
– God bless you. Sit down. Where is your daughter? She took Chinky out for a walk.
She will be here in a moment. Hi, Daddy.
– Hi, dear. Come. He is Mr. Hazari Prasad your
future father-in-law.. – Hello. – Hi! That’s his son.
– Son. You!
– You! Do you know each other? Do you want me to marry this guy?
This fool! I won’t even allow Chinky
to get married to him. I am ready to marry this dog,
but not you. Do you want me to marry this witch?
– Witch! Am I a witch?
– Very good. Since you two know each
other so well why the delay? Congratulations, Mr. Mehra.
– Shut up! Don’t insult my father.
– What are you doing? You don’t know him. He’s scum. Yes and you are a very good girl! Why are you spoiling everything?
Keep quiet. Move aside, Daddy.
I will deal with this lizard. You called me a lizard! Daddy, get aside. You cockroach! Take this! You did this to my father!
I won’t spare you. Take this. A cake for a cake. Why are you taking revenge on me?
– You have insulted my father. You swine! Dear, listen to me. Hey, dear. Control her. You little rat! You can’t harm me in any ways.
– Leave me, dad. Go away, you witch!
– How dare you? I will deal with you.
– I will not spare him. He called me a lizard.
– Let go off me! Let go of me, Daddy. You have
been insulted. I will not stay here. I’m leaving.
– Stop, son. Hazari, how can this happen to you?
Mr. Mehra. I am dead. Save me. I will die? I won’t stay alive! My last days are here. My son will be solely
responsible for my death. Control yourself or else
your health will deteriorate. It can’t get worse than this. Lift it a bit. He has caused me crores of losses. That scum has refused the
wealth which was coming his way. I will never forgive him. I am getting angry.
I will not spare him. I will bury him alive. Where is he? There he is. I won’t spare you. Let me go. I won’t spare you.
I will strangle you. I will kill you. What are you doing? There’s no need to kill me. You will be hanged for this. I will kill myself to satisfy you.
Get aside. Till now only the vegetables
were cut with this knife. But today I will cut myself. Raja, what are you doing?
– Let me die. Who are you threatening?
Go on, kill yourself. What’s going on? Is this
how a father and son should behave? Are all the sons like him?
– Are all the fathers like him? What? – No!
– Get aside. You’d have to marry that girl.
– Never! I won’t marry that witch! Even your father will marry her. Then go marry her.
– What? I’ll not spare you.
– Hey.. Let him go. Have you gone mad? He is young blood.
What if he does something? Come with me, my son. Let’s go. Hazari Prasad is not
going to give up so easily. You will surely marry that girl. You don’t know your father yet. Don’t get me wrong, Hazari Prasad. These days, sons and daughters
seldom listen to their parents. I don’t want to force my daughter. Call her. I will talk to her.
She may listen to me. Relax. Tomorrow,
my daughter is going to Ooty.. ..with her friends for camping. You can meet and talk to her
when she comes back. Have a drink. “My friend has come from Bombay.” “Greet my friend.” “Eat and drink at night,
rest during the day.” Asha! Do you know something? A poor guy came to my
house to ask me to marry him. Really?! What happened next? Even my dog rejected him. Later he got beaten up very badly. That even if he gets
married his kids will be bald. Come on, boys and girls.
Let’s get down. Catch this
– Here is your suitcase. Leave my bag.
I have to go to the toilet. Move! Babloo! Do something for me. Put a cap on this lens
and shut the camera properly. Yes.
– Okay? Divya, hold this and
please carry my luggage. I will freshen up. Okay. Hold this.
I will be back in a moment. Rakesh, please, get my bag too.
– Where are you going? Here! Oh no! Please. The girl was young.
The situation was serious. She had to go to Japan,
but she reached China. That girl will never
mess with you again. Whenever she goes to the
washroom she will remember you. Your room is here. No.9. Good night.
– No.9. Good night. Goodnight, friends. Goodnight.
– Let’s go to sleep. Say goodnight to each other.
– Good night, Vishal. Help! Help!
– Who are you? Let me go. Let me go! Help! Let me go. Come on, let’s go and see..
– Help! Let me go. Help! For God’s sake, let me go! Open the door.
– Let me go. Open the door.
– Help! For God’s sake, let me go! Let me go! Sir! Sir! He forcefully entered
my room and tried to molest me. I would have been ruined
if you had not come. What? She is lying.
I haven’t done anything. Just ask her what
she’s doing in my room. What nonsense. This is Madhu’s room. This is room No.6. Check it yourself. This is one of her schemes. She is lying. Go away from here.
Don’t come back here again. Get out of here. You all, go to your rooms. You accused me of molesting you,
didn’t you? I will show you what it really means. No. Don’t dare to touch me. Don’t touch me. No! No! No! Don’t dare to touch me. I am telling you, stop there. Look, don’t come forward. I am telling you, stop there. Is somebody there! Help! Help! Is somebody there! Help! Help! Help! Help! Help! Please let me go. Please let me go. Forgive me. I will be ruined. My purity is at stake. Forgive me. Please forgive me. No! No. Forgive me. Let me go! Please forgive me. Please, forgive me. Let go off me. Now do you understand
what rape means? If I want to,
I can ruin your whole life. Not only your body.
I can also ruin your self-respect. Think about those women
who have suffered from it. Not only their bodies,
but their souls, are also disgraced. You accused me so easily of rape? It was just a word for you. But this word has spoilt my life. I have been disgraced. Madhu, you’ve molested
my reputation and my goodwill. But I won’t do that with you. Because I may make fun of someone.. ..but I can’t spoil her sanctity. Go away from here. Don’t repeat this mistake. Because not every boy is Raja. You have done the wrong thing. Because of your prank,
Raja’s life would have been ruined. I’m sorry. The weather is so nice here.
I don’t want to go back. I feel.. Oh no!
– Madhu, what happened? I have hurt my leg.
-What happened? Yes, right there. That’s where it’s
paining. – She has been hurt badly. Straighten your leg.
– Oh God! Not so hard. I have not even touched you.
– Hey, stop. What happened to her?
She was squealing right now. Nothing.
– What has she written on it? What has she written?
– You! – No, Raja! “What are you doing at my place?” Enjoy yourself. Have a nice time!
– Thank you, sir. It seems that the night
will pass by with dancing. How do I look?
– You look very handsome. Is it? Can any girl
get impressed by me today? Hey, you are.. – Can I get a girl today?
– Hey look, look. Should we ask them?
– Yes, ask them. Divya, tell Raja to meet
me in the lawn behind the hotel. Okay. Raja, Madhu wants to talk to you. Tell her I don’t want to meet her. Raja has refused to meet you.
I am sorry. “I can’t sleep. I can’t sleep.” “I have no solace. I have no solace.” “I can’t sleep.” “I can’t sleep. I have no solace.” “Somebody, search for me.” “I have lost my heart.” “I have lost my heart.” “I have lost my heart.” “I have lost my heart.” “I can’t sleep. I have no solace.” “Somebody, search for me.” “I have lost my heart.” “I have lost my heart.” “I have lost my heart.” “I have lost my heart.” “How do I tell you my condition?” “I can hardly sleep at night.” “How do I tell you
about my condition?” “I can hardly sleep at night.” “Ask me about my condition.” “I am really miserable.” “Ask me about my condition.” “I am really miserable.” “No one is able to
understand my problem.” “Somebody, search for me.” “I have lost my heart.” “I have lost my heart.” “I have lost my heart.” “I have lost my heart.” “My heart is more
precious than my life.” “I can’t live a moment without it.” “My heart is more
precious than my life.” “I can’t live a moment without it.” “Oh, my God! This is a great pain.” “This pain is very merciless.” “Oh my God! This is a great pain.” “This pain is very merciless.” “It makes me laugh. It makes me cry.” “Somebody, search for me.” “I have lost my heart.” “I have lost my heart.” “I can’t sleep. I can’t sleep.” “I have no solace. I have no solace.” “I can’t sleep. I have no solace.” “Somebody, search for me.” “I have lost my heart.” “I have lost my heart.” Where are you going? What is it? Telegram.
– Telegram! You must have brought some bad news. Sir, this time you
didn’t tip me on Diwali? I have been ruined and you
want your tips. Give it to me. Oh God, take care of me. I hope it’s not bad news. What happened? Madam, come quickly.
Something is wrong with him. He is reeling under shocks.
– What happened? Something has happened to him. What happened to you? What happened? Either my name is not Hazari Prasad.. ..or I don’t have a son called Raja. Someone has played
a nasty prank on me. Give it. It’s not a prank. It’s true.
– What? Raja and Madhu want to get married.
– What are you.. Read it one more time. Raja and Madhu
want to marry each other. Not this one! The other one. Mr. Mehra! What happened? It’s an eighth wonder. Something
impossible has happened. Water has caught fire.
The fishes have climbed the trees. The camels are flying in the sky. Raja and Madhu have agreed
to marry each other. – Really. Yes.
– This is wonderful! Let’s get them engaged quickly. Not just an engagement.
There will be a grand celebration. This city will not have seen
this kind of engagement ceremony. This ceremony will be the grandest
of all engagement ceremonies. Come, let us celebrate. Madhu is my only daughter. I am not only her father,
but also her mother. I hope you know it’s
so difficult to be a mother. I am giving you the most
precious of my belongings. I will take utmost care of her.
This is a promise. Congrats, Mr. Mehra.
– Mahesh. Congratulations on
your daughter’s engagement. Thank you.
– Congratulations. But I do regret one thing.
– What? We could not become relatives.
– That is.. Shakti and Madhu were friends
since childhood. – Of course. That’s why I regret it. Anyway, I heartily congratulate you.
– Thank you. Go and get yourself a drink. Shakti, you too.
– Yes. Hey, Girdhari!
Come, I will introduce you to a friend. Girdhari! Mehra! Congratulations.
– Thank you. What are you staring at? He is the groom’s father,
Hazari Prasad. He is a very old friend of mine,
Girdharilal. Greetings.
– Hello. I think that I have seen you before. You must have seen me
at an inauguration ceremony. He is not as he seems. He appears very simple,
but he is something else. I should take care of other guests. Excuse me.
– Sure. Have you properly enquired
about him? – Why should I? He has textile mills. He has chemical factories.
He has a construction business. He is rich man. Have one drink with me.
– Definitely. We shall! Hey, brother. Shall we? Hello! Tell me. When will I get married? Quickly. The whole world will
see and so will you. I will get my son married
to a millionaire’s daughter. What a cute child. How is the drink?
– Fine. Excuse me. Mehra, come here. Mehra. – Yes?
– I just remembered that.. You remember everything
after two pegs. I am not kidding. I am serious. If you care about
your daughter’s welfare.. ..then call off this
engagement immediately. Call off the engagement!
– Yes. Are you in your senses?
– Yes, I am.. ..but until you come to your senses,
Hazari Prasad will have looted you. What are you saying?
– Yes, he doesn’t have any mills. He is not a millionaire,
but a junk-shop owner. What?
– Yes. Actually, he is a junk-shop owner. At a party in 1947 when
I danced with Madhubala.. ..people kept watching. I think we should go ahead
with the engagement ceremony. The auspicious time will pass by. I also think so. The engagement
should take place immediately. The auspicious time is passing by.
Call Raja and Madhu. They will come. But I want to introduce
you to some of my guests. No! I..
– Come. Come on. Friends, I am very happy
to see all of you here. Before the engagement takes place.. ..I’d like to introduce you to.. ..to the groom’s father,
Mr. Hazari Prasad. He is a very unique person. It will take too long
to speak about his greatness. Mr. Mehra, you are flattering me. We can do this after the engagement.
The auspicious time is passing. The time has arrived now.
Just two minutes. Friends, Mr. Hazari Prasad
who has many chemical factories.. ..who has many textile mills.. ..and who is one of the
richest people in this city. In reality,
he is a cheap junk-shop owner. A junk-shop owner. The junk..
where we sell our old newspapers! Where we sell the old bottles,
torn clothes. Broken furniture.
These are the things he sells. How dare.. ..he dream of becoming
my daughter’s father-in-law? You are insulting
me in front of everyone. Insult! Only those get insulted
who have some self-respect. You have none.
– Mehra! Shut your mouth! And listen more about this fraudster! This conman wanted to
take away my wealth in dowry. So that I become penniless. Mehra, if you say one more word,
then.. – Then! Daddy, what have you done? He was going to ruin us. Thank God, your life was
saved from being destroyed. This world will change. The stars will change. The earth and the sky
will also change.. ..but Hazari Prasad
won’t forget this insult. Hazari Prasad will
remember it forever. One day he will make you pay for this.
I’ll surly make you pay for this. Raja, let’s go. Excuse me, Madam.
I want to meet Mr. Mehra. He is very busy right now.
– It’s very important that I meet him. I must meet him.
– Okay, wait here. I will just check up. Write to Bennet and Miranda that.. ..we liked their proposals
and ask them to send the details. Excuse me, sir.
– Yes. Someone called Raja
wants to meet you. Tell him that I don’t
have time to meet him. Okay, sir. I am sorry. So what was I saying? You were saying something
about Bennet and Miranda. I want to say something to you. Write to them that we are not
at all interested in their proposal. Sir, listen to me.
– Write to them.. ..that talking further
about this is useless. It would be just
the waste of my time. You have an issue with my father.
Why are you punishing me? Write further that
it was our mistake.. ..to think they were
capable of this proposal. Had I known earlier that
they were so unfit and cheats.. Should I also write that?
– Note it down, Varma. – Yes, sir. At least think about Madhu. Why are you spoiling her life? Also write to them that we
don’t need their cheap advice. – Right. Then listen to me. Like other marriages take
place without your permission.. ..this marriage will take
place without your permission too. So, finally you’ve
shown your true colours. If you drag this matter
further I will get you killed. I am talking to you
politely and you.. Will you teach me about propriety? You have to be born
with good manners. You and your father
have no manners at all. Mr. Mehra, I used to
respect you a lot. But you are a very cheap person. What did you say? Call the police! Get the security! Stop this now! Just stop it! ‘There was a house here earlier,
but looks like ruins now.’ ‘Your face looks like
the battlefield.’ Wonderful. Wonderful. He fell down.
– Hey! What’s going on? ‘You are responsible
for all this mess.’ ‘You are responsible
for his torn pants.’ ‘Don’t assume you
will escape punishment.’ ‘I am Ghalib,
the protector of the law!’ – Wonderful! This is the guy.
Inspector, arrest him. Arrest him. He creates a chaos. I will put him in jail
and teach him a lesson. What? Father has put
Raja in prison. – Yes. Isn’t your father a lawyer? Let’s bail him out. My father can’t bail him out today.
– Why? Because today is Saturday.
The courts will open only on Monday. Oh my God! Raja will have to
spend two days in prison. Hey! Are you trying to commit suicide? I will put you behind bars.
– Please do it. No! I won’t.
I am in a good mood today. Yes. Come on!
– Listen! Under which other crime
can you put me in prison? In what crime? Tell her.
– If you kill someone. If you pickpocket.
– If you rape someone. Also if you hit any officer.
– Oh! Thank you. You hit him really hard!
– Thank you. She has hit me. Now I will hit her.
– Yes, sure. How dare you hit me? You! That was really hard.
I won’t spare you. Help me! Help me!I won’t spare you.Yes. Civil police riots! I will
put you in prison for causing riots! Section 920, come on! After coming in here all
women stick to the right path. You too will learn your lesson. Come on! Get inside. Raja! Madhu, why are you here? Do you remember both
of us had taken an oath? Both of us will always be together. That’s why you were
so eager to come to prison. The world has become so cruel.. ..that prison is the only
place we can meet peacefully. I had thought love had
vanished from the world. But both of you have
made me forget my duty. I am the protector of
all the lovers in this world. Anybody who tries to
destroy your love.. ..will face my fury. Inspector!
– Yes. Where is my son? I am asking you,
where’s my son, inspector? His mother must know.
– My son’s name is Raja. For what crime have you put him in jail?
Set him free. Is he your son? What is this girl doing in there?
– Laying eggs. What?
– She’s laying eggs! Madhu! Who has dared to put
my daughter behind bars? I did! I am the station
master in-charge, Mr. Ghalib! I don’t care who you are. You will set my daughter
free right now. First my son should be set free. First my daughter.
– My son! – Quiet! Neither your son will be
set free nor your daughter. – Why? Because no one can be bailed
on a Saturday or a Sunday. Neither a friend nor
a buddy can I set free. Wonderful!
– Quiet! I don’t care about the bail.
I’ll call up the commissioner right now. I can’t compromise on my duty. I can’t set them free without bail. Wow!
– Very good! Very good! Such a shameless girl she is.. ..she didn’t leave my son
in the jail too. Shameless girl! His son is shameless, tell him. Useless, thug, vagabond, loafer. Hey, dare you call my son a loafer.
– Shut up! This is not your house.
It is a police station. I’ll put you behind
bars if you talk too much. Learn a lesson from your children. Look! They are so much in love. Madhu!
– Raja! What is this?
– What is this? This is love. Inspector, stop them.
– Stop them, Ghalib. Two love birds love
each other in a cage. Two fools are cribbing
over it outside. Inspector! “We are lovers.” “We are not scared of the world.” “We are lovers.” “We are not scared of the world.” “We are not scared of the world.” “We will make other people jealous.” “We will live and die in love.” “We will make other people jealous.” “We will live and die in love.” “We are lovers.” “We are not scared of the world.” “We are not scared of the world.” “We will make other people jealous.” “We will live and die in love.” “We will make other people jealous.” “We will live and die in love.” “No prison can stop lovers
from loving.” “No prison can stop
lovers from loving.” “It’s no joke to love
someone in this world.” “It’s no joke to love
someone in this world.” “Who has succeeded
in stopping the wind?” “Who has stopped
the clouds from moving?” “We’ll break the cage
and we will fly away.” “We will never be caught again.” “We will make other people jealous.” “We will live and die in love.” “We will make other people jealous.” “We will live and die in love.” “I am not Juliet.” “Nor is he Romeo.” “We won’t bear the
injustice with a smile.” “I am not Juliet.” “Nor is he Romeo.” “We won’t bear the
injustice with a smile.” “No one can stop us.
Our union will be successful.” “No one can stop us.
Our union will be successful.” “We have fallen in love.” “We won’t be scared of the world.” “On the strength of our love..” “..we will make the
world bow in front of us.” “We will make other people jealous.” “We will live and die in love.” “We will make other people jealous.” “We will live and die in love.” It seems they have
met with an accident. Should we see?
– Yes, come. I thought you were immature. I tried to make you
understand lovingly. But today you crossed all limits. You will have to pay
the price for this. One doesn’t pay the price for love,
Mr. Mehra. One worships it. You were successful
in stopping us this time. But till we are alive,
we will keep meeting each other. You will try only when
your hands and legs will be fine. Teach him a good lesson so that
he never comes back to my daughter. Madhu, come with me. Raja! Let go off me! Let go off me! Madhu! Let go off him! Let go off my Raja! Let go off him! No! Let go off him! Raja! – Shut up, Madhu! Come with me! Get inside! Let go off him! – Get in! – Raja! Raja. You dare step out of the house today. I will break your legs.
– Then break them! If you break my legs then I
will leave with the help of my hands. If you will cut off my hands
then I will go with the help of my head. Even if you cut off
my head still my.. ..writhing body would
find a way to reach to Raja. You said that scum’s name again? As of now,
I have just broken his bones. But if he does not mend his
ways then I will cut him into pieces. If you only touch my Raja.. ..then you’ll repent
it for the rest of your life. I see, a daughter is
threatening father? What will you do? Want to see what I can do? Dear.. Madhu! What are you doing? Grandma, let go off me. If Raja is hurt,
then I’ll kill myself. Let go off me! Let go off me!
Did you see what can I do? You couldn’t bear me crying.. ..now see my blood. Have a look. Have a look. Madhu! Madhu! Madhu, dear. Enough! I cannot tolerate it anymore! But uncle, will she agree to go? If she doesn’t agree,
then I will take her forcefully. She’s had her way until now. She thinks that I will
be pacified by her craze. I will never let my daughter,
Madhu, get married.. ..to that scum, Hazari Prasad’s son. I will take my daughter so far away.. ..that neither can he
nor his memories go that far. You got the tickets?
– Yes, Uncle. What time is the flight?
– Exactly after three hours. Three hours!
Here every moment is difficult to pass. Ask Shankar to pack
Madhu’s belongings. No. This cannot happen. No one can separate Madhu from me. Hey! Where are you going? Raja! You have come, Raja. I had lost all hope! Papa wants to take me away from you. I’ll die,
but I won’t go with him, Raja! No, Madhu. Don’t worry. Now that I have come.
Everything will be all right. Raja, they have come, Raja! Please save me. Hide me somewhere. I won’t go. Hide me somewhere, Raja! You swine! You dared to come
into my daughter’s room! Whichever part of your body has
touched her, I’ll make pieces of them! Today, your death
has brought you here. Your dead body will
go out of this house! I’ll kill you, you scumbag! I’ll kill you! “Chants” No! – Move, Mother! Shoot, Papa.
Now we don’t fear anything. We have done what we had to do. Now you can do what you want to do. What if we couldn’t live together?
We can die together. Son. Forget whatever has happened,
think of it as God’s will. Forgive him. After all, she too is dear to you. Oh Mother, she who was dear to me.. ..has broken my heart to pieces. The one whom I thought
was the depth of my eyes.. ..has blackened my face. Tell her to go away from here. I will think that,
like my wife, my daughter too is dead. Raja still hasn’t come. Vitthal
– Yes? Has he told you when he will come? He didn’t tell me anything.
– It’s late evening and.. Mother. There was no other way, Mother. Madhu and I have married. Bless you, children. You did well. The one you
loved you made her your life partner. You wait. Vitthal.
– Yes. Get the candle for prayer.
– I’ll just get it, Mother. Whom are you welcoming, Savitri? Her, who is the daughter
of the serpent who bit me? Or the light of my clan.. ..who has adorned the
parting of my enemy’s daughter? Both of them cannot
stay in this house. Get out of here!
– What are you saying? Raja is our only son. Then tell your only son,
that if he wants to stay in this house.. ..then throw her back
to where he brought her from. I can’t leave Madhu. Then you will have
to leave this house. Come on, Madhu. Wait, Raja.
– Let him go! We’ll think we had no son.
We were childless. Go. From today,
I’m throwing you out of my house.. ..my life and my property. Go. Today, I have realised that I am the
son of a man with such a small heart.. ..who doesn’t even have
a blessing to give his son. Go, but remember. The door
through which you are going today.. ..you will have to grovel
at the same door to come in one day. “We have left our house.” “We have broken the customs.” “We have left our house.” “We have broken the customs.” “We will go away somewhere very far.” “We will settle our new life there.” “We have left our house.” “We have broken the customs.” “We will go away somewhere very far.” “We will settle our new life there.” “We have left our house.” “We have broken the customs.” “If I have to live without you..” “..my heart will never agree.” “If I have to live without you..” “..my heart will never agree.” “Let there be any
storm or any hurdle.” “It will not be able to separate us.” “I have just done it once.
I have fallen in love with you.” “I have just done it once.
I have fallen in love with you.” “Now I will forget all the
worldly pleasures in your arms.” “We have left our house.” “We have broken the customs.” “The ceiling’s of love.” “The floor’s of our heart.” “We have the tall
walls of our dreams.” “The ceilings of love.” “The floors of our heart.” “We have the tall
walls of our dreams.” “The buds of
our love are blossoming.” “The beautiful moment
of our union has arrived.” “Quench my thirst of
many generations.” “Embrace me tightly.” “Quench my thirst of
many generations.” “Embrace me tightly.” “We will decorate this temple
of love with our affection” “We have left our house” “We have broken the customs.” Madhu! Come out! Hurry!
The food is ready. Oh, my God! On the basis of this
beautiful roti (Indian bread). I will definitely get
a cook’s job in the Hotel Taj. What are you doing? My dream cook,
I am paying you for your services. If you will keep
paying me in this way.. ..then I will stop cooking
and start doing something else. This is the bonus
and this is your tip. You have provoked me. You have provoked me
early in the morning, Madhu. Now I will not spare you. Wow! From where did
you bring these bangles? Why should I tell you?
It is a top secret. Really! A top secret! Won’t you tell me?
– No. I will reveal all
your secrets right now. Won’t you tell me? – No. Okay. I won’t tell you.
– Won’t you tell me? Fine. Fine. I will tell you. I will tell you. Mother had come here yesterday. Really? She only gave me these bangles. She told me that a
married woman’s wrist.. ..should never be
void of any bangles. What happened, Raja? Madhu, return these bangles. Return them! Why? These are mother’s blessings. No doubt these are
mother’s blessings. But the gold belongs to my father. I am not greedy for gold, Raja. I just didn’t want to
insult mother’s feelings. You are misunderstanding me, Madhu! Even I don’t want to
insult mother’s feelings. But that’s what you are doing.
– No, Madhu. The man who has not
accepted you till now.. I can never accept the bangles
that have come from his house. We just want their blessings.
Not their wealth. You are just speaking rubbish, Raja. I will not take off these bangles. Then I will have to take them off! Fine. So then you go
and return these bangles. Go! I have not behaved
properly with Raja. Without any reason, I made him upset. Poor guy.
He left without even eating anything. When he comes back,
I’ll ask him to forgive me. I will feed him with my own hands. It is evening now. Why hasn’t Raja come back yet? Did anything happen.. No. This cannot happen. He has gotten angry
with me and went away. Wherever he is right now.. ..I will convince
him and bring him back. Ramu hit his son a lot.
I was unable to tolerate it. I explained it to him well.
But he did not understand. He went on hitting him.
– Uncle! Did Raja come here?
– No, daughter. He did not come here. Then where did he go? What happened, dear? Where were you for such a long time? Answer me! Madhu, I..
– Don’t touch me! What do you think of yourself? Did you even think once, how tense
I would be? What would I go through? Madhu, listen to me at least.
– To hell with Madhu. Because of a small mistake,
you left me and went away. Is this your love for me?
Am I worth only this much? No, Madhu. It is not like that.
– I don’t want to hear anything. Did we leave home for this? You don’t know that.. ..in these small moments
I have died many deaths. I will never forgive you. I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! Didn’t mother tell you that.. ..a married woman’s wrist
should never be void of any bangles? I am sorry. Please forgive me. I am sorry. Promise me that you
will never leave me. I don’t want anything
else besides you. Nothing else! I love you, Raja! Madhu! I am really hungry. I did not eat anything since morning. Raja! I have come to meet you. I have come to meet you. I.. Aunt. Oh Aunt! What is the matter, Madhu? My husband is working
on the 12th floor. I want to tell him something. You please tell him.
He is unable to hear me. What do you want to tell him? Tell him that I love you. Oh my God! Silly girl,
have you come so far to say this? Fine. All right.
I will tell him that. Ramu’s father! Can you hear me? What is the matter, Laajo? I love you. What? I was eager to hear this
since the last 25 years. Shall we take a holiday and go home? I am not saying that. The girl downstairs wants
to say this to her husband. Oh my Laajo!
I’ve become excited after 25 years. But you ruined all my intentions. Never mind! Raja, my son!
– What is the matter, Uncle? Your wife has sent a message for you. She says I love you. Uncle, tell her that I
have liked her style very much. As a reward,
I am coming down to kiss her. All right. Oh my Laajo!
– What is the matter? I am coming down to kiss you. Oh my God! You enjoyed it, right, Laajo? Shut up! You are very shameless. Is this the thing to
be said in front of everyone? My dear wife, it’s not me. The lover upstairs
will kiss his dear wife. All right. Hey, daughter! What do you say..
He is coming downstairs to kiss you. Aunt.
– Yes. Tell him not to come down.
I am going home. Madhu! Please don’t go. I am coming. Don’t come down! I am leaving. I am coming. Raja! Yes, Doctor. It’s an emergency.
Please come immediately. Nurse, arrange for the blood.
– Yes, sir. Doctor, do the arrangements
for the operation. – Yes, sir. Please. Hurry up! Please save my Raja!
– We are trying our level best, Madam. The patient’s condition
is very serious. You arrange for at least Rs.1 lakh. You don’t worry about the money,
Doctor. I will bring as much money as possible.
You just arrange for the operation. Madam, where are you going?
Sir and grandma have gone out. Where have they gone? They have gone out of town.
I don’t know when they’ll return. You! For what have you come here?
Go away! Listen to me at least.
Raja has met with an accident. What? Where is Raja? He is breathing his
last in the hospital now. We have to get him operated.
I need Rs.1 lakh for that. If the operation is not
done as soon as possible.. ..then he may not survive. Please save my Raja!
Please save my Raja! Please take me to my Raja. Fine. You both go to the hospital. I will bring the money and come there.
– Let’s go! Have you gone mad, Hazari Prasad? You are being sentimental
about your son.. ..and helping your enemy’s daughter. Have you forgotten the
day when that scum, Mehra.. ..had slapped you
amongst a huge gathering? Hazari Prasad, this is the
right moment to avenge your insult. Do not let it slip
off from your hands. Do not let it slip off from your hands,
Hazari Prasad. Mother, why hasn’t father come yet? Don’t worry, dear. He must be on his way with the money. Wait! You love Raja very much, isn’t it? Then what can you do for Raja?
– Anything. But let Raja get operated first. Every second is
very precious for him. And Raja is precious for me. Then what do you want? Your Mangalsutra
(Symbol of marriage). What are you saying?
Have you gone mad? Mad people do not
speak in their senses. Do not instigate a
married woman to curse you. A married woman’s
curse changes destiny. Then whatever happens,
even God cannot change it. I don’t know what form
her curse would take. Stop this rubbish!
Or you’ll have to face the consequences. You are not a human being.
You are a demon. You are a beast! Yes. I am a demon. I am a beast. But who turned me into a beast?
This girl’s father. He has embarrassed me.
He has insulted me. He slapped me amongst
a huge gathering. But why are you making the
daughter pay for her father’s mistake? Give the bag to me! Do not dare to
interfere in my affairs. Get lost from here. Otherwise
our relationship will come to an end. Go away from here. Go!
– Listen to me. Go away from here! Now you listen to me carefully. If your husband dies then
don’t hold me responsible. I plead to you.
For God’s sake, please don’t do this. I am not doing all this for God.
I am doing all this for my sake. But if Raja is my husband
he is your son, too. My son died the day
he got married to you.. ..and put this Mangalsutra
around your neck. My success lies in this necklace.
Give it to me. This is not just
an ordinary necklace. In each black bead of this
necklace all those nights.. ..of Karva Chauth (Fasting day
for husband’s long life) are entwined.. ..when I had prayed for
the well being of my husband. If you would have asked me for my life
I would have gladly given it to you. But how can I give
my Mangalsutra to you? You are wasting your tears and my time,
you foolish girl! I am leaving.
– No! Please don’t do this.
Please do not separate me from Raja. I cannot live without him. I will die. Then die! Stop! I am ready to do whatever you say. Come on. Swear by your husband that.. ..after today, there won’t be any
relation between him and you. Come on. From today onwards,
you will not meet him. You will never ever cross his path. You’ll never tell him
why you stopped meeting him. I bind with the oath of the
relationship of a husband and wife. From now on you and Raja
are not husband and wife. If you break this promise,
you’ll see Raja dead. – No. I agree. I agree. “You should always be alive.” “I pray only for that.” “If death comes, let it take me.” “You should be spared all the pain.” “I have just done it once.
I have fallen in love with you.” “I have just done it once.
I have fallen in love with you.” Dear.. Doctor. How is my Raja?
Please tell me, Doctor. There is no need to worry now. He is out of danger.
If you want, you can see him. Hey, what happened?
– Hey! He has dashed a girl! Oh God! Excuse me. Move. Oh my God! Madhu! Daughter! Guard. Driver, bring some water.
– Sir, water. My child! Daddy! Daddy, I want to die.
– No. I want to die. – No, child.
I’ll not let you die, my daughter. Who has done this to you? Who is he? Mr. Mehra!
What is this that I am seeing? A rich man’s daughter,
in this condition. It seems she has
not eaten for many days. Whereas Mr. Mehra has four hotels. Look at her clothes! She doesn’t even have proper
clothes to cover herself. Mr. Mehra has six mills of cloth. Ladies and gentlemen,
maybe you all don’t know him.. ..but I know Mr. Mehra very well. Seeing all this,
I am unable to believe my eyes. The daughter whose
one sob would shake.. ..the very foundation
of Mehra Industries.. ..the same daughter
is like a corpse today. Hazari! There is no use of shouting,
Mr. Mehra. Just have some pity on
your daughter’s condition! So gentlemen, this helpless girl
fell in love and ran away from home. As it always happens,
her lover threw her out of the house. Now why did he throw her out?
I don’t know anything about that. Only Mr. Mehra
can enlighten you on that. But I have a request. If there is some good marriage
proposal then let him know. Do not worry about the money. Mr. Mehra has lots of money!
You will get a big dowry. We are not so shameless that
we will use the things which others.. ..have used and thrown. Did you hear him, Mr. Mehra? Now your daughter has
just two options left. Either she commits suicide
or she can become a prostitute. Shut your mouth, Hazari!
– You shut your mouth, Mehra! Take my shawl and cover this corpse. It is a bit worn out because
it belongs to a scrap vendor. But it is sufficient to
cover your daughter’s dignity. Also take this bowl and start
begging for your daughter’s life. Remember one thing, Mehra. The slap that cannot
be seen hurts more. Idiot! You beast. Take this, child. Have the medicine. First tell me, where is Madhu? Whenever I ask you,
you always evade the issue. Why don’t you tell me where is she? How is she? She is fine, isn’t it? However she is, I want to see her.
I want to meet her. Where is Madhu, Mother?
– Do you want to know where Madhu is? How she is? Then listen to me, son. The Madhu,
for whom you are in so much pain.. ..has left you and gone
back to her father’s house. No! You are telling lies!
This is not possible. Then why didn’t she come to meet
you when you were fighting with death? Because she was enjoying
herself at her father’s house. Thank God we reached there in time. Otherwise there was
nobody to take care of you. No! My Madhu cannot do this. She cannot betray me. Daddy, she can die for me,
but she cannot leave me alone to die. You foolish boy!
The girl whom you are considering.. ..to be your wife,
your beloved, your lover. The girl whom you had married. The girl around whose neck
you had put the holy Mangalsutra.. ..she threw it on my face. The Mangalsutra which
you had given to her. Look. You are telling lies.
You are telling lies. If you trust your eyes more than
my word then go and see it for yourself. See whether your Madhu
even recognises you. Go and see. Madhu! Madhu! Swear by the pure relationship
of a husband and wife. From today onwards,
Raja and you are not husband and wife. And if you break this promise
then you will see Raja dead. Hi, Madhu! I have brought flowers for you. Come, Shakti!
– You are looking gorgeous. You are so nice.
You care so much for me. Come, Shakti.
– Yes, come on. Raja, you! Why? Are you upset to see me alive? Madhu, I never thought
that you would stoop so low. When my father told me that.. ..you left me alone in the
hospital in critical condition.. ..I did not believe him. But now I have realised
that my father was right.. ..and my love was false. Why are you quiet, Madhu? Answer me. Say something, Madhu. What was lacking in my love? Madhu, what wrong had I done that.. ..you punished me so badly? Look Raja, I have been used
to a luxurious life since my childhood. By staying with you,
my requirements couldn’t be fulfilled. Moreover, after your accident,
neither did I want to live as a widow.. ..nor did I want to
live as a cripple’s wife. No. No, Shakti. Let him go. This poor fellow is
not in his senses right now. In fact,
I have come to my senses now. I have loved you, Madhu.
I will always love you. But whatever you did to me,
please don’t tell it to anybody. Otherwise people
will lose faith in love. Raja! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! “Oh my beloved!” “Why did you forget me?” “Disloyal or cruel.” “What do I call you, my darling?” “You have broken my heart.” “What wrong have I done?
Please let me know.” “Oh my beloved!
I am your darling lover.” “I have tolerated all my tears.” “I have survived through
lots of difficulties.” “What is my helplessness?
How do I tell you about that?” “Oh my beloved!” “Why did you forget me?” “If I had known that
you are a disloyal woman.” “Then I would never have
fallen in love with you.” “If I had known that
you are a disloyal woman.” “Then I would never have
fallen in love with you.” “Trust me.
Do not blame me like this.” “Punish me if you want. But
please do not call me a disloyal woman.” “My beloved! You have betrayed me.” “But my loyalty will
never be able to forget you.” “Oh my beloved!
I am your darling lover.” “I have tolerated all my tears.” “I have survived through
lots of difficulties.” “What is my helplessness?
How do I tell you about that?” “Oh my beloved!” “Why did you forget me?” “I feel like ruining myself.” “I feel like embracing death.” “I feel like ruining myself.” “I feel like embracing death.” “Come and look into my
heart by tearing it apart.” “You will find the colours
of your pictures in it.” “Oh my darling.
You may live peacefully.” “This is the wish
of my broken heart.” “Oh my beloved!
I am your darling lover.” “I have tolerated all my tears.” “I have survived through
lots of difficulties.” “What is my helplessness?
How do I tell you about that?” “Oh my beloved!” “Oh my beloved!” “Oh my beloved!” “Oh my beloved!” Raja, look at
your pathetic condition. Why are you ruining yourself
for that disloyal woman? Leave me alone, Daddy. How do I leave you alone?
I am your father after all. Come with me. We will teach such a lesson
to that girl and her father.. ..that they will remember
it throughout their lives. I will get you married
very pompously. Your wedding procession will pass
from the front of that girl’s house. You’ll see. Whether it is my funeral
or wedding procession.. ..doesn’t make any difference to me. You are free to do whatever you want. Look, read it yourself. The person for whom you
cry day and night, your Raja.. ..is going to get married once again. Shakti! What happened? He has shown his true colours. Madhu.. ..for how long will
you live this way? I am unable to bear
this condition of yours. Child, your entire
life is ahead of you. Forget whatever has happened. Start life afresh. Get married to Shakti. No, Daddy. Never ever say it again. Leave me to my condition. Dear! How can I leave you in this state? I’m your father. I want your happiness. You want to see me happy, right? Yes. Then please take
me away from this place. Yes, dear. I’ll take you. I’ll take you far away. The auspicious time of
the engagement is passing by. Your son hasn’t come until now. Raja might be on his way. But you have done all
the arrangements, isn’t it? You need not worry at all,
Hazari Prasad. I have done all the arrangements. I remember my promise very well. Radhe Shyam! Thank you. Thank you. This is nothing at all,
Hazari Prasad. These are the gifts for the groom.
It is not the actual dowry. Let the marriage take place once. You will see that
you will not find place in… …your house to keep
all these things. For now I’ll go and
find a place to keep this. Excuse me. Thank you. Thank you. I will keep so much money with me.
Oh my Goddess! Oh my Goddess!
– Listen, what are you doing for money? You are getting my
Raja married to a mad girl. All the girls are basically mad.
Look at yourself. If you were not mad then would
you say such unfortunate things.. ..on the occasion
of your son’s engagement? Do you know what my son
is going through right now? He is heart broken. He has started drinking liquor. Do you know, he has not
come back home since last night. But you are not at
all bothered about him. Have mercy on your child! Don’t be so cruel to him!
– Stop your rubbish! I know what I am doing. Okay? Last time when I wanted
to sell this coat, Mr. Pasricha. I thought that.. Who is Mr.
Hazari Prasad amongst you all? It’s me. What is the matter? Is this the photograph of your son? Yes. This is my son
Raja’s photograph. What’s the matter, Inspector? What has happened to him?
Is he all right? Your son has met with an accident. We have recovered all these
things from his dead body. – No! This is a lie! A lie! Then you confirm it yourself.
Constable, bring the body inside. No! My Raja! Raja! My son Raja! Now be assured! Be assured! You killer! You sinner! You have killed my son. You have separated Raja and Madhu. You have ruined all their happiness. When my son was fighting against
life and death in the hospital.. ..then instead of
saving you son’s life.. ..you made a deal with
Madhu regarding her husband. You took away her husband from her. This is her curse which has
separated my son from me today. Now sell this corpse
also in the market. Maybe you will get
some money with that also. You have killed him.
Now sell him off. Sell him of. My son! Mother! My son, Raja! Raja! You are alive, my son? Yes, Mother. My Raja is alive. My son is alive. He is alive. Mr. Raja, how did your
clothes come on this corpse? I had drunk and I was
lying unconscious. At that time, he must have
stolen my coat and my chain. Then he must have
met with an accident. I wish that I had
died instead of him. No, Son. You should never say that.
– Don’t touch me! But, son.. – Dare if you will call
me a son. Or even if you will touch me. But son, I have done all this for you.
– Not for me, Mr. Hazari Prasad. What am I to you?
Just a saleable thing. Besides selling me,
what else can you do? Maybe you had given birth
to me for this reason only. As a butcher nurtures
and nourishes a goat. Then he sells off every piece of his. No, Raja.
No! You are under a misunderstanding. You are telling lies. I have heard everything. I heard what you did with Madhu.
What sacrifice you asked her to make? Madhu was a stranger. But still for the sake of
my life she sacrificed her husband. But you. I was your very own blood. A part of you. Sometimes a hungry lion eats
his own children out of helplessness. But what was your helplessness, Mr.
Hazari Prasad? What were you hungry for?
How much hungry were you that.. …didn’t get satisfied even
after eating your own child? Stop it, child! Stop it! What are you crying for, Mr.
Hazari Prasad? You had said a few days
ago that you don’t have any son. That I am not your son. Today I admit this in
front of all these people.. ..that after today,
you are not my father. Raja!
– Raja, my son, where are you going? I am going away from this
suffocation and embarrassment. I am going back to my Madhu. Take care of the house.
– Yes, Mother. Where are you going?
There’s no one inside. – What? Where did everybody go?
– To the airport. Everyone is going to London
forever by the 4 o’clock flight. Hello. Haji Ali traffic control. A boy riding a red bike has
jumped the signal and is running away. Get hold of him immediately. Over! Received the message. Over and out! Are you riding the bike
under the influence of alcohol? Sir, I am really in
a hurry right now. I have to reach
the airport immediately. Show me the licence. Sir, the licence is at home. You must have papers
for the bike at least. Sir, please let me go.
I am in a real hurry. Have you stolen this bike?
– No, sir. Sir, I think that there is
something fishy here. – No, sir. Fine. Arrest him.
– Sir, please try to understand. Sir, trust me. Right now it
is the question of my life and death. I said, shut up. Come with me. Come. What is this nonsense?
Why did you catch his hand? Don’t you know that I am with him? Why are you tormenting
my friend who is also a lover? Sir, please help me, sir.
If I don’t reach the airport on time.. ..then my Madhu will
be separated from me forever. What are you saying?
– Yes. – Sir. He was breaking all the traffic
rules and running away. – No, sir. I guess, it is a matter of theft. Hey! It is not a matter of theft. It is a matter of a love affair. Hey! When the public
is crazy in love.. ..then our law will
not be able to do anything. I got it, sir.
– You got it, right? Now no plane will take
off from the airport until. I do not drop you at the airport. I will drop you there. Come on.
– Thank you, sir. Air India AI 111 is
ready to take off to London. The passengers are requested
to proceed to gate number 10. Excuse me, sir.
– Yes. The Air India flight,
which was supposed to fly to London. Sorry, sir.
The flight has already taken off. Please forgive me, son. Take this and put it around her neck. Just a minute. Just a minute. At least allow Dev
Anand to click a picture. Just a minute. Just a minute.
– Even you can join in, sir. I thought that.. Brothers look, he the same
person who had given us fake money. I will hit him badly. Come on. Let’s go. Come on. Get hold of him. You had distributed
fake currency amongst us. We will not spare you. Hey! Wait a minute. Wait a minute. This Hazari Prasad has changed now. This is not the old
Hazari Prasad now. Now look,
I will give you these notes. But daddy, these are fake ones.
– Hey! What are you saying? Fake and real..
Never mind! Never mind! But these are the real ones. “No one can match up to you.” “I can’t sleep. I have no solace.” “Somebody,
please go and search for me.” “I don’t know where
my heart is lost.” “I don’t know where
my heart is lost.”

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