Disco Raja (Velainu Vandhutta Vellaikaaran) 2019 New Released Hindi Dubbed Movie | Vishnu Vishal

Disco Raja (Velainu Vandhutta Vellaikaaran) 2019 New Released Hindi Dubbed Movie | Vishnu Vishal

Oh no, the bride ran away. She
must have done setting somewhere else. The groom is cheated. I think the groom is
going to catch the bride. Good that I did not get married. Two grooms behind one bride? I think dual sim has got activated. Hey, where are you all going?
Tell me as well. To catch the bride. So many grooms to catch one bride. You idiot, keep drinking alcohol. Local is better than english wine. Boss.. Tell me quickly what happened. As you had said we
have kidnapped 8 grooms. But could kidnap only one bride. This is enough. You kept the dignity of my moustaches. When the minister will reach
to the public marriage function.. ..and count the pairs then
many grooms will be missing. And a bride too. Right. When a tailor can become a MLA.. ..then why can’t a thief
like me become a minister? Where is the old man, this minsiter? He is on the verge of dying. He would face severe consequences
if he did something wrong. All my life I have
been a slave to him. And he is making that MLA a minister. If he becomes a minister
then he will become a beggar. My wife put mustard oil
instead of coconut oil at night. So now the perfume.. Ashalata, are you ready? The blouse has been stitched so loose. I think the tailor
must be inexperienced. You have become MLA but
still the tailor is alive in you. Darling, don’t you know. Our superstar Rajnikant wears the dress
of conductor in every third movie. That means never forget your bad days. I have become MLA but still the
work of tailor moves inside my brain. As soon as I get break from
parliament I start doing tailoring. Just wait and watch how I climb
the ladder of becoming CM from MLA. Shall I get 25 pairs married or.. Look, the phone rang so
it means the matter is true. – Hello.
– 8 out of 25 grooms ran away. – How did this happen?
– What happened? Why did you give yourself a jerk? 8 out of 25 grooms
ran away from the canopy. Oh God, I am going
to get heart attack. – Hello, did you talk to Bhopali?
– No, sister. He will find out the solution. Don’t go to city otherwise
you will be caught. 8 grooms have escaped and Prem
Bhopali is just making anyone a groom. After having a bath I will hide here. You should have bath with dirty,
dirty water. You should do away
with the itching of body. No. Let me go. Come on pick him up. Leave me. I am already
in trouble for last 4 years. Hey Yadav, I have heard that you are
mixing water with milk. Bring him here. – Come on.
– I have not done anything. I am feeling ticklish. – Leave me.
– Come on. – Do the shave well.
– Why are you taking tension? I will do your shave
with the reverse of blade. – The flag is in the veil.
– Brother, wait. Please tell me where is this address? – How does he know Tiwari?
– He is my uncle. – Have you got married?
– The search is going on. He seems to be fool number 4 You seem to be eager to get married. You have a chance to
get married in few hours. Shall I sit on the horse? First sit on the bike
before sitting on horse. – Drive slowly.
– Shall I ask you a question? What is it? I hope you don’t mind
if you don’t have girl of your choice. Bhopali, who is sick?
Why did you call for an ambulance? People are on the verge
of dying and you are screaming. – What do I have to do? – You have to
extinguish the fire. Come on. What should I do of this ambulance? It is the demand of the patient.
He has to survive on this. You sit. Be careful. Why are you holding on to handle? Till now I have not been
able to catch a single fish. I have been able to catch. You must have caught a prawn. Hey, you. Why are you catching a fish?
We have caught you. Ravi, 8 grooms have escaped for whom
the MLA had arranged the marriage. That is why Prem is kidnapping boys. Villagers must be scared of him.
Let him come here. I will thrash him hard with shoes. At least first wear the shoes. If you want to play gambling
then play the gamble of your life. – Run..
– Get married. Come on. Only one groom is left. – Still one is left?
– Yes. Now where do I get another groom from? Take him and I will get the last one. Okay. You are so beautiful. You are so amazing, beautiful. Give me one and take one. Oh no, I am saved. Uncle, is that you? If not me then is it your father?
Why did you bite my ear? That is why I was thinking why
is the ear stinking of mustard oil? I had put mustard
oil in my ear last night. Till now only the wedding
cards have been printed.. .and marriage has not taken place. You are enjoying first
night without spending anything. I have understood. – Has the arrangement of groom made?
– Don’t worry. It has been done. Hold it carefully. How are you Kalpesh brother? Fine. How are you? Where are you taking the bananas? – These are my bananas.
– These are mine. Take care of him. You just have big moustaches
and no brain at all. Kalpesh, how come you are here today? I am getting married to my girlfriend. I was thinking of having
fun but now have to get married. Hey bakoda, every girl has become super
smart nowadays by using smart phone. You have to get MLA to the wedding. This is not something great. It is my responsibility that
Pathani MLA will come to your wedding. Listen son, get MLA to the wedding.
What has Pathani to do with this? Hey uncle with moustache, MLA sir
used to stitch Pathani suits earlier. I am going to meet MLA.
I shall introduce you as well. At least give me money to eat food. Sit on the steps
of temple and eat food. I have applied sunscreen cream so
that I don’t get dark before marriage. Why were you tensed on the phone? On seeing you I feel all my
tension has been transferred to you. Now no tension. Greetings. Say the slogan louder.
I will serve you tea. Hey, MLA really has a lot of power. – He is a MLA and not a tea seller.
– Wait. Greetings, Pathani sir. My friend wants that you should
remain start to end in his wedding. Just a little before first night. Why not? I am ready to
come but ask him why he said so. Actually there are
goons in in laws house. I want to invite you
so that they don’t oppress me. – Bless me.
– Always be happy. Have a long life. Take him and serve him tea or coffee.
My phone is ringing. Why are you giving the card?
It is like a family wedding. – You go inside.
– Going. Bhopali, I have brought ginger
creamy tea for you. Have it. My dear. Serve him as well. Have it. This is ginger tea. You will make me dark
by making me drink ginger tea. – You idiot!
– Oh no. what did you do? Can’t you take a turn carefully? You have spoiled the shirt. – Anything for my friend.
– Get new clothes. Get blue clothes.
Blue is my favorite color. – Take this.
– Where did he get it from? – The auspicious time is passing.
– Bakoda, how am I looking? Great. You are looking like a groom. Prem, a big problem has come up. What happened?
Which problem has come up now? One groom has escaped from the canopy. – Whose groom?
– Number 21 Pushpa’s groom ran away. Even if one groom is less
then MLA will be disgraced. – He will commit suicide.
– Don’t take tension. Call up Lala. Okay, I will call. The auspicious time
is just 10 minutes away. – ‘Is currently swich off.’
– His phone is switched off, brother. If I had not worn a
necklace of a bachelor.. ..then I would have sat in the canopy. What should I do?
I can see only one solution to it. One of you sit in the canopy. If my brother-in-law comes to
know about this then he will shoot me. If my mother-in-law comes to know
about this then she will not spare you. Hey, you.
What kind of a friend are you? If he is asking for something
then just get ready and do it. If my friend had asked
something from me.. ..then I would donate
my kidney easily. Can’t you do drama of
getting married for two hours? I think they have not seen Sholay. – Jai and Veeru were such good friends.
– Why are you getting angry? Let anything happen with me. Do one thing.
Why don’t you get married? Oh no. Next month
is my original wedding. So what? You just have
to do drama of getting married. Kalpesh, we are already married. I would suggest you do
practice of getting married. Enough. He would
say yes under pressure. Hey Prem Bhopali,
you asked me to do drama.. ..and you could not find a fake groom. We will get him.
We are making arrangements. Don’t fool me. MLA has promised me
that I will get bed if I get married. And my husband will get gold ring. But that fool ran away with
Champa without taking the ring. The groom will get gold ring. By remaking it I shall
make gold necklace for my wife. Hey Baka, are you giving
real gold ring or mixed with copper? 36 karat. I do not know
which lucky fellow will get that. If I say yes immediately then
they will think that I am greedy. Let me do some drama. Shall I say something Baka?
I am very fond of acting. I may become fake
groom but want real ring. That is great.
Now MLA will surely come. I shall prepare special dish for MLA. You will get him. Let us clear it first.. ..that after marriage you will go
to your house and I shall go to mine. MLA requested to me so I got ready. As it is by getting married to fool
like you I don’t want to spoil my life. – Give me five.
– We are already late. You can talk about all this later. Are they arrieved or not? – Greetings.
– Greetings. Be happy. – Keep celebrating like this.
– Enough. – How are you?
– I am fine. Work together. Unity is strength. – Sure.
– Shall we go to the canopy? Okay. – Greetings.
– What a great pair? Be happy. Greetings, minister sir. How are you Pushpa? Are you at ease? Yes, better than before. Have you forgotten? Ofcourse not. I think minister has already dived? Greetings to all dignitaries
present on stage from Prem Bhopali. Whether it is about party
or public there are many people.. ..present here who would
want to disgrace MLA sir. Not snake but anaconda. But till Prem Bhopali
is with him no can harm him. Sorry, brother.
Sorry. Why did you push me? Next year our MLA sir will not get
25 unmarried men but 25 divorcees.. ..get married with pomp and show. Photo. I shall get a photo clicked
after marriage. Go now. Turn around for a good photo. Do not click photo of my face. Delete the photo. Go now. I would request respected
minister sir to come here.. ..and say few words
of praise for me and him. Hold this. Greetings to all pairs
who are going to get married. Brother, I have counted properly.
There are 25 pairs. How did it happen? How do I know? I am not an astrologer. Did you recognize the
one standing with garland? He? He is our driver. Your eye sight is very sharp. Why is he supporting
the opposition party? Just as mobile and
sim cannot be separated.. ..in the same way he cannot
remain separated from his girlfriend. Today’s MLA will become
tomorrow’ Minister. A big round of applause for him. A big round of applause. – What are you doing?
– What is it? Let’s go forward. This is called car
being banged when parked. Why are you getting angry? – Shall I slap you?
– I will give a small example of this. After me no one else but
he will take charge of the party. Thank you so much. Sir, you are minister’s son-in-law.. ..but still he has made
that tailor a minister. He has just said so.
His daughter is mine. And now property will also be mine. – You are hit.
– You go now. Be careful. Always remain married. – Do come in my wedding.
– I will surely come. Tie the sacred thread around her neck. Throw it after some time. You
are not supposed to wear it for long. Only for 2 minutes. On the day of marriage
you should be drinking imported.. ..and you have drunk domestic one. Oh no. he has been fooled. There is no peace without alcohol. No ice cream or soda.
Make me drink neat. – Come on drink alcohol.
– Cheers. Cheers. Cheers. Baka, where is that
bachelor necklace gone? While wearing the
necklace I had vowed.. ..that I would get
25 pairs get married. As soon as 25 pairs got
married I removed the necklace. Such a mean friend.
You saved yourself and trapped me. – That is not the case.
– No problem. – I got a ring because of
your cheap act. – Greedy. Kalpesh, today you saved
the dignity of Prem Bhopali. – Thank you.
– I am your friend. If you will say that there is Peepal
tree on the other side of the road. Get married to it. I will do it. The girl whom I got married
took away mattress and chain. I slept beside her the entire
night but she did not touch me. I took my wife’s name.. ..and she is here right in front of
me on the paper with a smiling face. I am also there along with her. What happened? Why are you crying? Photograph of my fake marriage
has been printed in real newspaper. If my real wife sees this then she
will give me divorce before marriage. You are so dark complexioned but
are looking very fair in the photo. Here I am being disgraced
and you are talking about complexion. You may hit him later.
Pick up the phone. I think it will be
from the bride’s side. – It is lawyer’s phone for divorce.
– Kalpesh. – Tell me uncle.
– What did you do? By putting sacred thread around
Pushpa’s neck you shattered my dreams. Pushpa. How do you
know her name is Pushpa? Not only I but the
entire city knows this. Her name and number is
written in every public toilet. You mean to say I have been cheated. Not only she,
but her mother, grandmother, sister.. ..sister-in-law and aunts’
posters are put up not in India.. ..but in foreign countries too. She has danced everywhere. Enough, uncle or I will get an attack. You have disgraced your
family in the entire world. Uncle, we have not
got married in real. – But you put sacred thread around her.
– Listen to me. In greed for ring I got engaged
and married to her instantly. Uncle, just take care that my
wife should not come to know about it. Keep quiet. Anjali’s father
called me to give me this news. Does he know Pushpa? But the news reporters know her. This is height of cheating.
I am destroyed. Everything is over. In greed for one
ring I lost 10kg gold. Why are you doing cheers? We are not doing cheers.
But his is more so we are doing equal. I will make you drink. Come on drink. Eat snacks as well. In the name of friendship
you cheated me. Calm down. We will find a way out. Let’s go to Anjali’s
house and tell her the truth. Let’s go now. You will have
to set things right in my family. I have been disgraced. – Come on let’s go.
– Let’s go. The news of my illegitimate
marriage must have spread like fire. Don’t misunderstand
that you are a film star. What happened, brother Sandeep? I cannot start my car. Okay. Let me see what is the matter?
Get down. By spoiling my life now you
are going to repair his useless car. He is our brother Sandeep
so will have to help him. Okay. Let’s help him. Push hard. Push hard. Hey fool, is Kanchana standing
here whom you are pushing. 24 hours Kanchana stay here. Leave that and push the car. – Come on.
– Concentrate on work. You are Pushpa’s husband, right. Look Baka, even after drinking he
recognized that I am Pushpa’s husband. – I think I have become famous because
of Pushpa. – Don’t worry. Push the car. Come on. I am finished. – Brother.
– What is it? – Take care of your Pushpa.
– Shut up! Have you opened joint
account with Pushpa? If you take Pushpa’s name
then I shall push you to Pushkar. – Go to Pushkar.
– Leave him. Come on push the car.
Do it with your strength. It is okay if you sleep hungry
but don’t make her sleep hungry. What are you doing? Have you gone mad? He again took Pushpa’s name.
Well him not to. What are you doing?
Don’t wipe your face with my shirt. Tell him not to talk about Pushpa. Push the car properly
otherwise I will not spare you. Why isn’t it moving? Brother Sandeep,
what is this sound about? Don’t pay attention
to irrelevant things. Just push the car. Kalpesh, help me to
open the back of the car. Put your strength and open it. Who is this? What is this brother? How can anyone make
bedroom in back of the car? Oh no, I am dead. [English rap song] – Hey, what is this?
– What is this? Look, I am sparing
you because you are a girl. Otherwise I would
have thrashed you hard. What will you do? Are you threatening me? I am not at fault. Forgive me. Wait, you.. I will not be able to go to toilet.
My hand is not moving. – I am dead.
– I don’t understand anything. Hey Sandeep, were you kidnapping
the girl and selling her? Has your business suffering
los after demonetization? Don’t just say anything. Who is this lady Singham? A new restaurant has
opened on Pune Highway. She is his daughter. She has just filled
form for entry in police. And she thinks she is an inspector. She thrashes all the loafers who stand
and tease girls in girls’ hostel. And she has thrashed
four times my son James. We kidnapped her and locked
her in the back of the car.. ..and were to throw her from
the mountain but you came in between. We have not removed girl
from the back of the car.. ..but a genie from the bottle. You are right. Pick up your phone. Who is calling? Hello. Who is speaking? This is wrong number.
I am Kalpesh Kala. Oh God. Who told you? Milkman
told you. Everyone in the house knows. Oh no, I have become famous. Who called up? It was Dhirubhai’s
son calling from Jamnagar. What did he say? Both father and son saw photograph
of my marriage on facebook. 10lakh likes and 12lakh
comments in 10 minutes. Everything has changed to worst. Make dosa. First we will eat dosa
and then destroy everything. We will not even pay the bill. Goal! Hey, face us if you
want to get thrashed. We don’t want to do destruction.
Calm down. Hey Kalpesh, tell them. Baka, my hand is already broken.. ..so do you want me to get crippled as
well and you want me to walk with stick. At least spare my life for my love. – What is it?
– First call your son. When was he born? Our brother’s right hand has broken
and is not able to eat since last night. Call your daughter.
She will make him eat something. Go to hospital.
What are you doing here? Uncle, it would have been fine
if she thrashed like human beings.. ..but she turned and twisted our body. Doctor said that the
one who broke can only mend. Why are we talking to him?
Let’s destroy everything. If you trouble us then
I will thrash you so hard.. ..that you will reach
straight to Boribunder. She will break your bones,
neck and put you all behind bars. If you are Lata then we have Himesh.
Come on start. Your daughter is unhappy.
She breaks dates by climbing trees. She broke bones of
friends into pieces. She was beat him very cruely. Stop singing from nose
otherwise I will thrash it. Have you come here to
play Antakshari with aunt? Sing in the bathroom every morning. Come on thrash them hard. Make us first eat dosa. What are you doing?
We asked you to call your daughter. What nonsense is going on here? Who are these hooligans, father? You only ask them. That day she looked like a goon
and today she is looking beautiful. Hey girl,
do you pick up dumbles everyday? There is a way to thrash.
You twisted and turned them. Why are you staring at us? Have
you forgotten how you thrashed us? We were kidnapping you at night. So it was you who did this deed? We are not robbers who
would rob the back of the car. We are heroes. You knocked
the back of the car so we opened it. – Sorry.
– Now she is apologizing. I could not snot see you in dark. Kalpesh is dark complexioned
so you will say like this. My balance will go wrong, brother. She is apologizing.
What else do you want? It is not your fault. Anyone would have done
the same thing in that condition. How can they understand your pain? With great difficulty you would
have adjusted in the back of the car. I am apologizing
on behalf of everyone. Sorry. What happened? Are you really in pain? Yes, a lot. Father, just give me hot mustard oil. I shall just give you. Come. Oh, she does massage.
Do it for me as well. Something is happening to me. Fighting in first meet
and touching in second. I got her by sheer good luck. I am really enjoying. I am enjoying the happiness of life. I am enjoying the bliss of heaven. I am enjoying as if I am in Bangkok. After massaging me
she has made me stronger. Look at my muscles. Anjali, my dear. Whatever has
been printed in newspaper is wrong. I had gone to arrange gold ring
for you but I was trapped instead. I have faith on you. But what if marriage that dancer come
and thrashes me then where will I go. Her business is vast.
She will not come. What if she comes? What should I do? Look Kalpesh,
I do not have so much strength in me.. ..to fight with your co-wife. Do one thing. Go to a lawyer
and get divorce papers made. Get Pushpa’s sign
on that and come to me. If you are successful then
in front of public I shall marry.. ..you with a sacred thread of 150/- And if you are not then.. You will live your entire
life with my memories. Do not dream high. In that canopy and decoration
I will marry the nephew of my aunt. Aunt’s nephew. Listen to me.. Divorce. I will get divorce papers signed from
her and get those papers laminated. Brother, you remain in silent
mode and she remains in violent mode. If you will not be able to manage her
then house will become a boxing ring. Listening to you both my decision
has become all the more firm. What kind of decision? Look, brother. There are two things
powerful in our country. One is police and
the other is politician. If both unite then no
one can harm me in any way. What is your plan, brother? First I will woo her. With the blessings of MLA
I will become minister of the city.. ..and then I will get married. By breaking my marriage.. What happened, Kalpesh? First I brought wedding card.. ..and now I am moving around
with divorce papers in hand. Why are you shouting?
Sit down. I will order tea. You have spoiled my life
and now ordering tea for me. Why are you crying? I am very sad. Yesterday I went to Surat
and told the truth to Anjali. I tried to cool her anger. Did she understand the matter? No, brother.
everything has become complicated. I met her and she said
that to marry her I would have.. ..to get divorce from Pushpa. Otherwise she will marry someone else. Baka, in greed for
that 1.5 tola of ring.. ..I have brought divorce
papers worth 150/- Ask Pathani MLA to
get it signed by Pushpa. Don’t worry. MLA will get it done
but the problem is to get Pushpa here. Don’t you know where Pushpa is? First and last time I saw
in the canopy of that public wedding. Why are you arguing? Call her. How can I call her?
I don’t have her number. Kalpesh, can’t you keep
your wife’s number with you? How can that whore be my wife? What are you doing? For friendship you cheated
me and got me married to her. From where should
I get Pushpa’s number? Her number must not be
there in directory as well. From where shall I get her number? – Someone please give me number.
– 9790938616 Are you Pushpa’s manager? On seeing her what’s app DP you.. The needle will hurt him.
He is doing stitching. He has given the number so call her. If a milkman had her
number it was understandable.. ..but with a boy who
works at a tailor shop.. Tell me. 979 979 09 09 38 38 38 616 616 It has got connected. The number you have called
is currently doing Mujra. Please call later. Only this was left to hear. Be careful. I should get a job soon and
everything should be good in life. Won’t you offer prayers to me? Come on start, Mr. Rafi. When I saw a girl I felt
that my heart became restless. Our eyes met each other’s.
I said listen to me, buddy. Love me. Love me. Love me. – Bunty.
– Coming, sister. Sir, this is idli for you. Not this but we want
sweet mash cottage cheese. That is available only
on Thursday and today is Sunday. Rabdi and Jalebi. That is available only in the evening. Since long I am just seeing
it but today I will eat it. Do one thing. Go and get 5-6 Dosas. – Bunty.
– Yes, sister. What do they want? I think their stomach
will be full on seeing you. What is the matter?
What happened, child? They have come to do
time pass here in the morning. I will just teach them a lesson. Try to understand. If you thrash them again then
they will not spare my restaurant. Don’t worry. They are useless. So we should let them go like this. I just remembered that
I had to get coriander. Go and get it quickly and
settle the previous account as well. I will make salad. Go, child. – Here is dosa for you.
– She is going. It seems to be very hot. I am not feeling hungry any more. You may go if you wish to. You are satisfied on seeing
here but what about our hunger. Brother Prem,
uncle is looking at us angrily. Let’s eat dosa and leave. The father of girls is very innocent. Very quickly they can be pacified. Look, how I trap him. – What is it?
– What happened uncle? Do you like to trouble
owners of restaurant? Commissioner is also not at ease. – Hello.
– Hey Baka. I came to Chittoor to
distribute wedding cards. I came to know there is dance
program of Pushpa for four days. You too come by today evening
and we will together find her. Don’t take tension ACP. Only the posting has changed.
It is not something very great. Not posting idiot. Her posters
are put up in the entire city. You have become a constable. So I will make you straight
away commissioner this time. Oh no, commissioner. Baka. I am saying something else
and you are saying something else. Matija could not become
police officer. No problem. I will do one thing.
I shall recruit him in FBI America’s police. Talks with Obama
were going on but he has changed. So now I will talk to Trump.
I will talk to him immediately. First talk to me. Jai Hind. Hello, Baka. You idiot.. I think there must be
some problem with his ear. What were you saying, uncle? Do you want bill? What are you talking, son?
Not bill, my heart is very big. Come here whenever you wish to. Then pack these dosas. – What are you saying?
– Don’t thrash him. Come whenever you wish to, son. Come surely. Those girls who are hard hearted
have very soft hearted fathers. In the morning I saw
myself in the selfie.. ..so I think good news
will surely be on the way. What is future father-in-law
doing here in Lungi? What happened, uncle?
What are you doing here? I had some work with you, uncle. I knew you would
pass from here surely. Great. You know everything about me.
What do you want? – Son, there are 10lakh rupees in this.
– 10lakhs. Just get my daughter
a job in police somehow. How can I take money from you?
This is family matter. I will talk to MLA and
everything would happen for free. You will talk to MLA and
MLA will have to talk to minister. And minister will not
agree without taking bribe. She would have got selected
last year but ACP created a problem. I have cried a lot to save this money. One glass would have got full. One thing more. I cannot give such a
big amount to anyone else. But on seeing you I feel
you belong to our family. Have you told this to anyone else? No. You are first and the last person. Seeing your contacts
I have a lot of hopes. Son, keep this money
and give bribe to MLA. Get my daughter a job in police. – Thank you very much.
– I will leave with this money. Son, do not tell my daughter
that I am giving bribe for her job. If she comes to know about
this she will thrash me hard. This matter should remain between us. It will remain between us. I have got the token so
will get possession also soon. Only 40 hours are left. Except for bones everything
else is finished. It is a miracle that he is alive
after drinking and smoking too much. Now it is not mine,
but God’s guarantee. I will leave. Sister.. What happened? What did he say? Doctor has said that he would
survive not more than 40 hours. To hell with doctor.
What did your father say? What will he say in this condition? Can’t you see I am tensed? It is not about 5 or
10% but it is about 500crores. Before he dies we will
have to ask the old man.. ..that where has he hidden the money. I am tired of asking
but the old man does not tell. He has called that Pathani MLA. The tailor. Why has he called him? I understood. I had warned you
not to get blouse stitched from him. But you did not listen. A person who stitches blouse for
50/- will become owner of 500crores. – Boss, you become a tailor.
– You are absolutely right. Hey, cream, ice cream. Hey, cream, ice cream. Uncle, since long he
is repeating ice cream. Will the ice cream melt? He is a great sage. Why has he come on earth? From missing people
to missing underwear.. ..he finds them with his mantras. Now he is handling the
case of melted ice cream. After this he will find Pushpa.
Understood. Sage. Tell me what the name of your wife is. Sage, she is not my real wife. Did you put the sacred
thread around her neck? Yes. Stop doing drama. Tell me her name. Pushpa. Pushpa, four letters. Sage, there is a correction.
Not Poishpa but Pushpa. The sage has said four
so there must be four. – But she I not my girlfriend.
– Keep quiet. He is making betel leaf.
Ask him to put Katha and not Choona. Before practicing astrology
he had a betel leaf shop. He ate it. Knowledge without
betel leaf is incomplete. Why is he applying
grease to betel leaf? I can see little bit. Slowly, slowly it is becoming bigger. With the breeze leaf
and veil everything is moving. Someone is coming towards this side. It seems she is the one.
You’re Pushpa. Can you see Pushpa? Yes, completely. – Thank you uncle.
– It’s okay nephew. Listen, further. – Sage.
– Tell me, child. Can I see my fake wife? Okay. Good. Show me. Hail to sage. Pushpa can be seen. Sage, you are great.
Where have you done course from? Uncle, I can see Pushpa clearly. She is wearing goggles as
well and is coming closer like 3D Sage, she is wearing
black blouse. Right? You are right. And she has red colored
bag in her hand. And she must be wearing
green colored Sari as well. Yes uncle,
she is wearing green colored Sari. How did you speak the truth
without looking into the hole? Because the earth is round
and everyone can see through. Has uncle also become a sage? Can you still see her? Child, to tell 500 locations
and to get 5000 location here. Which one will you give? Red or green? You want green notes. Give him those 500/- or
1000/- old currency notes to him. Here comes the beautiful lady.
I will not spare her. Where did you go? Where did
you go leaving your husband behind? I jumped into Ganga river
and washed off my sins. Why don’t you die? If you just had to put sacred
thread just for name sake.. ..then why did you put it? Why did you tweet my photo on twitter? Look, half of India has come
to know that we are husband and wife. I should have eaten poison
before becoming your husband. – Pushpa, where should I keep it?
– Keep it in the corner inside. Hey, you brother..
who will sleep on it? What is this? Should I go in detail? Haven’t you understood yet? Along
with ring you have got bed as well. Give me blessings, uncle. – Always stay blessed.
– How dare you uncle? I am totally destroyed and
you are giving blessings to her. Where are you going? You go away. Hey, you.. Tell me Pushpa, will you blackmail me? I am male as well as black. I have got divorce papers.
Put your thumb print on it. Don’t put finger
print but thumb print. Take it inside. Hey, my house does not have
such a strong bed. Take it away. Did you allow me to enter
so why should I allow you? Why did you refuse it? You did not secretly go
to temple and put vermillion. In front of public you have
put scared thread around my neck. We have been married for real.
I am your wife and this house is mine. Take everything away. Don’t act smart. You wait here. I will get MLA and get
it signed from you in front of him. We will be divorced.
Don’t just dance unnecessarily. Don’t just boast. Get him. I will get him in 10 minutes.
You just wait here. Get kerosene and
mustard oil on way back. You want to burn fire
in kitchen and I will.. ..burn you by throwing
kerosene on you. – I will just be back.
– I will wait for you. If my wife learns to cook
tasty food then why should I go out? What did I whisper in your
ears at night wearing a nighty? I forgot.
You will have to give me powder. On anniversary night you said that
you fry savories and I would eat them. Idiot. Last anniversary you told me
that you would give me diamond ring. Don’t you remember? I can give you immediately
but what if you lick it in anger. MLA. How are you, Prem? Will you eat food, Bhopali? No sister-in-law, I just had food. He will not eat here. But will eat delicious food at
his future father-in-law’s restaurant. That is not the case. You will become a sinner and suffer. How dare you speak
lies to a politician? What are you talking? Are you in love? No sister-in-law, he is teasing me. Hey, tell the truth. Shall we go and talk about engagement? The girl will say no after
hearing your English. Go now. Come to the point now. – What is this?
– 10lakhs. I don’t want it. The owner of the restaurant has given. Why? You know that I am in love. That girl likes action as well
so she wants to become police officer. She tried many times. If someone recommends her.. ..then she will surely get
selected and look nice in uniform. Shall I stitch a dress for her? For that I am there.
Just get her a job. Where? Get her posted in nearby police station
and I can also get married then. Why money? I am still there. I will tell you after meeting
minister in hospital and DGP. You are not greedy for
money but others want bribe. You are like my younger brother.
Keep the money. – Don’t feel shy.
– Keep the money with you. Take the money and don’t be stubborn. I just say no twice. Pathani, Pathani.. – MLA..
– What happened? Will you get into the bonnet? Nothing has happened but will
surely happen. I have a request. Both of you come with me.
What are you thinking? Come with me. What are you doing? Do you think we are your relatives
that we should go with you? Hey, Pushpa has come
to stay in my house. She has brought her
bed along with her. She has sworn in
front of Bengali sage.. ..that she will give
divorce only in front of MLA. Say only the truth and nothing else. We had organized public marriage
program to make you CM from MLA. They had forced me
to get married to Pushpa. That fake wife Pushpa has
come to my house to stay with me. – This is injustice.
– Yes, big injustice. Now slap her and get
her sign the divorce paper. You destroyed your friend’s
life to ignite love in your life. So he did not tell you. You know how busy he is. As soon
as he became CM I would have told him. Baka, people say not
to believe politician.. ..but I would say never
to believe a friend like you. Brother Pathani, it is not
a big issue but a very small one. – It is story of every house.
– How can you talk about it as a story? – My house is in trouble.
– Pushpa will set everything right. Minister sir is very serious. Brother Pathani,
you had got those marriages done. If those marriages turn out
to be fake in front of people.. ..then you will again become a tailor. That is why do not
think about useless things. Think about places from
where you will get something. You leave and I will
calm down her Pushpa. The matter is so serious
and you are taking it lightly. Everything will be sorted.
Don’t worry. You go, sir. – MLA Pathani. Please come with me.
– Hey, stop. Where are you going? – You go to the hospital and don’t worry.
– It is just a matter of two minutes. Don’t worry. Have patience.
Everyone go to your work. What are you looking at?
Even you come along. I don’t know how would minister be? – What is Tiwari doing here?
– Hey, what happened to you? Why have you become so weak? – Because I am not on diet.
– I am serious. – Thank you.
– Let’s come to the point now. Come and tell me whatever
my father-in-law tells you. So that good times
come back in my life. Okay, come with me. Minister, sir. Father-in-law,
I am feeling very sad on seeing you. When you become fine
I will do your shave. I am tailor MLA if
doctor cannot stitch you.. ..then shall I put stitches for you. What is he saying? Father-in-law, he is thinking good of
you and you are asking him to leave. Yes, I will do my work properly. What? Not you but I am asking
this fool to leave. You leave. My father-in-law’s life is in danger. – But do tell me whatever he tells you.
– Yes, yes sure. You go now. He thinks himself to be a
doctor but is actually 2nd std fail. Why did you make him your son-in-law? Shall I come closer?
Tell me. I can hear you. Tell me. God of death is a
good friend of mine.. ..and would request him
to take my life instead of yours. I am your lifeline. You are talking about lifeline but first
remove your foot from oxygen pipe. – Do you want to kill me?
– I am sorry minister sir. Forgive me. Nothing can be heard. – I have always done wrong
things in life. – I know that. I have not done anything good. Tell something new.
Everyone knows about this. I have earned 500crores
by cheating people. Keep telling me slowly.
I am listening. – I have hidden that money.
– Okay. We fall down. Why have they come inside?
Throw them out. Get out. Minister sir
has asked you to leave. Your son-in-law is useless.
Breathe properly. Breathe. I have hidden those 500crores in bank. You did a scam of 500crores. If someone else comes to know
then those 500crores will go waste. Okay fine. You use that money doing good deeds. I will do it. With that money earned through
cheating I will wash off all your sins. Why did minister call tailor
when he is on the verge of death? – I will not spare him today.
– What is he doing here? I think except you
your father-in-law.. ..is going to tell secret
of 500crores to everyone else. – I am telling you the truth.
– Ask him. That tailor is inside.
Who called him here? First, you tell me
why have you come here? I have come to enquire
about his health. Haven’t you come
to know about 500crores? He is just unnecessarily
saying anything. Don’t worry. Come inside. – Hey, where did the tailor go?
– I don’t know. Tailor, tailor.. Where is the MLA? Don’t take his name in front of me. I did not ask you. Stay calm. Where would he have gone? He must have gone out from here. Come on let’s go. Come on let’s go. Where have they gone? Why did you do this with me? For 10 years I served you. Just for you I planned
terror attacks and kidnappings. – And killed so many people.
– Calm down, boss. I am not able to do that. You do not know that once
he got his shit also cleaned. And when the time came to repay
the favor he made that tailor MLA. God, please either I should die or he. Will your father make me minister? Hurry up.
Catch him. That tailor has escaped. Which medicine should I make you eat.. ..that you make me minister
as soon as you get up. And then you die. I have served you so much
as I have not served my parents. He will be cursed by
an innocent child like you. I think by doctor’s salary
he could not meet his expenses. That is why he must
be doing part time modeling. He is looking more
of model than doctor. He died 10 minutes ago. Now to talk to him
you will have to die. How did he get cursed so soon? Hurry up, hurry up.. Take left, left and now take right. Now go straight. Press the horn. Vicky, once my father-in-law
had asked cigarette from me. Did he ask for it? And instead I gave him Orissa’s drink. That is why he told the
secret of 500crore to MLA. Is that so?
Shall we kill your father-in-law? He is already on the verge of dying. Take right. What happened?
Why did you slow the speed of the car? Drive fast. Faster. Oh God.. Oh Goddess Kaali. Is this man with
500crores alive or dead? Let me see? He is dead. Because of your curse he is dead. Don’t talk nonsense. Just keep quiet. I will slap you tight. He cannot die. He is worth our 500crores. Is he dead? If he is dead then
I will commit suicide. Tailor.. Tailor.. He is alive. He is breathing. Goddess Kaali heard my prayers. The cheque of 500crores
is just unconscious. Take him to hospital
quickly and he will be fine. Come on pick him up. Come on. Oh God, again I will not
be able to get my diamond ring. What has happened to him? Doctor, what has
happened to my husband? Because of being hurt on
the head he has gone into coma. Oh God, my bad time is going on. Somehow doctor help
him to come out of coma. Don’t worry. We are trying our level best. Within 2-3 days he should
gain his consciousness. – Thank you.
– Take care of her. What will happen of my ring, Bhopali? Don’t worry sister-in-law.
Everything will be fine. I am there. God, please wake him
up as soon as possible. Why are you crying? Those who
earn by cheating do not die easily. Last hope also went into coma. Hey you fool.
Just see how courageous his wife is. And you are crying. My pain will not reduce
if his wife is being courageous. Pray to God for blessings. If God
favors your prayers will be accepted. Baka, if you would has insisted him
to come home with me for 5 minutes.. ..then the topic of Pushpa
would have been over forever. My hopes have shattered. Now even God cannot set this right. I don’t think he
will gain consciousness. I feel like doing
away with these papers. Calm down Kalpesh. You were to go to cyber cafe, child. I went but the market
was closed, father. – MLA has met with an accident.
– What did you say? MLA met with an accident. What happened, father?
Why are you in tension? 10lakh have gone waste. – What are you saying, father?
– I will tell you. Take these 10lakhs. Why did you give him money?
He is a cheater and loafer. What are you saying? Where were you when he took the car? Sir, girlfriend had cooked biryani. I ate more so my stomach was upset. I had gone to washroom. When I came back I
saw that car wasn’t there. Get lost, you fool. Have you come to meet MLA? He has not gained consciousness. I will tell you when
he gains consciousness. Now you go to your restaurant. We have come to take our money back. Now there is no need to hide. He has come to know about it. The thing is that I don’t
want job by giving bribe. Give back the money
that you have taken. Are father and daughter
pulling my leg? I did not go to your
father to take money. Your father came
to me begging for job. I gave that to MLA
and has gone to DGP. How will I bring it now? You will not get money
but job so now you can leave. – One minute.
– What is it now? How can I believe you? People swear on me and she is
saying that how will she believe me. Do one thing. Let’s go to DGP Satyam Shivam’s
Sundaram bungalow and talk there. What happened? What is the problem? This restaurant owner gave me
money to get a job for his daughter. I gave that money to MLA sir. He gave the money to Satyam Shivam. And now without any reason she
says that she wants the money back. That is why I am taking her to him. Baka, what is the
need to go to that fool? He is coming to hospital
tomorrow morning. – Is he coming here?
– Yes, of course. So this is good news. Tomorrow Satyam Shivam
is coming so you can talk to him. If he refuses then
you can thrash me. Now go. Okay. Be ready. I will come tomorrow. – Don’t forget to apply perfume.
– Go now. Reduce the rush and
let fresh air come. Baka, stay away from virus. You are right. But how did you know that DSGP Satyam
Shivam is going to come tomorrow? DGP Satyam Shivam? Who is this fellow? DGP will meet MLA tomorrow. I do not know that but
tomorrow morning Satyam Shivam.. ..is coming to do shave of MLA. You idiot.
I was talking about DGP Satyam Shivam. – DGP Satyam Shivam.
– You have created a problem now. Now I will have to tolerate
thrashing from that girl. Now what? I will have to find some solution. We will have to go to actual
DGP and request him to come here. How dare you try to
give bribe to Satyam Shivam? Leave from here before I shoot you. Get lost. Has Satyam Shivam come to work? Go and look for yourself. Why is he running away? He must not have bribed DGP. Let’s go Baka. Hey, do not get carried
away in front of DGP. We are MLA’s boys
so remain in attitude. We have given business
to DGP for 10lakhs. Good that you told me. d that you told me.
Now watch how I show my attitude. I will set him right. Did you see?
Is this a house or a society? After building this house with sand and
cement it has been maintained well. Hello Mr. Satyam. How are you? Greetings, sir. Have you got these
medals or bought them? – Hey, he does not buy them
but ask for them. – I thought so. What did you say? Just joking. Who are you both? Baka, let’s sit and talk. Hey breeze, get that fragrance. Virat, Ganguly get us the world cup. You both have still
not given your introduction. We are special boys of MLA Pathani.
Very close to him. You must have got the news
that MLA is in coma in hospital. I know that 10lakhs has been
given to you to get a job for a girl. The point is that get that girl a job
in the police station of this area. – Why?
– Don’t ask many questions. I don’t like it. Once you have taken the
bribe then do the work quietly. Till both of them not meet
how will they fall in love? He is getting scared of
Bachchan so I will scare him more. Baka’s girlfriend does not have any
problem but Baka is having problem. Then he remembered that
bald DGP and his father.. ..used to play together
in childhood near that gutter. – Do you remember?
– What great days were they? Uncle, do you have time tomorrow? Actually,
I have promised my girlfriend.. ..that I will make
her meet you tomorrow. Don’t give those reactions. Come tomorrow with
a bouquet and coconut.. ..tomorrow to hospital to meet MLA. I will get pick up
and drop done on scooty. Do lunch at a restaurant on the way. Is that enough or anything still left? He is very hungry
so order some snacks. Didn’t you understand?
We want to drink. Here is the bottle. – Shall we do dance on the terrace?
– Why? It must be hot on the terrace. You have brought alcohol
but don’t you want any beauty. Yes, I will. But I am fond of Russian. – And I am of Chinese.
– Then come on. Now we will celebrate. Hey, sir.
Burn some calorie and pick up weight. Be careful. No scratch should come
on bottle. We have to sell it later. We will have selfie drinking with DGP. Let’s go live on facebook. On what inauspicious time
we stepped in the house of Sadashiv. He thrashed us four
times and counted it as one. I have forgotten now what bribe is. He made such a design
on the back that we cannot see. I have started hating designs,
brother. Being a man he made
us wear backless dress. His question killed
me more than his thrashing. When he asked me if
I was Pushpa’s husband. It hurt me. MLA did not meet Satyam Shivam. So it means he did not take money. Then where did 10lakhs go? My divorce is at stake and
you are worried about 10lakhs. From a child in KG to DGP
everyone has heard Pushpa’s song. Only I could not dance to her tunes. I have promised her that
I will make her meet Satyam Shivam. Now from where should I get a DGP? I cannot understand what I should do. Kalpesh, shall I tell her the truth? She will thrash you hard. What are you looking at? You are responsible
for whatever that happened. You had said that he
is coming to the hospital. Have patience. There is no need
to point at each other. Either make arrangement
for 10lakhs or get DGP. One Raita plate. Shall I get prawns fried? Who is he? Fake DGP. Welcome. – Greetings, sir.
– Okay. Swear upon your mother
and tell me one thing truly. Am I looking like Dabbang’s Aamir? Shah Rukh was there in Dabbang. – On secret of mine.
– Take it out. If you give me penny
less than 2500/-.. ..then instead of DGP
I will become constable. – Do not spoil this uniform that has
been taken on rent. – Why so? Otherwise I will deduct
2000/- and give only 500/- No, no I will not spoil it.
I will not drink tea. – Sir. Greetings.
– What are you doing? – Come inside after 10 minutes.
– Okay fine. Stop. Who is he?
I think I have seen him somewhere. Hey you fool, he is MLA. Listen to me carefully. Tell the girl that his job
has been fixed in the department. Do not make any mistake. Don’t worry. Right now
I am in the character of Dabbang. Tell me, what shall I bring? Hey waiter,
you need not take an order. Hey girl,
I give you job in police department. Sir, I have done course of nurse.
How can I do job of police? Will you make me cry now? – Sister, will you please go out?
– Why are you offering job to a nurse? Isn’t she the girl? How do I know? If you do anything wrong
then we will take 2500/-from you. – She is coming.
– Wear it straight. Come, come.. He is DGP and he is politics. Is this his sonography? Don’t talk nonsense.
This is X-Ray sir. Seeing the reports I feel
he has a sprain in his foot. Not in foot but he
has sprain in oblongata. Oblongata? Where is that? Sir is very funny. Where is bunny? Sir, she gave 10lakhs. Greetings, sir. – He is her father.
– Hello. Prem suffered a lot for you. He suffered so much for you that because
of problems he has lost weight. Your job is final in
police department, Huma Khan. My name is Archana, sir. He will spoil everything. What is there in a name, Archana? Your job is final. I have faith on you. Your fragrance is too good. did you
have tequila with Shakeela yesterday. You have a nose sharper than a dog. For last 25 years I am taking orders. I recognize the fragrance well. Actually judge says order, order.. ..so for last so many
years he is doing this. He hasn’t become DGP just like that. – Sir, now it is time to go.
– You have a meeting so leave. – Nurse.
– Why are you calling her? Where should I keep this? – No problem. I will keep.
– Okay. Thank you, sir.
Sir, give me your number. I don’t have phone. You can call him. Take the car straight to restaurant. Thank you. Don’t say thanks but you
should be saying I Love You. After getting engaged you
have started looking more beautiful. What is this sir?
You crack good jokes. Are you trying to woo
nurse and doing setting? – Hello?
– What hello? Low down your volume. It has been 15 days since
MLA got admitted to hospital. Instead of curing
him you are wooing nurse. We are trying our level best. Rest is in the hands of God. You take the salary
and expect God to do work. Every doctor says that everything
is in the hands of God. Listen, I will spend
as much money as you want. Help MLA gain consciousness. It would be fine even
if 499crores are spent. Shut your mouth. At least 1crore will be saved. You fool. Keep quiet. Hey doctor, I am not bothered whether
you do homeopathy or ayurvedic. Within 10 days MLA should
become fine and reach the assembly. If he does not reach
assembly then you will die. Come on, let’s go.
You get to your work. Customer is standing in sunlight
and you are playing what’s app. If I give clothes on Holi
then he gives them back on Diwali. What happened? I came first/. Is there a queue for kerosene
oil that coming first is important? Why are you so angry?
Has Pushpa done anything? Everyone knows about Pushpa
but this is your matter. The problem is about to come. Where is it going to come? Today is police selection. Your girl friend has gone
to see the result with her father. Has she gone to see the result?
My secret is going to be revealed I will have to shut
the shop quickly and leave. Put the shutter down. We will just be back. – We will get suffocated.
– You will not die. You cannot go like this.
I have to go for a wedding. First give me my dress
then escape wherever you wish to. I am escaping.
I will give it to you in six months. – What shall I wear and go?
– Wear shorts and T-shirt. Why are you so sad?
Drink it before it gets hot. Baka, even thieves are not
so scared of police as you are. Till the matter settles down we will
stay near the sea and enjoy the breeze. As soon as MLA gains consciousness.. ..we will take 10lakhs from
him and give it to your girlfriend. That is not the case. Just imagine what
she will go through.. ..if she does not
see her name in the list. Today he will not
let me enjoy drinking. My love has gone for a toss, buddy. Baka, I knew that
your mood will be off. So that is why along with cheers
I have cheer girls for you as well. What? Cheer girls? “Everyone is crazy
about my walk and beauty.” “Just look at me once
and I will make you wounded.” “What happened?
I lost my heart and I am dead.” “What a pain it is and
I am straight into your heart.” “What kind of magic did you do?” “There is restlessness in
me and heart swings and dances.” “My heart sings songs of love.” “Get drowned in my
love and dream high.” – Kalpesh..
– Dance and enjoy. Archana is coming. She must have searched for
biggest fraud on Google search. – And found us.
– Hey, give my money back. We will give money later.
Go and dance at some other place. Hey, she seems to be very angry. Today no one can save us.
She will not spare us. Hail to Mother India. Why did you break the dance? This is break dance which
is to be done in breaks. You are enjoying here after
making my daughter’s life hell. I will not spare you. Uncle, he had gone with me
but met with an accident on the way.. – Help me.
– I am dead before my death. Hey, sweetmeat instead of thrashing? It is very difficult to get a police
job and that too in your own city. That means you have got the job. So you did a favor to
me by helping me to get a job. Thank you.
I wish you get a nice girl friend. Is she your girlfriend? That is why we were doing break dance. DGP had sent us message today morning. – Really?
– Yes. He was the sponsor
of these cheer girls. Eat, drink and be merry.
We are really having fun. – Thank you.
– Congratulations. Hail to sub inspector Archana. – Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
– What is this? Every time you keep thanking me. – Nonsense.
– Let’s go. – Welcome, madam.
– Thank you. – Take this.
– Kalpesh. We do not know how did she got a job. Baka, it is not important
how she got the job. If she feels that you have helped
her to get the job then let her feel. But what if she comes
to know about it later. You fool. Before she comes
to know get married to her. Make her pregnant so that
she is not able to think much. Your problem is solved
but my matter will not be solved. MLA is in come. No one knows
when he will gain consciousness. I will take Archana’s
help to get rid of Pushpa. Yes, you can. Why are there so many
vegetable vendors on the road? This road belongs
to no one but government. Madam, they will not listen. Michael, stop the car. Aunty, what is going on here? Hey, I am doing business here from
the time when you were not even born. Now listen carefully
to what I am saying. If this stall is seen
on the road from tomorrow.. ..then I will spare no one. Before sunset everything
should be cleaned. Take this child. Go and have some refreshment
in the hotel nearby. – What?
– Don’t think much. Keep it. No one is watching. That shopkeeper makes video. He is not there now
so I am giving you. Send him next time.
We will give it to him. You are trying to
bribe a police officer. Is bribe something
new for a police officer? Even you have given
10lakhs for your job. – What did you say?
– I am not saying this but people are. Leave his collar. So what if you are a police officer. You can get a job by giving bribe then
can’t we do business by giving bribe. – Go away.
– Let’s go, madam. Before raising fingers at
other it is better to look within. Kalpesh, I think this is the
right to tell her that I Love her. I will propose her for marriage
and promise her happiness. Am I right? 8 children in 4 years. Healthy nd strong so that
they win medal in Kabaddi. One more thing. Say I Love You to her
in Govinda and Mithun style. – Mithun and Govinda?
– Yes, of course. I want to get down here? Why do you want to get down here? There is alcohol shop here. Do call me. I will call you for work. You are going to propose
to her so take my blessings. One minute. Asaram has taught me Mantra of love. One minute. Archana, I am coming. What are you saying? You will resign? Have you gone mad? Without giving resignation
I will not be at peace, Arti. I cannot believe that father
gave 10lakhs as bribe to get me a job. Everyone is taunting me for this. Dignity and respect for
uniform is everything for me. I will sacrifice my life for this. – I am going to SP sir.
– Wait. SP sir is with DGP Satyam
Shivam in an important meeting. Is DGP Satyam Shivam here? Yes mam. This is the correct time. Today I will surely resign. After that I will
not spare Prem Bhopali. – Hello Prem.
– Greetings. Prem, who are these people? They are painters. Before talking with your
sub inspector I am going.. ..to paint the police
station colorful. – You paint red that side
and you go this side. – Wait. Don’t you know the rule? Every police station has
one color and no one can change it. – Is that so?
– Yes. – This is wrong.
– No, it is right. No problem. Our MLA sir
is going to become a minister. Of course. I will request him to change
the paint of police station.. ..as HD is n vogue nowadays. Will you get the paint changed? Okay, fine. Go and make black and white stripes. Paint my house as well. Rewa, where has my darling gone? To SP office. Who told you that you
have job in lieu of bribe? But for your honesty and hard work. Do you think you have
got this job by giving bribe? That is not the case. Do you know your name was
on the top in the merit list? I think someone has fooled you. Catch them and give
them third degree torture. Use your power. Police will help you. Okay, so that tailor fooled me.
I will not spare him. – Hello.
– How ungrateful you are? You are not receiving the
call of one who did a favor to you. Come over. I want to talk to you. Even I desperately want to meet you.
Where are you dear? I am in your police station. You are at the right place.
I wanted to meet you there. You wait there and
I shall come and meet you. I got you a job but do not get a gift.
Come empty handed. I will give you such a gift
that you will remember all your life. I am coming. I am fully charged
and will come and charge you too. My power bank is coming. Oh no, all eggs have broken.
They were going to hatch. Do you know how many
living beings you have killed? You are police does
not mean that you are God. These eggs were hatched
by a Golden hen. Madam is ready to pay for the eggs. Payment will be in dollar. Let me find
out what is the rate of dollar today? Listen, the payment will be
in cash as I do not have an account. Did you get job of a police officer? – Congratulations.
– Where are you running? I got you a job in just 10lakhs. No one would do this
work in such a less amount. What is the matter? The matter is old. I want to make a new
recipe and eat it together. What will be the fun
in eating among the files? That is why let’s go far from here. We will go till where the
government petrol will take us. Otherwise we will
get down and take lift.. ..from the truck
driver and go further. Just four days ago you
got a job of police officer.. ..and you raided on
the place of terrorist. Very good brave woman.
But I don’t think he is a terrorist. He seems to be a waiter. We will talk about him later.
But when will we talk. Tell me how much bribe
does DGP take to give a job? Why are you asking this? Just like that to
increase my knowledge. From others he does not take
a penny less than 20-25 lakhs. But from me 10lakhs only. Why are you asking all this?
Do you want anyone else to get a job? Sorry, there is no chance. Why? Has he sworn
not to take bribe again? He never used to take it earlier
as well. I forced him to take. For you I begged in front of him. I was to beg further
but he agreed easily. I begged for you
but not for anyone else. I was going to sell
eggs but she arrested me. Have you seen him before? The entire secret is revealed. He seems to be a duplicate of DGP. – What are you saying?
– But is shorter in height. There is no signal here
so I will go out and talk. Your dear friend is calling. Isn’t it? Put the phone on speaker and talk. How is it going Baka?
Could you express your love to her? Or you were unsuccessful. It was not a problem
if she was not beautiful. She is intelligent as well. She thinks herself to be Lady Dabbang. Very important thing. Just to suppress her bravery, express
your love in her police station. Kiss her and start
a new chapter of your life. Shall I tell you something Baka? Even if some stupid fool
would have got her a job.. ..then she would have
married that fool as well. – Kalpesh..
– Quiet. Let him speak. Okay, this is your personal matter. I have talked to that liquor owner. He is ready to give 25,000/-weekly
in the name of Archana. Bribe. Do you remember Ratan Bhai Matka? Even he is ready to give
10% profit in the name of Archana. I gave the permission
to keep the liquor shop.. ..open the entire night for 5lakhs. I have helped Munni Bai to get license
to keep the brothel open for lifetime. For 7lakhs. If we work hard then
we can earn 25lakhs monthly. Do one thing Baka.
Change Archana’s name to Laxmi. We are earning so much so
will give 10% to Archana as well. Will you give me profit?
Call him here. – What is the need for that?
– Tell him that it is urgent. – Rest I will tell you when we meet.
– Kalpesh, come to the police station. We will divide profit there. This is called business.
We will talk there. Good morning, brother. Here, they are. Baka, did you talk to Archana? Does she need a
percentage or fix amount? We will sit and talk. Come on. Did you kiss her well?
Celebration time. Greetings, sister-in-law. If we do business together then
we will recover 10lakhs in 10 months. Oh no.. Baka. Your dear Archana raised hand on me and
you are standing quietly with goggles. I will request DGP
and get her suspended. I will dial the number
and you talk to DGP. – You are gone today.
– With pleasure. After becoming police officer
you slapped a kind person. Why did he disconnect the phone? DGP is doing meeting
with other officers. You will not be spared today. Show me. Call him again. Okay, you want to see.
I will show you. – Really.
– I will show you. Today is the last day of your job.
Enjoy it. Let’s see. Oh no, the bell can
be heard till here. Oh no.. – This fool is here.
– Yes. I knew that we would be caught
because of your over acting. What is it? I shall go and pay
the rickshaw driver. Wait, where are you running? You tried to cheat me. Enough of your torture. Why are you thrashing him so hard? Tell me what the matter is. – Where are my 10lakhs?
– In my pocket. Elders say that money has feet
so they might have gone somewhere. If within 24 hours you
do not return my money.. ..then I shall thrash
you hard and insult you. What did you said? Hello. What? MLA has gained consciousness.
I am coming. Kalpesh, MLA has gained consciousness. That means our 10lakhs have awakened. Thank God he gained consciousness
and we have become lucky. – Congratulations.
– Stay away. Don’t dare to hug me. Oh.. For long you are thrashing us. Is this the way you
are returning our favor? In 60 minutes I am coming. I will give you change of 10lakhs
that you can count all your life. You want to take undue
advantage of my love. You thrashed him hard. Don’t go anywhere. I am coming. Wait. Till I don’t get the
money he will stay back here. Sister-in-law, don’t do like this. He will not get the money
if I don’t go with him. Stay in your limits. You want guarantee so
you can keep my best friend. – He is dear to us than our lives.
– Okay. Take care of yourself. – Save me.
– Get inside. You are desirous of becoming police. Nice shot, teacher. Hey teacher.. The rain is falling. I shall give you money. The money is fake. But the rain is falling heavily. Baka, come quickly. Thank God you have gained
consciousness to get my divorce done. How is your wound, MLA sir?
Is it fine? I prayed to God in temple,
Gurudwara, mosque and church. Then I got these divorce papers made. Everyone from Kashmir to Kanyakumari
know Pushpa and trouble me. MLA sir, from the time
she has come to my house.. ..I have been out of the house. And strangers enter and exit my house. Look, even you felt
pity on my condition. I am watching cartoon. Switch off the TV and talk to me. Sweetmeat. Why are you talking about India?
Come to the point. MLA sir Pushpa is permanently
staying in my house. Who is Pushpa? Who is Pushpa? At least there is one man in
this world who does not know Pushpa. Knowing this I am
feeling very happy, Baka. Baka, he did not understand
what I am saying. You ask him. You are asking him
in a very complicated way. Now I will ask him
in a straight manner. Brother Pathani,
where have you kept 10lakhs.. ..which I gave you for Archana’s job. Who is Archana? Daughter of that restaurant owner. Uncle, don’t disturb me. He is elder to me but
still calling me uncle. Doctor said that some nerve
of his brain has gone into coma. Go away from here fat aunty. Aunty? He called me aunty.
What should I do? Our life is in danger
and he wants to suck lollipop. Lollipop? People call
me in the middle of the night.. ..and ask me for Pushpa’s booking. Leave him. You may get shocked with
what I am about to tell you. The brain of MLA sir has
become like a 10 year old child. Why didn’t I become
deaf before hearing this? But how can this happen. Because of being hurt on
his head his brain has got affected. One out of million cases
turns out to be like this. It can take 40 years for
his memory to get back to normal. That means for 40 years I
will not get divorce from Pushpa. Are you satisfied now? Shall I leave everything
and go to Ahmadabad? When will his memory
come back, doctor? I cannot tell you right now. Now everything is in the hands of God.
Have patience. Can Ayurveda cure him, doctor? On way back home drop
me at some hermitage. – Kalpesh..
– What are you saying? You are playing with life of MLA sir. You are mixing
allopathic and ayurvedic. If you do this then
his age will become.. ..of 3-4 years and you will
have to get him admitted to KG Wrap him in baby
clothing and parcel him. Ring-a-ring a roses.
Pocket full of money. This way or that way.. Ninja hatori is my favourite program. Vicky, tell me one thing. Why a man who usually
drinks is is sucking lollipop? His brain has got affected so all
his medicines are given in lollipop. Okay. How are you, tailor? How do I seem to be? Have you come here to
enquire about his health? God takes care of coma ward. Move aside. Dear, tailor..I don’t want lollipop.
You keep sucking it. What did my father-in-law tell you? I have lost it. What did he say? Didn’t you go to school?
He said a poem in English. You came to know that
I haven’t gone to school.. ..but you did not come
to know what he said. He has too much things in his
brain and our matter is suppressed. – We will have to remind him of that.
– Okay. Ask him in detail as
to what did the old man said. You are more intelligent. You ask him. Dear, tailor. Write to me in
detail what my father-in-law told you. I will write nothing on the paper. I think we have lost 500crores. Listen, what did my
wife’s father tell you? Fish is the queen of
water and bathes in water. My father went to Delhi
and brought children from there. Children are so truthful. Superb. If we had made remix of
this then would have earned 500crores. Keep quiet. Don’t talk nonsense. Will I make remix on his useless song? Then you will ask me
to make remix of the remix. That means I should do
begging on the Howrah Bridge. Keep quiet.
Tailor, I am a very cruel person. If you are cruel you are still mine. I am worshipper of
love so I want love. Are you playing a game with me? This is my lollipop. Sir, he is concentrating more on
licking lollipop than on the question. Snatch the lollipop from his hand. Give me. Oh no, I am dead. Thank God he bit your ear. As we have two at least
you can hear from one. Has he gone mad after
being hit on his head? His great grandfather
was a side actor. That is why he is fooling
us by doing acting of being a fool. Okay, that means he is playing a game. We cannot ask him more questions here. – Let’s kidnap him tonight.
– Okay. She had said that she would
drag me Nal street to Cheera street. And this MLA bit my ear. – What is going on?
– Even I am thinking about that. I have a great idea.
Wear a burkha and roam around. – No one will be able to recognize you.
– He is right. But wear such a piece.. ..that you are able to see the world
but the world is not able to see you. Why should we hide? Should we be scared just
because she is a police officer? – So?
– What can she do? How can she harm us? Are we less than others, Kalpesh? Right. Listen, friends. We are brave than her
and will face her fearlessly. If you are scared then
you go to jungles of Pakistan. I am in deep trouble and
will revenge for everything. – Both of us will set her right.
– Yes, of course. We will not spare her. Kalpesh, police.
Let’s run away from here. Oh no.. Hey fool, this is an ambulance. Why are you laughing so loudly? People become fine on the arrival of
ambulance but you both got an attack. Serve him more. Come on. Don’t make sound. Quietly do your work.
Do you whom do you have to kidnap? MLA. Very good. You have passed. Go straight to his room. I will lie down after you kidnap him. Bring the stretcher
straight to the ambulance. And then ambulance
to the boss’s place. I will escape later. Understood. Why don’t you escape with
us when we have kidnapped the MLA? Don’t ask unnecessary questions. If I come along with you then they
will come to know that MLA is missing. You have an excellent mind. Don’t irritate me. Come on. Come on. – Come on spray.
– Okay. Work is done. Come on, pick him up. – Hide his face.
– Take him away. Take care of yourself. Don’t worry about me. You go away now. What if you are cheated?
Take care of yourself. – Yes doctor.
– Get a side. The real doctors are coming. Dr. Harshad is taking care.
ECG and scan reports are normal. Blood test reports
haven’t come till now. Hurry up, let’s go. The way is clear. Let’s go. Sir. I will give him a sedative injection. He will not get up
before tomorrow morning. No. No. What type of a doctor are you? Shouldn’t you check
before giving an injection? You are going to give injection
to me and she started screaming. Study properly first. Hey, get inside ward number 26. Who has left the stretcher here? I don’t know sir. Hey, where ahs the trolley gone?
Here it is. Boss, we have been successful. What are you saying? Great. Let the trolley come. Don’t spare him, boss. Get up, black African elephant. You have to stitch four blouses.
Get up quickly. Will you enjoy the money alone?
Do you think I am a fool? You are a fool.. Boss, he has worn a mask. Shall I remove the mask
of foolishness that you have worn? Just wait. I will not spare you. Beat him. Be careful. – One minute.
– Monkey jumping on the bed. Idiot! Let him stay here for a week.
He is not cured yet. Hey, doctor. You cannot see any ray of
hope then why are you minting money? You have already made
him a 10 year old boy. If you will keep him for longer then you
will make him into a one year old baby. And then sister-in-law
will bring toys. Try to understand doctor. Even you are aware that
someone wants to kidnap him. What are you doing Pathani?
He is a doctor. It is good that he leaves.
He is in danger here. – It is not that easy.
– Doctor, I will take care of him. I will give him a bath, will
make him eat and put him to sleep. I will do everything. Just let him go. Just give permission, doctor. I said what I wanted to say.
Now it is up to you. Don’t worry.
We will take good care of him. What are you doing?
They will inject you. Sister-in-law,
you take him out and stand with him. I shall settle the bill and come. Till that time I shall
prepare the milk bottle. – Don’t do this. Give it to me.
– Pathani brother, come this side. I am a small boy and
soldier of my country. What are you doing? The house
is this side. Where are you going? – I am going to my place.
– For what? To get my divorce done. Pushpa had said that after seeing the
face of MLA she will give me divorce. Look at his condition.
What will he say? He will have to speak. -Child MLA.
-Yes, uncle. Do you want to lick lollipop or not? Yes, I will lick. Tell me what you will say to Pushpa. Pushpa, tell me that didn’t
you want free bed in marriage. Will you trouble Kalpesh for that? Sign divorce papers and free Kalpesh.
Keep the pillow with you. This is MLA’s order. – Is it fine?
– Absolutely fine. Kalpesh, you taught him so well. Baka, this is not enough. Your matter with Archana
will be solved by him. Really? Brother Pathani,
what will you say to Archana? Archana, I had taken money from Prem.
Will return it to you next month. Kalpesh is not at fault in this. He loves you truly. Amazing. How did you do this? Simple. I made him memorize
dialogues showing him a chocolate. Pushpa and Archana do not know
that he is behaving like a child. This is a plus point for us. – Hey, one night’s bride, come out.
– What are you doing? My house is more crowded
than a railway station. Come out. You must have seen lions in
circus but I have brought a real one. He roars as well. Go away from here. Remember, that you had said if MLA
says then you will give me divorce. Look, MLA sir has come. – Welcome, sir. Greetings.
– I understand everything. I know that you cannot do household
chores like washing, sweeping, cooking.. You can just dance to the
tune of musical instruments. Enough. Give me papers. For the first time in life
you will do something good. – Take this. Sign it.
– Give me pen. As soon as you go I will
wash the house with Ganges water. – Fast for 40 days as well.
– I will do it. Please move away. You had taken a vow Pushpa.. ..that you will sign papers
only when MLA sir will ask you to do. He is standing in front of you.
Ask him whatever you wish to. Brother, she is waiting
for last so many days. Say your dialogue
and finish the matter. Let her sign the papers.
Why are you interfering? How is this possible? First she will
listen to the dialogue and then sign. Archana, I had taken money from Prem. I will return it to you next month. He loves you a lot. Why are you changing the dialogues? For that I will take another lollipop. What did you say? Lollipop? – Will you give me toffee?
– Leave the papers. Hey fool, come here. Do you think I am a
fool that you will cheat me? Scaring me of this fool
you will take divorce from me. I will remain married to you.
Now listen. Wash the utensils and cook food. I just know how to boil eggs. Baka, why didn’t you
let her sign divorce papers? Candy floss.. Candy floss.. She was about to sign.
What was the need to interfere? You wish wrong about me. Only 2 seconds were
left for her to sign. – Whatever happens is for good.
– What do you mean? What if something wrong would
have happened in front of Archana? Now we will go with full preparation. You want your dreams to
be fulfilled by shattering mine. Baka, rather than having
a cheater friend like you.. ..it would be better
to have four loyal enemies. At least they would be there.. Where has he gone? It is such a happy
moment that he has gone. What is there to be happy about? Where has 10lakhs gone? – Pushpa..
– He is just like a 10 year old child. Let’s go. Leave Pushpa. Wait, I want candy floss. Wait.. Today I will surely eat candy floss. Greetings.. You also come with me. If you are with me then
even I am with you. Come on. They are supporting him.
Even we should support him. Come on.
Let me see who all are with me. We are with you. Hey, you rascal, come on. Fulfill our demands. Greetings.
I am very stubborn. I get what I want. Come on. Look, there he is going. Run as much as you want.
I will not spare you. Greetings. Come on.
Today I will surely break your cycle. – Fulfill our demands.
– I am with you. To get justice for Krishna Nagar’s
workers MLA is protesting with them. Now this protest has
taken the form of stockade. Let us know his remarks. Sir, tell me what is your
demand behind this protest. The candy floss seller will run away. MLA has told the media and public.. ..that till his demands are
met with he will remain silent. What have you done? First you demanded 5crores
for factory approval.. ..and now you want to
put a lock to it through MLA. What are you saying? Are you drunk? I do not even go to the
mourning of drunkard people. Turn on the TV. – Fulfill our demands.
– MLA. Long live, buddy. Keep quiet. He is hatching conspiracy against us. Take your men and reach the spot. Get a bomb blast done
there so that he dies. We will kill him and will hold
factory owner responsible for it. Go and kill him. Go. Hey, he is protesting here. I will not spare him. Come with me. Where are you going
with the so many people? I want that candy floss. – Candy floss?
– Have patience. I shall make you eat as well. Somehow we will have
to take him away from here. He will not be at peace
without eating candy floss. Come on let’s go. If he behaves like this in front of
public then his votes will get reduced. Let it be, brother. Why don’t you understand?
We will get trapped. Shut you mouth and walk. Fulfill our demands. Hey, what is going on? You fooled me that he has lost
his memory. But he is protesting. How did this happen? Boss, he has come
on TV to irritate you. He will run away with money. Get
him out of the TV and in front of me. – Brother, there is public out there.
– Now! So it is risky. I have a better idea. It’s idea part2. Hey fool, keep your stupid ideas
to yourself. Don’t tell them to me. Go and kidnap him.
Go. Come on. Come on. – Factory workers should be dead.
– Shut down, shut down.. – Shut down, shut down..
– Carefully. How can we run leaving
him behind among so many people? Hey, what is happening? – Don’t know. Cover the sir.
– Someone is attacking. The bomb blasted. Oh no.. – Brother come here.
– What’s happening? Come, this side. Make him sit in rickshaw. Patil, first take MLA safely.
Hurry up. MLA needs us. Don’t take him. You were going to come
back in one hour with money. And here you are doing
terror attacks in the city. All the time you
are talking about money. Keep quiet. – His brain has become that of a child.
– What? Stop the ambulance. Keep quiet. Don’t let it go. Just to save your life
you are saying anything to MLA. You are a cheater. Take him. You have just been a police officer
for last few and she is dominating me. One minute stop the car. Hello sir. What happened, Archana? There has been attack
on MLA’s life sir. But we have made
him reach a safe place. You have made a silly mistake. That was not hospital’s
ambulance but a fake one. I am sure the enemy
is involved in this. If the matter of MLA’s
kidnapping reaches media.. ..then police department
will be insulted. If within 24 hours you do not
find MLA then you will be suspended. Will you come out for a minute?
I want to talk to you. Will you do my encounter? Someone has kidnapped MLA. What are you saying?
Brother, Pathani has been kidnapped. When will you learn to believe me? Now forget about your 10lakhs. SP is my uncle and I
will ask him to suspend you. Open the hand cuffs. SP sir had called and
has asked to find MLA. Only you know with
whom does MLA have enmity? Will you help me in this case, Prem? Do you want my help? Do you think
Prem is useless? I will not help you. Please help us. He is our MLA.
You will be benefitted, sir. This is called love. Okay, but I am selfish too.
That is why I have some conditions. What conditions? I have not thought about it yet.
I will think on the way and tell. – Okay, okay..
– First open my handcuffs. Say quickly whatever you want to. The tailor has come.
Do you want to get anything stitched? Pant, shirt, kurta and dhoti. Listen to me. Teach that powerful man a lesson. Brother, are you drunk in the morning?
I am talking about MLA. I know it. Fulfill all his demands. Give him lollipop to chicken
lollipop or anything that he wants. I will reach in one hour
after getting a facial done. Give that bigger piece. It is very tasty. Such a yummy sandwich. You have eaten enough so
now tell me the names of enemies. MLA has 50,000 enemies. – What did you say? 50,000 enemies.
– It is simple. Those people who voted against
him in last election are his enemies. You mean to say that we
go to everyone’s house and search. You seem to be in a hurry.
I am sitting here. Have patience. Mr. Kalra is the biggest
enemy of brother Pathani. You are useless. Hello. How are you Mr.
Kalra? Are you better than before? Tell me. I have kidnapped MLA Pathani. I felt like buying
2BHK so I bought it. Now I have to pay the installment. You give me the money
and take MLA with you. Who are you? I am the one whom
the builder is troubling. Are you okay with the deal
or shall I do it with someone else? Tell me where and when
do I have to give the money? I shall tell you later. He is ready to give money easily.
That means MLA is not with him. Who is his second enemy? Whose name should
I say and confuse them? Do you like strawberry or chocolate? – What did you say?
– I am asking about the ice cream. – Hello.
– Yes sir. Listen, is the MLA with police? Absolutely wrong news.
Prem called you sometime back. He has a doubt that MLA is with you. Hey, keep telling me where he
is going and with whom is he talking. Okay. It’s look like play group school. I have caught him.
Great. Now it is your turn, brother. What is happening?
We are doing time pass. I am not going to feed you anymore. Brother, you had asked us to
keep him happy so we are doing that. Did I say it? First he asked for
lollipop and toffee. That is why to fulfill
his wish we have ordered for it. Then he asked us to play hide
and seek so we are playing that. Where is MLA? Cycle without a motor is coming. Get a side.
I have to park the cycle on the side. Don’t jump otherwise
the tyre will get punctured. Will you play a game with me?
I will not spare you. Ring-a-ring a roses.. The horse is made of wood
and I sapped at the horse. The horse was proud
and reach ice cream factory. He felt cold after eating ice cream. You have passed in poetry.
Now let us talk about business. What did my father-in-law tell you? Which father-in-law? He is doing acting with me.
He is playing a game with me. He is smart.
How can we embezzle the entire money? Talk about his benefit
and he will settle the matter. Percentage. Okay. Yes. I think he wants to go to washroom. Boss, he is asking 2%
of 500crores. Deal it. My BP is shooting. What should I do? Get it cured with medicine. It is matter of 500crores
so finalize the deal in 5% 5% I will not give more than this. I shall finalize the deal in 5% Is that so? 10% for me. Will you take 10%?
Make him understand. He is asking for 10%.
Make him understand. Is he dead?
Sprinkle water on his face. Get up. Get up you fool. Brother,
he has become unconscious again. I was scared of that
and he became unconscious. God, isn’t 500crores in our destiny? What should I do? Who is knocking at the door? Brother, at the time of kidnapping
I found one more so I got him with me. You are really dumb. Go and get him. The spoon must have
also become sweet. Isn’t it? Now you eat. – Eat some more.
– I will become fat. No problem.
Your beauty will increase with weight. Shall I give you a punch? MLA, MLA..I think I was dreaming. Idiot. Listen, if I am co-operating
with you then you do not fool me. I will not spare you. I am through with eating. Let’s go. – I am dead.
– Stand straight. Am I so much in demand that
people have started kidnapping me? – What is this?
– What happened? – He resembles like MLA.
– He is MLA. He should be in the parliament. The public will not forgive you. They will thrash you. I think he is not looking
at me with good intention. What is this? Have you
forgotten to remove school pant? Oh no. – Don’t you go home. You came here.
– Oh no! Who are you? Who are you? Pushpa’s husband. Pushpa’s husband. – Pushpa’s husband. Pushpa’s husband.
– Keep quiet. Hey, is this true? You are my beloved’s husband. If you would have
told this to me earlier.. ..then you wouldn’t
have been thrashed so much. Go, go.. I am not Pushpa’s husband.
If you wish you can kill me. Kill me. Shoot me. Where is your gun? What are you saying?
You are Pushpa’s husband. What is going on? Kalpesh, why he Debashish
held your cheeks? What nonsense is happening
in front of a MLA? Pathani brother,
your memory has come back. – What did you say?
– His memory is back. Who went away and who has come back. You were going by car
and met with an accident. You went to hospital and then in coma. From coma you went into childhood.. ..and after getting banged
again you became normal. Debashish,
did your father-in-law get discharged? Yes he got discharged from the world. That means he is dead.
Oh God.. Hey, he got freedom after
death but I am dying every moment. Let’s go quickly and
finish Pushpa’s matter. Your matter is still stuck there. – Yes brother.
– Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I would have set Pushpa right quickly. – What do you mean?
– I would have pushed her for divorce. Do quickly whatever you wish to do.
Hurry up. Oh my.. Stop playing games with me.
Otherwise I will kill him. Why do you want to kill him? It is
our matter so let us sit and solve it. Tailor, for last 25 years
I am dreaming of 500crores. If you shatter my dream then
I shall not spare you. Understood. Did his father eat
chili before he was born? Tell me what you want. What did my father-in-law tell you? Look Debashsish, I served
your father-in-law for 15 years. He told me so many things
but which one do you want to ask. I know you are trying to fool me. You know what I want you
to tell me so tell me that. I will have to fool him. It was 11:30 in the morning
and the dogs were barking. Then my wife brought.. I am not bothered whether
she brought tea or coffee. I just want to know what did my old
father-in-law told you before dying. Look Debashish, I cannot
tell any story from the middle. I will start from
beginning and finish it. If you interrupt then
I swear I will not spare you. Have patience and listen to him. Have patience and
you will get 500 crores. He is fooling him.
They will know it when the story ends. Okay, what happened after that? It was 11:30 in the morning
and the dogs were barking. Then my wife after taking
bath with sandal soap.. ..entered my room with a flower. Rose or marigold. It was 11:30 in the morning What have to do whether
it is rose or marigold? If you interrupt him
then his flow will break.. ..and he will start
from the beginning. So he has this problem. Friends, I request you
not to say anything to him. And you, and you.. Keep quiet and do not interrupt. No one should interrupt.
Just remain quiet. You start speaking. It was 11:30 in the morning
and the dogs were barking. Then my wife after taking
bath with sandal soap.. ..entered my room with a flower. After drinking filter
coffee I felt the pressure.. ..and went straight to bathroom. After that I was about
to rub teeth with coal that.. He irritated my nose
with the point of the sword. I make you eat 5kg chicken
and mutton everyday.. ..and you do not know
how to hold the sword. Hold it like this otherwise
I will not spare you. Sorry brother. Start now. It was 11:30 in the morning He has started again. And the dogs were barking. Then my wife after taking
bath with sandal soap.. ..entered my room with filter coffee. After drinking filter
coffee I felt the pressure.. ..and went straight to bathroom. After coming out as
I switched on the TV.. ..the song of Shah Rukh
Khan’s movie was playing. Do you know which song it was? Your eyes are magic
and your body is fragrant. Whether you say yes or
no you are either mine or his. You are my Simran. Am I right? Movie’s name is Fear
and director’s name is Abhay. I do not know about the producer
and Disco and Santi are singing it. He will start again now. It was 11:30 in the morning Why are you beating me unnecessarily? My great grandfather
and invested money in that. Do you know everything? Why are you laughing? In this way the repeat telecast
will go on day and night. Then what should we do? Only one thing can
make him move forward. Then call him and
ask him to come here. If he has to see MLA alive
then he has to come here. Wait, I will call him. What does he want? Tell me. Baka, MLA Pathani sir.. I know that he has been kidnapped. – That MLA is here.
– Yes, I am finding him. Don’t disturb me and let me
concentrate on your sister-in-law. He disconnected the phone. So what? Outgoing is
free so call him again. Okay. Kalpesh will keep troubling
me by calling again and again. So I will switch it off. The phone is non reachable. Why am I feeling restless? Oh no, you are stinking so much. Okay, next time I shall put perfume. Ask him to drive properly. – Drive properly.
– Sorry, madam. After putting the break
the man goes straight.. ..but why did you turn towards left. What are you saying?
For whom did I turn? Shall I ask him to put a
break again to see how it happened? Just keep quiet. I just touched you. After that it was 12:42.
My wife brought tea and food together. As soon as I was about
to eat first bite.. ..a hair strand of
wife came into my mouth. Then I ran to the bathroom
to rinse my mouth. I vomited at that time
and then Prem came to my house. He said that he has fallen in love
with the daughter of restaurant owner. To get her a police job
he gave me a bundle of 10lakhs. As I came out after deciding
to help him then someone came running. – I think he is talking about me.
– He is talking about me. – I cannot remember who he was.
– It was me, brother. It was me. If you would have come
with for 5 minutes that day.. ..then I would have dumped Pushpa.. ..Anjali would have become a
mother and I would have become daddy. Then all this wouldn’t have happened. I think I made a mistake. – It was 11:30 in the morning.
– Wait. I interrupted so
now he will thrash me. Don’t thrash me. Sorry.. – Quiet.
– I will not make that mistake again. Keep quiet. Keep quiet. Now only God can hear
the voice of my heart. It was 11:05 in the morning. I think it has got puncture. Do you have spare tyre? Tension is increasing at every step. I do not know what
must be happening with MLA. Don’t take so much tension. MLA’s life is in danger
only from Mr. Kalra. And MLA is not with him. That means someone
else has kidnapped him. And if they had to kill him then
they would have killed him last night. They did not kill him
so his life is not in danger. Who all came to meet him
when he was in the hospital? One minute. When MLA met with an accident.. ..then at that time he
was going to meet the minister. I recollect. And minister’s son-in-law was
repeatedly saying the same thing.. ..that spend as much as
possible but save life of MLA. I have understood. Come on hurry up. Where? I will tell you. Do one thing. – Remove your clothes.
– What? I mean remove your uniform
and wear something else. Come on let’s go quickly.
You all follow us. At that time Prem entered the house. I asked him if he loved
the daughter of restaurant owner. He gave me 10lakhs so that I could get
her a job in the police department. I left thinking that he
would get settled in his life. I thought I would give
it in the hands of DGP. Then someone came running.
Do you know who he was? He was our Gujarati friend Kalpesh. He requested me to get
his divorce done from Pushpa. I asked Prem whether I
should solve Pushpa’s matter. He asked me to go and
solve the matter later. I reached the hospital in the car. It was 12:42 when
I reached the hospital. As soon as I entered I saw you. Do you remember I called
you Halloween’s pumpkin? Do you remember? You told me to tell you what
your father-in-law would tell me. Do you remember then I went inside? Your father-in-law was lying. He had two life lines in his nose. Do you remember? You had said to your father-in-law
that MLA tailor has come to meet you. Your father-in-law
slowly opened his eyes.. He did not hear. It was 11:30 in the morning. Thrash him. – I had told you not to eat gaseous
things. – How dare you speak in between? Brother,
I work for free does not mean.. ..you will thrash
me as and when you want. For your 500crores I had
held it since 5 in the morning. Air and water makes its own way.
What should I do? I would have got 500crores.. ..if you would have waited
for another 5 minutes. If you have raddish parathas at night
then this is what is going to happen. – Come on, start again.
– I have not forgotten anything. I remember everything.
It was 11:30 in the morning. I don’t want 500crores.
You take 5crores and spare my life. God, save my life. Brother, I will take him with me
for an hour and close Pushpa’s matter. Here, everything is finished
and you are worried about Pushpa. – No, brother.
– Sit down. He is fooling him. I will try once more. And try to reach the climax. Tell me what had happened? – It is very difficult, brother.
– It was 11:30 in the morning. If you suggest then shall
I call the police force. What do you say? Man force is with you then
why do you need police force. Get down. Someone should learn from
him as to how to show off. According to my intuition
MLA must be in this godown. After two minutes we
will push open the door. – Why after two minutes?
– Don’t try to be extra smart. There would be too much action inside. Whenever you feel scared hug me. Stop boating and make an entry. Minister opened his eyes suddenly. Do you remember we both were there? Your father-in-law insulted you and
asked you to leave. Do you remember? He called me with his hand
after you left. Do you remember? By mistake I stepped on his
life line and he started panting. Just as when kerosene finishes
and the stove makes the sound. He was also fluttering like that. I put my ear closer to him. He said that he had embezzled
500crores after fooling the public. He asked me to forget the past. Then three of you fell
down over hearing us. Then he threw three of you out. And then he told me about 500crores. He said that 500crores are.. Come, come..whosoever has
the courage come and fight with me. No one can be saved from my anger. Hey you fool. Chill out. Hail to Maheshmati. If you would have
come after 5 seconds.. ..then I would have
become owner of 500crores. Why? Have you won a lottery? To know the secret of 500crores
we have not slept for last 5 days. – Prem..
– Yes, brother. Does anyone enter
the meeting like this? – It’s okay.
– Are you fine? He alone is fine but the rest
of them are going to go in coma. Kalpesh, you are here?
Then why didn’t you call me? Sorry, I was in board
meeting so did not call. Are you joking with me? If you speak another – wword then
I shall chop off your ear with this. When I called then
you kept on speaking. Phone means talking
between two people. Quiet. I would put all of
you behind bars for kidnapping MLA. Wait. Don’t put us behind
bars for kidnapping him. I will kill him and
then put me behind bars. Because of him I
have lost my 500crores. By repeating his story
he has tortured me a lot. What are you doing?
It is about crores. Let’s talk comfortably.
Remove the sword. He knows the secret as to where
my father-in-law has kept 500crores. – That’s it. You just want to
know where it is. – Yes. – Then will you surely leave him?
– Yes, I will leave him. I will talk to him. – It was 11:30 in the morning.
– Stop repeating the same thing. Kalpesh, leave the chair. Baka, relieve our souls from him. Yes, everyone will get everything. It hurts. – It was 11:30 in the morning.
– Wait. Brother Pathani what happened
to the 10lakhs that I had given you? You came to meet me
when I was eating snacks. You asked me to keep 10lakhs
and get a police job for my beloved. Did you hear or not? Sorry. Saying sorry won’t suffice. Now tell me that why
didn’t you give money to DGP? I called him and said to
give job by accepting the bribe. He said that he is
going for an encounter.. ..and if I talk of bribe then
he will do my encounter on phone. So now I have understood. Neither you met minister at
1 nor did he tell you about 500crores. I met minister, you fool.
It is confirmed. While fluttering he said that
500crores are in the Noor Mahal. What are you doing? – Brother, thank you. Enjoy your life.
– Enjoy. You will always remember me. – Happy.
– So happy. MLA, please come with me to
get Pushpa’s sign on divorce papers. I will surely come. Vicky, I am going to Noor Mahal.
Kill all of them. What? If I leave you then
you will reach before me. And I will not get anything.
Do you think I am a fool? Get lost. Kill all of them. Prem, what is he saying? Confirm once before killing
them that money is there. It is possible that he is fooling us. You are the one who is intelligent.
Rest, all are useless. You are right. Hey, come here. After getting 500crores
I will kill you all. All of you come with me to Noor Mahal. – Bring everyone.
– What are you doing? She is your sister-in-law.
you are doing cheating. After getting the divorce papers
signed I will get him to Noor Mahal.. ..in tempo, rickshaw or bus. Ghosts and witches,
it is time for prayers. Tadiyal, I am seeing
your face for the first time. At Kanjara Pada a bike blew me away. Died on the spot. – Was he on Activa?
– Yes, priest. May the demon give good
thinking to bike riders? A bike rider blew me as well. That is why in our place
riding a vehicle is totally ban. – Excuse me, bald priest.
– Yes, proceed. Why the soul of a person
who dies in an accident.. ..does takes time to get liberated? Tell me further. What should be done so
that his soul is liberated? I will tell you. Special 26 of all ghosts. It is not an ordinary night. Tonight God of Death
comes for a round. The make a line of people
who have died because of accident. After keeping water melon
on their head he makes a hole.. ..and drinks its juice. The one whose juice is
tasty gets his soul liberated. And also gets instant power. If I get that power and then
will kill that lover who cheated me. – Speak further.
– Look here. I have glamour of
100 people inside me. Keep quiet.
First go and shave off your beard. – Keep quiet.
– Who is there? It can be a ghost but
cannot be a girlfriend. Have patience. Prepare for the exam
of liberation of soul. If someone does cheating then he
will not be able to leave from here. This is the right time. So exam will start after getting up. Start preparing for the exam. I wish you all the very best. This seems to be a haunted house. I hope my father-in-law did
not have an affair with Chandramukhi. Hold my hand. You seemed to be
boasting some time back. And why have you become a coward. Do something. Let something happen.
Do you think I should do somersault? No outsider has the
permission to go inside. Go away from here. Go away. I am Benagali, your brother. Whether he is Bengali or
Bihari no one has the permission. What is he saying? Did he work in theatre earlier? Hey, are you Pushpa’s husband? Do I explain what he asked? The question maybe in any
language but it means the same. – Pushpa name is enough.
– Absolutely right. Greetings, Pushpa’s husband. You can go inside. By marrying Pushpa
you have done a great job. – You are very powerful.
– Let’s go in. Am I being given respect
or am I being insulted. Everyone is taking
steam bath wearing clothes. “No one has control over heart.” – Money, money..
– “There should be no noise here.” “His eyes will meet
yours and save your heart.” – Where is the money?
– It is not here. Do you have a cigarette? I do not smoke. You go away from here. I will go but you keep standing. He seems to be Arnold of Ahmadabad. “There should be no noise here.” – Baka, I have to tell you a secret.
– What happened? – What secret?
– There are ghosts here. Are you talking of him? Oh no, I am dead. Where is the money? There is money behind the hole. Now tear it. Oh no. I have become a millionaire. Hey priest, in our party of
ghosts even human beings are enjoying. Yes, even I saw it. But if we leave the dance in between
the God of death will get disturbed. He will not spare us. Let’s go. Prem, minister has asked me
to use those 500crores for good deeds. qIf that money is
not used in good deeds.. ..then God of death will
push the minister into hell. Brother, get my divorce
papers signed first. Do you understand anything? Such a serious matter is going on.. ..and you are stuck
on petty issue with Pushpa. Get lost. Don’t irritate me. – You trapped me with Pushpa.
– Kalpesh, talk respectfully. Keep quiet. he is no more
a child and is absolutely fine now. Your matter with her is fixed and she
has become a police officer as well. That Bengali Baba has
got the money as well. Everyone has got what
they wanted except me. I have not got what I wanted. I do not want car or bungalow.. ..but just Pushpa’s signature
on these divorce papers. But no one is ready to help. I am a MLA so talk
with respectfully with me. But for me you are a cheater. Mr. Pushpa’s husband. – What is it?
– Why are you all in so much tension? In some time you
all are going to heaven. Listen, it is still not late. If you hand over this
money to government.. ..then I promise you
will not be punished. You are such a sweet girl. – Mickey Mouse, give me the weapon.
– Take it. You got what you wanted
so leave from here. Am I fool that I will leave
you all once you know my secret? – Debashish..
– Who is it? My name is enough. Look Kalra, this is our personal
matter so you don’t interfere. Don’t get personal with him. I just want to teach
this tailor a lesson. Is that the case?
Then you do what I was going to do. It does not matter. You again got the factor
on strike which I had started. They were going to give me 5crores.
Will your father give it to me now? – You will not be spared.
– What is happening? Someone is going to kill you
for 5 crores and someone for 500crore. If they hear about
minister’s 5000crore then.. – 5000crore..
– I said it by mistake. 5000crore. – I did not mean it. I just said it.
– Quiet. I will talk to him. Tailor, where are these 5000crores? Don’t tell him. What else did my
father-in-law tell you? Don’t say. Even I have my share. – It was 11:30 in the morning.
– Don’t torture me. Get lost. I don’t need 5000crore. Why are you doing time pass?
I will not spare him. Brother,
you didn’t understand till now. Here they are talking about crores. Kalra, there is no fight. I tried to tell earlier
also but no one listened to me. I am ready to tell
if no one disturbs me now. Let him speak. Let him speak. – Ready..
– Quiet. – Early morning.
– Part 2 is being made, brother. Stray dogs were barking. – What are you saying?
– Finish your story, brother. – It was early morning..
– Enough. – Tell me that do you all need
5000 crores. – Yes, we want. After you get all
that will you leave us? Come here. The paper in Kalpesh’s hand
has all the details of money. That is why he is
holding the paper safely. It is difficult to get
but it is matter of money. Kalpesh, my Gujju darling. Who is calling me so lovingly? You are looking so nice. Give me the file. Hey, this file has secrets
of treasure of my life. If you give the file
then your life will not exist. Do whatever you want to
but I will not give this file. If you do not give then
I will chop you off into pieces. Hey, give the file. – I will not give.
– Catch him. – Catch him.
– I will not give. I am dead. I will not give. Take this. Take. Pushpa’s husband is screaming.. – Give it to me.
– No, I will not give the file. No, I will not give. I won’t give you this file at any cost. – Give me the file.
– No, I will not give. Give me the file. Give me the file. – Sister, give it to me.
– Leave me. Hey, wait. Where are you going? Give me the file. – Leave me.
– Archana, give me the file. – Prem..
– I will throw you. Hey, give it to me. Give the file to me. Give me file.. This is my file and I will take it. Leave me. My file. No. The file has gone inside. – Let’s go inside. Break the door.
– I will take out file from inside also. Who is inside? Open the door. Open the door. Why are you knocking at the door?
Open it. Boss, they are doing yoga. What is this? Sometime back they were dancing
and now they have started doing yoga. Hey Monalisa, have you seen my file? Hey fat man, have you seen my file? They are doing yoga.
Let’s find it ourselves. You are right. – 1, 2, 3..
– He kicked our Yamraj. Move side. Come on, move. – Search file.
– We have found it. – We have found it.
– Here it is. Finding it is not enough. Read it. – Read it.
– You read it and tell me. I am not an education
minister that I can read it. – Don’t you know how to read?
– No I don’t know. Read it. Mickey is 4th pass.
Give it to him. He will read it. Okay, you read and tell me.
Read it properly. Start. Hail to Lord Ganesha. – District Aawan Jaawan.
– It is our village. Taluka Khawantisan.
Did I read it right, boss? Read it. Temple near the village
and village near the temple. Behind the old banyan tree. Absolutely right. – Listen to me carefully.
– Yes. Opposite to cremation
ground room number 9/9 It is correct address.
The room number is also given. – Don’t disturb me. I will forget.
– Continue.. I Mrs. Pushpa Kumari. – Pushpa?
– On 29th February 2018 got married.. ..to Kalpesh just to
get a bed in group marriage. My father-in-law became sick. Ask him not to read all
this but read about money. Read further and useful. Read further. We never got along well. That is why we decided to separate. Kalpesh will take back his ring and I
will take away my bed and get divorced. This paper is not of
treasure but of divorce. And that money.. They fooled us. Did you all see how intelligent I am? At last we reached to 500crores. I hope the currency is new. Now with this money minister
will get freedom from hell. We will use this money
for some good work. I have thought what to do. With this money I will get those
people married who dirty the garden. – Very good.
– Again marriage? First I will get you and Archana
married and second Kalpesh and Anjali. How can I get married?
First get me divorced from Pushpa. Come with me and get my divorce done. Let’s go quickly. Baka, your setting is done
so come let’s get my done too. Come on hurry up. Now no one can stop
me from becoming a minister. Kalpesh, it is a very happy moment. Yes, I am very happy. Sir, are you Prem Bhopali? Yes, I am the one.
Shall I get it written on my forehead? I have heard that you helped
Archana to get police job. Yes, I felt pity on
her and got her the job. – What is it?
– Nothing. How much will I have to pay you
if you help me to get a police job? Rate has increased because of GST. Earlier 10lakh was enough
but now it will cost 15 15lakh? But will I surely get the job? Do you think I am joking? Here, people vow on me
in the court to speak the truth. He has changed the law.
He is a great lawyer. Read the chants. What is it? Nothing. [Sanskrit shlok] Give it to me. – Your hand will burn.
– What are you doing, Kalpesh? Kalpesh, just be a little patient. Hold this. [Sanskrit shlok] Not for a day will
I work after marriage. I will sell jewellery and spend money. Let me put it around your neck? What are you looking at?
Have you forgotten the chants? Read the chants.
Because of you there is a delay. You are Pushpa’s husband. Yes, you read the chants. No, I am Anjali’s husband. You did not divorce Pushpa.
What do you think of yourself? You thought I will never come
to know about Pushpa. – Don’t beat me. You rascal, i’ll not spare you. I am not going to marry you.
Go to hell. Anjali!
– Anjali, please stop. Anjali.. Priest I will not spare you. Give us courage.
We are preparing for exam. Do you know why this
meeting has been called today? Last time someone had
kicked me in examination hall. Because I was cheating
with the help of Bluetooth. I thought no one would catch me. That was my mistake. We will have to live as
ghosts because of greed for money. My destiny..I was going
to become health minister.. ..and now I am ghost minister. Don’t worry brother. By killing this fellow you can
become prime minister of this place. Hey, you.
Trying to play politics here too. From the time I have come
here I have not had alcohol. – It is dry day.
– Is it observed here too? – Hey, there is no dry day here.
– Okay then make me drink alcohol. Do you all want to drink too? Yes. Make us drink anything that
will have its effect forever. Long live bald, king.
Hair will grow on his head.

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