DISNEY PRINCESS BALLERINAS. (Ballet Performance with Ariel, Rapunzel, Belle, Elsa, Anna, and Tiana)

DISNEY PRINCESS BALLERINAS. (Ballet Performance with Ariel, Rapunzel, Belle, Elsa, Anna, and Tiana)

Later in this video… Ahh, attention
lancer after school dancers. Today, I will be casting for our next dance recital. Yay! I just love dance recitals! Me too, I can’t wait to find out what ballet
we’re doing. Oh, Mrs. Lancer. Yes, my dear, if you’ve got a question,
I’ve got a Lancer answer. Which ballet are we performing, is it swan
lake? The firebird? Sleeping beauty? We’ll be performing a brand new ballet,
never seen before, uhh! Uhh, so fun, what do we have to do for auditions? Great question ballerina, all you have to
do is your normal warmup routines and I’ll observe, commence the dancing. Thank you, ladies, I’ve seen all
I need to see. The ballet we will be performing is… Princesses the ballet. Each of you will perform
a dance telling your individual stories. Belle, you will dance the Beauty and the Beast
ballet. I know that one. Tiana, you will dance the princess and the
frog ballet. Ariel, you will dance the little mermaid ballet. Rapunzel, you will dance the tangled ballet. Elsa and Anna, you will dance the frozen ballet. Rehearsals start tomorrow, so go home and
get some rest, ah, uhh! Oh my gosh, this is so exciting, ballets for
all of our stories! Uh, and we’re gonna perform them for a huge
audience. Uh, a ballet debut performance, uh, this is
a big deal! Hello, ballet blockheads. Excuse me! The only blockhead around here is you, Hans. Yeah, what are you doing here anyway? I was just in the neighborhood. Oh, what’s all these I hear about a ballet
debut? Not that it’s any of your business, but
we’ve just been cast in a brand new ballet. Choreographed by Mrs. Lancer herself. Yeah, and we’ll be dancing frozen the ballet
and it will not include you. Mhmm! Excuse me, I am the hero frozen, everyone
knows that. Sure, Hans, you keep telling yourself that
okay. Bye! Those sisters are trying to destroy my legacy,
I can’t allow that to happen, people deserve to know the true story of frozen. The way it really happened, am I right? Think I’ll need a little magic for this,
hmm! I don’t care what anyone says, anchovies
do belong on pizza. Eww, no, pineapple and black olives all the
way. Hmm, you’re right, I guess I’ll have to
eat both of these all by myself. Nooo! I’m starving, rehearsals for this ballet
recital are so exhausting. So, does a certain ice harvester with boyish
charm make an appearance in your frozen ballet? Nuh! Just me and Elsa, I’m sorry, uh, but oh
my gosh, I forgot to tell you. What? Hans wanted to be in it, he said he was the
hero of the story and we couldn’t leave him out. Hans, the hero! You’ve gotta be kidding me. I know. He’s the villain. Tell me about it. Anyway, pass the cheese,
please. I think you’re cheesy enough, better keep
this to myself. Heeey! Hey, I can open them, I have fingers. I can open it too. No, you can’t. Let me help you, I can help. A ballet, about the princesses! Who would pay money to see that? Exactly, it’s the villains everyone wants
to see, but of course, we’re not in the ballet. You mean we’re not invited! Uh, yeah, I guess. I hate not being invited! Whoa, whoa whoa whoa! Relax there Hulk. Ugh, there’s nothing I hate more than not
being invited. And there’s nothing I hate more than not
being king of Arendalle, except… no, it’s just that. Those princesses are the bad guys here, we
can’t let them get away with this, let’s show everyone who the real heroes are, uh
hahaha! Thank you all so much for coming to the world premiere of princesses
the ballet. Now put your hands together for our first
performer, Belle. [applause] Excuse me, is this seat taken? No, go right ahead. Thanks, whoa, I made it, just down to the
wire, huh. Yap, the show is just getting started. Next up is Ariel. Welcome Tiana to the stage. Here is Rapunzel, dancing her tangled
ballet. This is amazing! Shhh! Anna and Elsa are up next. And finally, we present for you, the frozen
ballet. Uhh, I love this part! Whoa! Is she doing her ice powers? That’s amazing! This is getting good! Whoa, that was close! Oh, yeah, this’s the part where Elsa turns
into a villain, hahaha! What? Elsa isn’t a villain. Huh, sure she is, she causes trouble runs
away. She has villainous power, she even hurts her
sister. Elsa was just trying to protect Anna. Hey, bro! Will you get me some raisin nuts while you’re
out, thanks, bro. Huh, what is Maleficent doing here? She just appeared out of nowhere. Uh, this is really bad! Huh, and where did Elsa go? Elsa where did you go? I don’t know, what is going on? Who let Maleficent on stage? You do the magic and I shall do the
swashbuckling heroic things. Not what I choreographed, but still
very exciting! Uh, Maleficent. Watch it! Maleficent! Maleficent! Maleficent, leave the room, you’re scaring
everyone, this is not good for our plan. Whoa, this ballet show is […] everyone run! Don’t worry everyone, I got this. Look, see, I was right, Elsa’s the real
villain of the story, she freezes people. All Maleficent and I ever wanted to do was
to be included. Waaa! Give it up, Hans, no one believes you’re
the hero. You’re the bad guy from our story, look
you even have a sword! Waaa, mummy, mhmm! What, this old thing? Umm, yeah, remember this part? Oh, yeah! [applause] Yeah, that’s how it
ends, yeah, love can thaw a frozen heart, huh. [applause] They like me, they really
like me! Well, he doesn’t but most of them do. Well. Not really. Bravo, bravo, take a bow. Wow! I did not see that coming. But, wait, is that the end? Yeah, doesn’t something else happen? Well, in the movie Anna punches Hans, but
I don’t think… Ouch! Uhhh! That’s gotta hurt, that’s my girl! Sorry I have to ask, are you the Nutcracker? Uh, Elsa this winter formal is going
to be, as you would say, snow awesome. I know right? I’m snow glad that they chose
us for the Christmas decorating committee. I mean, between my freezing power and your
eye for design, we’re totally gonna knock this out of the bag. Totally, I also love that we’re going with
the Nutcracker theme, the movie was amazing. [phone rings] Oh! Oh,yule never guess who it is… get
it.. You’ll… as in like yule log, trying to work
on my holiday jokes. Who is it? It’s Belle. Oh, oh, oh, ohh, Merry Christmas! Hey Elsa, or Santa, I was just wondering if
you and Anna want to go shopping for winter formal dresses? Totally! Yeah, Anna and I are just decorating the gym
now, but we can definitely meet you at the mall. Sounds snow much fun, see you there. Hey, that’s my line, okay, see you soon. Okay, Adam, so I’m gonna meet up with Anna
and Elsa and we’re gonna go shopping for winter formal dresses. Perfect, that gives me plenty of time to get
Christmas presents. Okay, but no more dog biscuits in the stocking
again, you’re not a beast anymore. Those were beast treats actually, and they
were delicious. OKay, I’ll see you later. Huh! Oh my gosh, Belle, what are you doing here? Oh my gosh, it’s crazy running into you
guys. I’m actually meeting up with Anna and Elsa
to go shopping for our winter formal dresses. Us too, huh, we should all shop together. Totally, they should be here any minute. Uhh, so, where did Belle say she was going
to meet us? She said she’s near the food court, oh,
and looks like she ran into Jasmine and Aurora too, fun! Well, hello there ice queen and umm, sandwich
queen. Ugh! Hans , you know my name, it’s Anna. we had
a whole song together, ugh, which I totally regret. Yes, well, anyway, Ha-Anna… See, see what I did there? ‘Cause that would be if we were Hans and
Anna, it would be… yeah, so, anyway, I followed you two here… I mean ran into you two here, because I need
someone to go to the winter formal with me. Umm, no thank you. Yeah, you’re always trying to do sneaky
things, like take over our kingdom and all sorts of other villainous stuff. Who? Me! Mhmm, no, you must have me confused with some
other Hans. I’m Hans Solo. More like Hans going solo to the winter formal
because we are not going with you, bye. Gasp! Turned down! Those princesses always thin they’re better
than us villains, I’ll show them. Hmm, I should probably visit the kitchen store
to get Lumiere some new dishes. I know he’s been working up new choreography
for Be Our Guest. Hmm, let’s see, got my cauldron, check,
eye of newt, check. Huh, I can’t believe they had that. Wait, there’s that hunky Prince Adam, I
wonder if Belle has asked him to winter formal yet. Hmm, I wonder if I could beat her to it. Excuse me, Prince Adam. Oh! Oh, haha, I mean hello there. Hi, yes, it’s me, Maleficent, I do believe
we’ve met before, once upon a dream. More like a nightmare. Excuse me! Yes, I remember you. Anywho, I was just thinking that maybe we
could go to the winter formal together. Sorry, I’m gonna go with Belle. Uh, huh, I’ve just gotten a text from Cogsworth,
he said it’s time to get going, haha. Gotta run, bye. Ugh, so rude! You’re going on solo, I’ll show, you princesses. Hans, well, I guess everyone is at the mall
today, aren’t they? Oh, hello Maleficent, sorry, I’m a little
on edge today, I got turned down again by both Arendalle ladies to the winter formal.Well,
I just got turned down by Prince Adam. Umm, dah! Everybody knows he’s going with Belle. Silence! We need to do something about this. Yes, I mean, who wants to go to this silly
nutcracker themed winter formal anyway? I mean, I’ve seen the movie, it was okay. Uh, yes, that’s it! If they want the Nutcracker so much, I’ll
send them there. Hahaha! When the princesses go through the door of
the dance, they’ll actually be transported into the Nutcracker movie, hahaha, brilliance! Ohh, yes, that’s what I meant. Yes, that’s the idea I thought of, hmm hmm,
that’s why I’m so smart. For this little winter dance, there will be
a change of plans. Send the princesses with all their beauty
straight into the Nutcracker movie! Hahaha! Now, we wait. Great, so I’ll see you there. Oh, yeah, see ya. Huh, Elsa that limousine ride was icing on
the cake, so fun! You know, I just thought it would be really
fun for all of us girls to come together and then meet up with our partners here. Yeah, I think Prince Adam, Prince Phillip,
Alladin, and Kristoff should all be meeting us inside. Who are you going with Elsa? Well, Olaf was supposed to come with me, but
he has a little bit of a cold, so it’s just me, but that’s okay. Well, I can’t wait to go inside, let’s go
see the decorations that we did. Whoa! Wow, Elsa your decorating is really amazing! Umm, guys, we didn’t do this. Yeah, my decorating is good, but not this
good. Where are we? You guys, call me crazy, but this kind of
looks like the land from the actual nutcracker. The land of sweets! OMG, you’re right! This is the exact picture I was looking at
for decoration inspiration. Uhh, how did we get here? Even more importantly, how do we get back? Halt! Who goes there? Umm, hi, I’m Elsa, and this is Anna, this
is Belle, that’s Aurora, that’s Jasmine and we kinda came here by accident, but we’re
trying to get back so… What business do you have in the land of sweets? You’re right, we are in the land of sweets! Sorry, I have to ask, are you the nutcracker? Yes, that’s me. Nutcracker Captain Phillip Hoffman, guardian
of the four realms. Wow! Jasmine, huge fan, we all saw your movie together. As exciting as this is though, we do have
people waiting for us back at the dance. You’re so right, we have to find a way to
get back home. Nutcracker, do you know any way to get from
your world back to our world? The only way I know is by using the magic
key, but it’s been hidden for centuries somewhere in sugarplum palace. It’s the only way, we have to find the key. Wait, is there a library at this palace? Yes, of course, the royal lollipop library. Perfect, there has to be a record of it somewhere,
if we can just get in that library I’m sure I can figure it out. I’ll do my best, but they don’t let outsiders
in the castle, so we’ll have to think of some way to get you in. I have an idea! The castle’s beautiful. Halt! Who goes there? It is I, the Nutcracker at your service. Yes, but who are these strangers with you? They are the royal ballet dancers who have
traveled from uh… Um, oui, oui, yes, we have traveled from the
gumdrop mountains and traveled across the peppermint forest, before swimming across
the molasses swamp… don’t worry you guys I’ve got this, I play a lot of Candyland. Mhmm, I haven’t heard of any of those places,
but if you say you’re with the ballet, then you are welcome. Sugarplum fairy is expecting you, better hurry,
your show is starting in a few… m-minutes. In a few minutes? Just go with it. We can do this. Okay, let’s split up, Elsa, nutcracker come
with me. Anna, Jasmine, and Aurora, you guys distract
them with your ballet dancing. Got it. Whoa! There are so many books in here Belle, what
do you think you’re gonna find? Well, I’m pretty good with skim-reading,
nutcracker, where do you keep the news records? Well, there’s never very much news, but
what we have would be in the archives. Okay you guys, start looking for anything
involving a key. Okay, let’s do some [..]. I have no idea
what you just said, but that sounds great. And now the royal ballet dancers from gumdrop
mountains present, the Nutcracker ballet. We’re on, huh! Wait, I found something. Nutcracker, there’s a giant clock in the
palace right? There is. This is a whole article about when the clock
was built and about how time is key. I bet you anything the key is in that clock. You’re right, now’s the time to go, everyone
will be watching the ballet including the guards. Let’s go! Hmm, time is key. Time is key, but where would the key be? Wait a second, there’s an inscription on
my sword, it all makes sense now. Although I’m not a diamond, I get put on
a ring, when it is time to use me, a lock is opening. You’re on to something Belle. [clock chimes] It must appear at 12, wow,
that was perfect timing, no pun intended, well, pun intended. Okay, let’s go get the girls and get out
of here. [applause] Is really great you guys. I don’t know what we did, but that really
came together. Nailed it! How did it go? Actually, surprisingly, well. Did you guys get the key? We did. How do we use it? From what I heard in stories, one person holds
the key and you all say, there’s no place like home. I love it! Umm, actually, nutcracker, do you wanna come
with us? I kind of need a dance partner for winter
formal. Really! I don’t know if I should leave. You have to, who’s gonna bring the key back? Well, okay, let’s go. There’s no place like home! Mhmm hahaha! Yes! Now those princesses are lost in Nutcracker
world and we shall rule the land. Yes, and more importantly, Prince Adam has
no choice but to be my partner, hahaha. Oh, actually, there he is now. Hey, have you guys seen Belle and the other
girls? Myself and the other princes we’ve been
looking for them everywhere and we can’t find them. Yes, well, they’ve probably gone somewhere
far far away and won’t be back forever. So, I guess you have no choice but to be my
partner to winter formal. Sorry, Maleficent, your little plan didn’t
work out. Prince Adam is my partner, uh, are you wearing
my dress? It looks better on me, I’m a summer and
you are definitely an autumn. But more importantly, how did you get back
here? We had a little friend from our new friend. But the question is, what do we do with these
two for sending us away? Uh, hahaha, it was all her idea, I had no
part in it. She put a spell on me, uh, where am I? Who am I? Yeah right Hans, we know that you teamed up
to ruin the winter formal. Actually, I took this from the palace. Huh! That’s sugarplum fairy’s wand. I thought it might come in handy, especially,
for these two! Haha, I gotta say there’s no place like home. I gotta say I am loving the entertainment
at this winter formal. Bah humbug! It’s like first we go back to school and then
voila, it’s already homecoming season. I know, it feels like just yesterday I was
at the beach building sandcastles and now it’s Spirit Week. Time flies when you’re having fun. Speaking of fun, I am loving these wacky hairdos
for crazy hair day! We did good ladies. My like hair-don’ts, I’m I right? Hey Merida, our hair is so wacky, but that’s
what wacky hair day is all about, the wackier the better. I know right. I had no idea that school spirit week would
be so much fun. I mean, first we had Pajama Day… Uh-huh. Then we had Star Wars Day… And then there was international food day
where we all dressed up as yummy foods… With tikka masala. And my favorite… Twin day. Did someone say twin day #tweeting! No one twins like Gaston… No one wins like Gaston. No one participate spirit week like Gaston. LeFou, Gaston, why are you guys dressed the
same? Well, hello there my little belly button,
don’t you know it’s twin day for spirit week? No, Gaston, that was yesterday, you and LeFou
are a day behind. I told you we shouldn’t have skipped school yesterday. I mean, I told you we shouldn’t have been
sick with chickenpox yesterday. Do people even get chickenpox anymore? And wouldn’t you still be contagious? You better not be, don’t get me sick. Anyways, as I was saying, I’ve come to propose… LeFou, the sign. The sign. Ta-ta! Despite your very strange hairdo today, I’m
willing to overlook it and ask you a very important question. Hello… Belle hair is not weird, it’s wacky hair day
and we all have crazy hairdos. You guys just missed the memo. Oh, what a relief! I thought you got off the deep end. Whoa! Listen Gaston, I think I know what you’re
gonna ask me and the answer… No belle, don’t rush this; will you be my
date to homecoming dance? Will you? Will you Belle, will you? Oh, I can’t watch, it’s just so sad. Listen Gaston, I’m flattered but I can’t. I’m sorry, I already told prince Adam I’ll
go with him, sorry. Might I suggest you go with one of the other
girls in the village? Oh better yet, Cinderella’s stepsisters. You can go with Anastasia and you can go with
Drizella. What a great idea Merida, thanks for the lovely
suggestion. Shh LeFou, let’s get out of here before anyone
sees us with these awful haired people. Hey, that’s not very nice… Besides, I like our wacky hair. Yeah, and he’s just mad that he got turned
down. Anyway, I almost forgot to ask, what are you
guys wearing to homecoming tonight? I have the cutest dress, I can’t wait to show
you. I’m not going too fancy, it’s not really
my style, but, I hear Dingwall might brush is there this year, so, yeah. Oh, well, I have to tell you about my homecoming
date; my homecoming date is… There’s the me. Get it, the bell. All right, school’s done for the day, I’ll
see you ladies tonight. Wait, we don’t wear our wacky hair to homecoming,
do we? Oh no no no, you want to change your hair
back to normal because you wouldn’t want to be crowd homecoming queen looking like a sci-fi
character. All right, bye. Hmm, Belle think she can ditch me at the homecoming
dance, does she? Well, I don’t think it was personal. I mean, maybe she just had another plan already. Plan you say? Oh I have a plan all right. Gaston, what are you brewing? I’ve seen that face before. No nothing, it’s just if belle doesn’t want
to go to homecoming with me, she’ll have a change of heart once we’re both crowned king
and queen, then she’ll have no choice but to dance with me. But don’t you have to be voted in by the other
students and don’t you have to have a dance routine with your partner? Looks like we better get ready for tonight
LeFou. Come on, let’s go, I have a certain purple
mistress I need to call in for a favor. I was afraid you were gonna say that. I’m going to have the brightest date to
the homecoming dance tonight. Hey Merida. Oh, hey Dingwall, you combed your hair for
homecoming dance. You noticed. And you’re wearing the same dress you always
do. No doh [sp], this is my fame old [?] Dress
for special occasions. So your mother and father coming to be alumni
chaperones? But I hope not, my mom’s turned into a bear
again. That might get the students afraid. Well let’s be on our way. Music friends and food, what more could I
ask for! Tonight is gonna be so much fun. Are you coming Flynn? Oh, yes I am. Sorry, I thought I saw your mother. Well, I mean I thought I saw Mother Gothel. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t her. Oh, don’t be so paranoid Eugene. Now come on, we’re gonna miss the pictures. It’s Flynn. Belle, I am so excited that the homecoming
dance is finally here. I know, I can’t wait to see who’s gonna be
homecoming king and queen. I know right. It’s going to be such a tight race for homecoming
king and queen. Speaking of… Is prince Adam coming tonight? He wasn’t sure he’s gonna make it. He’s on a very important wolf rescue mission,
but he’s going to be here, I’m sure of it. What about your date? Oh my goodness, I cannot wait for everybody
to see who my homecoming dance partner is. It’s a big secret. Ohhh, I can’t wait to find out. Oh, Elsa, the music is starting. This homecoming dance is so chill. Sure it is. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Yeah, wait until you see our dance routine,
there won’t even be a need for a vote. Oh I’m sure but Anna , Kristoff, make sure
y’all don’t freeze out there cuz your movie is frozen… Freeze. Hahaha, good one. I don’t get it. Me neither. Anyways, this is my jam, ha ha. Se you kids later. Come on Kristoff, let’s go dance. The most handsome students and soon to be
homecoming king has arrived! Oh oh, if you’re gonna be homecoming king,
can I be homecoming duke or prince or earl? Wow, if it isn’t the most handsomest student
at the homecoming dance ha ha ha ha. I was just saying that, it’s like you read
my mind. Yeah, you want to be a homecoming king with
me as your queen. No Anastasia, with me as your queen. Ladies ladies, calm down, one of you can be
LeFou dance partner, you know. Yeah I’m really experienced, I mean, other
than swing I can do that the kiki and I can dab and that one, this one, the floss thing,
yeah, I’m really good at that one. Mmmm, naaa. You know I’m the better dancer Gaston. You wish Anastasia, everybody knows that Gaston
and I would be like a fruit basket, the perfect pair! Hahaha. Um, speaking of fruit basket, that’s banana. No way! I’m a better dancer. No I am. Listen, Gisella, Anastasia… I’m Anastasia… And I’m Gisella obviously. Obviously! Tomato potato, if you want to be my dance
partner, I need your help, follow me. Uh bu – but Gaston, are you stirring up trouble? I thought we were gonna practice our dance
moves like… Hello students and welcome to this year’s
back to school homecoming dance. As you well know, the festivities started
off really spirited for this spirit week and to finish it off, we are going to crown homecoming
king and queen, ha ha ha. As Simba would say, “oh I just can’t wait
to be king”. Shh, Aladdin, I love your enthusiasm but wait,
the teacher is still explaining the rules. This year we’re gonna have a dance battle. You’ll all get to oogie boogie and op scoop
on the dance floor and vote, because the winner will become homecoming king and queen! Are you ready? We’re ready to dance, aren’t we ladies. Hey, they ditched us for Merida’s brothers! Uh, what! But don’t they know how great of a dancer
I am? No one dances like Gaston, dance like Gaston. All right, let’s let this dance party begin;
Flynn Rapunzel, why don’t you start off this competition for us. [music] [applause] isn’t this dance so much
fun Elsa? Totally, and to think, no villain has tried
to mess it up yet. That’s so true. I just hope prince Adam shows up soon so our
chances of being homecoming king and queen don’t get messed up. Oh, I’m sure he’ll be here soon. He’s probably just stuck in traffic. [music] [applause]. Come on Adam, answer your phone. Hey there Belle, you’re looking quite lonely. Where’s the beast? He’s not here yet and he goes by prince Adam
now. Sure he does, if that’s even his real name. What are you even saying Gaston? Listen, I think it’s time you lose the zero
and get with the real hero. When have you ever had a heroic moment in
your whole life? Well, I’m about to save you from the embarrassment
of not being named homecoming queen… You me dance floor. Hmm, no thank you. No thank you! How dare you be so rude! Rude? Aye, yai, yai, when will you learn Gaston? Belle, oh, bell pepper I was only kidding. Oh where is she? She was supposed to be here by now. So this is where the homecoming dance is held? I’ve always wanted to be homecoming queen,
hmm. I better go get ready. Hmm, much better. May I have this dance? You better… Let’s win this. [music] [applause]. Excuse me ma’am, can you direct me to the
homecoming dance. Ma’am! Oh well hello there, I would be happy to direct
you anywhere. So you know where the homecoming dance is
then? I’m prince Adam, Belle’s date. Belle’s date! Oh, I see. Well, I’m mel – Melanie, Gaston’s friend.
Oh, I see. Well, I’m mel – Melanie, Gaston’s friend. Perhaps we could walk to the dance together. Uh, sure, I suppose. That’s quite an outfit you have on. Is it a costume for your dance routine? Oh this whole thing? What kingdom did you say you were from? A far far away land. Oh look, there’s my homecoming dance partner
now. Yoohoo, Elsa, it’s me oaken, sorry I’m late. Oh it’s snow problem. Sorry had to keep you waiting, I’d to close
up at the trading post. No problemo, you’re here now and that’s all
that matters. Are you ready to go out there and show them
your cool dance moves? You know it ice queen, no ones moves are as
quite cool as ours, quite literally. May I have this dance? Of cause you may Adam. I’m so glad you made it. We’re up next. Oh no he doesn’t! Quick LeFou, to the dance floor. So there you are… You had me waiting outside for an hour. I don’t know why you were waiting outside,
the dance is inside. Why do I even bother with you low level villagers! Listen purple people eater, do you want to
be homecoming queen or not? Of course, I’ve always wanted to be queen
or homecoming queen. Well now, here’s your chance. Let’s go out on that dance floor and show
them that we deserve those crowns. But Gaston, I thought I was your dance partner. Sorry LeFou, I’ve upgraded. Yes, everyone knows I’m the mistress of
darkness… And dance. But Gaston, you promised. Uhh, fine, you can dance with us but in the
corner… The far corner. Oh yeah, this is the moment I’ve been waiting
for. Hi.. Uh, how rude! [music]. Is that that um, sorcerer lady from Aurora’s
movie? Yeah, what’s her name? You mean Maleficent. What would she be doing here? Adam we’re up next! This is going to be great. Yoohoo, Elsa I was thinking, what if I do
backflip and throw you an air like little snowball? Oh, um, that sounds great and all… How do you know how to do all that? Hi guys, it’s Belle and prince Adam and for
our homecoming dance we gonna do the beast! [applause] [music].

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  6. If I could see you right now I would give you this πŸ’Ž your channels are my favourite πŸ’–πŸ₯°πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ‘‘

  7. I watch Frozen since I was little baby Hans you weren't performing you're just a person you're just acting

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