Disturbing Movie Scenes That Caught Us Off Guard

Disturbing Movie Scenes That Caught Us Off Guard

From creepy-crawly parasites to sci-fi space
mutinies, some movie scenes are so shocking that they stick with you for the rest of the
week — or the rest of your life. But if you need help remembering the unforgettable,
here’s an eyeball-searing, gut-punching roundup of all those disturbing Hollywood moments
that audiences never saw coming. And in case it’s not obvious, here’s your
final warning that this video contains spoilers for an awful lot of movies. “Hold onto your butts.” Bursting out With its dripping mouth and phallic head,
the xenomorph from Alien is pure nightmare fuel. But if you’re looking for something that’ll
scar you for life, then it doesn’t get any worse than this explosive scene. It all starts when executive officer Kane,
played by John Hurt, winds up in a coma with an extraterrestrial creature attached to his
head — then wakes up, only to develop the worst case of heartburn in history. When his comrades lay him down on the table,
Kane’s chest blows apart, revealing… well, this guy. Naturally, the rest of the crew are completely
freaked out— as were audiences, who thought Kane was out of danger when the facehugger
fell off, and who were definitely not expecting a demonic worm to burst out of his thorax
mere minutes later. Mind-control eels Star Trek was a story about unity, harmony,
and working together for the good of mankind — that is, until The Wrath of Khan came
along. Then, it was a story about unity and harmony,
but also about freaky horrible parasites that crawl through your ear, into your brain, and
turn you into a mindless slave. The Ceti eel is a favorite weapon of Khan
Noonien Singh a genetically enhanced superhuman who wants revenge against Captain Kirk for
abandoning him on an inhospitable planet. As part of his plan, Khan uses the eel to
force Starfleet’s Terrell and Chekov to tell him everything they know — leading to this
terrifying sequence in which the disgusting creature inches its way into the screaming
Chekov’s ear canal. Buried alive This slow-burner of a suspense film spends
a long time leading up to one of the freakiest finales in history — one so disturbing that
Bravo ranked it as the 55th scariest movie scene of all time. The Vanishing centers on a man named Rex,
whose girlfriend Saskia disappeared three years ago without a trace. Rex knows that Saskia is almost certainly
a goner, but he’s desperate to unravel the mystery of her disappearance — which leads
him to make an incredibly stupid bargain with the man who kidnapped her. If Rex wants to know the truth about what
happened to her, he’ll have to experience her fate firsthand. Driven by insatiable curiosity, Rex agrees
and downs a sleeping pill. When he wakes up, he’s been buried alive…
and he’s really not happy about it. You’ve gotta hand it to The Vanishing for
managing to pull off this shocking ending after more than ninety minutes of ominous
foreshadowing. We knew something bad was going to happen,
but nobody expected it to be that bad. The final confession A few years before starting a fight club,
Edward Norton made his feature film debut in Primal Fear as Aaron Stampler, a troubled
altar boy accused of ending the life of an archbishop. The high-profile case draws the attention
of Martin Vail, a smarmy lawyer played by Richard Gere, who uncovers a shocking truth:
after years of abuse by the archbishop, Aaron developed a second personality—a violent
and dangerous man who calls himself Roy. After Roy confesses to the homicide, Vail
uses his expert legal skills to save the young man’s life and have him committed to a mental
institution. But in the final moments of the film, the
truth is revealed: the split personality scheme was one big hoax. “There never was a Roy.” “There never was an Aaron.” Surprise! Sweet, simple Aaron was all an act, while
the sociopathic Roy was the real deal the entire time. And now he’s gotten away with the crime of
the century! When Richard Gere walks away stunned, everyone
watching felt the exact same way. Keeping it in the family There are twist endings, and then there are
twisted endings, and boy, does Oldboy have a doozy. In this Korean thriller, a man named Oh Dae-su
sets out to get revenge on the man who put him in prison for fifteen years. But during his hunt, he meets up with a young
woman named Mi-do and the two soon become lovers. Imagine Oh Dae-su’s horror when he realizes
that it was all a setup by his old enemy, and the woman he just slept with is actually
the daughter he hasn’t seen in fifteen years— and also imagine the audience’s horror when
Oh Dae-su tries to atone for his sins by cutting off his own tongue with a pair of scissors. With that moment of graphic violence followed
by an uncomfortably ambiguous ending, it’s no surprise that people still consider Oldboy
to be one of the world’s most disturbing viewing experiences. Body swap When she accepts a job working as a caregiver
at a creepy plantation home in 2005’s Skeleton Key, Caroline quickly realizes that there’s
something a little off about the elderly couple who live there — particularly Violet, the
lady of the house. What she doesn’t know — and neither does
the audience — is that her amateur detective work into a world of black magic and ancient
conspiracies is about to backfire horribly. Violet is actually a centuries-old hoodoo
practitioner named Mama Cecile, and Caroline plays right into her hands when she traps
herself inside a magical circle that allows Mama Cecile to steal her body. With the help of a menacing mirror, Mama Cecile
performs a sort of swap, taking control of Caroline’s physical form and trapping Caroline
inside Violet’s dying, old frame… forever. Unlike many horror films, there’s no last-minute
intervention in which the heroine saves the day. Caroline is simply doomed to spend the rest
of her days as an eighty year-old woman — and considering how old her new body is, she won’t
have many days left. Assault and revenge In a movie full of mysterious disappearances,
violent misogyny, and dismembered cats, there’s still one moment that stands out as particularly
shocking in The Girl with the Dragon tattoo. It comes early on, when Lisbeth Salander,
played by Rooney Mara, goes to meet her new guardian — a sadistic monster who cuffs
her to a bed and violently assaults her. The scene is one of the most sickening ever
depicted on film, and… well, do we need to say more? “That won’t be necessary.” Some films might wind down from there, but
this one just ups the ante: Lisbeth returns to her attacker’s apartment with a few tools
of revenge — including a tattoo gun that she uses to leave a nice little message across
her tormentor’s torso. As satisfying as it is to see Lisbeth get
justice, this sequence and its predecessor are hard to watch. Batting practice The gritty, grimy Texas-noir film Cold in
July centers on a trio of men who are on a quest to uncover the true identity of a mystery
man named Freddy Russell — and at first, it seems like your typical conspiracy thriller. The big twist comes when our heroes begin
to suspect that Freddy is a federal informant and set out to meet him, only to discover
a stash of VHS tapes that turn out to be snuff films. The movie doesn’t make us watch Freddy beating
his victims with a baseball bat, but we see Michael C. Hall and Don Johnson see it, which
along with some strategic sound work is more than enough to convey the horror. It’s also one of the hardest left turns in
thriller history, one that gives our three heroes a new purpose and recasts the entire
movie in a whole new light. What’s on the menu? Snowpiercer doesn’t scrimp on disturbing material,
particularly when it comes to food. The first big gross-out comes when Curtis,
played by Chris Evans, finds out just what’s in those greasy, gelatinous protein blocks
he and his friends have been eating for years. (more bugs than Assassin’s Creed Unity) But even then, munching on bugs is a lot better
than eating people — which brings us to the second big shock in this film. Curtis reveals that when he first boarded
the train years ago, there was no food in the tail section, leading many to resort to
cannibalism. But that’s not all: “I know that babies taste best.” In addition to being a shocking revelation,
this moment is a brilliant subversion of Chris Evans’ most famous role. After “babies taste best”, will you ever look
at Captain America the same way again? Zara’s plunge When this long-awaited followup to Jurassic
Park hit theaters in 2015, the dino flick earned over $1 billion worldwide — but it
also left some critics confused, upset, and angry, all thanks to one particularly intense
scene. Zara is an assistant at Jurassic World who
spends most of her time on the phone, planning a wedding, and trying to keep tabs on Claire’s
unruly nephews… until every monster on the island decides they want her for dessert. As all hell breaks loose at the theme park,
Zara is attacked by multiple flying pterosaurs, one of which toys with her by plunging her
repeatedly into a giant pool of water. And just when it seems things couldn’t get
any worse? Zara’s life comes to a violent, horrifying,
and totally undeserved end. Even Sam Neill, the star of the original Jurassic
Park, couldn’t believe what he was seeing. In an interview, he asked, “Boy, what did the English girl do wrong? She got eaten by like three dinosaurs at once.” Good question, Sam. The Ravager mutiny When it comes to superhero movies, the Marvel
Cinematic Universe is supposed to be upbeat and fun. But writer-director James Gunn must have missed
that memo when he wrote the Ravager mutiny scene in the second Guardians of the Galaxy
film, which might just be the most disturbing in the history of the MCU. Sick and tired of being bossed around by Yondu,
this incredibly ugly alien named Taserface leads a Ravager mutiny, deposing the captain
and taking control of the ship. Naturally, not everyone is cool with the coup,
but Taserface isn’t much for talking things out and reaching a peaceful compromise. Instead, he summarily executes anyone who’s
still loyal to Yondu, tossing them into space where they succumb to the freezing, airless
climate in a matter of seconds. Even though it ends up being a visual foreshadowing
of one of the movie’s coolest scenes, in which a bunch of hovering Ravager ships light up
for Yondu’s funeral, the haunting image of all those frozen corpses floating through
space is horrifying and not easily forgotten — even if Rocket does give old Taserface
the mocking he richly deserves. “What was your second choice? Sack hat?” Ultimately, the Ravager mutiny was such a
dark scene that it left some viewers with mixed feelings about the Guardians’ second
big-screen outing. But thankfully, the crowd-pleasing David Hasselhoff
cameos are enough to satisfy most fans that this fun-loving franchise hasn’t lost its
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  1. people were surprised that an innocent person was slaughtered in what is essentially a monster movie? ok then…

  2. The cast did not know exactly what was going to happen to Kane at dinner. They were not "prepped" for a practical effect. Their reactions were real.

  3. Could I get or could you list the movie titles, instead of a list of description that spoils the movie scene? thx

  4. Don't know if its been mentioned yet, 'From Dusk Till Dawn (1996). When you've been following a pair of crook brothers for almost half of the movie running from the cops and hitching a ride with an innocent family, hiding out at a motel, crossing the border into mexico and stopping at a bar to cool off, then be seduced by that captivating dance scene by 'Santanico Pandemonium' (Salma Hayek), what came next was one of the biggest shockers I ever had from ANY movie. Not necessarily scary, but I was really, really caught off guard. It was like somewhere along the way Tarantino decided to change the direction, genre, script, pace and everything else about the movie.

  5. I'm not easily shocked, but that scene in Mirrors where she rips her jaw open in front of the mirror still disturbs me.

  6. The Church Scene in Kingsman totally caught me off guard. It turned a comedy/teen movie into something else entirely.

  7. The John Hurt scene does not work today. After all of the f/x we're used to, the alien looks like a muppet. It's far more funny than scary today.

  8. If I remember correctly, the chest bursting scene from Alien caught the actors off guard. From what I have heard, they didn't even know something was about the come out of his chest, so their reactions are real.

  9. How about terminator 2 when t-800 cut his flesh to show his robot arm? When i first saw it as a kid it's fuckin disturbing and awesome at the same time!

  10. Rooney Mara played Lisbeth so well. Really well done didn’t like the girl in the spiders web that much. Clair Foy just didn’t have the same natural ability that Rooney Mara had.

  11. I know its not a movie, but Glenn's death in Walking Dead. I LOVED his character (he was a breath of fresh air with all the drama). It was more sad than shocking, but it was definitely shocking… some would say over the top. I understand why they did it… to really show HOW terrifying the Negan character is, but it turned me off to the show.

  12. That scene in the black swan where Natalie Portman is in the bathroom and she peels off that skin on her finger

  13. 1. The laser scene in Resident Evil 2002
    2. Final Destination 5 Eye laser
    3. Life 2017 Ryan Reynolds death scene

  14. Fun fact that most of you probably know, the actors during the chest burster scene in Alien didn’t actually know what was going to happen ahead of time. That shock was real.

  15. "Hereditary" telephone pole scene! 100% didn't see that coming! Most shocked I've been in a long time from a movie plot!

  16. Fun fact about the scene in alien the cast had no idea that was gonna happen and there reactions are genuine.

  17. So people were upset about The Guardians of The Galaxy? Trying to please these people is like trying to get a baby to eat it's food.

  18. David Hasselhoff in the Elvis suit is the most disturbing thing in the video. And you missed the most truly disturbing scene in moviedom, the rape scene in "Irreversible". It is truly crushing.

  19. I remember the first time I watched The Green Mile the scene where the man is electrocuted without having the sponges wet and then catches on fire shocked me and left me nauseous for the rest of the movie.

  20. I remember watching this scene from a movie wherein they were going to use a defibrillator on the guy but them his chest opens up and then it bites the hand of the guys holding the defibrillator. Can’t freaking remember the title of the movie but it was the most memorable sht ever

  21. Doolittle Raid and Battle Of Midway, in one movie. How sweet. As per SOP, a diversionary Alaska campaign, has been ignored. If Gudalcanal was a miserable hothouse, Attu and Kiska were miserable cold wet death, that claimed more lives due to environment, then bullets. Same goes for Japanese forces, few of which survived to be evaced. Native Alaskans served in US Army as scouts and specialists on cold weather survival.

  22. I'd have included the diner sequence in Mulholland Drive; I sadly can never experience that again for the first time. In Pan's Labyrinth when the General bashes the bottle into the man's face– brutal and not anticipated at all. In Audition, the bag. There's the horse head in The Godfather. In the climax of Saw, when the corpse stands up and leaves the room, that blew the movie theater audience's socks off.

  23. Horse death in Never Ending Story
    Chamberlains defrocking scene from Dark Crystal
    The final scene in Audition
    Final scene of original Night of the Living Dead

    I took a date to Girl with A Dragon Tattoo fairly early in our relationship. That scene happened and neither she nor I had any idea that it was in it. I knew nothing about the film, save for a third hand account of the series, which sounded interesting. It made me so uncomfortable I apologized to her.

  24. what about 1996's Billy Madason, when billy forgot it was "nudey magaxine day"??? shampoo is betta NOOO conditioner is betta. stop looking at me swan!

  25. I hate when movies channel linking Girl with the Dragon Tatoo to remake one. ORIGINAL Swedish is best movie!

  26. Most disturbing scenes:

    3. Mechanic – when is revealed what actually happen…

    2. Requiem for a dream – Jennifer C. scene (actually whole movie is disturbing)

    1. irreversible – rape scene and smashing face scene will hunt me forever so disturbing.

  27. I LOOOOOOVED the ending of Skeleton Key! It's one of my favorite movies because of that awesome ending! >:-)

  28. The most disturbing scene i have seen is in Van Wilder party liaison, when the jocks find out the eclairs they have just eaten and have dripping down their chin is actually dog spunk. I haven’t been able to eat an eclair since 😱🤢🤢🤢🤮

  29. You forgot the scene in Shazam where Sivana attacks his father's company, throws his brother out of a window, and let's one of the 7 deadly sins kill his father

  30. The best part about the mutiny was when Yondu got his comeuppance. Watching him just whistle that arrow around the ship was a masterpiece.

  31. The murder of the hunter in front of his father with a wine bottle by Captain Vidal in Pan's Labyrinth. That act even scared the shit out of the Captain's soldiers.

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