My kayak is called “DISVARE” It’s a Breton word that means counter-current We try to go and get the counter-current when we’re kayaking. We’re not going against the current, it’s the opposit, it’s going to be like an elevator that’s going to carry you. Especially if the conditions and the current are strong. If it’s super tide and you’re paddling counter-current, it helps you going further. My name is Nathalie, I’ve been raised here and have always lived here between Roscoff and Carantec. And I’m truly in love with this area. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been attracted by the water. It really reflects who I am. I love paddling on my own.It’s not that I don’t like people (laughs) I love paddling for myself and I also love to share it. Anything can happen on the water, you need to be yourself and stay true to who you are. You can’t cheat. I really feel like I’m at the right place when I’m on the water. Either because it’s stormy and I’ll be fighting against the elements And I know I’ll burn a lot of energy And it will feel so good afterwards. Either I need something calm and peaceful to escape from the stress. Water is an element that fits my personality and I can’t live without it.

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  1. Belles images et beau portrait ! La monteuse qui est en moi dirait que ça manque un peu de cohérence dans le montage, mais vous êtes sur la bonne voie 😉

  2. Hello Captain Yvon Great video sir . I subscribed to you! by the way, if you (or anyone else) like adventure/exploration videos, new subscribers are always welcome on my channel. youtubers unite and support eachother! : )

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