DIY Home Movie Theater:  LED Video Projector Screen ► The Deal Guy

DIY Home Movie Theater: LED Video Projector Screen ► The Deal Guy

– Today, crazy projector price drops! Hi, I’m the YouTube Deal Guy Matt Granite. Welcome to your (claps and snaps fingers) one-stop shop for savings. I get excited because you’re here. I love subscribers. If you’re new, welcome. I find huge deals every day. I don’t make a dime of commission on anything I’m showing you. These are paid products. They’re all located right
under this video screen. And today, how to basically
turn a room in your home into a movie theater of sorts
for under 200 bucks. We’re gonna hear from one of my favorite directors in a moment, who actually put this to the test. First, lot of people recently, because you’ve just subscribed,
asking about freebies. Now, I give everything I
test away to subscribers. Our draws are done at
random through Epoxy TV. I have no control over who gets what. Before we get to this deal,
I just want to remind you that if you are not yet subscribed, click the Subscribe button
you see on your screen. I will notify the winning subscribers right in the comments section. You also get an email from YouTube. My favorite deal today, 175 bucks for a beginner portable projector. Free shipping, MSRP at $250. Ultraportable, weighing
in at under three pounds. It can reach a large wall
from up to ten feet away. Comes with a remote,
super energy efficient. And my morning show director,
Spanks, put this to the test. – Hey Matt, thanks for letting me check out your projector deal. I’ve been using a projector
down here in my basement for about two years now. As you can see, I’ve got
yours mounted up here. It’s pretty simple to install. It’s really just two wires. And then, turn around,
check out the picture. This is a screen that I
actually built myself. Because I’m cheap, kinda like you. But I got 129 inches
from corner to corner. Looks pretty good, huh? Even when it’s daylight outside. If you’re looking for an
entry-level projector deal, I’d say this is a pretty safe bet. – [Matt] Now, the one downside is our morning show director’s wife shot this on a smartphone. And we couldn’t capture the quality with the darkness in his basement. Just not a great combination. But I will tell you that
this does produce HD quality. I would say the quality
on this, picture-wise, seven out of 10. The price, 10 out of 10. Now, as I mentioned,
it comes with a remote. It does come with some cable. But if you want to use
HDMI or USB with this, you would have to bring your own cables. Now, it’s a great beginner. Because this is not gonna compete with one of those $400 or $500 projectors. But if you’re just looking for a great way to expand your screen. And you don’t have money
for a huge, huge screen, this would be a great way
to project that image. The LED life on this expected
to be around 14 years. It’s been working well
for a couple of weeks. Can’t attest to the 14 years. Also under this video window, got all sorts of projector screen deals. So if you do want to hang up a projector, go the less expensive route, you’re looking at somewhere
around 30 and 40 bucks, and then the nice ones
are in that $100 range. Paired beautifully with this. Again, if you want this
deal, limited time. Located right under this video screen. I really appreciate you being here. I got more deals, more
savings, coming your way. – Hey guys, it’s intern Amy. I love today’s deal. And if you like it too,
be sure to write something in the comments section to Matt and me. I do read them while I’m at school. And as always, click
that Subscribe button. – [Matt] For free stuff,
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every deal is right there. There you go. You are awesome. Thank
you so much for watching.

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  1. Would be great to show train videos while running the trains in the basement. Always good to see Amy and Abby working with you!

  2. That is so cool. would be great in my basement especially food for us old folks who have trouble seeing the movies on the smaller tvs.

  3. I have my own projector and I love it and I'll probably try and get this one for my parents it literally is such a steal for a projector!!!

  4. oh man…girls running in shorts on my wall.. the screen deals look really good I have a projector and i built a giant outdoor screen 8 foot by 10 foot now for the winter I need an affordable inside screen…I'm thinking the non moterized one would be perfect. great video as usual guys!!

  5. This is a GREAT find. Been looking to upgrade, and this just might be the ticket. Get a larger screen, and at A LOT less $$$$ than a screen the size you were showing.

    Nice to see you Amy, and of course, you as well Matt!!!

  6. are you guys giving away any of the screens? INTERN AMY!!! that raspy voice is sexy as ever! You need to be on more 🙂

  7. Hi Matt! Looks like a great way to show movies for a crowd. With it being so lightweight, could be great for a 'drive-in movie' night during the summer. Gather everyone in the backyard, hook up your source & project onto a wall or portable screen. I think that would be an AWESOME party. As always, happy to see the fantastic deals you & the crew find out there. Hope your storage area is all labeled & organized now. Have a great week!

  8. Great deal! I am sharing this one because I have a lot of friends I think could be interested for work or home. Thank you! And big hello to Intern Amy, always fun to see you! 🙂

  9. Amy you should be cracking the books while you are at school !!!!! How does this work outdoors. It would be Great for the Summer Holidays with my favorite Adult Beverage.

  10. Thanks for the great video! I've been looking at projectors like this for a while, this review was very helpful! I haven't bought one because I haven't been able to afford one, it would be nice to win one! I appreciate your work!

  11. Wow nice price. Looking to upgrade our movie night projector which doesn't have the hdmi hookup. We have fun outdoor movie nights In The summer with our blow up outdoor screen

  12. Wow, another awesome deal. This would be great for my power point presentations at the public schools on conservation of our natural resources. Been doing this for 11 years with a dependable one but this looks awesome!!!

  13. Maestro,
    I want to post part of your description to bring out an important consideration. It partly states:
    The RioHD-LED-3 projector by FAVI Entertainment offers the perfect balance in performance and affordability for home theater enthusiasts, gamers, business professionals and educators… The quick connect VGA and portable design makes it ideal for laptop presentations. Built-in media player allows for HD video and photo playback via USB thumb drive.
    This projector can be used in various ways besides movies, like games, presentations, etc. So, this is a huge deal for the price!
    Thanks Spanks for the demonstration. YOU"RE AWESOME! Oh yeah, and thanks Matt for including screen deals to go along with the projector. God bless…

  14. love your guys enthusiasm when a fun deal comes up..starting a remode in my home.. love this deal have not set all the plans in stone.. might rethink what I want to do with the tv room. Thanks guys for the info 🙂

  15. Sounds like a great deal just wondering how it would work playing on a blank wall instead of a screen. I have a huge wall in great room that this would be great for. Hmmm!

  16. Hyperbole alert: at around the 2:00 mark, the statement "I will tell you that this does produce HD quality" is not borne out by the specs for the unit. It is capable of just 800×600 resolution, which is not even up to the lowest HD resolution of 1280×720. While it may produce a pleasing image for some, and at the price, it's definitely within the range of buying for fun, but it's not anywhere near what's possible with a real home theater projector. If you buy this, expect it to be a toy and keep your expectations at that level, and you'll probably be happy.

    It's important to be informed (I like a deal as much as the next person), so look around for information before hitting that buy button so you are sure of what you're buying:

    I used to use an old SD-quality projector to shoot an image onto poster paper taped to a large sheet of polystyrene insulation to get a 100" diagonal image, but I had no illusions about its quality. It was still fun, though, so as long as everything is kept in perspective, and you know what you're paying for, it can be a good value.

    However, I would suggest saving the money and putting it toward
    something better equipped for the job. Something like the Epson Home
    Cinema 2040 is $700, but it has 15x the contrast ratio (brighter colors,
    darker darks), has a 7,500 hour lamp life, and is a true 1920×1080 HD projector. This unit is at the low end of price and performance for home theater projectors, with more expensive units capable of truly impressive images.

  17. Hi! Just discovered your channel. After I saw this video I immediately decided to subscribe, since your video's are so great! I wwnt to say that I think you really know how to interest people. I know begging might be wrong, but Amy (my apologies if I misheard your name) and Matt, if I would win the projector you reviewed in this video you would make me and my little brother very happy. We really enjoy watching movies together and watching movies with friends, but we can't afford to buy a good projector ourselves. And since watching movies on a gigantic screen would be really awesome, instead of watching them on an old 19" monitor, like we do now, I hope you guys pick me/us as the lucky winner(s). Oops, this comment became quite long, but I hope I were able to express myself and convince you guys. Also if I don't win, I'll stay subscribed since your videos seams to be very interesting and I'm looking forward to see more of your videos.

  18. hey that looks pretty awesome I'm looking for something just like that can you send me a link to where you bought it at thank you very much

  19. This is the reason why people are turned off from projectors. What is the resolution of that thing. 480p? Image looks just awful

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