DIY Short Throw Projector

DIY Short Throw Projector

Hi this is Tim, today I want to show you how to make your standard projector into a short throw projector by using this $35 lens. I will perform several tests of using this method and show you the pros and cons of using this method so keep on watching. When I first saw another person on YouTube using this method to convert standard projector into short throw projector I want to try it. Please comment below on what you think about using this method and if you have better method or suggestions please comment below. Having a short throw projector is very useful because in some event location you don’t have the space to move the projector back enough to create a large image.
To convert standard projector into short throw projector you need to purchase this wide angle lens. I have link to this lens in the description below. When I first received this lens. I had hard time placing this lens in front of the projector because lens alignment is precise and once lens aligned it should not move around or shifting. To solve my problem I created this rig using 3D printer. This rig gave me the freedom to adjust tile, height, rotation precisely. Since I used standard ¼-20 metal threads inserts for everything. I can mount this rig on a tripod also. Please comment below if you want a rig like this one. Now let’s check the image quality. I can see minor image softness at the edges and you can see the image is curve/distort at the edges. Some youtuber using this method to project images onto curve screen. To me the image quality is more than acceptable from this lens. You can use corner key stone adjustments to reduce the curved edges. Next we going to test brightness see how much light loss using this method vs standard at approximately same image size. Now we going to test how much image enlarged compare to standard at same distance. Looking at the specification we could get 43% image enlargement. Now I want to talk about using the mirror method. I have done many researches into the mirror reflection method to enlarge the image size. First of all if you want to get large image your mirror needs to be very large and it is heavy and delicate /danger to carry large glass mirror around to the events. Second, since the mirror is large and heavy the rig to hold the mirror also could be large and heavy. Let me show you one of my failed mirror reflection projects. Only benefit using the mirror method is with small mirror you get almost no image distortion at the edges.
That’s all. Please comment below on what you think about using this DIY lens method to create a short throw projector? If you like this video please gives a like and subscribe to my channel for more video like this one in the future.

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  1. Can you build one that can fit one on top of the other? Ex. I want to turn the 10000 lumen set up into a throw projector Like this one. I'll need the after that you built to be abut to stack on top of each other.

  2. What was the actual brightness gain accomplished by using the lens compared to moving the projector farther back to achieve the same screen size without the extra lens?

  3. Very clever, and I love your lens mount! The pincushion distortion is inherent in the use of a wide angle add-on lens, but it's really not objectionable considering the convenience. All in all, a great idea, executed beautifully.

  4. Thank you for posting this. It helped solve a huge problem of a stage projector that was not filling enough space. The images are slightly blurry, but from the audience you can't really tell. Your method really did the trick. Thanks again.

  5. Hi Tim. We are an amateur theatre company presenting a musical production later this year using projections. Your advice in this video was very helpful in sorting out our projection plans and we are using the lens you recommended which work well.. Much thanks for this advice. The company would like to purchase 4 of the lens holders for use in the show. Is that possible?

  6. What a great idea, I had just purchased a 6000 lumen projector and was going to invest in a short throw projector. I happen to have some lenses , tried it and my problem is solved. Thanks!

  7. Thanks for the guidance πŸ™‚ you are amazing. πŸ™‚
    I have a projector of 1m as minimum focal length. I want to convert it to a short throw projector and project it to a screen inside 0.8m approximately. Will I be able to attain the focal length of 0.8m using this lens?

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