Doctor Strange VS Doctor Fate (Marvel VS DC) | DEATH BATTLE!

Doctor Strange VS Doctor Fate (Marvel VS DC) | DEATH BATTLE!

(Cues: Wiz & Boomstick – Brandon Yates) Wiz: The art of magic is a perplexing thing. Only those with the right knowledge, talent, and willpower can truly claim to be the most powerful wizards of all. Boomstick: Like Doctor Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme of Marvel Comics. Wiz: And Doctor Fate, DC’s defender of cosmic order. Boomstick: He’s Wiz and I’m Boomstick. Wiz: And it’s our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win… a DEATH BATTLE. Wiz: Doctor Stephen Strange wasn’t just any brilliant neurosurgeon, he was the very best. Boomstick: Too bad he was also a prick who cared more about the money he made than the patients he worked on. Strange: Sensational patients bring recognition, recognition brings money and money keeps Wellhaven’s doors open. Boomstick: Can’t blame him though, when your entire family kicks the bucket one by one like Stephen’s did, it’s kind of hard to get attached to anyone else. Also, money’s just great! Wiz: Strange’s talent at the operating table earned him celebrations worldwide, his work became more expensive and his bank account rose into the millions. Boomstick: Aaand then… …don’t text and drive kids. Strange survived, but his hands got terrible nerve damage, makin’ them useless for complex tasks like. Oh I don’t know, surgery! Pretty inconvenient… Wiz: To find a cure, Strange spent his entire fortune and traveled the globe until he found The Ancient One. He had heard of this man’s befuddling, mystic healing powers and at this point, he was up for trying anything. Boomstick: Buuuut the old dude refused to cure him. Instead, he offered to teach Strange how to use magic himself and become a superhero! Who needs hands when you have magic? Wiz: Through his training, Strange discovered many secrets of the universe, along with plenty of handy spells. He has learned so many charms, jinxes, enchantments, conjurations, hexes, and incantations that it would be impossible to list them all now, but he certainly has his favorites. Boomstick: Like the nearly unbreakable Bands of Cyttorak. Unless you’re super strong like the Hulk or Thanos, no way you’re snappin’ these chains! Wiz: He can surround foes in everlasting fire with the Flames of Faltine. Launch energy shots called the Bolts of Balthakk. Boomstick: Did you just say ballsack? Wiz: Knock out foes with the Mists of Morpheus. And shield himself using the Seven Rings of Raggadorr. Boomstick: Who the hell came up with these spell names? Whatever happened to plain ol’ “Abracadabra!”? Everyone loves that one! Wiz: Other techniques of his include illusions, hypnotism, protective force fields, telekinesis, immortality, time manipulation, power stealing, teleportation, dimensional travel, transmutation, spell nullification… Boomstick: And he can turn himself into a ghost! Woooooooooooh! Wiz: That’s his astral form, a projection of Strange’s soul, separate from his body, which defies the laws of physics. Boomstick: Look Wiz, he can go through walls and fly around, that’s a ghost. Wiz: To invoke these spells, Strange audibly calls on the powers of the Vishanti, three godly beings of enormous power. Boomstick: Aww, that one’s a kitty! Strange: I summon forth the shielding powers of the Vishanti! Spider-Man: Impressive! He sure puts Mysterio’s hocus pocus to shame! Boomstick: Anyway, after many years of study, Strange’s mentor was slain by a creepy hentai monster and Strange was granted the title of Sorcerer Supreme. Which is like a normal sorcerer with all the toppings. Wiz: As Sorcerer Supreme, Strange was deemed the most powerful magic user, and defender of the world. To better perform his duties, he carries numerous magical artifacts which assist him in battle. Boomstick: The Cloak of Levitation lets him fly without magic and has a mind of its own, like Aladdin’s magic carpet, but way more stylish. The Wand of Watoomb amplifies his powers, and the Axe of Angaruumus…whatever, cuts through mystical beings. Fun fact, Strange found that axe in my ex-wife’s old witch cave, I mean, apartment. Wiz: But most versatile of all is the Eye of Agamotto. With this amulet, Strange can perceive any truth, absorb massive amounts of energy, enhance his psychic powers, and fire a light that can weaken and obliterate magical entities. Boomstick: If you haven’t noticed, Doctor Strange is super powerful, with all this magical mumbo jumbo, he’s taken on some of the biggest threats in the universe! Dormammu: Set me free! Strange: No. I’ve come to bargain. Boomstick: And if he ever gets stuck, he basically just rewrites the rules of reality, which is probably what happens when you divide by zero. Wiz: That’s not even possible. Boomstick: Exactly! It’s magic, Wiz! Anythin’ can happen! Wiz: Strange’s astral form has traveled across the planet in quote “precious seconds”. Putting him at several million miles per hour. Boomstick: Even better when Adam Warlock once used an Infinity Gem to banish Strange to the far reaches of the universe Strange just cast a spell that zoomed him all the way back. So yeah F you Adam. Wiz: Given what we see here Dr. Strange was most likely sent to a void or a large empty area between galaxies. The void where our galaxy resides is about 2 billion light years in diameter with the Milky Way set relatively close to the center. Based on Strange’s conversation here we can assume a generously short timeframe of five seconds. So Strange must have moved over 4.2 septillion miles per hour. That’s six quadrillion times the speed of light. Boomstick: DAMN! Oh, how about that time he ripped the soul out of his arch-nemesis and sent him back in time or when he restored his Cloak of Levitation from mere scraps. Or when he beat up Galactus and totally scrambled his brain? Wiz: With his immense magical prowess Strange has survived blast from Voltor a robot with the power to move stars. And even withstood a supernova at minimum an exploding star outputs over 350 septillion gigatons of TNT. That six octillion times greater than the Tsar Bomba. The most powerful nuclear weapon ever made. Boomstick: Not impressed yet. Well Strange can manipulate and detonate stars himself. That’s right. This guy uses supernovas as weapons. Wiz: Strange is exceptionally clever and while his physique is not superhuman It’s worth noting that he is a talented athlete and martial artist. This is important as the use of magic can wear down the magician’s body if it is unfit. His immortality is also proved incredible useful. Boomstick: I’ll say he’s looking pretty good for a guy born in the 1930s. Wiz: More than that at one point Strange was recruited by the Vishanti to fight in a magical war which lasted: 5,000 years. Boomstick: HOLY SHIT. I hope you got some really good veterans benefits after that. But for real this guy has the power to protect the universe and reshape it however he wants. I know which doctor I’m calling the next time I’m sick. Dormammu: Who are you? Strange: I’m Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme! Wiz: Tell me, Boomstick, do you believe in fate? Boomstick: I only believe in one thing, Wiz: 18-year 100 proof whiskey. Wiz: Well, after accompanying his father on an archaeological expedition in Mesopotamia, 12 year old Kent Nelson certainly did. Boomstick: Instead of diggin’ up boring ol’ artifacts like tools or pottery, Kent uncovered a 10 billion year old God! Too bad wakin’ him up also… gassed Kent’s dad to death. Wiz: This slumbering God was Nabu, a Lord of Order born from the very beginning of the universe. While Nabu normally cares little about the universally inconsequential concerns of individual humans, this time was different. Nabu took the newly orphaned Kent under his wing and taught him the ways of magic. Boomstick: Oh, sweet! I’d take a god dad over a ordinary one any day. But really, I’d just take any dad… Wiz: Though Nabu wasn’t too Keen on the actual parenting part of the deal. So he just magic’d Kent into a full grown adult over the course of a week. Boomstick: Does that mean he got hit with all those years of awkward puberty all at once? My God. Talk ’bout a mood swing. Wiz: To master the mystic arts, Nabu granted Kent three ancient relics. First and foremost, Kent donned the Golden Helmet of Fate. Boomstick: Well Kent woke up the physical body, Nabu’s soul is actually inside this helmet. So when Kent put it on, his spirit merged with Nabu’s, and they became Dr. Fate. Fate: I am an Agent of Order. Boomstick: Wait, he’s twelve! Technically, he can’t be a doctor yet, right? Wiz: Well, in time, he became a trained physician and achieved a PhD in archaeology. Boomstick: Good for him! Anyway, he’s also got the Cloak of Destiny, which gave him flight, super strength, and superhuman durability. Wiz: Lastly, he received the Amulet of Anubis, a talisman which increases Fate’s powers, counters opposing magic, and can launch an intense beam of magical firepower. It also houses its own pocket dimension, where the souls of past Doctor Fates reside. Boomstick: Oh yeah, lots of people have worn that shiny helmet, and not all of them were Doctors. Even Kent’s wife Inza got in on the magic action! But Kent is, like, the main one, so we’re stickin’ with him. Wiz: As Dr. Fate became the immortal champion of the supernatural Lords of Order in their fight against the vile Lords of Chaos. Boomstick: And he learned tons of wacky wizard skills he can use with just a thought. Perfect for puttin’ chaos gods in their place. Wiz: Fate can use telekinesis, cast illusions, direct force fields, hypnotize foes, read minds, teleport vast distances create an astral protection of himself, travel through time and dimensions. And even manipulate matter at a molecular level. Boomstick: Let’s face it Wiz he’s so powerful he can basically do whatever the hell he wants. Like that time he did a Freaky Friday buddy swap with Blue Beetle like it was nothin’. He can even conjure up Superman’s Kryptonian powers for himself. That’s right. This guy can just decide to be Superman for a day. Wiz: With his mighty magic fate has turned buildings into dust, thrown a planet into a sun and physically held back the destruction of the universe. Boomstick: The Helmet just the Helmet once flew through space so fast it reached the velocity of god. And then bounced off the edge of the universe. What the hell does that even mean!? Wiz: Fate has regenerated his body from a single thought, withstood hits from the likes of Superman and Ultraman and somehow survived in a dimension of reality where literally nothing exists. Boomstick: Who the hell is writin’ this crap? Wiz: Also when DC decided to reboot their entire comic line: Fate was one of the only characters to survive the crisis that litter really collapsed the multiverse. Boomstick: But he does have one big weakness: The helmet is Nabu and Nabu was the source of Fate’s powers so if you remove the helmet he loses his magic. Wiz: For the most Kent does possess some magical ability of his own like telekinesis and super strength but he’s not even remotely close to the potential of Dr. Fate. And even further from the truth fate. When the souls of a man a woman and a god come together; in this case Kent, Enza and Nabu they create Dr. Fate’s ultimate state of being. An entity with enough power to rip the universe of heart and effortlessly overpower other Lords of Order and Chaos. Boomstick: Sadly like all menage to scenarios keepin’ this goin’ for too long could destroy all three of ’em. So Fate doesn’t go final form unless he absolutely has to. Wiz: Still the people of the cosmos can sleep easy knowing Fate is on their side. Fate: Your fate is utterly binding. Clark: Who are you? Fate: Let me show you my friend. Wiz: Alright the combatants are set. Let’s end this debate once and for all. Boomstick: But first I’ll teach you how to be a wizard in the kitchen. Right now you’re probably shoutin’ at your screen: “where do i sign up?!” So check out this week’s menu and get your 3 meals free at That’s to get your first free meals free. But right now, IT’S TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fate: STEPHEN STRANGE! It has come to my attention that there are two Sorcerer Supremes in this existence… I am here to resolve this embarrassment. Strange: I see somebody needs a lesson in manners… Announcer: FIGHT Fate: Pitiful. Strange: Taste the Flames of the Faltine! How’s that for embarrassment? Fate: Fool. You are merely a doctor… I am a god! April: This is April ‘O Ne– Strange: Aha! I understand your power now. So the god is just a man in disguise. Let’s see how you fare without– Fate: Shut up! Strange: Oshtur! Grant me the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak! Fate: A friend once told me the helmet doesn’t make the man… But I will use it! Witness your true fate! Strange: I can’t stop you here… But maybe…in there! By a hoary host of Haggath. Where am I? Fate: Doctor Strange. Welcome to our home. Welcome to the end! Announcer: KO Boomstick: So uh… Don’t doctors take an oath to never take a life or whatever? Wiz: Analyzing this matchup was bizarre. You might even say it was… “Strange”? Boomstick: Save the puns Wiz that’s my job. But yeah, but these doctor wizards were so stupidly powerful tryin’ to find their limit was like lookin’ for a needle in a haystack. But nobody remembered to put the needle there in the first place. Wiz: With their maximum potential seemingly unmeasurable it’s easy to make an argument for either one to win. If given the chance Strange could have certainly say stolen Fate’s powers or maybe even just willed him out of existence. Boomstick: I bet plenty of Strange fans are letting us know how in the comments below. Wiz: And that’s fine. But DEATH BATTLE! looks at the larger picture to find the most likely outcome of them all. And Fate simply held the advantage on a grander scale. Strange may have fought a 5,000 year war but Nabu’s who’s been around since the beginning of the universe over 10 billion years. He definitely had way more experience. Wiz: Fate also had the advantage in casting the majority of his spells non-verbally, while many of Strange’s require specific hand movements and incantations. Still, it was only a matter of time until the Eye of Agamotto informed Strange of Fate’s one weakness. Boomstick: Depowerin’ him wasn’t as easy as you’d think. He had his own magic and his superhuman strength was something Strange didn’t have at all. Basically, anything Strange could do, Fate could do it too, but even more. Wiz: Remember how Strange cast a spell which moved him 6 quadrillion times the speed of light? Boomstick: Yep. Now remember how Fate’s helmet flew from Earth to the edge of the universe and back? Wiz: It took about one year to make this trip. Given the estimated scope of the observable and unknown universe, a trip of this magnitude would require the helmet to fly nearly 28 decillion times the speed of light. That’s over 4 quintillion times faster than Strange. Boomstick: Look at it this way: Stange was a man borrowin’ the powers of a god, while Fate’s a god borrowin’ a man. Plus, that power boost with Inza’s soul from the amulet put Fate on a level above the gods in his universe. Something Strange can’t really do himself. Wiz: Both Doctor Strange and Doctor Fate possessed incomprehensibly impressive magic, but Fate held more experience, greater physical abilities, and a wider range of talents. Boomstick: Which left Stephen stuck with a “Strange” twist of “Fate”. Wiz: The winner is Doctor Fate. Chad: Thanks for watching guys if you want exclusive commentary on this episode click that box right over there. Ben: And if you want the battle music for yourself there’s a download link in the description. Chad: See you next time.

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  1. That was Doctor Strange fault because he went into his mind he could of killed u because he went into his brain which he could of smashed him

  2. I would really want those two to encounter each other, but not to fight just to talk or learn of each others powers and existence

  3. Mmm, I'm calling a cheat code flag on this one. This was Dr. Strange vs. Dr. Fate. Who sanctioned the tag in?

  4. The reason I love Marvel is because their super heroes have a worldly and human weakness like feelings or lack of training. DC like to exaggerate and make it look like their super heroes has no weakness, but then gets defeated like nothing

  5. I love both of these characters but it seems you forgot your reseach again. Dr strange controls time with the infinity stone he controls so yea just do the damn research you lazy idiots.

  6. I have to agree with them on this one, although it could easily be argued either way. Strange did often outsmart Dormamu in the comics, an entity who is the essence of a whole dimension.

  7. Agamotto Is one of the VISHANTI..So Yes mr Kelchrn…. They Do Interven on stranges Behalf….Once Again Fate You Ain't The only one With God's In your Magic Items….And Once Again Once Fates Helmet Came Off He Lost Period!!!!!…..And Also When Strange Found Fake Week Point Strange Would of Stopped Or Slowed down That helmet Fate Had…..See Nabu Need Fate… Agamotto Don't Need Strange….So Reality Strange Genius Without items…..Fate Only Smart With Items Like his Helmet……Once again Dr .Strange Wins

  8. Who is Agamotto in Doctor Strange?

    Magical Manipulation: Agamotto is one of the three mystical entities known as the Vishanti. He created some of magical artifacts used by the Sorcerer Supreme such as Dr. Strange andDoctor Voodoo. Agamotto can create and manipulate magical attacks. › …

    Agamotto | Ultimate Marvel Cinematic

  9. To everyone who has ever watched this it’s a battle to see who’s sorcerer supreme but to me since there both doctors it’s a to see who is doctor supreme

  10. I usually agree but all Strange would need to do is send the helmet to one dimension then send Fate to another where he would remain powerless. EOS

  11. Honestly, do as many of these DC vs Marvel matchups as you possibly can please

    It’s so funny watching people get mad and it’s fun for me to cheer my own fav universe.

  12. They should just played a game of chess or something. Nobody does that to Doctor Strange. I don't know who Doctor Fate is but I'm working his ass when I see him.

  13. You forgot that strange can manipulate time it's self. Meaning if he dies he can just reverse time an infinite amount of times until he does win. Now argue with that.

  14. IF strange can remove fate's helmet he will win.
    Now here's how to do it, strange casts illusion that he is a woman with the knobs of she hulk, asks fate if he would motorboat those puppies, fate takes off the helmet. Game over.
    I've watched the video, so maybe not but it is still worth a try.

  15. This battle is void. First of all, marvel has a nasty habit of depowering dr strange time and time again. He is human who uses artifacts to do magic. Fate is human who is possessed by an actual God who uses the mortal body as a conduit to manifest its powers without restraint. How can there be a fair battle if one uses the full powers of a God while the other cannot use his full potential because of so many restrictions by marvel? The mere fact that fate uses former incarnations of its previous users, makes the battle even more unfair. Simply put, a mortal vs a god is already an unfair thing to consider. If it is mortal vs mortal, with all restrictions removed, then we can safely test who is indeed the best mage.

  16. I think that if they did exist in the same universe, then they might work together. Teaching each other different forms of magic. And adding each other in the protection of existence

  17. Though I am a Marvel supporter, I can support this outcome. But I do have to say, neither Fate or Strange would really ever instigate a fight like this, should they really encounter one another. They're both very logical people with absurd levels of dedication towards protecting order, goodness, and the forces of life. Would they get along? Maybe no, I can imagine their personalities clashing a little, since they're both used to being in charge and are very proactive. But would they work together and respect one another? Definitely yes, The would see the other as a useful ally in trying times and would likely stay out of each other's way.

  18. This is one of many reasons I hate DC almost every character they make can destroy the universe 30 times over with a sneeze but yet struggle against earth based criminals at times.

  19. Suggestions for the next Death Battle:

    Anti-Monitor vs Time-Eater (DC vs Sonic)

    Galactus vs Imperiex (DC vs Marvel)

    Sentry vs Superboy Prime (DC vs Marvel)

    Black Adam vs Hyperion (DC vs Marvel)

    Spectre vs Living Tribunal (DC vs Marvel)

    Sauron vs Lord Voldemort (Lord of the Rings vs Harry Potter)

    Smaug vs Toothless (Lord of the Rings vs How to Train Your Dragon)

    Devastator vs Gypsy Danger (Transformers vs Pacific Rim)

  20. Deathbattle is way too obvious these days. Pick the popular character that everyone likes and make him lose to spark controversy and get people to comment…

  21. I'm not bitter when the character I'm rooting for loses, but I don't appreciate that Doctor Strange lost because he halted killing Doctor Fate for dramatic effect, giving him time to say something cool and retrieve his helmet. GG, nonetheless.

  22. That's why I dont like DC cuz they just waste their time trying to fight a battle out while they can just use their superpower and be over it in a second

  23. meanwhile in the dark dimension
    Dormammu: at last dr.strange has been vanquished! Now my plans shall go unhind- wait what is that?
    Dr.Fate: emerges through portal
    Dormammu: Crap….

  24. only.ghost rider.won.from.the.marvel.side.most.of.the. marvel died. fighting the.heroes.from dcu.

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