DOLLFACE: short horror film with improved audio!

DOLLFACE: short horror film with improved audio!

[eerie theme music] [gasp] I believe that’s, uh, that’s check. And mate. Nooooo. How did that happen? Well, you fell into my trap there. [doorbell rings] Trick or Treaters. I’ll get it [laugh] [gasps] Happy Halloween. [laughter] That was weird Is she still out there? Forgot her purse. Some knitting needles, credit card… there’s an I.D. Karen Adams. 4201 Figueroa. Oh, that’s right around the corner. You should take it to her. Really? Yeah. Ok. Well, set up the board and we’ll play again. Okay. I’ll be right back. Okay. Bye. Oh no, he took my knight. Hello? Hello? It’s a little late for Trick or Treating. I’m looking for my husband. He came here to return a handbag. He’s been gone like four hours. He’s not here. Are you Karen Adams? How do you know that? There’s just… there’s some ID and some credit cards and some knitting? Get in. Get in. [gate rattling shut] Sit in this chair. Right there. I’m going to call the police. Was my husband here? I certainly hope not. Maybe I should go. You should stay right there. The police are gonna want to talk to you. But — I said stay! [eerie music] [gasps] No Help me! Kyle? No. Kyle? [eerie music] Help me please! Kyle?! No! Help me! Can anyone hear me? [heavy breathing] No! Help me! Anyone! No — [off-button click] [suspenseful music] [scream] She’s coming! We can get out before she gets here. Get the keys. Kyle? He’s dead. Please help me, she’s coming! Get the keys! Oh god, oh god. [suspenseful music] This way! [heavy breathing] Come on! [scream] [kicking] [screaming] [gasp] What happened? She kept me locked up so long. It’s okay. I’m free now. Yeah. Yeah, let’s call the police. It’s over. It’s not over. Not yet. No? Do you know why they kept me in that cage? Why? Because I’m very, very… Naughty. [gasp] I can’t help it. [stab sound] [body falling to ground] Thank you. [eerie music]

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  1. awesome film…very scary
    100000 times better than most of the hollywood horror flicks which are not even 1% scary

  2. Great little short. Well acted, well shot, and to have Roma Moffia in the flick is a major plus. The story was well written and it hit all the right notes for this fellow screenwriter. Awesome job! off to watch more of your work!

  3. Im bit confused. So the woman locked in cage was bad ,but what exactly happened to husband of main character ? Who killed him ? (Cuz obvius not that naughty girl) And that woman at the end … Her smile. Brilliant <3. Anyways , Its really nice short movie , just love it <3.

  4. Agreed not that it was bad, but there's a lot that didn't make sense. Like why was Dollface out trick r treating? And why this particular couple? Lastly who killed the guy die if the killer was the one in the cage and the other two who were free were not the crazy ones?  

  5. This was surprisingly good! Well thought out, well written, well acted (which is rare on Youtube), but, yeah, very good little flick you have here. Kudos!

  6. This is a awesome video i hope you make more like it i really enjoyed it and i love the acting it was so good. i don't really see good videos like this 🙂 hope you get more views and likes!

  7. So awesome. Ok first let me start off by saying any film maker that is new to the trade. Can learn a lot from you.

    So many new and old and present film makers just don't get the simple concept of detail and important prop placement.

    Hence the (chess-piece).

    People if something like that or anything for that matter does not push your story forward it's useless and will add plot holes.

    Also would like to compliment you on the old school style of: it's not what you see that scares you it's what you don't see.

    Your pacing was more then great!! Keep up the good work.

    One question I do have for you is the camera you utilized? As well as ISO and what Prime lenses you decided on. Mainly for the darker (dungeon) shots.

    Thank you for your time.

  8. i liked it at first, but then the mood switched to small disappointed, i am sorry, the sound doesn't match up for me, and the acting wasn't that great in my opinion in the last bit. but at the start it worked really well.

  9. While beautifully shot and costumed the entire thing makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. A simple storyline was taken and convoluted into a mess I can't make sense of.

  10. WTF?! made no sense what so ever! we came up with a few scenerios to try to make it make sense but if you folks cannot make any more sense than that then fu**ing just stop! I used to like horror shorts but now most of them are just GD retarded..

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  12. Very good! I loved the rack focus at the beginning and the way you set everything up: the missing chess piece, the "Dollface" and the knitting stuff. 

  13. I don't get it. What's with the cassette player and why is her husband dead when the "dollface" was actually good? Who killed the husband and why bait the woman to that place anyway? Or the husband in the first place? it made no sense at all.

  14. The only flaw I see is that it needs to be at least 15 minutes long, to allow for a little more clarification on what the hell happened

  15. …………………………………………………………………………………….so why did her bf get taken up there?……this doesn't make much sense to me

  16. Great job! please take a look at our new short horror film "Ballerina" and let us know what you think!

  17. The way I see it, all of them were murderers (except ofc for the first couple)…kinda like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre family…Dollface would be kinda like Leatherface – the mentally disoriented killer under the shadow of the really bad ones. So after the "leader" is killed, she avenges her by killing the "naughty" one, and without her masterminds she has no need to kill anyone else. At least this is the only way I can see any fucking sense in this.

  18. Wonderful, wonderful short. Tense and keeps you on the edge up until the end — doing more in seven minutes than what some Hollywood films can do in ninety. Way to go. Checking out GIRL AT THE DOOR now! Thumbs up on this and the original and earned my subscribe (:

  19. I really enjoyed the movie! incredible sounds and shots!! but… are the girl and dollface friends now?

  20. I truly liked this film. The only thing that made no sense to me was the tape recorder playing the husband's tortured yells. The baddie could not have been able to do that, for she was locked up, but the other two ladies were trying to help the wife, so that part is what I am having trouble understanding and am open to a good explanation.

  21. Good short film, but why would an adult be trick r treating ? She had a credit card and a hand bag?? 😂😂

  22. that smile at the end omg though lol. it makes me think that the other woman shouldn't be saying thank you, she should be screaming for help lol. really well made. i'm going to college to do a film and photography course in august and i hope i can make something as good as this xxx

  23. Great short! Not the scariest but still very good!
    Although I didn't quite understand the storyline. Can somebody please explain to me?

  24. 1) What was the point of dollface trick or treating? 2) They make it seem like dollface left her purse on purpose, so why would she do that if she's supposed to be good? 3) Why did the store lady act all weird when the wife asked about the name and 4) Who killed the husband and recorded his screams then played it??? Overall this was a decent short film for a very simple minded audience. Too many things happened without an explanation. Good twist though.

  25. Predictable, fitting into psychosis, also gore – – – NEITHER IS HORROR. Horror is a genre seeped in the supernatural, the unexplainable wind or whispers in the dark, a fear of what is not seen but merely suggested. There is the suspense of believing yet not with sure reason. Instead, as with the chick-flick & teen mentality of the current Western public being spoonfed by mass-media . . . the content is less, the depth that once was is regretfully now shallow.

  26. Bravo! Fuckin'-A right she's naughty! Twist-o-rama! Who wouldn't free a woman trapped in a cage? And the silent one tried to give warning… Well played and produced. Thanks to everyone involved.

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