Donald Trump Blasts Late Night Shows

Donald Trump Blasts Late Night Shows

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  1. I'm sorry I think a lot of people agree with me and it's pretty pathetic that we have to go get our real news and stuff from a comedic Channel. We have to listen to real comedians who have the truth to tell us like Dave Chappelle. It's a sad day when you have to look to your comedian channels to get real news but that's where we're at still find real news on the other channels but obviously Fox does not cover real news other than propaganda. I think there should be a law against channels that push such dangerous and hurtful things on there are two people but then again that might be unconstitutional. I will call at Fox does somewhat hate speech

  2. Trump doesn’t care, negative publicity is still publicity, he’s a publicity whore… still the best cure against that toxic person would be to never mention him anymore. Unfortunately his actions can’t go unmentioned. Luckily he’s treated as the emperor without clothes and he knows it haha. Poor bastard

  3. This girl is not the 1st lady, too easy to tell. Likely she is a prostitute escort him to travel abroad.

  4. No that is not a Melania double. Donny's new mistress looks nothing like her – well, a little bit – more like Ivanka.

  5. Facebook and Instagram should stay down. What will idiots do while they wait for Russian trolls to tell them what to think? There must have been a lot of confused morons wandering around in a fog that day.

  6. Trump takes offence for off color reporting on him,spends most of his time tweeting instead of doing a president's job on the economic growth of every corner of America , Best not to let Trump fool with the economy ,his tariffs have caused enough grief in America !

  7. At least they have a way to make us laugh at this political fool and that piece of silicone next to him

  8. CAN SOMEONE BUILD A WALL AROUND TRUMP ????? 🧐 starting a go fund me so we can have some money to get this wall going 🥳

  9. Jimmy whatever you do don't stop, and you are100% right , Donald gives nobody any choice you can't help but talk about what is going on in current affairs. I mean by God there's something new everyday when it comes to Donald. Great job 👍👍

  10. Haha! Kimmel seems desperate. Also sad. This is not what late night talk shows used to be about. Kimmel please stop beeing political. Be funny instead. All the Comedy goes out through the window when you try to be serious. With your record your just like Trump lol.

  11. The orange buffoon is giving them all the material needed to make it funny. I love Colbert. Don the CON belongs in prison.

  12. Remember when Maxine waters call for libs to confront republicans in restaurants while they ate? I called her office told them my name and address. Told he staff I was ready to defend myself and to bring it on. I still waiting.

  13. Of course, because all of you only mock him. You should be ashamed of yourself. He's the POTUS, have some respect. You think making fun of him will help your country? Rich liberals like you are hypocrites.

  14. That is not Melania in the opening photo.
    A substitute, because a Melania doesn’t want to be anywhere near him!

  15. Jimmy Kimmel is the biggest hypocrite. Dude used to work on the Howard Stern show, making fun of people with disabilities and degrading women. Yet he goes on these rants about assholes like him doing the same things….

  16. Hahaha you cant take them making fun of your dumb lazy ass hahaha keep up the excellent work late night make the old baster cry hahaha.

  17. Trump doesn't understand that his actions, and his attitude continues to give them things to talk about. Dumb and horny? He has to pay for a roll in the hay and yet, he claims to be a genius.

  18. I am no fan of the Trump but on this i actually agree, ever since Craig Ferguson and David Letterman quit, Late night tv became so boring and politically correct.
    Even Conan who used to make great stuff has become stale.

  19. Going by the comment..’meliania’s son’ we are not sure if the legitimacy of the horny comments (probably not the father).. even Stormy said he is below average…sad sad man Trump is

  20. the phrase " a face only a mother would love" doesnt come close to describing trump the orange dipshit. instead, it goes something like this:
    "a face that a mother wishes she could of swallowed or at least aborted"

  21. AKA Trump president butt-head wannabe brother of Beavis is a soft-skinned lizard reptilian..
    Poor trimpe boy has a full diaper dump Trump again.. trumpy baby likes to be pampered

  22. I've watched too many night-hosts intelligently taking the piss out of Chump, which almost cheers me up. But all of America and world are still employed in proving there's no law standards of America's un-united politics. That's the Gibbon…or Howler Monkey…I can’t tell the difference.

    How many oil-tankers of ink, and forests, have been wasted on Chump's predictable mad-dogging? Young, pretty, Greta Thunberg seems to be the only Human on the planet to have evolved correctly-caustic hold on Chump. Let’s do more than just ‘hope’ that Captain Gibberish loses his hold of OUR PLANET. Where are America’s Laws?

  23. All republicans should be put down like dirty dogs……

    As long as there are Republicans , the usa will remain the shithole that it is.

  24. Jimmy you are just as stupid as Trump give me a break as if you assume to know anything about the world and that is why they allow people like you on air

  25. Trump is the best president America has ever seen. How you tell if a channel is bias is when they continue to put the president down and never once compliment him for getting economic results. Trump 2020

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