Donkey Kong TV Show

Donkey Kong TV Show

Ever since the Super Nintendo, Donkey Kong and 3D have been like this. So naturally, when the time came to make a Donkey Kong television series, Nintendo brought in Pixar to animate it and I think the results speak for themself. Look at how realistically the monkeys interact with each other. And keep in mind, this was only the pilot epis– WHAT THE F- What SHIT is this?! Reggy, what did you do? (Reggie Fils-Aimé)
[He pronounces his name as Reggy] Why did you let them d– This is like a mod for Jimmy Neutron, or something. This– This isn’t real, r- BANEHNEHSLEMMEH It’s real. [Bluster Kong] Hey, Candy! Surprise! [Candy] A birthday cake?… [Bluster] Happy birthday! Banana Cream. Your favorite! [Candy] *Sighing* Rejected! [Dunk] HOLY SHIT! That is fucked up! He bake- He bakes her this big ass cake and she just rejected- Tha- That’s fucked up. I don’t care who you are! [Candy] So [Dunk] WHAT? [Bluster Kong] The machine, No!
*Dunkey laughing* [Dunk] What the fuck?! This lady is the biggest bitch in the fucking seven seas! You know what it is?
She only loves Donkey Kong. I know this because of a musical number. [♪ Song: “Our Love Is Stronger Than A Golden Banana”♪ ] Yeah, you thought I was kidding. But it’s real. Also, they used motion capture to do the…uh dancing. [♪ Song: “Our Love Is Stronger Than A Golden Banana”♪ ] [DK] Happy birthday, Candy! [Bluster] You can’t be serious! [DK] I brought you these! [Dunk] Damn! Now that’s true love! Bunch of fuckin’ bananas on a green stick. [DK] ♪ Your love is like a dream come true ♪ [Dunkey laughing] [Candy] ♪ You are the sunlight warming- ♪
[Dunkey laughing] [King K.Rool] Just watch. [Candy] Donkey Kong?! [DK] What? What did I do? [Candy] Whose banana peel is that? [DK] What banana peel? [Candy] THE ONE ON YOUR HEAD, YOU BABOON! Our date’s off. Don’t call me! Don’t drop by! EVER! [Dunk] JE- [Dunk] -SUS CHRIST! What the fuck, lady? Years of friendship: gone! Negated by this single banana. [Candy] ♪ Our love is like a Summer Breeze ♪ [DK] ♪ Can’t you see we’re meant to be ♪ [Both] ♪ Our love is stronger than a Golden Banana ♪ ♪ Our love is stronger than a Golden Banana ♪ [Dunk] Unless I trip on one banana peel then this shit is over forever! [DK] I’ll walk the rest of the way with my buddy DICKS (Dixie). Catch you later, Diddy! [Dunk] That’s Dixie Kong… (laughs) [DK] I used to hang here with my girl… But that’s history…
*Studio audience awwww sound FX* [Dixie] Aw, you’ll hook up with somebody, DK. (Krusha laughs) [Krusha] Hey, what about you, Dixie?
[Imitating DK’s voice] Little Dixie doodle… You are fine! [Dixie] Huh?! [Dunk] Now, this is a very complicated scene with a lot of moving parts. I think it’s best we, uh, analyze each element on its own. Like, first, let’s appreciate that this blue guy back here, he is able to… Perfectly replicate Donkey Kong’s voice. [Dixie] Hey! What is up with you? [DK] Huh? I didn’t say anything! [Dixie] Dogging your best friend! Humph! [Dunk] Now, this is where it gets more impressive. The blue guy… okay. He can- he can do Donkey Kong’s voice perfectly, but now he is actually able to talk in such a frequency where only Dixie Kong is able to hear what he says even though Donkey Kong is sitting right there. He’s sitting RIGHT in front of that tree. [Dixie] Wait ’til Diddy gets a load of this! [DK] What? What did I say? *Meanwhile* [K.Rool] Oh, my! [Dunk] Okay. I can explain this. Uhm… K. Rool… He finds a book. Which tells him that, by cutting Donkey Kong’s hair, you actually, uh, deactivate his monkey strength.
[Like Samson?] So, K.Rool builds a robot… [Candy Robot] Snip-clip, power-slip, you’re a wimp and that’s it! [DK] What? [Candy Robot] Snip-snip, gonna clip! Make you my sweet and sexy chimp. [Dunk] You dumb fuckin’ robot! Donkey Kong’s never gonna fall for that shit in a hundred years. Look at your face! It looks like a car ran over it- Aaand… he’s a hundred percent gonna fall for it. [Candy Robot] Come here, you hunk of love! [DK] Okay then! Chop-Chop! [Candy Robot] All done! That wasn’t so bad, was it? Do you like it? [Dunk] Yep. He likes it. So now, with Donkey Kong rendered powerless, K.Rool sends in this stupid-ass blue guy to kill Donkey Kong and he steals the crystal. Truly, all hope is lost. [DK] ♪ I don’t know what’s happenin’ to me ♪
[ ♪ Donkey Kong – I’m Nobody’s Hero ♪ ] ♪ I’m gettin’ all the blame for things I didn’t do ♪ ♪ Can anybody tell me just what I did wrong ♪ [DK] Chop-chop! ♪ Once I was the ape of the hour ♪ ♪ Now they think I’m a coward ♪ ♪ An absolute zero ♪ ♪ I’m nobody’s hero ♪ ♪ An absolute zero ♪ [Dunk] But then, this happens… [Diddy] Banana bullseye! [DK] Huh? [Diddy] Look! It’s your head! Your hair is growing back! (laughs happily) [DK] So are my muscles! [Dunk] Just an incredible show. [End Credits] [Outro]

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  1. lol donky ur bad and dumb because i wanted to watch this when i was yonger and growing up but my mom said that she watched it and loved it but i forgot to watch it but my mom said it was a good show and my mom has never once lied because she told me truth and she said that you are don’t a good youtuber so by

  2. this was honestly groundbreaking for the underground vaporwave scene that occurred during this show’s airing. donkey kong’s ability to express his feelings for bitch baboon truly influenced a generation of musicians to come.

  3. Has no one stopped to think about what a crazy sexual innuendo that monkey made on Kandi was? Banana creampie? On her birthday?
    I'd reject him too, that's gross

  4. Omg remember this and I was really exited as a kid and i loved this show and i see it now and i think wtf was l thinking as a kid btw king k rool is the best character ever

  5. fact: bluster kong is the best character
    unlike donkey kong and diddy, bluster is more than a one-dimensional good guy
    bluster is a multi-layered character so deep you could write ten novels about his character based on his looks alone
    donkey kong and diddy are weak and inconsistent, at times diddy can singlehandedly take down krusha and klump at the same time, and sometimes diddy will be defeated by just one of them. donkey kong is even weaker, sometimes he can take out krusha and klump with one banana slamma, but sometimes he’ll just sit there helpless as if he’s a baby
    bluster is far superior, and is so powerful he can literally turn into the strongest character while he sings about how cool he is. bluster is also responsible for making all of the barrels, which has saved the crystal coconut several times. in one episode bluster literally just goes and steals the crystal coconut singlehandedly, something that even king k rool can’t do
    he also has a helicopter
    he also ran for president of congo bongo
    he also directed a movie
    bluster the benevolent is the best character in donkey kong the world

  6. A few weeks back my girlfriend and I were shopping in an antique store… And we found a VHS copy of Donkey Kong Country; Legend of the Crystal Coconut.
    She was ecstatic.

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