DON’T Buy The Samsung Galaxy Note 8

DON’T Buy The Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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  1. I just randomly chose the note 8 +, the one u use normally, and I can't believe I chose the right one πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. Wish I had seen this before buying this phone. Only paid 500ish with holiday sales, was not worth it at all. Total garbage phone, no ability to root or install custom rom.

    Please encourage everyone to get out of Samsung and over to pixel, everything about pixel is better

  3. I love how this video is 2 years old and yet the Samsung Note 8 is still going strong. Even with the 10 coming out. It was the best Note in the entire note line.

  4. I can't help but say this but, I hate hate the way you talk… In person, I'd probably just stand up and just walk away because you sound like a fake human being. It's like you watched too many movies of mobsters and you became that annoying character that the audience is supposed to not like. I'm writing this because I have to pause the video to get a break. 15 million subs, I must not see what others see. /shrug

  5. I just love how I am watching this on my Note8 and YouTube recommended a hate video on it… lmao.
    (Yes, yes it is. lol.. @8:20)

    Also, why the hell it come up now? Stupid YouTube algorithms lmao.

    Mind you I'm about to change phones now, but I found it funny I'm seeing this on the phone you say not to buy haha.

  6. Love my Note 8 and the stylus. I have had it for 2.5 years and use the pen more and more and can more accurately sign documents and instead of typing, I can just write on the screen and the phone transcribes it into type (even cursive), and to subdue my children I give them the phone and stylus to use the coloring function on Pen up. The problem for me is that they took away certain photo editing tools and more importantly, the screen now has permanent strange color tone differences due to "screen frying." In my opinion, if a phone screen cannot handle the light that it produces, it shouldn't be able to go that high.

  7. You got pen, so. LOL I still remember when Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone to the word and samsung and all consumer electronics companies didn't ever remotely think about making a touchscreen smartphone, it didn't exit yet. Steve said: "How are you gonna operate this thing? With a stylus? NAAA. That's a wack, you loose it all the time. You are gonna use what you are born with, your finger".
    Today iPhone is still the best smartphone in the galaxy. Hahahaha
    The other day I went to carrier store and asked them what phones they sell more, they said Samsung, the cheap ones. Then I asked them what top of the line phone they sell more and they said iPhones.

  8. I bought the Note 8 on release and still use it. It's in mint condition and battery life still lasts me the entire day. I feel confident I can go for another year with just this phone.

  9. I appreciate the honest reviewing, and it's been real helpful with my decision right now. I'm a Note girl, but need to upgrade (been using the Note 3 for 5 years!) I don't anticipate using the fingerprint technology, and I am so used to using the handy dandy pen, so it's really a must for me to get another Note. Now I'm just deciding between Note 8 or a newer model. I can see myself settling for 8. Also I really enjoy the Note series in general. No other phone line that comes with pens have "smart pens".

  10. I were a happy user of note 8 but since I had burn in in 4 and 8 months, changed display once, now I go for zenfone6 , still miss stylus but man having a good display for only 4 to 6 months and then becoming bad it is too bad….

  11. Amazing phone…still one of the best phones on the market but its time to say goodbye to my note 8 and hello note 9…the note 10 can wait…

  12. You could be shopping on Amazon and doing research on YouTube at the same time. That way you can find the perfect phone before you buy it.

  13. Got my Galaxy Note 8 in June. Earlier today the mic just decided to stop working. Now I can't make or take calls neither can I make voicenote. Can someone help me please?

  14. The Galaxy Note 8 is still better than most smartphones in 2019. And the price has gone down a lot since its launch.

  15. 2 yrs later got it today for $230. Switched from iPhone 6 with a broken screen. Used to have a note 4. I'm back!πŸ‘ˆπŸ‘‰

  16. I traded up from an S7 Edge to the Note 8 regrettably. I use Google text to speech often and for whatever reason, I'm constantly having to make numerous correction on grammar than I would on my older S7 Edge

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