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  1. Hey GlobeTolters! Want to learn more about the gear and techniques we used?
    How I created the 3D light rays effect in the intro ►
    How to film people ►
    Et pour ceux qui parlent français, regardez "La vérité sur Taïwan" ►
    Here is the link of the After Effects project I bought for the light ray effect in the intro ►
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  2. 臺灣是全世界最棒的國家、安全、自由民主、超多美食、對外國人友善、大部份的人都很善良。

  3. I go to Taiwan 2 times a year and the houses there aren’t so good such as Australia and etc.
    But they sure did invent bubble tea😋😋

  4. 台灣唯一的缺點政治惡鬥 有個博士造假的領導把升等資料封存到138年 博士論文拿不出來 博士還未畢業就去黨校教書 等她宣稱的教師都死光了才公佈教師名單 唯一一個比較像論文的東西今年才送去她自己號稱的學校的婦女圖書館

  5. 作为一个大陆人我怀着想多了解了解台湾的心情点了这个视频,可是评论里一群对大陆的侮辱,我们从小都学习着宝岛台湾,我认为的台湾人很友善,民风淳正,也十分期待台湾的同胞能来大陆玩。我不奢求台湾的每一个同胞都能来大陆看看这几年的变化,看看大陆和自己的印象有什么不同,我只希望不要随随便便就对大陆人进行人格侮辱或者对大陆的文化大陆的风土人情进行侮辱。当然,如果有机会的话一定要来大陆看看,我们百分之百欢迎台湾的同胞

  6. Interesting approach. But I am afraid most people will not be patient enough to watch till the end and thereby misunderstand you.

  7. It will be also nice if you can collect those scenes where you think ugly or overcustructed, and post on youTube with title to Taiwan goverment or people, please stop doing these, for example, so that we, Taiwan people, especially the goverment could re-consider seriously and might stop mistreating the nature.
    I love the wild nature in Taiwan, but our politicians like construction so much that many rivers and coasts are already cemented, and many more will be, too. In many occasions, it is more effective to say such things by foreigners than by native people .
    Best Regards,

  8. I never been in Taiwan but I'm hight educated I guess Asia problem Japan screw North Korea and mainland China Japanese fight both won easy way get in some land Both countrys split They adopt Russia Communist System One side other side they adopt Western plus on culture mix one One nation two choices one losing on culture keep on vale culture North and South Korea nothing different before one The same mainland China and Taiwan before one nation nothing different No one want claim they make mistake to adopt the the wrong culture I'm glad see this video bye!!!!

    普遍?蔡英文的民主政府 選後 第一件要做的事!

  10. how times have changed them I arrived in 1992 to watch an emerging democracy, the start of the "I am Taiwanese "view. Taipei cleaning up, A brand new subway system. The old chinese culture and customs booted out of China.

  11. The nature and food of Taiwan is great, but in politics and culture there is still turmoils ahead even after the 2020 election. Taiwan president election result largely aligned with Trump's expectation, as a result of world's two superpowers at conflicts lead by Trump (effort of the US on the Hong Kong demo did not go wasted).

    However unlike America, the elected president of Taiwan has not been dealing with the terror brought on by neoliberal feministic terrorism, with members and candidates of House and Congress declaring 'being female' as a political view and roadmap, as absurd as that sounds. With a unipolar media system bought out on feminist issues, all political parties hinted and advocated much in the line of 'women's rights and respect for women, is the minimization of men's rights', with no women speaking out against that and all are riding the wave, which is appalling, considering feminist claimed women does not corrupts in politics, which turns to be the opposite. Ability to record recent news and translate to make sure what I heard is not a product of mistake, is both a blessing and a curse, but foreigners have no dog in the race, so no worries, right?

    That ends not being the case, as you will see. Taiwanese women, even in history, consistently refused to participate in any military matters, apart from a few would-be-stars that are there not by conscription, therefore not mandatorily by law as their colleagues. This non-participance trait is known even among neighboring countries. At this age of time, conscription on men enforced by law because you have a need, is as absurd as claiming you need to rape someone and have that legalized because you have a need! If it is not forced by law but by personal choice then I have no say, but this is not so and is advocated the loudest by the women political members and candidates whom said they support equality? Very disturbing indeed. (To have a little background, the rights to participate in political matter came and is only for those in military service in the age of Roman empire, which means the sick and women and children cannot participate in politics. In order to give them rights to political participation, countries in the western globe went in the process of discarding lawful conscription and made that voluntary).

    Taiwanese news leading to the election got heated, with news and variety shows bashing candidate using 'you did not respect women' clause. This clause is used very liberally, to pressure down opposing opinions said by a person that 'happens' to be male, or as closing sentence to pressure opposing opinions to a popular statement. Granted, it is a clause created that invites more emotions than logic, advocated through the feministic terrorism, so participant of a debate goes 'braindead' into agreeing, all without considering the merit of an opposing opinion, or the demerit of a popular statement (i.e. minimization of men's rights). The popular statement made by a female host goes as far as saying men whom don't get locked down when a war happens for conscription, is bad. Considering Taiwanese women is abusing a political rights that is literally borrowed, and reserves ability to escape during wartime (unlike men) all in the name of equality, is not only hurting my Taiwanese friends whom are gullible to the point of detrimental at the moment, but also hurting foreigners. You see, gullible person pressured into diminishing rights but cannot oppose that due to aforementioned 'braindead' inviting clauses, may pressure similar situation on to, yes you guessed it, foreigners.

    Quelling feministic terrorism is not exactly the responsibility of a foreign entity, it is the responsibility of their government and people to wake up to the coffee. Having said that you may still find yourself in a hot seat. If you are having relation with a Taiwanese girl with intent of helping her (and/or her family) escape in a wartime situation, think twice. If you must do, make double-sure they understand rights does not fall from sky like candies, so you don't ended up bringing people shouting 'braindead' clauses at you back home, that would be a terrible insult to our veterans.

  12. just wondering, as a fellow lover of taiwan and traveller how did you find the ufo/ circle houses? what area are they in?

  13. Seems like this video is more about don't go to Kaohsiung haha. If I'm not mistaken, most if not all the shots are taken from that city

  14. I love Taiwan. Surprisingly very polite and friendly people. You are right, don’t go to Taiwan, because you don’t want to leave 😃

  15. Taiwan welcomes people from every country (Yes even people from China)!
    Country or not, we sure do provide foreigners with a great experience to a different culture and society!

  16. I had two Taiwanese teachers when I was younger. They both loved their country, but they’re apprehensive of the day China gains full control of Taiwan. It’s already starting. I hope their culture remains to flourish under Chinese rule. I love Taiwan and its people.

  17. Man, Taiwan! In my opinion, it's one of the most amazing places on the planet. I absolutely love the fusion of differnt cultures & food they have there. Peace & love from the US. I really hope to visit someday! ✌️♥️

  18. Taiwan s wonderful island but full of dangerous situation.night marcet food ,oil more than 10 days old,the cook all meat and fish in one pot. hepatitis, water pu Garantie, see food could be days old, Western people could be dangerous seek

  19. Transport from meat in open track's in hygiene no freezing containers, fly all over,and that meat we eath in best hotel's or on night marcets,. No wonder in China start such s Virus,at night thousend of rates travel on the close night marcets Shure the cats there are very fate.

  20. Nice vid showing the best of Taiwan. However the other side is heavy traffic, noise, pollution, and crowds. I came to Taiwan after living in very clean Hawaii and Japan so my impressions were different. I've been here 24 years now and the novelty has worn off. But it's still a decent place to live. 😎🌺🧡

  21. On what facts you base on this??? It’s false news. I lived there over 10 years. People are friendly and Taiwan is so beautiful, food are so tasteful. I will restrained my myself to say negative things about your channel.

  22. i am here now in taiwan working for more than 3 years and what i can say was this country amaze me and i hope i can live here forever but as a foreign worker we just stay here until 12 years,,,i really love taiwan,,this is my second country,,,
    btw ur video was so great
    keep it up,,,

  23. 意識科技犯罪集團利用其在各醫院診所及餐飲業的成員收集醫院病人尿液、痰、唾液加入到各餐飲業客人的飲食中。

  24. Was in Taiwan a few days ago and I fell in love with it and already planning to go back. Love the culture, the parks and the amazing friendly people.

  25. Beautiful place made awkward by the Chinese communists and the coronavirus. If you go, take plenty of face masks. Tourists cannot buy them anywhere. Citizens can buy 2 per week if they have an ID and wait in long lines on the sidewalk.

  26. This film is so good, it has the Hollywood style. All the subtitles are the opposite of shown, and you can not stop laughing. So funny

  27. I don't understand what you mean don't go to Taiwan ? You mean after watching the video how Beutifully the country it's !? Then you want to go there ? Is Beutifully place to travel and lives there .

  28. Taiwan food is very good, but don’t go taiwan if you are on a diet
    Taiwan’s food will make you eat more.,. Anyways! I love taiwan with all my heart.

  29. I was in Taiwan last Feb and I want to stay there longer..the place was amazing and the food were so good..I'm planning to get back there this June..God I miss Taiwan🇹🇼

  30. 中国共产党倒台后,台湾会是大陆最明亮的一盏灯,不论今后统一不统一,最好的祝福给台湾同胞!

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