Don’t Wear a BLACK Dress at 3AM! The FULL Movie

(dramatic music) (heartbeats) (frenzied music) (music intensifies) (flickering) (camera clicks) (soft music) (door closes) (backpack slams on counter) (TV on in background) – Oh, hey honey. How
was your day at school? – It was really awesome, mom! I also got to check out a
cool book from the library. Here it is, mom! It’s called “Lady in the Black Dress”. – Sounds terrifying. – When is dinner gonna be ready, mom? It smells very good. – Um, Looks like it’ll be
done in about two hours or so. – Can I please go to Zany’s house to play? – You have to finish some of
your homework first before you can go over there to play. But if you get some done, you can go. – All I have to do is read for 50 minutes, and I know exactly what
book I’m going to read. – “The lady ran through
the streets barefoot, trying to find someone to help her. There wasn’t a single person to help her. Everyone has disappeared. As she searched, the dress
got closer and closer. Whatever she did, she couldn’t
escape the black dress. It was becoming a part of who she was. The lady in the black
dress desperately tried to free herself from the
clutches of the black dress.” – Taylor, mom said that
you can be done reading, so you can go to your friend’s house. – Um.. I will probably go to her house tomorrow. (intense music) – [Mom] Come and eat dinner! – “It was 2:30 in the morning, and the lady in the black
dress hadn’t slept in days.” – Hey Taylor, no more
reading at the table, okay? ‘Cause we’re gonna have dinner. – Okay. – [Mom] After you’re done eating make sure you do your chores. – Guys! This is my favorite
part that I’ve read so far! – “And it’s when the
clock struck 3:00 AM.” (toy banjo played lightly) – This is when she decides to
fight against the black dress and get her family back. – Steven! – Yeah? – Have you ever just read a book? – Mm-hmm. – That you couldn’t put down? – Mm-hmm. Wow. – Guys! It’s time to get ready to go to bed! (handle clicks) – Alright girls, it’s
time to go to bed, kay? Taylor, I’m really proud of you for reading so much today, kay? – Mom, can I please just read for just a little bit longer? I only have 50 more pages left. – I know, sweetie, but
it’s getting really late. You just need to do it tomorrow, okay? (Taylor groans) – Goodnight, girls.
See you in the morning. (yawns) (flashlight clicks on) – Payne? Jordan? Are you guys awake? – Okay. “The lady in the black dress did anything that she could do to
get back to the world. She just wanted her old life back. Time had run out for her. She knew she must accept
that she would ever be known as the lady in the black dress. The end.” It’s 12 o’clock. I
should be getting to bed. (flashlight clicks off) (ominous music) (gasps awake) – What?! Payne and Jordan, did you see that?! Guys! Wake up! Maybe I should just go back to bed. (whines) (whispered voices) (breathing heavily) I gotta get out of here. Payne? (gasps) Jordan? Where are they?! (panting) (screams) (door slams shut) (ominous music continues) Parker? Parker? (shrieks) (dramatic music intensifies) Mom? Dad? (shrieks) Mom? Dad? Where did everyone go? Where’s my family?! (menacing music) (door slams) – Why am I wearing this black dress? And where’s my family? Why am I doing these things? Stop it. Stop doing that. It’s like the black dress is controlling me. It’s just like the book I read. And it’s happening to me! I should’ve never read that book. Now I may never see my family again. I have to find a way to snap out of it. (TV static) – Taylor! Taylor! Is that you? I’m trapped in here and I can’t get out! Things must get back to normal. The way they were before. And only you can do this. You must rewrite what has happened. Do you understand? Rewrite what has happened! No, we’re breaking up! (TV static) – Make things back to normal? What does that mean? What do Steven and I normally do? Maybe I’ll find some hints in his room. Steven and I love talking about Star Wars. Maybe if I read a Star
Wars book, he’ll come back. “Anakin Skywalker’s rise
to power is astonishing. In a few short years he
goes from being a slave on Tattooine, to become one of the most powerful Jedi ever. But Anakin’s thirst for power leads him to the dark side of the force, with tragic consequences for the galaxy.” (sigh of relief) – Taylor, you did it! You got me back! – I feel more like myself. I still don’t feel 100% but it’s getting better. – Is this black dress
causing all these problems? You need to try and get that thing off. (dress rustles) – Come on, let’s get out of here! (upbeat music) – What?! (gasps) (TV static) – Taylor! Taylor! I’m stuck! I’m stuck! Help me! Help me! You have to figure out a
way to get me out of here. I need a happy ending to the story and only you can do that. This is not a joke. It’s serious. I wish things would just
be back the way they were. (panting) I’m running out of time! (TV static) – Taylor, what does this mean? – I need to do something
that me and Payne always do. – Well okay, whatever
it is we need to hurry. You’re creeping me out. (dramatic music) (dress rustles) – Whatever you do, I’m gonna
sit over here in the corner. I’m not going back there again. (shutters) – Why did the chicken cross the road? – [Steven] I don’t know. Why? – To get to the other side. – Knock knock. – [Steven] Who’s there? – A broken pencil. – A broken pencil who? – Nevermind. It’s pointless. (Payne laughs) – [Steven] I have a joke
for you. Knock knock. – [Talor] Who’s there? – Robin. – Robin who? – Robbin’ you. Hand over the cash. – I’m back! Thank you, Taylor! – You’re welcome, Payne.
I feel even better now! I’m gonna get rid of this
dress once and for all. – Let’s go! Come on. (door slams) (gasps) – Not again! I can’t keep doing this. – Let’s go downstairs and see if anyone else pops up on the TV. – Someone hurry. Appear! – Guys! Anyone in there? You guys still trapped in there? (TV static) – Someone’s coming! – Taylor! Taylor help me, please! You’re the only one that can save us. You need to rewrite the ending. It’s not what it was supposed to be. It needs a happy ending. Rewrite the story, Taylor. Rewrite The Lady in the Black Dress! Please, we’re all running out of time. That’s the only way we can all come back. Hurry Taylor! – Is the answer that simple? I just need to rewrite the ending? – Yes, do it! Then the
curse will be lifted! – Then no more black dress for you. – Alright guy, let’s do this. (upbeat music) – The lady in the black dress decided to fight for her old life back. She realized that how she could
bring back her family is.. – To use everyone’s strength
to defeat the curse. – Good one. – A power of a family is stronger than an individual. – The lady was finally able
to defeat the black dress with the love of her family. And she lived happily ever after. The end. (sighs) (calm music) – You guys are back! – Taylor! – Finally, we’re all back together. (TV static) (simultaneous gasps) – [All] Parker! (gasps) I’m free! – Hey there, Taylor. Help! Please come and find me. I’m all alone. It’s scary. I want to go. I am cold. Bye, guys. – Parker, please don’t leave! – Stay where you are at, Parker! How are we ever gonna find you? – Guys, what are we gonna
do to get Parker back? – Obviously, whatever
you did to get us back is not going to work for her. – But what can we do, then? – We have to have Parker in our family. – What can we do to get where she’s at? – All I can think of is putting
that black dress back on. – That’s not a good idea. – Taylor, we can not do that again. It took forever to get you back. – I don’t think we have
any other choices, guys. Do you want Parker back, or not? – I really wish there was another way. (ominous music) – Guys, it has to be done. (magical music) (sighs) – Let’s do this. – [All] Lady in the black dress. (all clap) – Whoa, this place is creepy. – Let’s go find Parker! – [Both] Aah! – Come on. (screams) – This is the creepiest thing I ever seen. I don’t like spiders. (screams) – Ew, that’s gross. (grunts) – Parker? Parker? – Keep out? What’s in here? (screams) – Taylor, where are you? Hey, where’s Taylor? – Whose bones are these? (shrieks) – Run! (dramatic music) – Guys? Hello? – Parker? Parker? – Parker! Parker! Where did everyone go? Hmm. I feel like I’ve just
been running in circles. Parker! Parker, are you floating? No. Hmm. – Gaah! (girls scream) – That was fun. – Aah! Too scary. (crying) – What is this place? Whoa. – I don’t like spiders. And snakes. They’re scary. (whimsical music) – Parker? – Guys? It’s getting dark. – I hate eyeballs. (mumbles nervously) – I’m starting to feel weird. (groans) – Guys I hear you. Where are you? – Parker? – Please help me, guys. I’ll just wait here. – Parker? Parker! Guys, I found Parker! – Parker? There you are! (sighs of relief) – We’ve been looking for you everywhere! – I’m sure that I’m trapped in here. – Parker? Parker? – Taylor, you’re acting weird. – Parker, let’s get out of here. – Or, should we stay? – Guys, I think we should
Taylor out of here. Things aren’t looking good here. – Whatcha talking about? I don’t feel like myself. – Guys, we have to get out of here. Follow me. You guys. – Wait, wait for me. – Come on, Taylor. – Go in this way. (ominous music picks up) (sighs) – I’m tired. I’m just going to stay here. – We’re losing her, guys! We have to hurry and get out of here! – Taylor, come on! Hurry, we have to get out of here! Hurry, wake up! – It’s that dress that’s making her do it! – We have to get rid of the dress. – Guys, we need to get that
black dress off of her. – [Girls] Got it! – I just want Taylor back in here. (magical tune) – Taylor? (snaps) Taylor? (gasps) – Are you back to normal? – I feel so much better! – Guys, let’s get outta here! – Let’s get outta here! – [All] Goodbye black dress! (claps) – [All] We’re home! (upbeat music)

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