Dora – Tamil Full Movie | Nayanthara | Thambi Ramaiah | Vivek–Mervin

I don’t like the way my husband behaves! I am suspicious whether
he has an affair with Kavitha Don’t have any doubt. He roams around with Kavitha. How can you bring home a girl
who is more beautiful than you? Men get tempted easily. Why don’t you understand this? You brought her for your company.
He accompanied her in *** Cry nicely. What is the use of crying now? Don’t cry. I will cry as well, it seems. Wipe your tears Don’t cry If my daughter pavalakodi
has come means it vil be a problem I will think of you or
my daughter future? (Tamil tv serial)
After a break. I didn’t inform him that
I bought this vehicle. I should somehow tell him today. What is this? Look at this. New model vehicle. Isn’t it good? It’s an limited edition We have to order before even We have to ask were she bouht the vechile? hmm sure Excuse me. May I know in
which showroom did you get this vehicle? I foresaw this last week. Didn’t this happen now? This is inappropriate. I said don’t cry What shall i do now? Dad! I don’t know what to do now. Dad! I don’t know
what to do now. I couldn’t switch it off. My dear boy! Dad…How long should I call you? Dad was here all this while. I was wiping the television. I went in just now, heard the
sound of TVS and returned. You! You were wiping TV? Yes. You go inside. Why suddenly she became silent
and not talking anything. You are always watching serials. Go and prepare dosa soon. I wanted to raise
my daughter like a man. She changed me as a woman. Marriage season started
for my daughter. Astrologer wanted me to come to him
this month after visiting our family deity. How do I tell this to my daughter? How am I going to take her to the temple? She is aging. Dad, you are aging. You should get married soon. She is voicing my thoughts. You are matching horoscopes! Why don’t you speak up? You are alone. If you get married, both of
you can watch serials together. Is she trying to make me speak? I guess, no! What if I get one of
my friends marry you? I will not suffer step motherly treatment and
she will be an acquaintance to you. Beautiful friends of you…! Praba or Rohini…? She has put words into my mouth. She thrown it How can i go like this? She has defamed me
early in the morning. Don’t know what is in her mind. Muruga! You can’t even sit or stand at your will.
How dare you name Praba or Rohini, Did you notice? Dad is becoming insane at this age. Let’s do something. We shall visit our family deity and pray that I should be alright. You want me to take to the temple,
somehow…isn’t it? Is that a place? We should walk 5 kms after
getting off a bus! I won’t come Go… Boy! You shouldn’t say so. Aren’t we walking 14 kilometres around
Thiruvannamalai This is our family deity. We must walk
the stretch to reach that temple. I already told you I won’t come.
Why are you torturing me? Won’t you listen to what I… Don’t shout. What did the doctor say? Eat this! Ok. I will walk for you. Success! Why should you walk? Let’s go by our car. Did you see my sister’s call taxis? Ok. Go to your work. Welcome dear. Brother, you are looking too skinny. Pavazhakodi.. Aren’t you cooking for my brother? Do I look skinny? I am as heavy as a pillar. Will you stop us at the door
and talk? Come in. Come in brother! See…She went in as soon as I told. My sister listens to whatever I say. Get lost. Brother, what is the
purpose of your visit? Nothing dear! I am planning to visit our
family deity for prayers. To our family deity, brother! Yes sister! I visited when we started
our call taxi business. I am eager too. When are you going? Now! That’s why we are here. Provide us with 15 cars. Let’s take our neighbours too and visit in group. Let people watch VK family tour. You daughter in law will be elated. How can you suddenly
ask for vehicles? Our cars are too busy. You know our company number. Book cars quoting that
you are my relative. I will ask them to
give you a discount. Dad… Come on. Let’s leave. Don’t be in a hurry, boy! Shall we leave? What is going on? They are going to visit our family deity,
it seems and wants car. They have come to get the
vehicle free of cost. They want car to visit temple today. Do they know how to sit in a car? Do they deserve a car? Brother-in-law, mind your words! What do you mean? How dare you say we have
come to take car free of cost? After your parents’ demise of cholera, It was he who raised you like
parents and educated you, A for Apple and B for Ball U have to study He admitted you in
english medium school He cycled you
13 kilometres to school daily! When the girls of
your age were cooking, He sent you to college. What you have to do? You should have learnt there. Instead, what did you do? Brother You told your brother that
you are in love with a landlord When he went to inquire,
it is found that he is not a landlord but a shepherd in his home. My daughter’s flow is interrupted. Dad… Where did I stop? On his face! He mortgaged his home for your marriage And gave you 50 sovereigns of gold, He did a marriage for you. And an ambassador car to
your husband who has no other means! Your husband doesn’t deserve
to ride even a bullock cart. With that, Keep multiplying things he started this call taxi company
using all evil deeds. Named your company as VK using
my dad’s name Vairakannu… The capital for our growth is my dad’s
ambassador car, his name and his fortune. How dare you say he is
asking for a free ride? Who are you to give me a discount? Thangamani, note this down! She can’t write. Say louder. Dad will write. We will buy a car, start a call taxi company and make it bigger… If we don’t ruin your empire, my name is not Pavazhakodi. Dad My name is not Vairakannu! Dad… Come, let’s go! I am coming Belly guy. Are you my mother’s child? Monkey! Crooked faced woman! Bye… Who are you? How can u pay the money? EMI or CASH? We can apply a loan ? What are we going to do with
100 sovereigns of gold at home! We shall pay cash and buy! No need of EMI! Bed sheets are of low cost.
Please buy, madam Who are you all? What do you want? Watchman! NO. Don’t do anything… Please leave me. Please leave me. Please leave me. There are newly married, Look under the bed! Only two chains are found! Not all the jewellery? Where are the 100 sovereigns Where? Her husband will come now! He won’t come now! Time is already 10. I thought she will get up at 5 to
wake me to implement the challenge made. Are you sleeping till 10? I shouldn’t allow this. Boy Pavazha! Boy Pavazha! Boy Pavazha! Boy Pavazha! Dad likes his sister Thangamani
more than you! Dad…you are into spiritual mood
in the morning? It’s my prayer! What is your prayer? To get a kick from you! Are you kidding? Did I kick you? Is this the time to play? Boy Pavazha! Did you forget
what happened yesterday? What happened? Do you ask me what happened? Your aunt humiliated you. Shouldn’t you be angry? Shouldn’t we be angry? You should have woke me
up early in the morning, To buy a car for starting
a call taxi company…! I just said that in a flow yesterday. Should we start for sure? Did you say that in a flow? I was afraid that you were serious. Leave it. I am getting monthly pension. Let’s continue eating and sleeping. Let’s continue sleep and eating ok? was serious! 10, 20, 30, 40… What are you doing? Money to buy car…! To buy a car! A Toy car! I will get you 2 or 3 toy cars
with this money for you to play. Get all your savings! I don’t have any savings! Shall I get it? Why have you kept it in soil? Soil! That is mustard! Is this mustard? Where are you going? How did you find
this out so easily? I drank it for sorrow.
She might have had it to sleep, i suppose! Only we both live here. Then, why did you
hide this in suspicion? No suspicion! I have hidden this for
safety from thieves. You have taken all of
your father’s wealth. There is something else too. What else is left? This is a silver rope. Pavazhakodi, you have taken the
silver rope as well! Bring that too! Not that one! Bring that I say! Please! Not that one! Will you get it or not? Ok. I will bring! Without any kindness or compassion… Try to touch your mother’s
property after she is gone. What? Nothing! while you were putting
me on the cradle…! Why do you feel so much for a woman
who eloped with our neighbour Give that! She is your mother! Get lost! This is the newly
constructed apartment! Only some are full. They have done this
in their absence. This is a brutal rape, murder and theft! At what time do you usually
return home after work? I will go in the morning 8am
and return in the night 9pm. Send the body
for post-mortem! ok sir! Kumar! He is the landlord, sir! Greetings sir! You have constructed
such a huge apartment! Can’t you fix a
CCTV security system? Only just a couple of days before,
they have marked for fixing CCTV cameras. This happened before that! Try to fix it as soon as possible. Ok sir. She is the maid
of that house. At what time will you come
for work in the morning? At 8 O’ clock sir! I will leave at 9 after finishing my work and come back at 4 in the evening. Did you see anybody
roaming around suspiciously? No sir! Who is their neighbour? They are the neighbours. Come here. Did you hear any noise? No sir! What is your husband? He is abroad! Have you ever
spoke to that lady? We don’t talk to anybody. We stay indoors. Do not come out. Because is good to
socialize with neighbours. Did anybody heard noise No sir, or seen somebody
roaming here suspiciously? No sir, Aren’t you going? Sir. Does Vegetable vendor, Paper boy or milk vendors come inside? Milk and paper boys
deliver in bulk and leave. It is me who used to deliver
those to each apartment! Where were you at
the time of murder? I have gone to leave
the children at school! Kumar! Sir! Inquire the neighbourhood and come to the station with details
of people who are not in this apartment. Ok sir! Welcome sir! A paunch belly! He should be drinking
beer at nights, I suppose. Boy Pavala! Why are you standing there? What happened? Nothing dad. Donít know… but I am anxious! You lied and didnít eat
the breakfast I served. Did you take the tablets? Come on.
Letís go to the doctor! No dad! I am ok! Come on. Come on, I say! No dad. I am ok. Come, letís go! What car shall we buy? Come inside sir Dad… Letís buy trendy cars
like Innova, Swift or Indica! Sir…This is ertiga car…. which is moving fast. Moving fast! 2015 model! It has good revalue, sir. Donít tell about revalue
even before buying. It has run just 10,000 kilometres. This engine will give
you good mileage sir! It should give good mileage! It wonít cost you much! Is it? Why are you lying? Will you tell these
many lies to sell a car? Is this car ok, madam? No. No this! See this car, madam! Full hi-tech model! You will get this for
the rate you expect. 2013 model, single owner! It will give you good mileage! This car looks good, dad! It is good. Enquire about its cost! What is the bill amount? Sir…I am looking
into the details of this! I will tell you the
amount with tax! I am waiting for you! Dad! Yes! Shall we buy this car? Which car? This car! Were is the strring? ohh it’s there… This one! Go da. This must be placed in exhibitions! This idiot has placed
it in the showroom! Somebody should have exchanged
this eighty years ago! Donít get fooled. This is your dadís
hard earned money! See dad! What? Dad! Actually, generally, All call taxi companies will be owing normal cars
like swift, indica, innova…! Yes. That is feasible. But, what I am thinking
differently is, What different…? The car MGR used, The car Shivaji used, The car Kamarajar used… PV Chinnapaís car, Thiyagaraja Bhagavatharís car, Avvayarís car…! Like that Why donít we select antique cars and start a call taxi company? What if we start? If we do that our customers will feel happy The car Shivaji used, The car MGR used, that they rode in cars
used by celebrities! Idea is different. Tell me…is this different? Think about my idea! There will be no re sale
value for the old car. No guarantee too! You can get only dates in exchange! Why do you want this, my boy? This wonít work! It will work! I bought it! Is it? Do get tired of thinking all this! I have got a superb punch
line for our call taxi. What is that? Listen! We offer Juice for your thirst! We donít compromise
in our quality! Let me tell once. We offer Juice for your thirst! We donít compromise
in our quality! Isnít it good? Heard some noise! Is that a cat? The car key!
I have kept it here. Tell me! Please donít beat me! Tell me! Please donít beat me! I will die if you continue to beat me! Tell me! Tell me! Akilan! Sir… He keeps repeating
the same thing; I have inquired thoroughly! He has gone to leave children
at school on that time! Do you want to inquire him? Ask him to leave! You can leave! Thank yoy sir… Somebody did this after keenly
observing the absence of watchman and husband… Dad! Come here. Come here for a minute! Did you notice! I have pasted it
opposite their home! Super dad! Why are you shouting like this? Look there! This is not VK anymore. PK! Pavalakodi Call Taxi! Where is that bulky fellow? If it is these many posters
in front of our home, How much it would
be all over Tamilnadu? Crooked face woman and bulky fellow
are finished from today! I told you already, if we have pasted 1000 posters
where people assemble, We would have got many offers…! What did you do? You asked me to paste all posters
in front of your auntís home in anger. What happened? Did we get any call? Is that a call? Yes! Let me attend the call! Let me attend the call! Let me attend the call! Dad! Welcome to Pavalakodi call taxi! We offer Juice for your thirst! We donít compromise in our quality! Greetings! Tell me! There is a deadbody in Nesapakkam
to be carried to the Cemetery! When can we expect the vehicle? You expect the vehicle! How dare… You shouldnít scold the customer! Customer! Why this torture? Dad! Boy Pavala! Dad is here! Let it come in its pace. Donít get emotional. Letís entertain! If we had wedge, we would have got calls. What? I meant, the companies
flourish as they have wedge! I donít get you! Why donít you understand? There are wedges
in the cell phone! That is not wedge. It is called app. That is what I mean! I shouldnít have educated you. Treat your dad as a child. No scolding. Hello. Welcome to Pavazhakodi call taxi! We offer Juice for your thirst! We donít compromise in our quality! Tell me Greetings madam! I am calling from Tambaram! We are planning to
visit Tirupathi Perumal! Will you send your taxi? Dad, first trip is to Tirupathi! Perumal has invited us. Get ready soon! Our car resembles a flight. Thatís why dad is
wearing a pilotís costume! Bye Did you go to that apartment
last week to install CCTV camera? Give me a pack of cigarettes! Greetings sir! Here it is! Thatís ok sir! Take it. Do you know about a murder
that took place in the nearby apartment? I heard about it sir! Did you see anybody
roaming around suspiciously? No sir! How long are you running this shop? For about three years! Do you have a match box? A lighter is there! Take back your bed sheets! Itís not even three days… It is fading. I will be dishonoured if I sell this! Give my money back. No Come later on! No Are you going to pay
my money now or not? Why are you irritating me? Wait. Are you working in that apartment? Yes sir! Come here! Are you running a provision shop? Or do you have
some other business? No. I have a provision store! Where do you get this bed sheet? He wanted me to sell these
bed sheets for him. It is fading within three days time. Thatís why I have come to give it back
and get back my money! There was a cycle here
with bed sheets on Friday! I took 5 bed sheets from
that when no one was around! I didnít do anything else sir! I donít know anything sir! How long was it here? It was here from
9 Oí clock in the morning. Did you see the person? I havenít seen him when he parked! But I saw him when he left! How does he look like? He looked like a north Indian, sir! Did you sell any bed sheet
in that apartment? No sir! Did you sell? No! The murder happened on Friday! There was a cycle parked
here at around 9 in the morning! He has taken it later. There was an unused bed sheet at home! The cycle was here with bed sheets! But, they both havenít sold it! Kumar! Sir! There was an unused bed sheet on a table
near the body in that apartment! Bring that! Yes sir, Boy Pavala! Dad… Did you visit Tirupathi Perumal? The customer who called
afternoon made me wait. He has accepted to pay
the waiting charge. The customer has come. I will call you back, Ok? What? Are you picking up
the customer just now? I will call you back! Sir… Are you going to visit
Perumal at Tirupathi? I donít go well with God! Do you have any legal issue? Why do you want to
go to Tirupathi Perumal? Are you scared? We are going on a long travel, Thatís why I checked
whether you are brave or not! You did that well. You are very brave. Go. WHAT? Your face already
looks masked. Why do you use
a separate mask? Sir..Shall I play music? Shall I sing? No sir! Thank God. He unmasked
when the vehicle is at halt. What would have
happened in motion? People take the main road
to reach Tirupathi! Not necessary. I will take you in short cut. Why do we use short cut
when there is a main road? Donít talk louder. What if people
sleeping in the vehicle wake up? Sir… Sir… Hello I am here, you blind! He is churning me! Why did you stop the
vehicle at the grave yard? You want to meet
Tirupathi Perumal? It is you who wanted to
meet Tirupathi Perumal! Yes, I did. So, letís meet! He is Tirupathi! Brother! He is Perumal! Why are you torturing me? If a valuable customer calls you, You can either accept or decline, Who is that girl, who bombarded me that bad? Come on. Our next plan is to
visit Pazhani Murugan! He will be the best man
who suits our plan. Why doesnít it get started? Something is standing
on the top? Get away! Leave me! I am a poor thing! Why do you look like
haunted by ghosts? I am actually haunted! Is he a man? He took me to a grave yard! Fox howls at the left side, Dog barks at the right side There is full of smoke in the front, And there was a corpse that gets up
and sings while getting burned! Take your shirt off Why do you cry? Why should have
started the car and left? How do I start? There is the key,
but it doesnít start! The gear couldnít be operated! I couldnít press
the accelerator too! Window is
turning automatically A ghost entered the car
and drove me here in reverse! I was too terrified! First trip itself was bad! Shall we visit Bairava temple? What? Shall we visit Bairava temple? This is good! She herself initiates
going to the temple! I should take her to the family deity nd pray that her
marriage happens soon. Dad… Shall we go or not? That old lady couldnít see properly
because of the light, it seems. Switch it off for some time! Her ears too are not in
proper condition, it seems! Where did you come? Who accompanied you? I have come with my daughter to
offer prayers for my family deity! Whatís wrong? This is not your place! Go back! What do you mean? If you are thrashed by your
daughter-in-law at home, Deal that at your home! Donít counter argue! Get lost! Dad She looks like a sage! If she is wearing that costume,
will she become a sage? Does a sage get boozed
and play around the forest temple? This old woman is irritating! If you keep standing, I will run over the car on you! Get lost! Your wish wonít be fulfilled! I have started a call taxi company
with my hard earned money. How dare you say,
it wonít happen? You witch, the time offered
to you is over. Get lost! Your wish wonít be fulfilled! Dad.. What is this? Listen! Donít get confused! If she is into religious path,
she will speak soft! This lady is cursing. It wonít bother us! Start the vehicle. Dad…The car is not
moving at all! This is a mud road.
It happens! Come on. Letís walk! It may rain, I suppose! Letís offer our prayers and leave soon! God Bairava! My only daughter should get married soon and live happily. Both of them shouls live happily for many years. God Bairava! Brother! Brother! Brother! Brother! Brother! Come on. Come on. Who is that? Who is that? Take the advance amount of 5 crores! Please do the needful. You knew about the money
and came here, right? You were with me and betrayed me! Leave me! Take the money from the car
and leave the place Is this your company bed sheet? Yes sir! I have come to interrogate in
connection with a murder case. Your company bed sheet
is the only evidence. Have you all plotted it together? No sir! We sell bed sheets on whole sale. People take it for cheap price
and sell that as Rajasthan bed sheets. Does north Indians buy
bed sheets regularly? Yes sir. 4, 5 people come
on a regular basis. Do you have that list? Yes Choto! Kumar…get that list! Give the list of boys! Hello. This is the groom’s father speaking! We have started from home! We will reach there in some time. Who is that? The groom’s father! Did you want me to
get ready for this? Asked me wear sari early in the
morning for going to temple? No. I wanted to tell you yesterday. Who asked you to arrange this? Whose permission do I need for
arranging my daughter’s marriage? You should ask me! Let them come. I will humiliate them at the door
and send them back. Don’t just send them alone. Send me too and stay here alone. Your happiness alone is
important for you! Hey! You want me to get married. Why didn’t you get married
for the second time? You thought she won’t
take good care of me? Boy Pavazha! If you do something,
it is justified! If I do the same thing,
is it selfishness? No dear! What no….? Please try to understand! A man can live alone in this world, but not a girl! Don’t talk.
I may end up scolding you! Scold your dad! Look here. Dad wants to see you get married
and live happily when I am alive. Dad… being with you is my happiness. Boy Pavazha… When Dad says something… What is your problem now? I want to get married, isn’t it? Show somebody who is
ready to live in our house. I will get married to him. Is that ok? Groom who stays with us? Relieved What? How can your dad
cook for three people? Dad can cook well! You have agreed. This is enough for me! Good morning sir! What Good morning? Have you found out anything
regarding the apartment murder? They have murdered in broad daylight! No sir. I am inquiring. Have you got any evidence? No sir! We are enquiring 8 people
at the station right now. I am on the way to
the station now. We should close that
case within this week. The groom hasn’t yet arrived. He has gone outside. He will reach now. Call your daughter. We shall see her. Boy Pavazha. Pavazhakodi….! Bring some Tea for us! It was 8 people in the list. Only 5 are here. Where are the rest? Two among the three
are out of station sir. Another man’s mobile
is not reachable. Akilan, can’t you at least nab
people on the list? What are you working? Where are you all from? I am a Bihari sir! We both are from Jharkhand, sir! I am from Odisha! I am from Patna! Where do you stay? I stay at Vadapalani sir. They both stay with me. Won’t you people speak? I come from Meenambakkam, sir. I am from Perambur, sir! Do you all buy bed sheets
from JK bed sheets? We get damaged bed sheets
from that shop and sell. Akilan, give me that list. Do you know Bhavana Sharma, Bhangal Sonu? No sir! Say that louder! No sir! No sir! Does anybody sell bed sheets near
Maduravoyil Lakshmi nagar, Murali nagar? I sell at Porur, sir Say that louder! I sell in mennambakkam sir. Ask our son to come fast Man with bell pepper nose has taken. Woman with the hump hair has also taken. The girl looks very soft. She will suit our son. She is the right girl for our family. Dad.. Shall we speak? They will agree to our condition. Is it too hot? Yes. Shall I ask her to
bring another tumbler? How many vehicles do you own? Just a minute! What? You have sent 10 vehicles to Mannargudi
and 15 vehicles to Pattukottai. When are they returning to Chennai? Send it soon. Though we have 1000 vehicles,
there is shortage for services. What did you ask? Nothing! The lady with lipstick
is taken care of. Did you see? f I find out anybody is lying,
I will thrash you all at the station. No sir! No sir! I will thrash you all at the station No sir! No sir! Do you understand? Hold this list…! Hello! Where are you? Don’t you know
we are going to see the girl? Come on! Who asked you to go there now? Leave that place, now! No! Come and see the girl. You will like her. I am on duty now. I cannot come. Wait. Talk to your dad! What is this? Don’t humiliate us in
front of our relatives. Come soon. Only then we can leave this place. Our son has come! He is our boy! See the girl! I didn’t like this girl! Please leave now! What…? You didn’t like her? Have you ever seen a
more beautiful girl than me? How dare you say,
you don’t like me on my face! Write it down! I will take down. 1, 2, 3, 4… There are many other
challenges too! This is another one.. Let me write it in between. How arrogant you are? How arrogant you are? Will you get married to
a more beautiful girl than me? Will you? Dad! Dad! What do you say? Never! Finish your challenge! What if I do? will stay a
virgin all my life! I will! This is a challenge! Challenge! She seems to be egoistic! She seems to be egoistic! She told this! This won’t be included in the challenge. Leave. Fight won’t follow immediately. My daughter should
win this challenge. Dad… He said, he doesn’t like me. Leave him. There are 40 people roaming
around the streets like him. You are only one in
the whole of south India! Ok. You say something! I am telling the truth.
You are just humble. The phone is ringing. Won’t you attend? Hello! Welcome to Pavazhakodi call Taxi! We have booked the taxi to Ooty! Tell me, sir! Will the car arrive? It will come at 10pm. What is the driver’s number? Driver’s name is Anand! He is contact you. Ok sir. Have a safe journey! Dad… I searched everywhere. Did you see the key? No. Dad, did you misplace it somewhere? I don’t know! Dad How come you are sitting
so irresponsibly? This is a 20 days tour. It’s a huge order We can get 50,000 rupees. Won’t you search? I won’t. Dad…What happened to you? Greetings sir! I won’t greet you. Who are you? Acting driver sir! Acting driver sir! Will you act like Arnold? You don’t know English? Tell me madam! The car keys are missing. Can you start it with a spare key? Can you come please? There are a lot of vehicles in the shed. I am busy madam! Even if you are busy, Could you send
your assistant at least, please! Please! Ok. Ok. No need of an assistant, I will come now. Thank you! Thank you! Can you act like our own superstar? Sir! You are saying sir…sir
and giving a flat reaction! There is no other expression! And you claim
you are an acting driver! Does it look like ragging? Not looks like. I am ragging you. Greetings madam! What? Why do you say madam, all of a sudden? Why are you torturing him, dad? What do you want? Madam, please come and open the bonnet! I will start this car using my technique. Get a duplicate key on your way. How can he start the car without key? He is taking one rupee coin! He did some magic! I will leave, madam! Get a spare key and then start! Ok madam! Not necessary. I have the key with me! Dad! Why have you hidden the key? Aren’t you responsible? You have snatched
the responsibility from me. I took you to Ooty, Kodaikanal
when you were young. Now you have grown up. Now you have grown up. Have you ever taken me out? You have appointed
an acting driver for this. Are you planning to give
retirement to your active father? That’s why I have
hidden the keys. Things are happening
beyond my capacity. I don’t need the key. Get lost! Get lost boy Pavazha! Haven’t you left yet? Gear is not working properly. It is struck. Start soon! Sir! Two among the three men left
to their place three months ago. The other one! Couldn’t contact him sir! His number is not reachable. He has given a fake id. Was he buying bed sheets regularly? No sir. Not regular! He bought it only twice. Show his photo Sir. Fake id, didn’t buy bed sheets regularly. We should nab him! Yes sir! Drive carefully. Drive carefully. The cyclist came on our way, sir! Drive safe. There are children around. Sorry madam! We believe in you and started our
10 days tour to Ooty and Kodaikanal. If you drive like this here, How do you drive at the hills? Can’t you tell him? Drive slowly! It is kodaikanal on left…
Ooty on the right. There is a bend in the middle. Put your seat belt. Otherwise, you will be gone. Who is vomiting inside the car? Dad… Dad… Dad… Go inside and sleep. It is not enough for me. Who is grabbing my bottle? Hello. Tell me Anand! Madam, something is in our car! There is trouble in this car! I got down from it. Hello. What happened? Is there any accident? Is anything wrong? What happened? We have escaped. All of us are safe. But this car has shown
us the fear of our lives. Something is in this car. We are afraid! Where is the car now? Where are you all? It is at the babul forest near
Madhurandhagam stone quarry! Hello… Hello.. Dad… You swine! Who are you? Come here Bitch Banged on me! I won’t spare you! Come here Dude Sir…He looks like the accused
we are searching for! He was run over by a car. But his body looks like it was acid attacked. But he was run over by a car, I believe. When did this happen? Just before 2, 3 hours! Did you find out his area? Not yet known sir! The provisional store near the apartment… Are you the one? Come on! Is he the one who took
the cycle the other day? Yes sir. is that the guy? This is the one! Go! Does anybody of you know him? Does anybody of you know him? No sir! No sir! Why did you make people stand here? Ask them to leave! Inspector has reached the spot! Kumar! Sir! See…What is that? Sir…This looks like a radiator cap of a car. Leave. I asked you all to leave. Somebody followed us and killed Pawan! Police may track our number. Don’t open your mouth if they ask something. Let us be silent and not operate for some time. I will contact you from any number. They have dashed him in a car They killed my friend I won’t spare you. I will kill you. Forward! Stop. Stop. Rewind. Play that! Kumar…play the footages! Where did you come? This is not your place. Your wish won’t be fulfilled! A dog’s spirit is on that car Dog’s spirit! Dog’s spirit won’t leave
the car that easy! It has come searching for you! No granny. I searched for
this car and bought it! No. It must have called you! It won’t leave you till
it finishes its work. There are many cars in this city. Why does the dog hopped
on to this car? You have something closer
to that dog. Destroyed! Granny… What are you telling? I can’t understand anything! The two lights in front of
the car are its eyes! The two lights are its eyes! Four wheels of the car are its four legs! Wheels are its legs! Both mirrors are its ears! The smoke tube at the back…. Is its tail! Stop there! It would have communicated
in this manner with you! You wouldn’t have understood! Dog is Bairava’s vehicle! Keep this one rupee coin in the car. It should not be visible to anybody! Take it! After finishing its job,
it will leave you for sure! Sir…These are the tyre marks
of the place you told! We got his cycle at a distance of 500 metres
from the subway where murder took place So, he must be chased to an unmanned
subway and was killed. The CCTV cameras in between were
jammed when he crossed. We just have two evidences. One is the cap of the radiator. Cars nowadays do not have
this type of radiator cap. Give me some time.
I will inquire. Our next clue is these tyre marks. We have found that he is an accuest after
that he was murdred by someone. Sir, there is traffic of many
cars in that route. It might be the cap of some other
car’s radiator too. No Akilan! According to forensic report, the blisters on him are caused by
the boiling water from radiator. So, we should go in search of a car that
suits both the tyre marks and the radiator cap. A witch will give one rupee coin and keep
it in the car, it seems. But the spirit won’t go. Why do you take that
old lady’s advice seriously? Forget what she said… We shall seek the help of Kerala astrologers
to get rid of the spirit! From this minute, this car is
my new born baby! These are its eyes!
These are its eyes! This is the doom light of this car! I will take it off and feed the hens! These are its legs! The four wheels of the car are its legs! I will prepare a soup with these
legs and drink. These are the ears. I will bite it and spit. This is the tail! This is the tail! I will kick! Kerala Wizard! I have applied all
your ideas as such! I have kissed. Why does the lemon
fly high in the wind? How it automatically
started singing? The wiper sprays? God! Dad! Boy Pavazha!
Dad! Dad…! What happened? Look there. Listen carefully.
I should be in this house or that car! Decide it for yourself! Why are you torturing us like this? What do you want? What is the connection between us? Can you hear? Answer me… How are you? Do you know me, Grandpa? Yes, I know! Grandpa…! Grandpa…!
Stop the car! Grandpa…! Grandpa…! Shall we take this dog to our home? Grandpa, please! Ok. Take it! Thank you Grandpa…! Dora! Do you like the name, Dora! Grandpa…! This will be called
Dora hereafter! Dora! Where do you go?
Where do you go? Where do you take me Dora? You have leaned on my chest! You stood beautifully in front of my eyes! Do the languages we speak become one? Is time enough for a sweet talk with
you closing my eyes? You are my parents who came in person!
Do you know that? Will you understand if
I explain about this affection? Where do you go?
Where do you go? Where do you take me Dora? You touched me and left!
You touched me and left! Don’t leave Dora…Dora! By seeing you sleep listening to
my heart’s beat, I forget to wake up early in
the morning! When I come near to get your kiss, I wish I should become like
you in my heart! You have come like a toy for me! You have become a
mother with your love! Life without you!
I don’t want that! The world you live, What is this grandpa? Grandpa It’s enough now! Dora.. Don’t beat my Grandpa! Dora…Silence! I am afraid, Grandpa! Get lost! Granpa…Start the vehicle soon. Dora…Don’t shout. Dora…Please Dora…! Don’t shout. Granpa… Grandpa! Start the car soon! What do you all want? Brother…Brother..please leave us. We gave you all that we had! We don’t have anything else! Brother…! Who is your brother? Please brother! Leave us. Not brother! Call me uncle! You sinner! Don’t beat my grandpa! Leave me! Leave me! Dora! Stop the car! Stop the car!
That is the sound of the police vehicle. What have you done? Who are you all? Leave it A little girl! She must have been
raped by three people. We tried our level best.
But she is brain dead. Another girl is admitted in this hospital for
a blood clot in her heart. She needs a donor immediately. Your granddaughter’s blood group and
other parameters suit her. If you agree, your granddaughter can
live through another girl. Doctor!
Nothing to worry! Your daughter is in safe zone now
because we got a donor at the right time. It’s God’s grace. You have to be careful after this. She shouldn’t talk louder or get tensed! She should take tablets regularly. I will take good care of her doctor! May I know the details of
my daughter’s donor? Sorry! They declined to
disclose their details. The brutality faced by that little girl
shouldn’t be known to the world… That’s why I didn’t report this in police. After the demise of my granddaughter, Dora died on that car
without eating anything. As I couldn’t see that car after that…
I sold it. Boy Pavazha! Both you and car are not found!
I was tensed! Where did you go? Why aren’t you answering your dad? That girl isn’t dead, yet! She is living in you! The dog’s spirit thinks of you as that girl. That dog wants to kill those three men
in front of your eyes, That’s why it has come to you. What you have given is 1980 model,
Austin Cambridge! There are only two Austin cars in
Tamilnadu as per RTO registration. One car was sent to scrap one year ago. Another one was registered in the name of
Pavazhakodi who resides in Maduravoyil. I have sent that details in WhatsApp. Kumar, Go to Maduravoyil! Tell me the truth! We have got the radiator cap of your
car near the murder spot. What were you doing there in
the middle of the night? What is the connection between you both? Why did you kill him? Did I kill him? I don’t know anything. You have brought me here by mistake I suppose. I have nothing to do with this! Are you acting? What is happening here? Do you know about the pressure
from high command? A north Indian is killed! I am inquiring regarding that sir! Who is this girl? I suspect her in the murder
of a north Indian man! Sir…I didn’t do anything! We got a radiator cap of a
car near the murder spot. That car belongs to her. Sir….I have no connection with this! Wait. Wait. Why are you crying? Tell me, what happened? He jumped my wall at night and dragged
me here in the name of inquiry. Look at me sir! He dragged me in night dress! Even my dad doesn’t know
I am taken here. He must be searching for me! My dad and I started a call taxi
company after a lot of struggle. He suspects me with some cap. What I own is an old car sir! Some parts break wherever it goes. Can I take responsibility for the crime
taking place in that area? See that cap, sir! Where is that cap?
Get that! It was me who killed him
at the subway! Is this considered as evidence? No sir…Just now! Listen! Can this be considered
as evidence? Leave this sir! If he was killed by a car, There should be the tyre mark on the spot. It should match my car’s tyre mark. Ask him whether he checked that! Did you check? Yes sir! But the tyre mark mismatches! Where is the tyre mark evidence? How does it match?
I have changed the tyre! Are you making drama in
the police station? The tyre marks doesn’t match, right? Why do you inquire a woman without
proper evidence? I was telling him the same. How can he inquire me without
the presence of a lady police? If you continue to torture me,
I will go to the press and media. Ok. You can leave. Do you have any other proper evidence? I beg you. Please leave me.
Don’t torture me. Brother, there are two more people. Catch me if you can. I will nab you red handed. Sir…He is telling the same thing. What happened to you? You can leave. Sir, I couldn’t arrest her in spite
of collecting all evidences. She made a drama telling cap,
tyre mark and escaped. If we could find out the other two men, She will be caught there. How come you pocketed dad’s coins? Your coins are just the same. Always dad is the winner. Don’t know why. When I strike the red coin, I am anxious. What did you say? I am anxious when I strike the red coin. Hello. Is this PK call taxi? Yes. PK call taxi. Tell me! We need a car! We don’t operate for some time. We have an important work. Important issue too! We want to
ride an old car! When Dora killed him in the subway… Can you hear me? When Dora killed him in the subway
for the first time, My heart beat increased. Before that, when
I purchased this car, But I don’t know why it increased there. Was there anybody at that place? If yes, press the horn once! If no, press the horn twice, Dora! Was there anybody? Dora…I took the roadside CCTV footage
where I bought the car. Will you tell me when the man
we are searching for spotted? Him! I am selling pani puri in Guindy! At Perumbakkam housing board! Dora…I thought I can get him easily
with the heartbeat. But, how do I find them. I don’t know where they live. Dora…Where are you taking me? Dora…What did you do? Dora…What do you want? Dora… No one is around. Shall we kill him? Why did you stop? You should have killed him! What did you do? What is your problem? You have missed a great opportunity. You should have killed him! What are you doing at
the residential area? I’m selling panipuri, sir. Do not stop here. Go to the main road! Why did you stop? You could have runover him! Thank God! Both of us would
have caught. You are smart. I was in haste. We shall plan something else for him, ok? Sir, with the surveillance of that girl for
the past four days… She was found roaming around places like Medavakkam cross road, Velachery,
where north Indians live… But for the past two days, she was searching for somebody in
Perubakkam housing board. We couldn’t find him. She didn’t go out of her house all day today. If my guess is correct, she may come to
the place where north Indians live tonight. Shall we send police force to that area? Do we need police force to nab a woman? Sir, she started her car from home? Ok…Follow her in a safe distance. Start the vehicle. Come on. Sir…Car is enroute Perumbakkam! Yes sir. Car is enroute Perumbakkam! Don’t miss her. Co-ordinate with the team of
Shekar Dhanraj in housing board! Shekar…car is entering…. Watch it carefully! Ok sir! Photos and all details of north Indians
who have come to work in contract basis are here. Give me one kulfi! Akilan….where is she now? She is eating kulfi! Ok. Follow her. Go. Go! Dora…I have some work. Please take care. Just a minute! Go back. Wait. Take his details. How come the pani puri man…? What is your name?
Ram! Which area?
Meenambakkam! It says Guindy…! He told Meenambakkam! Something is wrong! Hello…Who is this? Some time ago…you murdered a girl after rape.
Do you remember? No. No. Not me! Police have come to encounter you. Not me. I don’t know anything! Go out and see for yourself! Don’t do anything wrong. Hello. I am telling this for the sake of you. Your friend was killed by police. Escape through the back door! Hello. The car is going left to the B block.
Cover that! Brother…Police have surrounded
my house. A girl called me and asked me to
escape through the back door. No problem, brother. Do what I say. Escape through the back door! Switch off your phone! Police may track our calls. I am afraid. Brother, where are you? Hello, Akshay what happened? Hello Akshay Bro Anything happened? Akshay. Sir…She hasn’t stopped anywhere. The car reached her house. Ok. Sir…A north Indian is found dead in
Perumbakkam housing board. Sir..He is the one who brings men
for construction work. The bed sheet vendor and
the pani puri vendor are his friends. All the three of them did those crimes together. This is his address. His name is Mukesh yadhav Move…Move. What happened? I have enquired, sir! He left just now. Do you know Mukesh? Yes, I know! Where is he? He is gone this way! Did you inquire properly? Is that him? Yes sir. I got the photo. He has escaped from here. Check him in bus stand, railway station
and airport with our team. We should nab him before
he crosses the city. Come to the station after
collecting the details. Kumar, come on! Hello. Do you know Hindi? Who is this? Ok. Let me speak in Tamil. Your bathroom heater is burning. What are you doing? Go fast and see. Who are you? Is that important now? Go fast and see! Don’t be afraid! Thank God. You have switched it off. What do you want now? Gas is leaking, it seems. Go and see. Fast. Fast. Go. All the doors are open.
Didn’t you lock it? What do you want? Tell me! You are a poor thing.
What do you do? If you have elders at home, They would have done things for you! Dad! Dad!Dad! Where is my dad! Who are you? Is he not found anywhere? I am your third target Mukesh Yadav! I followed him when the police come. But police were behind you. You are caught now. You often do things according to plan! I have kidnapped your dad
with a proper sketch. If anything happens to my dad, I will kill you! It won’t take much time to come into
the house and kill you. You have killed two of my best friends. You have killed You should know the pain of losing
people you love. That’s why I kidnapped your dad. Die searching for his where about! Dora…could you sniff and find
the whereabouts of my dad! Which system? Sir…Here sir! Were you able to track
his mobile network? No sir. We couldn’t do it. Volume! She is coming in search of you! To settle an old feud! She is on the run for you! She will make you run for your life! She is coming in search of you! To settle an old feud! She is on the run for you! She will make you run for your life! Those were ears earlier.
They are the mirrors now! It comes searching to nab you! Two eyes were changed into lights,
To brighten up the night! It will come behind to finish you! Those were ears earlier.
They are the mirrors now! It comes searching to nab you! Two eyes were changed into lights,
To brighten up the night! It will come behind to finish you! Try to confront!
It is Dora who attacks! Come, do not stop! Dora has come in search of you! Come in front! Dora has come in search of you! Come in front! Dora Can we drive on four wheel? Try to confront!
It is Dora who attacks! Try to confront!
It is Dora who attacks! Come, do not stop! Dora has come in search of you! (OLD HINDI SONG) You are caught alone for
the love of your dad! You are caught! I will tell you something.
I will kill you in my style. If you are a real man, try to touch me! I won’t spare you without killing. Dora Get down. Get down. Get down. Stop! Stop! Get the keys! Get the keys! Boy Pavazha. Don’t take it! Get the keys! Boy Pavazha. Don’t take the keys! Don’t take the keys! Get the keys! Throw the keys! No Throw it off! Boy Pavazha! Dad! Leave me! Are you playing with this circus vehicle? You have murdered two of my friends? That is not a circus vehicle. There is a spirit in that! Is that a ghost? I am terrified. Don’t kill me! God, please save me! Will that come and save you? It won’t spare you! Will it save you? Call that! Will it save you? Will it save you? Come on. Call that! Dora! It didn’t come? Call that! Call that! Dora!
Dora? Dora!
Dora Buji! Call that! It will kill you! Come on! Come on! It won’t come It won’t come I will kill that Die! Die! Die! Were is it? Why it didn’t come? Why it didn’t come? I will kill you! Dora… Kill him! Dora’s journey will continue…!

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