Dove Cameron Shows Off Her Amazing Minions Impression

Dove Cameron Shows Off Her Amazing Minions Impression

-Welcome back to the show.
You look fantastic. Are you excited right now?
-I am — Oh, I’m so excited! -I can tell tell everyone why
because we’re officially — I can look at the computer for
the first time as the real time, it’s past midnight, 12:00,
midnight, your new music is available
right now. So download it. Dove Cameron.
[ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ This is the album.
This is your album cover. It’s an EP. You have a song
called “Bloodshot” and “Waste,”
and it’s finally out. -It’s finally out!
-This is exciting! I know. It’s been like —
-Congratulations! -Thank you!
[ Cheers and applause ] -Start downloading it. Go to Apple, go to Spotify,
whatever you want, and check it out.
Dove Cameron. What is the music like?
What does it sound like? -It’s two really, really
different songs. -Okay.
-They’re both very much like vibey songs. I kinda hate that word, but,
like, mood songs. And one is incredibly romantic. It’s very much about, like,
a very, like, passionate love, kind of, like, an intense love.
-Yeah. -And then the other one is
a bit more about loss. So, yeah, like,
lost of variation. -Yin and yang in that one, yeah.
-I’m really excited. Yeah, I’ve got a yin and a yang
going. -Exactly.
Well, I’m excited for it. We had you on the show before, and we played some games
with you. I know you are a great actor. I love you from everything you
done including “Descendants.” I want to talk about
“Descendants” tonight, but “Liv and Maddie,”
I’m just a fan. -Thank you.
-Anyway, sorry to fan-girl out
a little bit. But you also do impressions. And I’ve heard that they’re like
impressions that aren’t… -The most popular? -No, yeah, but kind of not as
usable as you think. [ Laughter ] -Yeah.
-Right? Could you give me
one example or two examples? Maybe give me one —
Can you do — I heard you did the minions.
Can you just –? -Yeah. Oh, yeah. I have been preparing for this
all day. This is — by far —
-I’m excited for this. I love “Minions.” That’s
one of my favorite movies. I do love them,
so I am going to close my eyes. -Okay. Yeah. Be with me.
You’re going somewhere else. -Yes. Here we go.
-You’re within the film now. -We’re all on this trip
together. Hold hands. Hold hands. [ Cheers and applause ] Hold hands if anyone’s
sitting next to you. Let’s experience this together.
Here we go. -Okay. [ Clears throat ] -[ As Minion ] Ba-ba-ba-baa. ♪ Potato, naaaaaa ♪ -Oh, my God!
[ Cheers and applause ] That’s real good. ♪♪ Illumination! Illumination! You watching? Come on. That’s the way to do it right
here. Let’s talk about
“Descendants 3,” pal. -Let’s talk about it. -Well, it’s almost October 31st, so kids are going to be dressing
up as you, I believe, as Mal. -Yeah. So surreal.
-Is it surreal? Is it fun? You must have seen kids
dressed up as you before, right? -Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I think
that the film is so stylized that it kind of lends itself
to costume. But it’s so incredible to see
anybody dress up as the characters. I mean, is the most surreal
thing to see. -This is you there as Mal. Now, I also have a picture
of you dressed up when you were a kid
for Halloween. -Oh, n-no! Oh, no! I think I know what this is. Yeah. This wasn’t for Halloween,
just to be clear. This was like a Wednesday. [ Laughter ] -What?
-I don’t know what this was. -This is you as Jack Sparrow. [ Cheers and applause ] I think it is a great
costume. -Thank you.
-Who dressed you up like this? -I did.
-You did this? Yes. Of course.
-And it was — I think I utilized a lot of Sharpie. -That was Sharpie?
-That was definitely Sharpie. -How long was that
on your face? -Oh, a long time. Weeks?
-Yeah. Probably weeks, yeah. Yeah, I was definitely
one of the — I was always way more
into, like — That’s why I think
it is so amazing when people dress up like Mal
because she was, like, somebody that I needed as, like,
a role model when I was younger for the weird girls or the
monster girls or the ones who feel more like a creature
than maybe like a little girl, and that’s very, like, indicative of who I’ve
always been. -Let’s talk about
“Descendants 3.” Set it up for anyone
who hasn’t seen the films. These are, like, the villains? -Yeah. So, it’s basically —
It focuses on the children of the original Disney
heritage characters, so all the good guys,
all the bad guys, and it’s really centric
around the villains and sort of their journey
into finding themselves and defining themselves
outside where they came from or who their parents were. -Is it fun doing this,
or is it just work? -Oh, no,
it is so much fun doing those. -It is, right?
-Yeah. ‘Cause you get to live in
this really amazing kind of alternate reality, and you get to do it with
a bunch of your friends and wear wigs and dress up
and dance. -I’m sorry to hear about
Cameron Boyce who we loved and we lost… -Thank you so much.
-…earlier this year. That must have been
tough on you. -Yeah. It was. But it’s been
amazing to be able to kind of go through that with — ‘Cause
it feels like such a national — such a worldwide loss.
-Oh. It’s terrible. -But it’s been amazing ’cause
we’ve been able to find solace in each other
and go through it together. -Yeah. Good for you.
I want to show everyone a clip. Here is Dove Cameron
in “Descendants 3.” Take a look. -♪ Swords in the air
if you’re with me ♪ -Yeah! -♪ They got us all numbered
1 to 50 ♪ ♪ The victory is ours,
’cause I’ve got a strategy ♪ ♪ You take the left, and
the rest of you can follow me ♪ -Uh-huh.
-♪ This is my crew ♪ ♪ This is my squad ♪ ♪ This is my turn ♪
Oh, my gosh! -I mean, how great is that?
[ Cheers and applause ] And Dove Cameron’s EP,
“Bloodshot” and “Waste,” anywhere music is sold.
Get it right now. Listen to it right now.
It’s available.

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  1. “That wasn’t Halloween just to be clear this was a Wednesday”😭😂😂
    I love her AHHHH queen 😭😭

  2. I didn't think I would ever feel this way, but it really seems to me she would be classier if she didn't show so much cleavage. The contrast with this crimson jacket and its straight lines is also a bit too great for the eye to take in… She radiates fun and loveliness though.

  3. When Mal said I mean Dove siad "..for the weird girls or the monster girls or the ones who feel more like a creature than maybe a little girl,…"
    Yes, I am like that too Mal ooohhh how I look up to you hahahah
    We Love Our Girl! So Proud!

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  7. Dove : Its finally out and i–
    Jimmy : This is so exciting!
    Dove : I know its been like —
    Jimmy : Congratulations!
    Dove : THANK YOU! ( Dove looks down and think : This guy keeps stopping me for talking… )
    Me : Dont worry dove this comment is just for LOL's

  8. I want the meet dove so bad. I watched this while balling my eyes out bc my brother hit me he does a lot…. I watched this and I smiled a bit tho so I'm a little happy now…

  9. Video: 5:26 long
    Title: Dave Cameron shows off her amazing Minions impressions
    Actual time for minions expressions: 5 seconds.

  10. I tried to hold hands but then I forgot I have no friends to do it with! If you like this your crush will like you back! ( Not really it will just give me more self-esteem )

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    By the way, I just put out my second vlog! It's the behind-the-scenes of a photoshoot. All views, likes, and comments are appreciated!

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