Dr. Easy Short Film (HD) (English & French Subtitles)

Dr. Easy Short Film (HD) (English & French Subtitles)

Subtitle: www.pchq.fr Please do not be afraid. I am a medical robot. What the fuck does this mean? Wait. We don’t know anything about him.
We don’t know what he wants. We don’t know why is here except
he was taking pot shots on my officers. He’s emitting waves of fear hormones. There is a strong odor of blood
and of petrol. I am unarmed. I am not here to deceive you or judge you. I am going to open the door now. Mister Sawyer. Everything is going to be all right. I am a medical robot. I am here to help you. Mister Michael Sawyer. No prior criminal convictions. A stock analyst. A low six figure income A high five figure alimony
and onerous mortgage. The credit in his accounts
has slowly dwindled to nothing. Ask him what he wants. Mister Sawyer has been shot in the mouth
by a police sniper. He cannot speak. Can he write it down? Michael, I am alone. Would you please
put the gun down for me? You need urgent medical attention. Wait… This is Ropivacaine. A local anesthetic, nothing more. It will take the pain away. Michael. There is nothing to gain
from damaging me. Let me help you. You must trust me. So that I can help you. Keep your eyes on me, please. Keep looking at me. There. You have not yet hurt anybody. Right now, you do have choices. He’s put the gun down.
Get the team in. Come with me. There is an ambulance downstairs waiting to take us to a hospital. Micheal. Come with me. Micheal. It will be easier
to get your demands listen to in a less combative environment. Rachel. Your phone records
show many calls to your ex-wife. Which she did not answer. Shall I get someone
to bring her here? Superintendent,
please secure your officers immediately. I know what he wants. Micheal, please. Don’t do it. Micheal, please. Think about your son. Micheal, please. You need help. Micheal I am sure you are scared. All I want is for you
to come out alive. Micheal, please. You have too much to live for.

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  1. Did it seem to anyone else that at the very end the robot actually began showing signs of real emotion? Or am I crazy? Or was it blatantly obvious?

  2. Doctor Easy did appear saddened at the very end. I could almost feel it myself. She/it just saw someone self immolate, and despite her best efforts, couldn’t prevent that from happening . It wouldn’t surprise me that AI, after living and interacting with humans over the course of 1 or 2 generations, would eventually start exhibiting what’d we’d recognize as emotion. Perhaps its a natural evolutionary response to living living on our planet and which has the most profound effects on sentient life forms. This inevitably would include our seemingly cold unemotional and otherwise heartless automatons such as our good friend doctor easy in this futuristic short.

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