Dr. Frank N. Furter Reveals Rocky Horror | THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW

Dr. Frank N. Furter Reveals Rocky Horror | THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW

[laughter] I just love success. He’s a credit to
your genius, master. A triumph of your will. Yes. He’s OK. OK? I think we can do
better than that. Brad, Janet, what
do you think of him? Well, I don’t like men
with too many muscles. I didn’t make him for you.

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  1. Zero charm and where the hell were the underlying jokes? This scene, in the original, had so many tongue and cheek moments that could have been brought back. Just seemed so forced.

  2. the boxers look ridiculous. but I guess Fox couldn't find a decent Rocky that looks good in tight trunks. This Rocky looks like he has a dad bod. . .

  3. She was good but I would have cast Brendon Urie as Frank, and given Rocky actual dialogue like he does in the stage play

  4. Being a fan of the original, I was advised by friends to skip this remake, which I did. Even viewing this short clip made me sad. Why does remaking a piece necessitate contemporizing it? From the perspective of the studio I can understand the desire to attract an audience and their dollars. But, surely the filmmakers had to have some inkling that this smacked of being a parody of the original, which was already satirical. Laverne Cox aping Tim Curry's Frankie accent and mannerisms was enough to put me off the whole thing.

  5. I liked the casting choice, but I was kinda annoyed how the costumes looked because they looked so far from the originals

  6. Only thing I enjoyed about this scene: the reference to the original London and Roxy Cast version of the tank being a soda cooler

  7. i think Laverne played as good a part as could be played. totally impressed by her perfomance. i mean Tim Curry was Tim Curry. but when i watched it the spirit was there. absolute kudos to you misses Cox. well done indeed

  8. The problem was that too many ppl had in their mind a set standard from watching the original so no matter how good this might have been it just wouldn't stand up to the standard fan of the original has set in their minds. Sadly I am one of those people and felt while it did pay homage to the original it just wasn't what I would call "Rocky Horror"

  9. I think it should’ve been framed as a tribute instead of a remake. That would’ve been received better. It bothers me so much that Frank is a woman. That. Doesn’t. Make. Sense. Oh, lol Brad’s reaction at the muscle line. This whole thing was cute, but naturally, I prefer the original.

  10. Oh, no no no. This just does not fly for me. I'm at the age where so many of my childhood and teenage favorites and loves are being remade. When I found the 2000 and 2012 stage/arena productions on DVD I snatched them up, along with the 1973 movie which I had practically memorized over the years. It took awhile to get used to the different inflections/voices, the very feel of the new version being different, but I love the internet and social network versions as much as the hippie era original. This performance of RHPS though… I just don't feel it. Part of it is I don't think a woman should play Frank. I just don't think Ms Cox is right for the roll. And the rest of the characters on the scene don't do anything for me either.

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