Dragon Ball Z: The Fall of Men [OFFICIAL]

Dragon Ball Z: The Fall of Men [OFFICIAL]

The world isn’t like it’s supposed to be. Something happened along the way. Destiny has Changed. Mankind has fallen. We don’t know where this great evil came from. From which Cell it grew? Annihilated entire nations in just a few days. We were blind and weak. Like sheep among wolves. Men, women and children perished. Eaten alive. With our downfall earth is lost. There won’t be soul left to watch the the ebbing tides or the trees along the wind. My mother once told me: “Life is a journey. All been tested along the way. Fear Courage Lies, truth, betrayal Love. All part of a plan. But in the end, you’ll have what it takes. All of this for the greater good.” I must’ve fail her. I will make the difference. I remember all those sacrifices that did for me. I remember. Our Brotherhood lost everything. Death, the greatest end. I know we all die some day, But not today. Not today. I have to trust that each of my actions has some meaning somehow. I heard once that:
“War doesn’t ennoble men, It turns them into dogs.” Fortunately, I am not like other men. I know a place where miracles happen. The last place we saw God alive. Family is everything. And if we all work together. We can change things. We hope to make time our ally. Never doubt your family. This place is different. Special. One day outside equals an entire year here. This dimension… Is my home now. I could not stop thinking about him. Could he defeat the beast? There always was something
admirable about him. He was the only one to rise against evil. After all. They named him the Legendary Warrior. No! He died like a ordinary man. He wasn’t special. He wasn’t smart enough. I am. Its impossible to describe. The horror I witnessed. How I could I? It grew in me like a disease. My anger now defines me, it feels me, fuels an inner power I could only dream of. I know I can save us all. It’s okay. My plan will succeed. You. Will save time. My life, Was just the reflection of the emptiness. The violence, the poison of my soul. Until you were born. You made me a father, A better husband, and a better m… Family is everything. Fear. Courage. Lies. Truth. Damnation. Redemption. You are different. Touch by grace. I was a prisoner and you set me free. I know we’ll meet again. You have work to do my son. He was the best of us. The greatest warrior I’ve ever known. He was my friend. and I owe him so much. Go back in time and warn him. Tell him another world is possible. Tell him destiny is just a word. Our future is ours. Tell him! And give them the only thing we never had. Hope. Goku?

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  1. How is this not making million upon millions of dollars. Like most of the comments are saying this is awesome and is better than most high budget films 👍

  2. This video was terrible imo. Yes better the db evolution but still missing alot trunks don't even look like trunks at all no long grey purple hair and why doesn't cell have a mouth he looks like a alien no part 2. Don't do it at all if u can't do it right.

  3. Better than dragon Ball evolution I just wish trunks had purple or blue hair but it doesn't matter it was a better adaptation awesome 👍 movie where's part 2?

  4. Is that imperfect or perfect cell, it looks weird, aka a combination of both, no humanoid mouth but that thing, no… feet? but those frieza feet

  5. 2019 y sigue siendo lo mejor de Dragon Ball Z jamás hecho en live action a mi parecer. Esta textura de guión con más drama es ideal para lo que ya crecimos viendo la serie y buscábamos una versión más cercana a los guiones tipo Nolan o la última versión de Jocker de Tod Phillips por ejemplo. Humanizados con tintes más psicológicos y bien fieles en los detalles de las historias, no digo que tenga que ser todo al pie de la letra. Pero el padre de Bulma es excelente. No solo él, el arte y la fotografía. lo que se logro con los efectos. etc. En este corto la dirección de actores es muy buena, y es un acierto para mí que decidan poner un narrador y que los actores no tengan textos. Una peli con este equipo de trabajo sería una alegría muy grande para todos los fans sin duda!! ojalá pueda avanzar esto y que algún estudio grande les financie la película completa sin intervenir tanto de manera comercial como siempre lo hacen. Gran trabajo! Felicidades! hace años que había visto este corto y hoy me acordé y no pude evitar escribir lo bien que está. Sabiendo que hay pelis con tanta plata que no le hacen ningún mérito!!! A ver cuando sale otro trabajo de uds. lo esperamos!!

  6. Kurang asyik…film nya gak nyata, ini kayak game. Gk sperti film2 lain nya, mereka it seperti nyata banget…in malah kayak nonton game…payah…

  7. The SSJ Transformation was great the Introduction of cell was Great but the design of his face is something I might argue with

  8. Idk about you guys, but I think that Vegeta looks badass. I think the hair is just right, it doesn't need to be exactly like the anime (I think it's impossible to do that hair in live action). The most important thing is to capture the feel of the character, and I think they did it right here. Not sure about Goku though

  9. Inioble prend en de la graine trou du cul arrêter de changer les visage etccc tou arête de détruire tout bordel de merde respecter un peu https://youtu.be/LVYdwTGSAnw

  10. It was a cool movie. I"m glad that I watched it till its end. And yeah it was waaaay better than that holliwood shit what they had much more budget I think what they called Dragon Ball Evolution.


  12. Awesome work by everyone!!! Love the drama and serious plot line that serves justice to Akira Toriyama's masterpiece! Hope to see more live action episodes in the future 🙂

  13. this is one of the most beautiful fan film I've ever seen, it took the spirit and the idea of ​​dragonball perfectly, something that db evolution had not been able to do, really great, a fantastic project that would deserve a sequel!

  14. There's only one dig I have on this… Cell wasn't final form in the future because trunks killed the androids he needed to absorb.

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