Dream Girl – New Tamil Short Film 2017

Dream Girl – New Tamil Short Film 2017

Ok! I’m Priya. Nice to meet you! Eh I’m Nishang Narayan but my friends call me Nani. Ok. DREAM GIRL I have been treated for insomnia and schizophrenia which is lack of sleep and inability to distinguish between reality and imagination It’s a living nightmare when you can’t identify whether it’s your imagination or reality So true it can be with the false events. Excuse me! I shifted my house here this morning so I don’t know this place that well Could you tell me where the supermarket is? I’m Priya. Ah one second. Tell me. Well, I’m new to this place. So, I don’t really know the place Could you guide me to the supermarket is? Err, go straight, take the first left and on your right will be the super market Thank you! I’m Priya. Nice to meet you! I’m Nishang Narayan but my friends call me Nani. Ok Nani. Oh Goshhh! Priya I’ll give you my number, Ping me if you need any help. Okay. 9176 38 4131 Ok. Dude, You won’t believe what happened today!? Yeah dude. Tell me what happened? I dreamt about a girl and woke up right after that Okay. I went down to take my bike, I heard someone call me and as I turned it was the same girl whom I had dreamt about. Is it the same girl? Are you sure? I am sure it was her. How can such dreams come true? That is exactly what I can’t believe and I’m so confused. Okay. Do you know who she is? Her name is Priya. They had recently shifted to a house in the next street Whoa dude. Did you get her number? No. But I have given my number. Really? Okay, will she text? I have no clue dude That was the first time I met her and honestly, I never expected that she would come and talk to me In fact, we spoke so well that we became pretty close and as days went by I unknowingly fell in love with her. Are you serious? Are you really going to propose her? Yeah. What happened suddenly? You fell in love with her huh? Dude, we became pretty close Besides that, I am totally head over heels for her, so I’m planning to propose her. Okay. But, what if she considers you as a friend? No. I’m sure she likes me too but she is not saying it to me Chuck that. Girls always expect the guy to propose Dude, its okay. So what, now I’ll tell her. When are you planning to tell her? I have asked her to come to the park tomorrow. I will tell her then. That’s great dude. She will definitely accept you. Thanks. I will call you later. Bye.. I suppose you do not love me. It’s ok I love you nani. Hi. Hi. Sorry, I’m late. That’s okay. Why have you suddenly called me to the park? Just like that. I felt like talking to you. As if we aren’t doing the same over phone Something’s are best spoken face to face What’s the matter? Divya was my schoolmate I’ve known her for the past six years She has always had a crush on me since then and yesterday she proposed to me. Did you accept her? No. I have told her I’ve got to think about it. Tell her a no. Do you even have to think about it? Who is going to fall in love with me? If I tell her a no then who else will fall in love with me? Are you mad? Of course there will be someone who will love you. She is the only one who loves me now Who else is going to love me? Of course! There will be someone. Be patient. No, I don’t think so. I am planning I love her. I love you nani. Did you just say you love me? Yeah. I was hesitant about when and how I was going to tell you but now that you spoke of accepting Divya, I have no other choice but to confess. Would I ever tell a no to you? I love you Priya. Okay. So, you are telling divya you do not love her, right? Divya? Who is she? Your school mate. You even said that she proposed you! I don’t even know someone called Divya I was just kidding and I didn’t expect you to believe to such an extent. You fraud! You have already started to lie, is it? Come on! That was just for fun. The best memorable day in my life. Life became more beautiful Silly, but cute fights, late night talks, long drives, etc. I thought this would last forever but Do you really like me? Eh, are you mad? Priya, I love you. Hello. Dude, Nishang here. Happy birthday Nishang! Sorry I was going to call you myself but, I fell asleep Chuck that. I dreamt that Priya was going to kill me Why are you blabbering so much in the night? Why would she ever do that? That is exactly what I don’t understand I’m freaking out here. What do I do now? Consider this as a bad dream Don’t over think. Now go get some sleep But, all the dreams that I have been having are turning out to be true Dude, don’t keep repeating the same thing. . I didn’t want to make fun of it the other day, but now it’s getting annoying. So, you don’t trust me? You think I am lying, right? We shall sort it out in the morning I’m very sleepy now. Bye! Happy birthday Nani. Ah Priya! Thanks. Are you still sleeping? Cause I didn’t sleep well last night. Okay. Come to my place around 9. Why Priya? Only if I tell you why you will come is it? No! I just asked I have a surprise for you. So come here Okay. I will be there. Bye. Bye. Come in. Ok, sit down. I will come back in 5 minutes. Hmm. Why are you sweating so much? It’s too hot today, that’s why Okay. Well, why did you ask me to come? Omg! Today is my boyfriend’s birthday Would I not want to meet him? Do you know how much work I’ve got to do? Only because you. said you had some surprise for me I have came all the way. Of course! There is a surprise, just wait. I can’t wait. I am leaving. Wait! What’s the hurry? Don’t you like being with me. Nothing like that. I have some work. Okay. Then close your eyes I will tell you the surprise. Why do I have to close my eyes? I can’t. I’m leaving. I will kiss you. Are you going to kiss me? Yeah! If that is the case then okay! I will close my eyes. You said you had to leave because you had some work, aren’t you leaving? That work can be completed later Now we should finish this work first. Okay then close your eyes. Happy birthday Nani! Aren’t you going to kiss me? Yes, in your dreams! Now make a wish and blow the candle. Okay. Okay, but where is the knife? Oh! Yeah. I totally forgot. Hold this for a moment. Here is the knife, cut the cake now I love you. If we can be like this forever won’t it be beautiful? Ok! Keep the cake there. Where did you buy the cake? It is really good.

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  1. Climax la konnathulam serithan kanavu work out aaguthu nu solli mudichiruntha k onnume sollama iruntha ithoda nxt part varuma??? Any way its nic👏👏👍💘💕

  2. Nice story line.. And the Male lead role is simply awesome.. You acted well especially the way of getting proposal from your girl is Sooo cute 😍

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