Drive-In Movie Theater Intermissions – Radio Active (1960s)

Drive-In Movie Theater Intermissions – Radio Active (1960s)

This drive-in theater is “Radio Active”! Now, you can hear tonight’s show on your AM car radio. Turn your ignition key to the accessory position. This will not drain your car battery. Now, turn on your radio and zero in on the following AM station.

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  1. I loved going to the drive-ins with either a girlfriend or my buddies….. Never at the same time of course. That said, the switch to radio for the movie's sound had little to do with being high tech, though it was billed that way. It was just less expensive to do that, rather than trying to replace 500 broken speakers. That've cost a fortune.

  2. I used to live behind a drive in theater a long time ago. Practically every night I would tune in to the frequency the drive in audio broadcasts on – usually 89.3 MHz – and listen to the movie at home. Sure brings back the memories!

  3. "I believe it's commonplace now, though. With the few drive-ins left, anyway. Happy Holidays!"

    They still do, though it's usually an FM station instead, which I'm sure at least gives you stereo sound.

  4. "This will not drain your battery." That really depends on how much juice you have in your battery. I actually had my battery die on me at a drive-in theater. Fortunately one of the employees there charged it up.

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